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Darkest Greetings Underlords,

Step into the chilled-out realms of My Pet Dungeon: explore, experiment, and uncage the dungeons of your dreams! War for the Overworld is a Dungeon Management Game that employs your favourite aspects of the RTS and God Game genres. You play an all-powerful, malevolent Underlord, long banished to the Aether. War for the Overworld isn't Dungeon Keeper 3 but, buggy as it can be, it sometimes gets close. I'm attempting to play the My Pet Dungeon expansion, and I'm having problems on the very first map. For some reason, at some point, my saved games of the map are deleted while I'm playing, and it doesn't seem to create a new save if I try to save afterwards. Let's Play War For The Overworld #15 Their heroes lie broken before me. Unlike my defenses. WFTO My Pet Dungeon - Part 1 - Duration: 35:58. Blood Claw 1,050 views.

We hope you enjoyed our April Fool’s yesterday! It’s always a pleasure to work on something totally out there for a few days. Today we’re coming to you with different news entirely and a whole lot more genuine!

As some of you may know, War for the Overworld launched from early access on April 2nd, 2015. That means that today is officially War for the Overworld’s fifth birthday! Incredible isn’t it? Five years ago we launched a game that was already three years in the making (or well over a decade, depending on who you ask!). But what that basically means is that WFTO has been around one helluva long time!

That journey has been a transformative one for us here at Brightrock. So much of our lives have been defined by War for the Overworld for so long that many of us forgot what the surface world actually looked like.

Here’s what we’re doing to mark the occasion!

War for the overworld - my pet dungeon expansion mod

Fifth Birthday Sale!

In celebration of War for the Overworld hitting its first major milestone, we’re working with our partners at Steam, GOG and Humble (as well as on our own site) to put the game and DLC on its biggest sale yet for a whole week!

That’s right! We’re bringing the game down deeper than even any Underlord’s home realm, to numbers never before seen! If you’ve still not completed your collection, or you know someone that would make a great Underlord, then now is the time to check it out via the links above.

Here are the all-important numbers:

  • War for the Overworld85% off
  • Underlord Edition85% off
  • Ultimate Edition73% off
  • Heart of Gold Expansion75% off
  • My Pet Dungeon Expansion50% off
  • The Under Games Expansion25% off
  • Seasonal Worker Skins50% off

We probably won’t see numbers like this again for a while so be sure to grab them while they’re lava-hot!

Spring Community Spotlight

Every quarter we bring together our favourite maps from across the War for the Overworld community, and we thought that tying this into the anniversary would only make things more convenient for you.

This quarter’s spotlight contains a cavalcade of content ready for your twisted exploration:

Deathmatch Levels

  • Mandala by Korvek
  • Mandala 4 by Korvek
  • Finders Keepers by Sageboba

Core Shards Levels

  • Mandala 2 (Core Shards) by Korvek
  • Spread Thin by 100thfail

King of the Underhill Levels

  • Mandala 3 (KOTU) by Korvek

Scenario Levels

  • Curse the Empire (Possession Level) by Ivysaur
  • The Frozen Shores by Green.Sliche
  • Crimson Depths by Memnus

As always you can download the content by subscribing to our community spotlights on the Steam Workshop, either individually or collectively! We also host the spotlights on our own website to download.

And now for the first time ever, all our spotlights are available as one HUGE map pack download for our GOG customers! You’ll find them right there on the extras menu in GOG.

Finally, as a reminder if you would like to see your art or map featured in a future spotlight, be sure to send it across to us via our forums (Steam or GOG), Twitter or Facebook!

Oni Ashigaru Worker Returns!

As the sakura petals bloom marking the arrival of Hanami to Japan, the Oni Ashigaru worker has returned from his ronin adventures. He now stands ready to carve a path through the earth and anyone that stands in the way of his new master – if you can secure his fealty.

Remaining from now until the end of April, this exclusive time-limited worker skin will be available to all players for free if you launch the game during this time. Once you have him, he will remain with you in perpetuity, such is his sworn loyalty.

Act fast however, because if you miss the arrival of this wandering warrior, then come the end of April he will be gone for another year!

That concludes all of the festivities! Thank you all for your support over the last five years, and from even before then as well! Please look out for further announcements from Brightrock in 2020!

