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NAME DATE CLASS,Guided Reading netw rks,Mesopotamia. Lesson 1 The Sumerians,ESSENTIAL QUESTION,How does geography influence the. way people live,What are the characteristics that,make up a culture. The First Civilizations in Mesopotamia, Determining Causes and Effects After people settled in. the Mesopotamian region certain developments led to the. formation of the Sumerian Civilization These developments had a. cause and effect relationship In the flow chart below name three. of these developments The first development has been provided. 1 People settled in 2,Mesopotamia,3 4 Copyright by The McGraw Hill Companies.
5 Describing Write three sentences that describe the terrain. of Mesopotamia,NAME DATE CLASS,Guided Reading Cont netw rks. Mesopotamia,Sumer s Civilization, Listing The first column below identifies five elements of. Sumerian city states In the second column write one fact. about each element,Elements of Sumerian,City States. Location 1,Population 3,Copyright by The McGraw Hill Companies. Politics 4,Religion 5,NAME DATE CLASS,Guided Reading Cont netw rks.
Mesopotamia, Categorizing Sumerian society had three classes Each class. consisted of people who held certain positions For example a. person who was a priest was part of the upper class. Below is a list of positions in Sumerian society and a table. divided into classes Fill in the table with the appropriate words. from the list,artisan merchant criminal,warrior slave king. debtor government official farmer,Sumerian Society. Upper Class,Middle Class,Copyright by The McGraw Hill Companies. Lower Class, 9 Identifying Identify four goods that Sumerians received.
from other regions in exchange for Sumerian goods,NAME DATE CLASS. Guided Reading Cont netw rks,Mesopotamia,Sumerian Contributions. Describing You are a historian recording the various. contributions Sumerians made in writing technology and. mathematics Describe some of those contributions on the. scrolls below,2 Technology,Copyright by The McGraw Hill Companies. 3 Mathematics,NAME DATE CLASS,Hands On Chapter Project. Mesopotamia,Project Steps,Step 1 Introduce Project.
Tell students that they will be creating a poster of a person performing. one of the occupations of Sumerian society They will include visual. details as well as written annotations to describe this occupation They. will also include reasons this occupation is important Finally they will. provide a bibliography documenting their research, Activate Background Knowledge Have a class discussion reviewing. Sumerian occupations to help students choose an occupation to depict. Discuss visual images they might include to illustrate that occupation. Possible occupations, King ruled the city state power was thought to be granted by the. city s god, Priest performed religious ceremonies ran temples or ziggurats in. early Sumer may have ruled city states, Warrior defended city state conquered new territory captured and. enslaved workers, Government official advised kings aided in administering laws and.
collecting taxes helped form alliances with other city states. Merchant traded goods traveled to different regions to acquire. needed resources, Farmer raised crops and livestock irrigated and maintained. farmland stored surplus food, Fisher caught fish may have helped to develop sailboats for river. Artisan created goods such as tools weapons cloth pottery and. Copyright by McGraw Hill Education, Scribe used cuneiform system of writing to record events business. transactions and stories sometimes held government positions. Homemaker caretaker ran households cared for children and family. Scientist mathematician studied astronomy cataloged stars. developed calendar and system of timekeeping, Enslaved person performed manual labor for members of the upper. NAME DATE CLASS,Hands On Chapter Project,Worksheet 1 Mesopotamia.
Project Plan,Group Members, Directions Think about the steps you will need to take in order to. complete the project Create a task list for your group. Our group s Sumerian occupation is,Group Task List. Review the information about Sumerian occupations in your Student Edition. Do personal research on the occupation and take notes Use the Important. Jobs in Sumer worksheet to guide your research but do not complete it yet. Cite at least three sources used in your research, Meet with your team to share information from your research Work together. to complete the Important Jobs in Sumer worksheet, Talk with your team about how you will work together to create the poster. Remember your poster should include written information as well as. numerous visual details,Create your poster, Present your poster to the class Discuss why this occupation was important to.
a Sumerian village,My Task List Copyright by McGraw Hill Education. NAME DATE CLASS,Hands On Chapter Project,Worksheet 2 Mesopotamia. Important Jobs in Sumer,Group Members,Sumerian Occupation. Directions Use the graphic organizer to answer each question Then cut. out the different sections Add them to your poster. What activities do you do as part What tools or resources do you. of your job need to do your job,Where do you work Name another interesting fact. Who works with you about your job,Copyright by McGraw Hill Education.
