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people occasionally because the vrill thing gets mad like a druggie needs humanbevery once in they re not demons its a metaphor they re prehistoric parasitic lizards from underground dumb. while real too 1 June at 20 47 that s all amazing intelligence for an animal but no emotions evil born evil its just an animal 31 May at. its going to sound like im scaring you with this but Im not you must know this the Vrill prefer. to eat children said they taste better same difference from eating a large old lobster and a smaller younger an animal which must be rendered extinct 31 May at 15 32. lobster some say smaller younger lobsters taste better also some say female lobsters are better than male. the popes sex slaves that no one can believe about theyre used as sex slaves then thrown into the pit to be How the Vril would infiltrate homes and lay eggs to parasite humans. eaten by Vrill while others watch im sorry to just say so plainly 2 June at 10 11. i had one picked up once and it was trying to look cute but this thing is a human killing. kidnap children to feed the things also feed them live victims because as someone else said to me bodysnatching thing so the cute act did not work it was literally stumbling around clasping its claws behind its. and surprised me they knew they frighten their prey first for the adrenaline surge it makes human blood and back like Marylin Munroe at a photoshoot they do this instinctively to infiltrate then when in and kept safe as. tissuez taste better to vrill 2 June at 12 21 an unknown thing wow this thingvis smart some ugly though ugly scaled monkey toy then the Vrill once. infiltrated releases reproductive fluids by choice stored stuff and faster than you think secretly without the. Human Fear of The Vril owners knowing like an evil alf which it is just a terrestrial alien tho So lays a clutch its called of 3 eggs. they hatch in secret then someone is taken over by the parent n he supposedly is ill this happened many times. in the past people thinking they had an angel demon or leprechaun or troll some of the old fables about. humans have an automatic instinctual fear of them just like looking at spiders and scorpions trolls are about these guys and are true you think they are made up bedtime stories but nope legends passed. humans somehow instinctively fear stuff like that And with Vrill its times two and they look so evil ugly its down to warn against the danger of trolls mag yoi in china means underground troll 1 June at 19 58. incredible you ll understand what I mean when they re bein hunted Theyll be on tv ive seen this reaction. when Vrill are exposed to the highest level scientologists that pay for the highest level of knowledge even when. they regret becoming a scientologist at this point they know they must follow or they will die possibly eaten by Vril and Norse Kings. aliens potentially through cloning over and over its a trap to make you unquestionably loyal 31 May at. Britney Spears can t even look at them when shes a clone lmao flips its like the instinctual fear when Both had Vrill trolls to Viking Parasitic to some human priests They mined gemstones for Vikings and. humans look at a big spider or scorpion you know somehow that thing can possibly kill you but its like double the Danish kings why the Danes were so wealthy back then. spider scorpion at the same time they eat people animals total carnivores can eat some fruit but veggies. make em sick they get tired of eating clones its not as good to them and they like it when humans scream n. they told me they knew the danish kings and in return for bringing the king the amethyst from a. then don t scream anymore 31 May at 11 42, massive underground geode the king so they said would give the Trolls they called them dogs chickens and. children for eating not trying to scare 1 June at 18 52. Maria Orsic VRIL Society claims they escaped to Aldebaran using ufos they made from. instructions apparently channeled by Maria Orsic via humanoids from Aldebaran. Caverns Worshiped as Gods Rewritten into History by Drones. no some true some is bs they ve spread right about rockefellers hiding them roths childs too. deep in earth are tunnels and huge caverns too much pressure that deep for humans to survive vrill. no space travel though these things can make a sandwich but no Saucers Lol. dont need as much oxygen and are aquatic too stay under a long time they re worshiped secretly by certain. religions that I ll reveal later they re worshiped now because for hundreds of years in one case 1000s of years. they were thought to be demons angels gods from stars now they got written into secret pages of some. Comparison to Mythical Creatures older religions by idiotic people and drones they took over and mimicked they were protected as a religious. devotion they say God made them for a reason and everything happens for a reason and when I get them. extincted that will be happening