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Write a story with this title The Magic Glass,Write a story with this title Sibling Rivalry. What is your ideal vacation,Describe a piece of fruit from the inside out. What is your favorite animal in the zoo Why, What lifetime dream are you still trying to malce come true How. What does it mean to be successfhl, Complete the statement If I could live my life over. What do you thinlc about when you can t fall asleep. Describe your life in 30 years, What famous people would you lilce to invite for dinner Why.
If you could become invisible where would you go and what would you do. What is the best advice you ever received,What would you like to be remembered for Why. Complete this statement A new world opened up for me when. What malces something beautiful What are the most beautiful things in the world. What do you lilce to do in your free time, Teacher shows a picture Describe this scene or tell what is happening in this. What confuses you about life, If you could be the world s best at anything what would it be and why. If you were in the Olympics what sport would you like to be competing in and. Tell about your day as if you were the pencil or pen you are now using. What poem or book hav you read that changed you or your thinking How. If you could go back to live in another period of history which one would you. choose and why, What predictions do you make for the world 100 years from now. Tell a funny story about something that happened to you or someone you know. Also consider as prompts some topics that could contribute to Level 3 writing So for. example if students will be writing an autobiography daily journals could include. prompts that might serve as early drafts for that revised writing later in the course. Journal Prompts These are level I writing prompts that could be used to explore. students concept of self as a writer with the ultimate objective of having students write a. level 3 reflective essay that describes their past present and future writing selves To. begin with the journal entries will be useful for students to think about themselves as. writers they are also useful for discussion after journal writing to discuss writing in. 1 My favorite kind of reading is My favorite kind of writing is. 2 The best time and place for me to write for school is Explain why. 3 These situations or circumstances cause me to write for myself. 4 The best writing experience I ever had was,5 The worst writing experience I ever had was.
6 My writing seems to improve most when I, 7 When I am given a writing assignment for school these are the steps that I follow. to get it done, 8 When I have graduated from school I will need to do these kinds of writing. I imagine the steps I will need to follow are, 9 The first time I remember writing something was or an early writing. experience was Describe how your audience responded to your writing. 10 Someday I would like to write or,Someday I would like my writing to be like Why. ULUKJS NUI Wlb,ALL ABOUT ME,Family Information,Father s Nameand Occupation.
Mother 51 Jame and Occupation,Brothers and Sisters in Birth order. Names of Schools you have attended,Places you have visited in China. Places you have visited outside China,Groups u belong to. What is your favorite sport,What are your interests. What are your thture plans,Who are your friends,Why are they your friends.
Favorite colors,Favorite foods,Do you like music,What kinds of music do you like. What foreign teachers haveyou had,What is the best about sdhool. What is the worst about school,What things are you good at. What qualities do you like in a teacher,Where do you live Tdl me about your home. What would you like to know about me, What things have you done in the past that you enjoyed.
What does your Chinese name measfl,Do you have an English name. Why are you taking this class,What do you expect om it. What topics would you like to discuss, What is your greatest difficulty in learning speaking reading English. Example Objective versus Subjective Writing,OBJECTIVE SUBJECTIVE. based on facts characteristic of an,not lAfluenced by individual.
personal feelings opinionated personal,Appearance r d b tifti. pink gOrgeoUs,green lovely,gray coIdrfu,Number 25 flowers alotoffiowers. a few flowers,Size 100 cm high,75 cm diameter small. Weight mass 1 kg heavy,Status picked from plant freshly cut. within lEst 12 h Urs,Arrangement flowers neat,pprd im t iy 5 am orderly.
apart mes y, The gray vase is filled with 25 red and pink roses that were cut. from the bush within the last 12 hours Including the vase the. arrangement is 100 cm high with individual flowers. approximately 5 cm apart,SUBJECTIVE, The odd looking vase is overflowing with many g rgpous rose. buds The freshly cut flowers are neatly displayed in a highly. attractive arrangement,In Class Writes, Purpose To practice writing to develop specific skills to use as class text for improving. Process These can be conducted in a variety of ways. as individual writing although this might make using them for lessons more. small group writing together to create the text,sequential writing see Fortunately Unfortunately. After students write individually or in small or large groups use the writing as the basis. for a lesson Although some deal more specifically with certain aspects of writing and. grammar most of them could be used for instructing articles verb tense sentence. construction or punctuation, Directions for a game students write directions for a game they are familiar.
with clarity imperatives, How to make popcorn see handout transitions imperatives. Gumdrop activity see handout transitions imperatives clarity. Engineer s name see handout complete sentences pronouns. Superman s life see handout chronological transitions verb tense pronouns. Comic strips see handout dialogue chronological transitions details. punctuation, Good thinker poor thinker see handout transitions for comparison contrast. complete sentences, Big Cats see handout complete sentences verb tense. Vitamins see handout subject verb agreement complete sentences. Rewriting stories have students rewrite stories they know well from a different. time frame yesterday not today or from a different perspective a different. character s perspective pronouns verbs,Captions for comics pronouns complete sentences. Show not tell see handout sensory details verbs and adjectives adverbs. Using vocabulary in writing Give students a list of words and in small groups. have them write a story or description or explanation using as many of the words. as possible complete sentences punctuation, Considering Audience In small groups have students describe a red sports car.
