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To the Student This Word Problem Practice Workbook gives you additional examples and. problems for the concept exercises in each lesson The exercises are designed to aid your study. of mathematics by reinforcing important mathematical skills needed to succeed in the everyday. world The materials are organized by chapter and lesson with one Word Problem Practice. worksheet for every lesson in Glencoe Math Connects Course 1. Always keep your workbook handy Along with your textbook daily homework and class notes. the completed Word Problem Practice Workbook can help you in reviewing for quizzes and tests. To the Teacher These worksheets are the same ones found in the Chapter Resource Masters. for Glencoe Math Connects Course 1 The answers to these worksheets are available at the end. of each Chapter Resource Masters booklet as well as in your Teacher Wraparound Edition. interleaf pages, Copyright by The McGraw Hill Companies Inc All rights reserved. Except as permitted under the United States Copyright Act no part of this. publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means or. stored in a database or retrieval system without prior written permission of the. Send all inquiries to,Glencoe McGraw Hill,8787 Orion Place. Columbus OH 43240,ISBN 978 0 07 881033 6, MHID 0 07 881033 7 Word Problem Practice Workbook Course 1. Printed in the United States of America,1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 009 13 12 11 10 09 08 07. Lesson Title Page Lesson Title Page, 1 1 A Plan for Problem Solving 1 5 5 Adding and Subtracting Mixed.
1 2 Prime Factors 2 Numbers 42, 1 3 Powers And Exponents 3 5 6 Estimating Products of Fractions 43. 1 4 Order of Operations 4 5 7 Multiplying Fractions 44. 1 5 Algebra Variables and Expressions 5 5 8 Multiplying Mixed Numbers 45. 1 6 Algebra Functions 6 5 9 Dividing Fractions 46, 1 7 Problem Solving Investigation 5 10 Dividing Mixed Numbers 47. Guess and Check 7 6 1 Ratios and Rates 48,1 8 Algebra Equations 8 6 2 Ratio Tables 49. 1 9 Algebra Area Formulas 9 6 3 Proportions 50, 2 1 Problem Solving investigation Make 6 4 Algebra Solving Proportions 51. a Table 10 6 5 Problem Solving Investigation, 2 2 Bar Graphs and Line Graphs 11 Look for a Pattern 52.
2 3 Interpret Line Graphs 12 6 6 Sequences and Expressions 53. 2 4 Stem and Leaf Plots 13 6 7 Proportions and Equations 54. 2 5 Line Plots 14 7 1 Percents and Fractions 55,2 6 Mean 15 7 2 Circle Graphs 56. 2 7 Median Mode and Range 16 7 3 Percents and Decimals 57. 2 8 Selecting an Appropriate Display 17 7 4 Probability 58. 2 9 Integers and Graphing 18 7 5 Constructing Sample Spaces 59. 3 1 Representing Decimals 19 7 6 Making Predictions 60. 3 2 Comparing and Ordering Decimals 20 7 7 Problem Solving Investigation. 3 3 Rounding Decimals 21 Solve a Simpler Problem 61. 3 4 Estimating Sums and Differences 22 7 8 Estimating with Percents 62. 3 5 Adding and Subtracting Decimals 23 8 1 Length in the Customary System 63. 3 6 Multiplying Decimals by Whole 8 2 Capacity and Weight in the. Numbers 24 Customary System 64, 3 7 Multiplying Decimals 25 8 3 Length in the Metric System 65. 3 8 Dividing Decimals by Whole 8 4 Mass and Capacity in the. Numbers 26 Metric System 66, 3 9 Dividing by Decimals 27 8 5 Problem Solving Investigation Use. 3 10 Problem Solving Investigation Benchmarks 67, Reasonable Answers 28 8 6 Changing Metric Units 68. 4 1 Greatest Common Factor 29 8 7 Measures of Time 69. 4 2 Simplifying Fractions 30 8 8 Measures of Temperature 70. 4 3 Mixed Numbers and Improper 9 1 Measuring Angles 71. Fractions 31 9 2 Estimating and Drawing Angles 72, 4 4 Problem Solving Investigation Make 9 3 Angle Relationships 73.