for a reason too, Chupacabra is another name for vrill I didn t want to say chupacabra because it sounds dumb but. yeah leprechaun demon mag yoi troll pixie fairy fey folk gremlin doppelganger mimic but their name has. always been Vrill from their earliest records which are scratches on the wall gremlins is another name of theirs What Killed dinosaurs. next the shapeshifting refers to the transition from Vrill to human drone truthers say this shapeshifting as a. hint so they don t have a remote aneurysm like Tila Tequila had they could have killed her allowed her to. live the truthers don t like vrill but are afraid they add their hints in and hope someone will talk and save. Meteor they ve said to me but vrill survived this cataclysm being so far underground. them someday and that day is now they re not demons not dark ones they re stupid lizards they use to. bodysnatch people they don t come in spirit form they come at people when clones in rem its science and. technology not mystical spiritual 31 May at 16 55, Erased message about Vril eating children Recorded and watched on TV monitors at the cloning. they re not magic or demonic unholy power they re simply parasitic lizards a really smart bipedal. facility in the arena, iguana waaay uglier than an iguana though ugliest animal on earth 31 May at 17 02. PARAPHRASED FROM A DELETED MESSAGE They have giant tv monitors at the clonezones they people scared now its ok the nwo want to destroy them now to save themselves its all but. watch children being dropped by rope into a cylindrical hole in the ground with a 1ft door at the bottom The child over this is why they gave tila supposed permission to join me without getting killed theyre gonna give up with. thinks its friends are playing a trick on them and then someone opens the tiny door and Vrill begin to very slowly the first angry crowd and point the way to save themselves from the populace seriously 31 May at 15 24. walk out as if to maximize terror in the confused child They begin shaking and trembling trying to befriend the. Vril out of fear by saying how cute they are but they are killed and eaten while everyone at the cloning center no need to be scared no reprisals coming they have capitulated that means surrendered. watch on large tv monitors which also record the event basically unconditionally but will beg for theyre lives and leniency Dont get stressed out in fear there is no. need to its as good as done I need to raise an angry mob to confront harper or elizabeth Harper will fold. Vril as pets for the elite easily he is terrified 31 May at 15 26. they re kept secret some world leaders grew up with them they made the sitcom Alf about them. some have a hole in their basement walls and give these things animals and in some cases humans they re kept So the lizard vril are being thrown out as the scapegoat and the Illuminati want to dodge the. ultra secret Elizabeth s pet is named Matilda its bigger than average and old they re smart not nearly as smart blame. as a human but can say some English words and have their own language of clicks n pops n gurgles built in sonar. and everything secret room recently made public tell all about these things and there s even more gotta kill. these things off and gas internal earth on a global scale Yes a planned hoax of theirs that will not succeed they re hoping for my success guys they re. gonna allow me to win DO NOT STRESS They just want it to unfold correctly without chaos they re not a. faction even in the Illuminati they have little say 31 May at 17 10. Machines That Can Hunt Them Down they re an oddity they need for the biological properties the Satanists try to play like Lucifer and. Azazel the lizards god which supplied them with his demons to grant them powers of immortality but most of. even them know this part they re just a stupid animal and the Illuminati will give them up to be. they re small though and tunnels underground only a foot around each country will mass produce a destroyed in an attempt to get leniency and mercy from the populace 31 May at 17 12. killing robot MASS PRODUCE like a rolling killing thing mini flashbang grenades they re blinded by bright. light they have built in sonar the robots will train on the clicking they click then just send em in there s. millions of these things down there above ground it wont take much to track them down they stink like Drones My Paraphrasing. something rotten and people will give them up to save themselves for the many underground a gas or virus. toxic to lizards will be made and mass produced so we can internally gas the planet internally I can imagine it the Vrill have a proboscis on their exoskeletal spine that shoots a parasitic worm containing the. will be a worldwide collaboration intelligence of the vrill into someone s eye then into the brain where it controls them and the vrill gets to. experience life as a human albeit a dumber and more evil human known then as a drone. there are