four different ways each about 100 words long once for each of these audiences. as a police officer would describe it if were stolen as a car salesman would as a. hopeful teenager would to his wealthy overprotective grandmother and as a. conservative older brother would word choice tone, Grading I would not grade these These writes should be for practice so students need to. be able to try without worrying about grades,Fortunately Unfortunately Class Write. This activity is based on the picture book Fortunately by Remy Charlip 1964 It can help students generate. sentences connected to those that came before and it can teach about adverbs subject verb agreement. and commas,Here is the original story, Fortunately one day Ned got a letter that said Please Come to a Surprise Party. But unfortunately the party was in Florida and he was in New York. Fortunately a fdend loaned him an airplane,Unfortunately the motor exploded. Fortunately there was a parachute in the airplane,Unfortunately there was a hole in the parachute.
Fortunately there was a haystack on the ground, Unfortunately there was a pitchfork in the haystack. Fortunately he missed the pitchfork,Unfortunately he missed the haystack. Fortunately he landed in water,Unfortunately there were sharks in the water. Fortunately he could swim,Unfortunately there were tigers on the land. Fortunately he could run,Unfortunately he ran into a deep dark cave.
Fortunately he could dig, Unfortunately he dug himself into a fancy ballroom. Fortunately there was a surprise party going on And fortunately the party was for him because fortunately it. was his birthdayl, Activity After reading the story to students so that they understand the pattern of it have each student write. the opening sentence to a story on the top of a piece of paper a sentence that sounds like it will bode well. for the character mentioned in it and begins Fortunately Then have students pass the paper to the next. person who writes the next sentence that begins Unfortunately and complicates the story Continue this. process for several sentences with each student reading the sequence to that point and continuing the. complication After several passes have students start writing sentences that seem to circle around to. potentially resolving the story Have the final person write the last two or three sentences to finish the. story Give the papers back to the original writers and share them in small or large groups If students read. them aloud or share them with partners they can check for correct grammar as well as vote on the cleverest. story Students tend to feel less worried about sharing because although they start the story they know that. the errors are fairly anonymous so fixing them is a group effort not directed at a single individual. Considerations This book was published in 1964 Since then the expectations for comma use with. introductory adverbs has changed According to current handbooks every one of the sentences should. have a comma after the adverb I put the original text on the handout You might want to insert commas and. put the text on an overhead in order to teach correct current punctuation Also the text is a little easier to. understand with the pictures that go along with the sentences in the book in case you want to pick it up. HOW TO FEND,OFF A SHARK,or attacks you use,If a shark is coming toward you. anything you have in your possession a,fist to hit the shark s eyes. probe harpoon gun your,sensitive to pain,or gills which are the areas most.
these areas,Fl Make quick sharp repeated jabs in,only follow. P Sharks are predators and will,through on an attack if they have. making the shark unsure of its,increase your chances of survival. possible will Do not enter the water if you are bleeding from an. shark s nose is not, Contrary to popular opinion the open wound or if you are menstruating a shark is. reach the eyes or, the area to attack unless you cannot drawn to blood and its olfactory ability is acute.
it that you are not, gills Hitting the shark simply tells Try not to wear shiny jewelry because the. defenseless reflected light resembles the sheen of fish scales. Avoid waters with known effluents or sewage, How TO AVOID AN ATTACK and those being used by sport or commercial. fishermen especially if there are signs of bait fish. more likely to, Always stay in groups sharks are or feeding activity Diving seabirds are good. attack an individual 2 indicators of such activity. This isolates, Do not wander too far from shore Use extra caution when waters are murky and. of being too, you and creates the additional danger avoid showing any uneven tan lines or wearing.
far from assistance brightly colored clothing sharks see contrast. darkness or,Avoid being in the water during particularly well. active and, twilight hours when sharks are most If a shark shows itself to you it may be curious. have a competitive sensory rather than predatory and will probably swim on. 30 thapter2 the best defense,I 31 fending offa shark. Drafting 227,How to Make Popcorn,Gumdrop Activity, Give all students in the class 7 gumdrops and 6 toothpicks. Have them use them to create a three dimensional design SUPPLIES CORN POPCORN SALAD SALT MEASURING SERVING. NEEDED POPPER KERNELS OH CUP BOWL, Then have them write directions for someone else to create the.
same design Put all the designs to the side or front of the. room Collect the writing make sure no names are attached. mix them up and hand them out again Then give students 7. gumdrops and 6 toothpicks again Have them follow the. directions they have been given Then see if they can find the. original design theirs should match with, Discuss what made it easier to follow some directions than. others What can they learn about giving directions in writing. Take some of the directions and have them written on the. board Use them to teach about clarity imperatives verb tense. and pronoun use, Write a clear explanation of how to make popcorn based on the. information given in the illustration above,DO rJOT oP tT9 cr3 Th13 Y ER. TEACHING WRITING,Assignment, Using the information given below write a brief account of the life of the. comic sirip character Superman,I Born 66 Writing Exercis.