an Organized List 32 9 4 Triangles 74, 4 5 Least Common Multiple 33 9 5 Quadrilaterals 75. 4 6 Comparing and Ordering Fractions 34 9 6 Problem Solving Investigation Draw. 4 7 Writing Decimals as Fractions 35 a Diagram 76, 4 8 Writing Fractions as Decimals 36 9 7 Similar and Congruent Figures 77. 4 9 Algebra Ordered Pairs and 10 1 Perimeter 78,Functions 37 10 2 Circles and Circumferences 79. 5 1 Rounding Fractions and Mixed 10 3 Area of Parallelograms 80. Numbers 38 10 4 Area of Triangles 81, 5 2 Problem Solving Investigation 10 5 Problem Solving Investigation Make. Act It Out 39 a Model 82, 5 3 Adding and Subtracting Fractions 10 6 Volume of Rectangular Prisms 83.
with Like Denominators 40 10 7 Surface Area of Rectangular Prisms 84. 5 4 Adding and Subtracting Fractions with 11 1 Ordering Integers 85. Unlike Denominators 41 11 2 Adding Integers 86,Lesson Title Page. 11 3 Subtracting Integers 87,11 4 Multiplying Integers 88. 11 5 Problem Solving investigation Work,backward 89. 11 6 Dividing Integers 90,11 7 The Coordinate Plane 91. 11 8 Translations 92,11 9 Reflections 93,11 10 Rotations 94.
12 1 The Distributive Property 95,12 2 Simplifying Algebraic Expressions 96. 12 3 Solving Addition Equations 97,12 4 Solving Subtraction Equations 98. 12 5 Solving Multiplication Equations 99,12 6 Problem Solving Investigation. Choose the Best Method of,Computation 100,NAME DATE PERIOD. 1 1 Word Problem Practice,A Plan for Problem Solving.
Use the four step plan to solve each problem Visit Crater Lake National Park. Lesson 1 1,GEOGRAPHY For Exercises 1 and 2 use the. poster information about Crater Lake 90 miles of trails. National Park in Oregon 26 miles of shoreline,Boat tours available. Open 24 hours,Directions from Klamath Falls Take,U S Highway 97 north 21 miles. then go west on S R 62 for 29 miles, 1 How many more miles of trails are 2 How many miles is it from Klamath. there than miles of shoreline in Crater Falls to Crater Lake National Park. Lake National Park, 3 SPORTS Jasmine swims 12 laps every 4 SPORTS Samantha can run one mile in.
afternoon Monday through Friday 8 minutes At this rate how long will it. How many laps does she swim in one take for her to run 5 miles. Copyright Glencoe McGraw Hill a division of The McGraw Hill Companies Inc. 5 SPORTS On a certain day 525 people 6 PATTERNS Complete the pattern 5 7. signed up to play softball If 15 players 10 14,are assigned to each team how many. teams can be formed, 7 SHOPPING Josita received 50 as a gift 8 BUS SCHEDULE A bus stops at the. She plans to buy two cassette tapes corner of Elm Street and Oak Street. that cost 9 each and a headphone set every half hour between 9 A M and. that costs 25 How much money will 3 P M and every 15 minutes between. she have left 3 P M and 6 P M How many times will,a bus stop at the corner between 9 A M. Chapter 1 1 Course 1,NAME DATE PERIOD,1 2 Word Problem Practice. Prime Factors, ANIMALS For Exercises 1 3 use the table that shows the height and.
weight of caribou,Height at the Shoulder Weight,inches centimeters pounds kilograms. Cows females 43 107 220 99,Bulls males 50 125 400 180. 1 Which animal heights and weights are 2 Write the weight of caribou cows in. prime numbers kilograms as a prime factorization, 3 ANIMALS Caribou calves weigh about 4 SPEED A wildlife biologist once found a. 13 pounds at birth Tell whether this caribou traveling at 37 miles per hour. weight is a prime or a composite Tell whether this speed is a prime or. Copyright Glencoe McGraw Hill a division of The McGraw Hill Companies Inc. number composite number Explain, 5 GEOMETRY To find the area of a floor 6 GEOMETRY To find the volume of a box. you can multiply its length times its you can multiply its height width and. width The measure of the area of a length The measure of the volume of a. floor is 49 Find the most likely length box is 70 Find its possible dimensions. and width of the room,Chapter 1 2 Course 1,NAME DATE PERIOD.
