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Winners Edge Trading Our trading Strategy Instruction Manual By Casey Stubbs Table of Contents Chapter 1 Money Management Chapter 2 Trading Plan Chapter 3 Japanese ...

Chapter 4 Trading time Frame,Chapter 5 Using Trend Lines. Chapter 6 Support and Resistance,Chapter 7 Buy and Sell Setups. Chapter 8 Using Moving Averages,Chapter 9 putting it all together. Chapter 10 Setting up your charts,Chapter 11 Trading Strategy and Rules. 2Copyright Winners EdgeTrading,Money Management, Money Management is a vital part of trading If you don t get this part right.
you won t be able to maintain your account, Money Management is about protecting your account it is that simple protect. your account You do this by managing risk Before you ever make a trade. determine the maximum dollar risk and the total that it is in your account. Let me say that again because that is the most important rule in trading Before. you ever make a trade determine the maximum dollar risk and the total that. it is in your account,How Much Should You Risk, I recommend risking 2 of your account as the relevant level to be risked at. all times I like this amount because I can still easily make my profit goal of. 5 per week Trading is not a get rich quick tool It is a slow take of profit. from the market over time the ones that have patience are the ones that will. be successful Remember to adjust the risk and figure it out after every trade. 3Copyright Winners EdgeTrading, because after every trade your account balances changes. For example let s say your account value is 50 000 and you want to risk 1. than you will risk 500 so if you are trading one lot you would set your stop at. 50 pips that way you can only lose 1 and just keep figuring the 1 before. every trade, This is also where risk to reward helps you if your winners are 3 times larger. than your losses than you can lose 50 of the time and still be profitable That. helps grow your bank account by making a larger pip count. For example in the earlier example of a 50 pip stop we can set our limit of 150. pips that way we risk 500 to make 1500 and when we make our target we can. then have longer losing streaks later and still be profitable. In conclusion practice proper money management in all your trading. activities If you can master your money management you will be fine because. even if you are not the best trader you will still be able to keep trading until. you improve your trading skills to be the best trader you can be There is a. 4Copyright Winners EdgeTrading,money management video for you to watch here.
http www youtube com watch v LQ2mW1 hYOg, one key strategy for Money Management is to make sure that you only. increase your trade size when you are sure that it is safe to do so. For example make sure that you have a long period of successful trading such. as a month before you increase your size When you do increase your trading. size at that point make sure that you only increase it in small increments as. increasing it in large amounts can be a psychological disadvantage. Take your time and over time you can grow you account to be quite large. Trading Plan, The first thing that any trader should have is a trading plan that will map out. how they plan to do business Any other type of business has a business plan. so trading should be no different You should treat your trading just like any. 5Copyright Winners EdgeTrading, other business There s a saying that may be old but it is still true if you don t. have a plan then you are planning to fail Your trading plan should be. thorough and well thought out It should be written down and reviewed often. You may be asking what should be included in my trading plan I have. prepared a list that might help you get started so you can prepare a trading plan. for yourself Make sure that you take into account,Your goals and mindset. Your broker and trading platform, The trading system and or strategy that you are using.
Money management procedures, There should also be documentation of each trade made so that you can. analyze your system and your trading patterns this will help to show the. results of your trading over the long term Also include whether you will add. additional deposits your withdrawal procedures and how you plan to invest. the profits Are you going to live off your trading If so then you need to have. your expenses written down You also need to identify how much you must. make each month in profits to be able to be a pro trader Trading is not as. 6Copyright Winners EdgeTrading, simple as it may seem and there is quite a bit of planning involved. After your plan is complete it should be printed and reviewed to see how you. are performing according to your goals At the review session you should. make changes if certain areas of your trading plan are not working for you and. or not achieving the goals you have set A plan is never set in stone it is to be. used as a guide to help you understand if what you are doing is working or not. If your plan is not working make adjustments and continue to test and refine. I am here to help you develop a trading plan so please submit your questions. in the forums,Japanese Candlesticks, This course is progressive to build you up as a profitable trader and to increase. your skills and knowledge In this lesson I will be covering Japanese candles. which are the key to finding precise entries When used correctly these. candles will give you an edge in making profitable trades All of these. formations are going to help us find entry points for our trading strategy. 7Copyright Winners EdgeTrading,Watch this video on how to read candlesticks. http www youtube com watch v FjzXGq3JC9U, The Candle below is called a doji that means the price did not change during.
