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Hello friends, Today I will tell you a method to Download and install Windows on a Mac. Users can use Windows 8.1 or 10 in their MacOS. You can use both MacOS and Windows OS on the Mac. Users can even delete the Windows from their Mac. So Reboot your Mac OS with Windows.

How to download windows on mac

It is hard to believe but you can install Windows on a Mac. Apple comes with an inbuilt feature of Boot Camp that makes dual booting Windows on Mac possible. You can use either Windows or MacOS at a time but with full configuration. If you are well versed in what Boot Camp is and how it works, you can use it for this process. You need to partition your drive when you will be installing Windows on your Mac. Installing Windows turns out to be a lot faster than the virtual machine that you choose to run particular Windows applications.

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Mac drive for windows 10 free download
  • 1 How to Install Windows on a Mac – Windows for Mac Free Download

Bootcamp Download Windows 10

You can use Windows 10 on Mac that was out in 2012 and later years. Macs after 2010-16 support Windows 8.1 very well. Windows 7 is supported by Macs that were released in 2014 and before. The Enterprise versions of Windows cannot be installed on a Mac. Mac supports 64-bit only. You need a USB drive of size 16GB at least for installing Windows7. For Windows 8.1 & 10, you just need the ISO file of the installer. You will have to upgrade Windows 8 to 8.1 version. The steps below are given to install Windows 8.1 & 10. For Windows 7, the order changes a bit.

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  1. Download the ISO image from or .
  2. Backup your Mac for the safety of your data.
  3. Press Command+Space à type Boot Camp à press Enter to launch it.
  4. Click Continue that appears on the next window.
  5. It asks you about your ISO file and size of your Windows partition. Choose your partition carefully as later if you want to modify, it becomes a tedious job.
  6. After that, click Install. Boot Camp starts downloading Windows support software.
  7. The installer itself partitions your disk. You need to copy the installer to that partition.
  8. After the process completes, your Mac reboots.
  9. The first window that will appear after rebooting is the Windows Setup. Click Next.
  10. Select partitioned named BOOTCAMP and not any other partition. This mistake will make you lose your data.
  11. Skip the later steps as they demand the use of Internet until the Boot Camp installer window appears.
  12. You need to follow the installer to set the drivers.

Bootcamp Mac Download – Boot into Windows

  1. To boot into Windows, turn off your Mac then switch it on by holding the Option key.
  2. Select the drive in which you want to boot from.
  3. Select Windows

Hurray! You’ve installed and booted into Windows on a Mac. If you want to boot into Windows by default, open Boot Control Panel in Windows. Click on the Up arrow on the taskbar to open the panel. You can choose the default OS that your Mac boots into from here.

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Removing Windows from Mac

Mac Address Changer Windows 10 Download Free

Backup your files, as it deletes all the data present on Windows partitions.

  1. First of all, you need to free up space.
  2. Reboot into MacOS
  3. Open Boot Camp Assistant
  4. Select Restore to a Single Volume option.

This Assistant automatically removes Windows. MacOS regains its previously used space.

Last words on How to Install Windows on a Mac – Windows for Mac Free Download

You can even use Parallels to run Windows on your Mac. Parallel Toolbox works faster than any Virtualbox. You can run any Windows applications without rebooting or installing Windows. Command key on Mac is Windows key and Option key is Alt key for Windows. For installing Windows 7, Boot Camp first sets up the installer USB disk and then the partitioning process. I hope this article was useful. Drop comments if you have any doubts, I will guide you and don’t forget to share this article!

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