1 3 Word Problem Practice,Powers and Exponents, 1 SPACE The Sun is about 10 10 million 2 WEIGHT A 100 pound person on Earth. miles away from Earth Write 10 10 would weigh about 4 4 4 4 pounds. using an exponent Then find the value on Jupiter Write 4 4 4 4 using an. of the power How many miles away is exponent Then find the value of the. the Sun power How much would a 100 pound,person weigh on Jupiter. Lesson 1 3, 3 ELECTIONS In the year 2000 the 4 SPACE The diameter of Mars is about. governor of Washington Gary Locke 94 kilometers Write 94 as a product. received about 106 votes to win the Then find the value of the product. election Write this as a product How,many votes did Gary Locke receive. 5 SPACE The length of one day on Venus 6 GEOGRAPHY The area of San. Copyright Glencoe McGraw Hill a division of The McGraw Hill Companies Inc. is 35 Earth days Express this exponent Bernardino County California the. as a product Then find the value of the largest county in the U S is about. product 39 square miles Write this as a,product What is the area of San.
Bernardino County, 7 GEOMETRY The volume 8 SPACE A day on Jupiter lasts about. of the block shown can 2 in 10 hours Write a product and an. be found by multiplying exponent to show how many hours. the width length and 2 in are in 10 Jupiter days Then find the. height Write the volume value of the power,using an exponent Find. the volume,Chapter 1 3 Course 1,NAME DATE PERIOD,1 4 Word Problem Practice. Order of Operations, MONEY For Exercises 1 3 use the table that shows the price of. admission to a movie theater,Movie Theater Admission.
Children under 13 5,Matinee before 6 P M 3, 1 Janelle age 12 and her cousin 2 Jan takes her three children and two. Marquita age 14 go to a 7 00 P M neighbor s children to a matinee All of. show Write an expression for the total the children are under age 13 Write. cost of admission What is the total an expression for the total cost of. cost admission How much in all did Jan,pay for admission. 3 Connor age 13 his sister age 7 and 4 SOCCER Eduardo is 16 Eduardo s dad. Connor s parents go to a movie on takes him and his younger sister to a. Saturday night Write an expression for soccer match Tickets are 17 for adults. the total cost What is the total cost and 13 for children 18 and under. Copyright Glencoe McGraw Hill a division of The McGraw Hill Companies Inc. Write an expression for the total cost of,the tickets What is the total cost of the. 5 MONEY Frankie orders two 6 MONEY A store sells barrettes for 2. hamburgers and a soda for lunch A each and combs for 1 Shelby buys. hamburger is 3 and a soda is 1 00 3 barrettes and a comb Kendra buys. Write an expression to show how much 2 barrettes and 4 combs Write an. he paid for lunch Then find the value expression for the amount the two girls. of the expression spent all together Find the total. amount spent,Chapter 1 4 Course 1,NAME DATE PERIOD. 1 5 Word Problem Practice,Algebra Variables and Expressions.
TRAVEL For Exercises 1 and 2 use the table that shows the distance. between cities in Arizona,Arizona Mileage Chart,Flagstaff Phoenix Tucson Nogales. Phoenix 136 miles 117 miles 181 miles,Tucson 253 miles 117 miles 64 miles. Nogales 317 miles 181 miles 64 miles, 1 To find the speed of a car use the 2 To find the time it will take for a. expression d t where d represents the bicyclist to travel from Nogales to. distance and t represents time Find d,Tucson use the expression where d. the speed of a car that travels from,represents distance and s represents.
Phoenix to Flagstaff in 2 hours,speed Find the time if the bicyclist. travels at a speed of 16 miles per hour,Lesson 1 5. 3 PERIMETER The 4 PERIMETER Another formula for,perimeter of a perimeter is 2 w Find the. Copyright Glencoe McGraw Hill a division of The McGraw Hill Companies Inc. rectangle can be w perimeter of the rectangle in Exercise 3. found using the using this formula How do the answers. formula 2 2w compare Explain how you used order, where represents the length and w of operations using this formula. represents the width Find the,perimeter if 6 units and w 3.