the candle It went up and down while the candle was open but at the time the. candle closed the price was the same or very little change. 8Copyright Winners EdgeTrading, Sometimes a doji candle can signal a reverse in price if there has been a strong. run one way or the other A doji can indicate that a price is struggling to. continue a move At the end of a long trend if you see a doji that means that. the trend could have lost momentum and that a reversal is coming. Candle Stick Formations, We will go over 3 different formations here The first formation is called the. Hammer Sometimes you will see different names for these patterns but the. name is not what matters it is what you can do with these patterns that are. 9Copyright Winners EdgeTrading, The Hammer is when the price has had strong movement down then it. suddenly stops and reverses as shown by the wick A strategy you can. implement is to enter a trade on the next candle after a Hammer If the new. candle is heading the opposite direction,Below is a pattern called the Shooting Star. Shooting Star is the same as a Hammer only to the upside and can be used the. same way Enter a short trade at the opening of the next candle This pattern. can also be called a Morning Star,The next pattern is called Engulfing Candle.
10Copyright Winners EdgeTrading, This pattern shows a reversal because the small candle is getting engulfed by. the larger one but the key is that the engulfing candle must be going the. opposite way,Using Japanese Candles in Your Trading Strategy. Try to identify some of these candle formations on your charts and then use. your demo account to make some trades based on using them Then later on in. our lesson we will learn to incorporate these patterns into your trading strategy. using support and resistance levels,11Copyright Winners EdgeTrading. Check out the chart below and see if you can see the same candle patterns that. I have identified,12Copyright Winners EdgeTrading, The most important thing to understand when trading candlestick patterns is. the length of the wick and the strength of the previous trend In addition it is. important to note how fast the candle reversal pattern has formed If there is a. long wick that indicates that the price had a quick reversal and the price hit. strong support that is the best time to enter trades. Time Frames for Trading, this is important because you should find a time frame that works for you I am.
not going to say trade the 4hr charts because that is what I do No I am going. to say look at your personality and your schedule to determine what type of. trading style will fit you best, I will talk about the 3 types of traders and outline them to help you determine. what will work best for you,1 Long Term,2 Mid Term Swing Traders. 3 Short Term,13Copyright Winners EdgeTrading,Long Term Traders. Long term traders trade the daily or weekly or even monthly charts and they. will have their trades for weeks months or years They will enter their trades. and wait for long period of time to hit their profit target. These traders probably have a larger amount to invest and do not need to take a. deposit from their trading account every month Also they do not sit in front of. the computer for hours a day they will place the trade and then check it. regularly to see how the trade is going, Long term traders also have to have a greater stop loss and endure losing. months when the trend is in reversal mode In addition to that they also miss. out on large price swings in which they could participate Despite the. disadvantages there are wealthy individuals and institutions that make lots of. money trading long term,Mid Term Swing Traders, Mid term traders use 4h to the hourly time frames and hold trades for several.
hours to a week One of the obvious advantages to this time frame is that there. are more trading opportunities and also that there is much less chance of a. 14Copyright Winners EdgeTrading, large trend moving against them This type of trader does not need as much. capital as the long term trader because the stops don t need to be as big. Short Term Day Traders, These traders make several trades everyday and can also be called scalpers. These traders are in front of the charts all day long This method takes a great. deal of concentration and can be tiring One of the advantages to this method is. that you can use tighter stops and that requires less capital than any other. These traders can use the 1hr 30 min 15 5 and 1 min charts. Trend Lines, Another type of support or resistance level is the trend line A trend line is an. indicator of when the price direction will change because the trend line gets. broken indicating a new direction,15Copyright Winners EdgeTrading.

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