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All you need is: A Mac (this guide is for 10.4 but im sure it would be very similar on 10.5) And XBOX 360 (duh) A wireless network to connect your Mac to (your own) The ethernet cable that came with the XBOX AT THIS POINT LOOK UP HOW TO SET A STATIC IP ADDRESS AND DO IT. Xbox 360 Controller With Mac. Paul Jackson survives the initial blast, albeit with major injuries, he soon dies. The SAS soon fine where Al-Asad was hiding; a safe house in Azerbaijan. The Welcome screen in Outlook 2011 for Mac has an Add Account button. If you click the button, you start with an empty Identity and add the first e-mail account.

Is the xbox 360 controller compatible with call of duty 4 for pc? Playing call of duty 4 on pc with a 'madcatz wired xbox 360 controller. Which software to use? Can someone tell me how or even if i can use a controller for call of duty 4 on the pc,im really having trouble doing this. No, the game is not for mac only for PC & you need a Xbox 360 wireless receiver for windows if you want to play with your 360 controller User Info: trident10 trident10 - 8 years ago 0 0. How to play call of duty 4 (pc) with a wired xbox 360 controller! Play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 With PC or PS2 USB. Play Call of Duty 4 on Mac with Xbox 360 Controller.

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Best Answer: Yes you can. You need to use a third party software that will emulate your keyboard and mouse.

Xbox 360 format hard disk

I couldn't hit shit and I wouldn't suggest using it for those games. CLEARLY you console ppl use controllers for all these games and you mastered it.

If you’re having problems with your gameplay, here are some tips on how to improve performance. Check here for the latest known issue list. Visit the Call of Duty: WWII forum for additional help, chat live with an Activision support ambassador, or join the community in conversation. Check the Call of Duty: WWII server status on the Activision website. Explore Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare through videos and demos. Learn about gameplay, add-ons, and how to buy the game.

Because one trigger is set to - values and the other + values so both pressed makes it think neither are being pressed. I have my xpadder set that when I press the left trigger is activates the right mouse button and the middle mouse button.

Salute Pack The Call of Duty™ Endowment Salute Pack includes an in-game gesture, tag, sticker, calling card, and emblem. 100% of proceeds received by Activision for this pack will go directly to funding non-profits that place veterans into high quality jobs. Digital Edition Bonus Content 1,100 Call of Duty® Points*.

Discussing or giving steps on how to abuse or take advantage of a bug is not allowed. Exploits Do not post exploits that can adversely affect or ruin experiences for others.

Xbox 360 Controller With Mac

Paul Jackson survives the initial blast, albeit with major injuries, he soon dies. The SAS soon fine where Al-Asad was hiding; a safe house in Azerbaijan.

The Welcome screen in Outlook 2011 for Mac has an Add Account button. If you click the button, you start with an empty Identity and add the first e-mail account to the Identity. If you already have an e-mail account within an Identity, you can add more accounts, one at a time. Use 'Forward as Attachment' to attach an email or you can drag a message to the Desktop and then drag to the Outlook icon in the Dock to create a new message as an attachment. You can also select the message on the Desktop using Add attachment icon.

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The software will automatically change profiles when you launch a game and revert back to a windows control profile when you exit the game so you can control your pc with the 360 controller. Now If someone could only make a driver to get the 360 chatpad to work with the pc you'd have the ultimate htpc controller. [QUOTE='FelipeInside'][QUOTE='wilumz']Is there any way, if I wanted too, to use a conttroller on my PC for CoD 4? Remmib If you want to get ur ass handed to you by KB/Mouse players go right ahead. Pretty much this. I was on Halo Reach the other day and was getting mad at the controller because it is so slow and inaccurate. I said to the dudes on my team that I wished I had KB/M and was telling them how it was far superior.

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(xpadder isnt free) and if i download these programs do i still need to download. I just bought CoD4 for the pc but i suck at the keyboard/mouse combo. I know you can use an Xbox controller to play but you need to download some program like xpadder or joytokey. Is there any SIMPLE program like this thats FREE? (xpadder isnt free) and if i download these programs do i still need to download the drivers for the controller?

**Black Ops Pass [BOP] content available for the game. BOP content may not be available in all countries, and pricing and release dates may vary by platform. BOP content should be downloaded from the in-game store only; do not purchase separately, or you will be charged again. BOP content may be sold separately. © 2018 Activision Publishing, Inc. ACTIVISION, CALL OF DUTY, CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS, and the shield logo are trademarks of Activision Publishing, Inc.

Whether you’re trying to no-scope that enemy on COD or score a last-minute slam-dunk on NBA, the touchpad just doesn’t do it.

So, we thought we’d share the best tips on how to connect an Xbox 360 controller to your Mac, to make them tense gaming moments a little easier.

Before you do: Clean up your Mac

BUT, before we get into all the juicy techy stuff, let’s remind you of how beneficial cleaning up your Mac can be.

Before installing any new hardware, it’s important to have an un-cluttered file space so the new software can run efficiently, and you can keep an eye on what’s where.

With CleanMyMac X, it’s easy. It’s one-click cleaning approach and powerful scanning means you can swiftly dispose of useless documents and apps which may be slowing your Mac down.