5 SHOPPING Write an expression using a 6 SHOPPING Write an expression using. variable that shows how much 3 pairs variables to show how much 3 plain. of jeans will cost if you do not know the T shirts and 2 printed T shirts will cost. price of the jeans Assume each pair assuming that the prices of plain and. costs the same amount printed T shirts are not the same. Chapter 1 5 Course 1,NAME DATE PERIOD,1 6 Word Problem Practice. Algebra Functions, 1 DRAGONS The Luck Dragons that live 2 ROLLER COASTER Twelve people are. in the Enchanted Forest weigh 4x able to ride the Serpent of Fire roller. pounds when they are x years old coaster at one time Write a function. Write a function table that can be used table that shows the total number of. to find the weights of 6 year old 8 year people that have been on the roller. old and 10 year old Luck Dragons coaster after 1 2 3 and 4 rides. 3 MOVIES At the local movie theater it 4 HOMEWORK At Elmwood Middle. costs 10 00 for 2 students to see a School sixth graders spend 1 hour. movie It costs 15 00 for 3 students every night doing homework Seventh. and it costs 20 00 for 4 students Let graders spend 2 hours and eighth. the number of students be the input graders spend 3 hours Let the. What is the function rule that relates students grade be the input What is. the number of students to the cost of the function rule between the students. Copyright Glencoe McGraw Hill a division of The McGraw Hill Companies Inc. tickets grade and the amount of time the,students spend on homework every. 5 BEADS A bead shop sells wooden beads 6 Use the function rule in Exercise 5 to. for 3 each and glass beads for 7 each find the selling price of 20 wooden. Write a function rule to represent the beads and 4 glass beads. total selling price of wooden w and,glass g beads,Chapter 1 6 Course 1. NAME DATE PERIOD,1 7 Word Problem Practice,Problem Solving Investigation Guess and Check.
1 AGES The sum of Cooper s Dante s and 2 ELEVATION The table shows the highest. Maria s ages is 31 Dante is twice as old point of elevation for 5 different states. as Cooper Maria is one year older than How much higher is the highest point of. Dante How old are Cooper Dante and elevation in Colorado than Texas. Highest Point of,State Elevation feet,Arizona 12 633. Colorado 14 433,Georgia 4 784,North Carolina 6 684. Texas 8 749, 3 FOOTBALL The junior varsity football 4 MONEY Willow purchased a new car Her. team scored 23 points in last Saturday s loan including interest is 12 720 How. game They scored a combination of 7 much are her monthly payments if she. point touchdowns and 3 point field goals has 60 monthly payments to make. How many touchdowns and how many,field goals did they score. Copyright Glencoe McGraw Hill a division of The McGraw Hill Companies Inc. Lesson 1 7, 5 PATTERNS Draw the next figure in the 6 FUNDRAISER The school band is having a.
pattern car wash to raise money Their goal is to,collect 150 So far they have earned 10. each from three families and 5 each,from 15 families How much more money. do they have to earn to reach their goal,Chapter 1 7 Course 1. NAME DATE PERIOD,1 8 Word Problem Practice,Algebra Equations. INSECTS For Exercises 1 3 use the table that gives the average lengths. of several unusual insects in centimeters,Insect Length cm Insect Length cm.
Walking stick 15 Giant water bug 6,Goliath beetle 15 Katydid 5. Giant weta 10 Silkworm moth 4,Harlequin beetle 7 Flower mantis 3. 1 The equation 15 x 12 gives the 2 The equation 7 y 13 gives the. difference in length between a walking length of a Harlequin beetle and one. stick and one other insect If x is the other insect If y is the other insect. other insect which insect is it which insect makes the equation a true. 3 Bradley found a silkworm moth that 4 BUTTERFLIES A Monarch butterfly flies. was 2 centimeters longer than average about 80 miles per day So far it has. Copyright Glencoe McGraw Hill a division of The McGraw Hill Companies Inc. The equation m 4 2 represents this flown 60 miles In the equation. situation Find the length of the 80 m 60 m represents the number. silkworm moth that Bradley found of miles it has yet to fly that day Find. the solution to the equation, 5 CICADAS The nymphs of some cicada 6 BEETLES A harlequin beetle lays eggs in. can live among tree roots for 17 years trees She can lay up to 20 eggs over 2. before they develop into adults One or 3 days After the first day the beetle. nymph developed into an adult after has laid 9 eggs If she lays 20 eggs in. only 13 years The equation 17 x all how many eggs will she lay during. 13 describes the number of years less the second and third days. than 17 that it lived as a nymph Find,the value of x in the equation to tell. how many years less than 17 years it,lived as a nymph.