And to all of you, please stay safe throughout the Covid-19 outbreak. Team Brightrock have returned to our roots and gone fully remote for the time being, so we can all work from home. Be sure to follow the recommended advice from your government, and we’ll see you all on the other side!

Until next time Underlords!

– Brightrock Games Team

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Brightrock Games
Based in Brighton, United Kingdom

Release date:
April 3rd, 2017

PC / Mac / Linux


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My Pet Dungeon is an 8-level sandbox campaign in War for the Overworld, narrated by the rambunctious Richard Ridings. It offers a much more relaxed pacing compared to the game's other modes, letting players explore and build their idyllic dungeons, with new snowy terrain to boot. Progress involves simply achieving a target score through dungeon management, defeating optional enemies, and completing bonus objectives. The Toybox room offers an endless supply of enemy units which the player can experiment with, grabbing them and dropping them anywhere in the levels. The player can also spawn waves of enemies to put their dungeons through their paces. Completing My Pet Dungeon unlocks God Mode, giving players the power to reshape the levels as they wish and spawn units from thin air - all whilst playing the game. Although a paid expansion, the first two levels of My Pet Dungeon are available for free, so players can try before they buy. The expansion released on April 3rd, 2017 alongside Patch 1.6, during the game's second anniversary celebrations.


Following the Crucible release, Brightrock had intended to develop another expansion in the style of Heart of Gold; but due to the success of Crucible and its accompanying Patch 1.5, they decided to add the fan-favourite My Pet Dungeon mode first, before moving onto the final expansion. This also made sense, since one of the criticisms often levelled at WFTO is that it is too fast-paced; My Pet Dungeon mode is the perfect remedy, with its much more chilled-out dungeon management experience.

War For The Overworld Maps


  • New My Pet Dungeon sandbox-style campaign narrated as ever by your despicable mentor, Mendechaus (Richard Ridings)
  • Eight all-new levels focussed on exploration, discovery and dungeon building (2 levels available for free)
  • Grab enemies and drop them anywhere in your dungeon via the new Toybox room
  • Spawn waves of enemy units to put your dungeon through its paces
  • Unlock the long-awaited Empire Dungeon Themes, newly refined to work as playable themes
  • Discover new snowy terrain as your minions crunch through frozen underground caverns
  • Realise your omnipotence with God Mode, as you reshape the levels and spawn units from thin air - all in real time


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Selected Articles

  • 'The company has grown up, and War for the Overworld has repaired its reputation on Steam. At the time of publication, 85 per cent of recent Steam user reviews are positive.'
    - Wesley Yin-Poole, Eurogamer
  • 'If you've dismissed it at launch, it may be time to don your adventurer cap and take another look.'
    - Melody, Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  • 'Brightrock Games haven't stopped supporting the game ... In fact, they rolled up their sleeves, listened to feedback, and polished those old dungeons to a shine.'
    - Thomas Faust, IndieGames.com
  • 'There's plenty of opportunities to revel in your evil acts and enjoy the more sadistic aspects of being an evil overlord trying to overthrow the kingdom full of good guys.'
    - Robert N. Adams, TechRaptor

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Brightrock Games is a British independent game studio based in Brighton with a core team of eleven people from around the world. Brightrock's goal is to create humorous and genre-twisting simulation games in which players can experience their own stories.

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My Pet Dungeon Credits

Josh Bishop - UK
Managing Director, Designer

Pierre-Arnaud (Nano) Boucher - France
Director, Programmer

Scott Richmond - Australia
Director, Producer, Programmer

Dan Atkins - UK
Audio Lead

Andrew Bushkov - Russia
Hard Surface Modeler

Dante de Glanvill - New Zealand
Acoustic Wizard


Garrett Faith - USA
Texture Artist

Stefan Furcht - Germany

Hugo González Rueda - Spain
Concept Artist

Pat Hore - UK
Art Director

Ciro Mihanovic - Croatia

Lee Moon - UK
Community Manager

WarWar For The Overworld - My Pet Dungeon Expansion

Cian Noonan - UK
QA Analyst

Tim White - UK

Jack Wong - Hong Kong
VFX Artist


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