So, to get optimal controller connectivity, you should download CleanMyMac and tidy up your digital space – prior to any installations. Now, onto how to use an Xbox 360 controller on a Mac.

How to use the Xbox 360 controller on Mac

Not many of us know it, but there could be a handy use for all those old Xbox 360 or Xbox One controllers lying around. But, before you get set up, you need to have the correct hardware installed on your Mac to enable connectivity.

Here’s how.

First of all, you will need either a wired or wireless Xbox controller. Both work fine, but for all those passionate gamers with a tendency to erupt, a wireless device would be best to save any damages to wires (or opponents). These wireless receivers can be bought for around $20 on Amazon, and can handle up to 4 Xbox 360 controllers.

Free Drivers

Obviously, Macs don’t have an in-built driver for Xbox controllers as Apple are in no way affiliated with Microsoft. Similarly, Microsoft doesn’t supply drivers for Mac users for their hardware, which leaves us wanting users having to find our own way.

So back in 2006, it was music to gamer’s ears to hear that Tattie Bogle had developed their own driver free of charge to users across the gaming globe. However, this driver hasn’t been updated since 2012, and is therefore sticky when it comes to compatibility with MacOS X.

For a more streamlined approach to this conundrum, download GitHub’s free driver – it’s maintained and updated frequently and is free to all Mac users.

1. Install the driver

After opening the GitHub link, double click on the DMG file visible under ‘Assets’. This will start the installing process, where you will have to follow the appropriate instructions.

Remember though, as with any new program installation, it will reboot your Mac, so don’t panic. After the restart, you should be able to find ‘Xbox 360 Controllers’ in the system preferences.

2. Connect the Xbox 360 Controller to your Mac

Now you’ve installed the driver, the next step is to connect the controller, which is simple and only needs to be done once.

  • Firstly, you need to plug the USB receiver into a free USB port on your Mac. Once plugged in, the USB receiver’s light should start blinking

  • Press the big Xbox logo button on the controller so it lights up green

  • Press the button on the USB receiver

  • Press the connect button on the controller, which can be found at the top - in-between the left and right toggles

  • The top left quarter of the circle around the Xbox button should now light up, indicating you are the first controller connected

Now the controller and Mac are linked - so in the future if you want to connect again, all you need do is press the big Xbox logo button to get going. Told you it was simple!

3. Test the Controller

As with all things techy, there’s always loopholes. So, it’s important to test the connections to ensure the controller works before we embark upon a mobile-gaming-gallivant.

Go to ‘System Preferences’, ‘Xbox 360 Controllers’ and you’ll see a screen like below.

This is a control pad, which indicates whether all the buttons on the controller are working properly. That’s about all you can do on this, as well as shutting the controller down by clicking ‘power off’.

4. Configuring for multiple games on your Mac

We all have different tastes in games - some of us like sports and some of us like military, there’s no right or wrong (asides from Half-Life, that’s just awesome and it’s not up for debate).

With these different games come different control configurations, which can get tedious when you only have one type of controller.

For full flexibility of use, there are many tools and apps available which allow you to play any game with any Mac compatible joystick or controller – even the ones that are not compatible with joysticks.

5. Use Joystick Mapper

Out of the many apps to choose from, Joystick Mapper is our pick. And at only $4.99 from the App Store, it’s real value for money – especially when considering the amount of effort it takes to develop such a complex tool.

Here’s how it works –

Once you download the Joystick Mapper app, you need to create a pre-set for your game preferences. To do this, open the app and click ‘Add new pre-set’.

Enter a name for future reference such as ‘My Game’, and for each joystick, click ‘Add a new joystick’.

Now that you’ve identified the joystick, you need to ‘bind’ joystick inputs to keyboard or mouse movements - which is easier than it sounds.

Click on ‘Add new bind’, and then ‘Scan’, and press the button of your game controller that you’d like to use. Next select a mouse or keyboard action, and that will ‘bind’ the chosen inputs.

Simply repeat this process until you’ve bound all the buttons you’d like to use.

If by chance you’re using a controller other than an Xbox 360 or Xbox One, you can replicate these actions and apply them to different controllers. To do this, simply click the ‘Clone’ icon in the top right corner. To put the pre-set into action, set a checkmark before the preferred pre-set/profile you’ve created for the game you’re about to play. Now, you’re good to go!

BUT – don’t close the Joystick Mapper app before starting the game, it needs to keep running to work. Simply select ‘cmd + H’ to hide the window.

Declutter your Mac to make more room for games

Remember, all of these processes won’t work as effectively if you have a messy Mac.

On average, there is a whopping 62GB of junk found on Macs, with jam-packed caches and folders full of useless documents cluttering the hard drive.

This considerably slows down the performance of your Mac, preventing quick and easy installations, and can even hinder the controller connectivity.

Xbox 360 Format

CleanMyMac X is an app dedicated to cleaning your Mac head-to-toe. It scans everything on the computer - even old folders that have been evading your wrath for years - identifying what needs to be removed.

Xbox 360 Format Hard Disk

The Mac is inspected rigorously, and with its smart one-click clean-up, CleanMyMac sweeps away the unwanted rubbish to organize folders and speed up performance.

Furthermore, CleanMyMac X is free to download. So, what are you waiting for? Download it for free here.

Mac Xbox 360 Driver

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