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Welcome to the new age of product design and customer experience. Using augmented reality you can create a whole new experience This quick install guide will. get you started building augmented reality applications using Vuforia a PTC Inc product used. by thousands of developers across the globe, The way it works is you create a new digital environment where 3D model data is visualized. and layered over your physical world Imagine the possibilities viewing augmented reality. video games in your living room touring the city of Paris and using AR information to tell you. famous stories and facts about historical monuments or helping people solve problems by. giving them directions or instructional videos on how to fix something. If you are curious how augmented reality is used in industry and consumer markets visit. Vuforia s website and see what inventors are doing with PTC augmented reality suite of tools. Required Materials, Windows computer 32 64 bit minimum 4 GB RAM 6 GB storage. Android mobile device smart phone or tablet,Connection USB cable from phone to computer. Web camera in your PC or detachable option, Unity 3D models free library online see instructions below. PTC Vuforia 5 5 Quick Installation Guide with Unity 3D Models. 1 Download and install Unity Editor 5 2 4 recommended for the sample pack or any release up to. https unity3d com get unity download archive,o Create a Unity ID if you don t have one here.
o Please note that in order to use Vuforia we advise to install Unity Editor 32 bit. Run the UnitySetup32 5 X XXX exe file agree the License Agreement and install it. 2 Run Unity Sign in to your Unity ID and create a New Project. Name the project then click Create Project, From the Hierarchy window select Main Camera and Directional Light and delete them. 3 Minimize the Unity and Register on developer vuforia com. Complete all fields read the Vuforia Developer Agreement. Agree the Vuforia Developer Agreement and click Register. 4 After you log into your account download Vuforia 5 5 SDK Download for Unity and save it on. your computer you will need to locate it later so a usual location would help. https developer vuforia com downloads sdk,Agree the license. Next steps will apply for all the applications that you will create. 5 From the Develop tab Add a License Key for your application. Insert the application name Installation Guide and click Next. Confirm License Key thick the box and click confirm. Now your License for the Installation Guide application is created. 6 Create a Database from the Target Manager,Add the name and select Device then Create. Click on the new Created Database and add a target to it. The target can be any jpg or png you have Here are some recommendation for a good. tracking stability, For this example you can use this image Right click on it and save it on your. Click Add Target and Browse for the image that you will be using. Add the Width of it in this case we can use 512,Name the Image then click Add.
7 Check the information about your new target The higher its rating is the more stable your. application will be, Open the target and click Show Features The areas of the target without yellow marks will. not be tracked so an image fully covered will be better than one with lots of targets in the. 8 Go back to the Target Manager InstallationGuide and click Download Dataset All. Select Unity Editor and then download it save it in a common location as you will soon browse. At this time you should have the image jpg file the vuforia unity 5 5 9 unipackage and. InstallationGuide unitypackage, 9 Go back in the Unity project and from Assets Import Package Custom Package browse. for the folder that contains vuforia unity 5 5 9 unipackage file and open it After it loads click. 10 Do the same for the InstallationGuide unitypackage file. 11 Under Assets you will find the Vuforia folder Open it and then open Prefabs from it Drag the. ARCamera in the Hierarchy window, 12 Then drag ImageTarget in the same window under the ARCamera. 13 Select ARCamera from the Hierarchy and look in the Inspector window. Locate the Vuforia Behaviour Script Paste the App License Key from the Vuforia Develop. License Manager Installation Guide here, Locate Database Load Behaviour Script and under it thick Load Data Set and Activate. 14 Select ImageTarget and in the Inspector locate the Image Target Behaviour Script. Data Set InstallationGuide, Now If you will zoom out the Scene Window you should be able to see the image added.
15 Now you need to add the 3D shape in the application so under Window select Assets Store. Look in 3D Models Vehicles Air and lower on the page select Top Free Mobile Planes. Small Passenger Plane can be find there Select it Download it and Import it. Go back to Scene window from the top of the graphic area. Locate the Small Passenger Plane prefab on the path Assets Mobile Airplanes Small. Passenger Plane Prefabs, Drag the Small Passenger Plane prefab on the target image in the graphic window then. drag it from the Hierarchy window and drop it in the ImageTarget. From the Inspector window set the position to 0 0 0 rotation to 0 180 0 scale to 0 1 0 1 0 1. 16 Add a Directional Light from the GameObject Light. 17 Congratulations Your first Vuforia AR application is finished In order to play it you can print the. image on a paper press the Play button from the top of the graphic window and aim the webcam at. the printed image,Creating the Android application. 18 For this step you will need the Android SDK and the Android Studio. 19 Put the Android device in developer mode go to Settings About phone and tap Build number. seven times Return to the previous screen to find Developer options connect it to your computer. with USB Debugging active,20 Build the application. File Build Run opens the Build Settings Select Android and in the scene builder Add. Current give it a name and save it,Press the Player Settings. o Add a Company Name PTC and Product Name InstallGuide. o Under Other Settings Identification Bundle Identifier replace the Company and. Product name with the ones you inserted com PTC InstallerGuide. Press Build and Run and enjoy it on your Android device. Additional Resources,Vuforia example AR experiences.
Vuforia Developer Portal Library,Vuforia Developer Support Portal. Academic Program, This resource was developed by the PTC Academic Program All rights providisions and trademarks. are the property of PTC Inc This resource is for educational purposes only. For more info please contact us at academicsupport ptc com.

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