This job is the most important job in our village because. NAME DATE CLASS,Hands On Chapter Project,Worksheet 3 Mesopotamia. Creating a Bibliography,Group Members, Directions List all sources including your text magazines newspapers. books Internet sites movies and audio recordings, For books include Author Title City of Publication Publisher Copyright. For Internet sites include Author or Organization Title of site Date. accessed URL,Copyright by McGraw Hill Education,Writing Process Strategies. Creating a Bibliography MLA Style, The Modern Language Association established styles for how to present.
sources Center the title Works Cited at the top of your bibliography page. Source Style, Book with one author DuPrau Jeanne The City of Ember New York Yearling. Book with two or three authors Roberts Gene and Hank Klibanoff The Race Beat The Press. the Civil Rights Struggle and the Awakening of a Nation New. York Vintage 2007 If a book has more than three authors name only. the first author and then write et al Latin abbreviation for and others. Book with an editor Pierce Tamora and Josepha Sherman eds Young Warriors. Stories of Strength New York Random House 2005, Book with an organization or The Smithsonian Institute The Civil War A Visual History. group as author or editor New York DK Publishing 2011. Work from an anthology Mancall Peter C ed Travel Narratives from the Age of. Discovery An Anthology New York Oxford University Press. 2006 138 145, Introduction in a published Knepper Cathy D Introduction Dear Mrs Roosevelt Letters. book to Eleanor Roosevelt New York Carroll Graf 2004 xiii xxiv. Encyclopedia article Singapore Encyclopaedia Britannica 2010. Weekly magazine article Stengel Richard The New Patriotism Time Magazine. 26 June 2008 For print use page number range with no end. punctuation for example 70 77 for online delete colon and use a period. after date, Monthly magazine article Ambinder Mark Inside the Secret Service The Atlantic. March 2011 For print use page number range with no end punctuation. for example 70 77 for online delete colon and use a period after date. Online magazine article Romm Tony Senate Tussles Over Online Privacy Politico. 19 May 2011 May 2011 http www politico com news, stories 0511 55227 html The date in parentheses is the date the.
article was accessed online, Newspaper article Bernstein Richard Sport or Not A Question for the Courts. The New York Times 14 July 2010 For print use a colon after the. date instead of a period and add the section letter and page number refer. ence for example D12 Be sure to include a period at the end For online. use example as shown, Unsigned article Coping With Expensive Gasoline Washington Post 7 May. Internet What Is Money Explore Money 2011 The British Museum. 2011 http www britishmuseum org explore themes,money what is money aspx. Radio or TV program Freedom Riders The American Experience PBS 16 May. Videotape or DVD The National Parks America s Best Idea DVD PBS 2009. Interview Zadi Shirelle E mail interview 23 24 Nov 2010 If an. interview takes place in person replace E mail with Personal if it takes. place on the telephone use Telephone,NAME DATE CLASS. Hands On Chapter Project,Worksheet 4 Mesopotamia,Assessment Rubric.
Collaboration,Research and,Points Presentation and Time. Management, Research is extremely All required elements Project tasks were. thorough and are included poster effectively divided and. accurate poster includes numerous used the strengths of. describes occupation visual and written each group member. in great depth and details students well the final project. makes a strong case convincingly explain showed obvious group. 5 for its importance why this occupation is collaboration the. sources are relevant important poster is team was organized. and consistently extremely well and demonstrated, reliable bibliography organized and visually skillful time. lists more than 3 appealing management,sources and is. formatted correctly, Research is thorough All required elements Task responsibility was.
and accurate poster are included poster shared equally all. describes occupation includes visual and members contributed. in depth and makes a written details items to the poster. strong case for its students convincingly all members. 4 importance sources explain why this contributed to the oral. are relevant and occupation is presentation in class. generally reliable at important poster is research time was. least 3 sources are well organized and used effectively. cited and all are visually appealing,formatted correctly. Research was All required elements Responsibility for task. conducted but is are included poster was balanced among. somewhat lacking in includes visual and group members most. depth or accuracy written details but members fulfilled their. Copyright by McGraw Hill Education, poster describes could be more responsibilities in. occupation in some thorough students creating and, detail and makes a explain why this presenting the poster. 3 case for its occupation is in class research time. importance some important poster was generally, sources are irrelevant shows evidence of productive. or unreliable 3 organization and effort,sources are cited but.
formatting is,inaccurate,NAME DATE CLASS,Hands On Chapter Project. Worksheet 4 Mesopotamia,Assessment Rubric Cont, Research was One or two required Responsibility for task. minimal lacks depth elements are missing was unbalanced among. and includes poster includes some group members in class. inaccurate facts visual and written details research time was. poster describes but does not address all productive at times. occupation but needs questions asked students,to include more detail make minimal attempt to. 2 and argue for that explain why this,occupation s importance occupation is important. source material is often poster is somewhat,irrelevant or unreliable lacking in organization.
fewer than 3 sources are and effort,cited documentation for. some sources is missing,or incomplete, Little to no research Three or more Responsibility was placed. was conducted most required elements are primarily on one or two. facts are inaccurate or missing poster has group members group. irrelevant poster includes few visual and or members did not use in. little detail or fails to written details class research time. 1 make a case for this students do not effectively or disrupted. occupation s importance attempt to explain other groups. source material is why this occupation is,unreliable fewer than important poster. 3 sources are cited or shows little evidence of,citations are incomplete organization and effort. Assessment,Assessment,Copyright by McGraw Hill Education.

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