While True: Learn() Art Pack Download

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  1. While True: Learn() Art Pack Downloads
  2. While True: Learn() Art Pack Download Torrent
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  4. While True: Learn() Art Pack Download Free
While true: learn() art pack download torrent

This is a collection of short, free, videos on the basics of digital painting. Hundreds of them. Did you learn something? Tell a friend about the site. Want to learn more? Check out the store.

Have fun painting!

First Steps:

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While True: Learn() Art Pack Downloads


Premium Series

For those that want to learn in-depth, the Ctrl+Paint store offers $10 videos. These video collections cover crucial topics, ranging from beginner to intermediate difficulty.

Newest free video

While true: learn() art pack downloads

Every Tuesday and Thursday I release a new free video. They're not immediately added to the ordered list, but you can see the recent releases here:

1) Digital Painting 101

While true: learn() art pack downloads

First, let's start off with an overview of the whole digital painting process these introductory videos.

Now that you've seen the overview, where should you start?

Before you can paint, you need to know how to draw. At art school they call this 'foundation studies', and all students must take these basic subjects before proceeding into their concentration.

2) Traditional Drawing

While True: Learn() Art Pack Download Torrent

3) Drawing 2

4) Composition Basics

While True: Learn() Art Pack Download 1.14

5) Using Reference Materials

Making the Switch to Digital Tools

Once you have a nice foundation of traditional drawing and composition skills, it's time to get your feet wet with Photoshop!

  • 8) The Brush Tool

9) Basic Painting Techniques

10) Adding Surface Details

11) Painting With Color

12) Masking & Selections

13) Vector Tools

Fully Digital

If you've been watching these videos in order, you're starting to see how fundamentally different digital painting can be from traditional media. These videos dig even deeper.

14) The User Interface

15) Uniquely Digital Techniques

16) Efficiency Through Repetition

Your Brain: the Most Important tool

The final two sections explore your mental approach to making artwork. It's easy to forget what an important role your attitude can play when improving as an artist!

While True: Learn() Art Pack Download Free

If you're going to spend your life as an artist, it needs to be a healthy relationship.

17) Theory & Mindset

18) Study Habits

  • Importance of Editing