Chapter 1 8 Course 1,NAME DATE PERIOD,1 9 Word Problem Practice. Algebra Area Formulas, FLOOR PLANS For Exercises 1 6 use the diagram that shows the floor. plan for a house,9 ft 2 ft 7 ft 2 ft 10 ft,13 ft Bedroom 1 Bedroom 2 13 ft. 12 ft Kitchen Living Dining Room,12 ft 18 ft, Copyright Glencoe McGraw Hill a division of The McGraw Hill Companies Inc. 1 What is the area of the floor in the 2 Find the area of the living dining room. Lesson 1 9, 3 What is the area of the bathroom 4 Find the area of Bedroom 1.
5 Which two parts of the house have the 6 How much larger is Bedroom 2 than. same area Bedroom 1,Chapter 1 9 Course 1,NAME DATE PERIOD. 2 1 Word Problem Practice,Problem Solving Investigation Make a Table. 1 SPORTS The table shows the result of 2 BASEBALL The table shows the national. Shante s survey of her classmates league home run leaders in the. favorite sports How many more 2002 2006 seasons How many more. students chose softball baseball than home runs did Ryan Howard hit in 2006. football than Jim Thome in 2003,Favorite Sports Home Run Number of. B V V S B SB SB Year Leader Home Runs,F SB B S V F B 2002 Sammy Sosa 49. B SB V SB SB S V 2003 Jim Thome 47,2004 Adrian Beltre 48.
B basketball F football S soccer, SB softball baseball V volleyball 2005 Andruw Jones 51. 2006 Ryan Howard 58, 3 MONEY Trista has 8 coins in her pocket 4 ORDER OF OPERATIONS Use each of the. that total 1 55 She only has quarters symbols and to make the. and dimes How many of each coin does following math sentence true. Trista have,12 3 7 1 11 0, Copyright Glencoe McGraw Hill a division of The McGraw Hill Companies Inc. 5 GEOMETRY Find the difference in the 6 BICYCLES Kenji is saving money to buy a. area of the rectangle and the area of the new bicycle that costs 125 So far he. square has saved his weekly allowance of 5 for,the past 8 weeks He also saved 35. from his birthday money How much,3m more money does Kenji need to.
Chapter 2 10 Course 1,NAME DATE PERIOD,2 2 Word Problem Practice. Bar Graphs and Line Graphs, TREES For Exercises 1 3 and 4 use Table A For Exercises 2 5 and 6 use Table B. Table A Table B, Average Heights of Pine Trees Lemons Produced by My Tree. Tree Height ft Year Number of Lemons,Eastern White 75 2004 26. Lodgepole 48 2005 124,Longleaf 110 2006 122,Pitch 55 2007 78.
Ponderosa 140 2008 55, 1 You and Jorge are writing a report on 2 Table B shows the number of lemons. different kinds of pine trees Make a your tree produced each year Make a. bar graph for the report that shows the line graph for the data in Table B. average heights of different kinds of,pine trees Use the data from Table A. Copyright Glencoe McGraw Hill a division of The McGraw Hill Companies Inc. 3 Use your graph for Exercise 1 Which 4 How does the average height of a pitch. tree is about half as tall as a pine compare to the average height of a. ponderosa lodgepole pine, 5 Use the line graph you made in 6 FRUIT Suppose you want to make a. Exercise 2 Describe the change in fruit graph of the total number of lemons. production for your lemon tree produced by your lemon tree and the. total number of oranges produced by,your orange tree in one year Would you. make a bar graph or a line graph,Lesson 2 2,Chapter 2 11 Course 1.

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