Where Krypton planet in another solar system, To Whom Jor El and Kal El Krypton scientists Situation On a cedain ham the crew consists of the brakeman ft. fireman and the engineer Their names listed alphabetically are Jone. Sent to Earth, Robinson and Smith On the train are also three passengers with co. When as infant, responding names Mr Jones Mr Robinson and Mr Smith The fo. Why Krypton doomed to explode,lowing facts are known. How in rocket ship,H Found Mr Robinson lives in Detroit.
By Whom elderly American couple Eben and Sarah Kent The brakeman lives halfway between Detroit and Chicago. Became Mr Jones earns exactly 20 000 a year, What the Kents adopted child Smith once beat the fireman at billiards. U Who Cia k Kent, The brakeman s next door neighbor one of the three passengers men. Discovered to have tioned earns exactly three times as much as the brakeman. What unusual powers ability to leap tall buildings enormous. The passenger living in Chicago has the same name as the brakemar. 3 strength x ray vision, When as he grew up What is the engineer s name Write out completely the process a. Employed reasoning that leads to your answer,0 Whezu when adopted parents died. 2 Where Daily Planet large newspaper,As What reporter.
8 By Whom Perry White editor of paper,Kept identity hidden. From fellow workers Lois Lane reporter and Jimmy Olsen cub. Whom reporter, How by assuming disguise glasses business suit and meek. Assumed true identity when needed, How by removing disguise to reveal Superman costume blue tights. and red cape,What fight crime and rescue people,IODEL 12 Encounging brevity. dLscu ssed Var1aiIons page 46,uhat 5 ct tic Lc1 ucLn tt l rc.
h L4 i Vflc k 2 c Li L ttsprmsfs, SHOWING THROUGH SINGLE SENTENCESy Jj cU re Lc cfrrrtere4 yin fl. VJhaiX1C drC,TELLING SENTENCE,The Jocks think they re cool. A small group of boys clad in shorts and tank tops stand inside the shady Etc o fi tkcu. entrance of the cafeteria puffing up their chests to lull capacity as they proudly recall Fk 5hDW t. last Saturday s drunken exploits,TELLING SENTENCE,Mother Nature absorbed us. A bluejay flapping its wings frantically comes to a sudden stop on a sturdy tree. branch squawking wildly demanding attention and without hesitation flies to another. tree twenty feet away still shrieking,TELLING SENTENCE. The children were having fun, Tumbling off the couch1 letting out banshee like screams the small children fell.
to an imaginary death at the foot of the torn and tattered cliff. TELLING SENTENCE,I was annoyed, The blue Ford pickup came bouncing down the winding dirt road grinding to a. halt beside me the dust rising and writhing up into the air curling its way into my. eyes and making them itch,TELLING SENTENCE,The soldIer was ImpressIve. He was a stocky barrel chested man in his thirties with thick muscular forearms. a jagged scar running along his forehead a Purple Heart and Vietnam Service Ribbon. emblazoned on his chest, Can a writer show an idea satisfactorily in only a single sentence. Underline the effective details in each sentence above. WRITING ASSIGNMENT,Try showing this idea in a single sentence. She was embarrassed,I b 14 OUWW bub Si ni I,Wninn Sn r aIflifl.
cn looFac snag sj 1,31iH1A 3MW SK iiS 3Q dS,iS fl 1oa SRdS o. ThLi1t 3 U 9WN4S 3G1ds 3fl1,sd 3 Mf 3 U S3 i 1 cJH 3. 3 tU N3 iN cs,YS3 SU S 4 dSNR 340 S WtJ,I R1 SI 4S icyag XW. i 3S V 33a Mt,Good Thinking vs Poor Thinking,ASPECT THE GOOD THINKER THE POOR THINKER. General Traits Welcomes problematic situations and is tolerant of Searches for certainty and is intolerant of. ambiguity ambiguity, Is sufficiently selfditical looks for alternate Is not self critical and is satisfied with first.
possibilities and goals seeks evidence on both attempts. Is reflective and deliberative searches extensively Is impulsive gives up prematurely and is. when appropriate overconfident of the correctness of initial ideas. Believes in the value of rationality and that Overvalues intuition denigrates rationality. thinking can be effective believes that thinking won t help. Goals Is deliberative in discovering goals Is impulsive in discovering goals. Revises goals when necessary Does not revise goals. Possibilities Is open to multiple possibilities and considers Prefers to deal with limited possibilities does not. alternatives seek alternatives to an initial possibility. Is deliberative in analyzing possibilities Is impulsive in choosing possibilities. Evidence Uses evidence that challenges favored Ignores evidence that challenges favored. possibilities possibilities, Consciously searches for evidence against Consciously searches only for evidence that favors. possibilities that are initially strong or in favor of strong possibilities. those that are weak,THE CONTINENTS CF THE WORLD,LOCATION OF THE BIG CATS.

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