many Vrill in society walking around trying to enjoy life as humans but they re detectable. Vril In Dungeons N Dragons with catscans and other tests sometimes they have one eye swelled out more than the other due to the. transition and theyre way more dumb than the original person but smarter than normal Vrill as they adapt. to higher intelligence but are still dumb they have a vacant look there are medical ways to detect them. they modeled the body of vrill off a hook horror in dnd the rich guy gary gygax that invented dnd did drones do a LOT of the unbelievable evils you hear in the world. that and put their name in the game he attended cloning centers too dead now though made hook horrors They are very loyal slaves they just like the opportunity to be humans they say the quality of life is. have a different head though cuz theyre uglier than anything in dnd also added muscle to the hook horrors better they become smarter like a really dumb guy and they re evil child molesters half turn gay other half. body Vrill are skinny and breakable hollow bones yup the power is the takeover how they swarm a single are bisexual. Vril s getting chipped with human consciousness then droning a human to make a new chipped. Elites turning the Vril in to save themselves Vril drone. the rich are giving them up to save themselves problem the good people there as clones that pass Vrill heads are too small for a chip so they put the chip on the outside of their heads and insert a wire. out if you make them look at Vrill too close and the incredibly evil people that like Vrill more than humans and to the spot in the brain it needs to go Then they can literally put a human conscience in the vrill Its. have helped them become drones These two different types of humans want to claim they were ALL only disorienting but they do Then they do the spine in your eye thing to a human and cheat death but this drone is. complicit because of fear they all want to survive after turning in the lizards people like Elizabeth and Charles different Less side effects regarding intelligence and other things but Evil Very evil afterwards half gay child. and Vladimir don t want to get lynched no vrill have their claw on a nuke button their handlers do no one is molester and hurting things bring them pleasure They re all over the place too We will need a worldwide cat. gonna push the button they want a way to ensure their own survival they will give up the Vrill with pleas for scan and destroy them all. mercy for themselves leniency they will help make them extinct I can imagine no mercy will be tolerated for. the vrill society leadership but that is to be expected and is not my problem shut down cloning centers. eradicate Vrill and punish and replace ringleaders this key to ensure the survival of the earth 31 May at 13 44 Aliens Greys Vril Society Area 51. if the vrill society get found out helping another species helping control humans the vrill society would be. known as people that betrayed the human race to an alien being they would be executed or worse lynched in. the street so they really try to cover all the bases 31 May at 12 41. there are no greys no nibiru there are only vrill and they come from underground feel privileged to o. know this anyone else tell you this they will have an aneurysm tila tequila calls them demons because. that s what they told her they were called she had an aneurysm before when SHE tried to tell people about. them The idea of aliens was born in area 51 The vril society in Germany were brought to area 51 to make. saucers Made em Test flyin but it was during the cold war This thing was unstable incredible speed i dont. know how the pilot didnt die If it accidentally crashed in a town the russians woulda got wind of it and become. Angela Mihalski WOW You have been busy What a sweetheart you are Donald was on here earlier Please. nervous of a superweapon So they put alien looking symbols on it in case of a crash It crashed the skin was. post this in the Forum I am over there posting some things hoping to get all the info in there too There is. mylar Now they said they made this material ten years later but they had it before just didnt disclose it to. already a category that Andy I believe started for Donald and everyone You will see it Let me know if you need. public The russians heard about the landing and were afraid the americans were down with aliens The. help posting, americans fostered this idea to keep russia in check Russians and chinese have been vrill droning the world for.
decades from hospitals and other places They could be lying but i dont think so i would have met one They. July 2 at 4 35am Like 2, said there s just vrill Oh and drones are detectable in cat scans There will be a world wide purge as they call it. of all vrill drones And markIII clones with a dead mans consciousness in the chip in his head. Are they an alien e t race or an indigenous earth race. earth always been on earth they say they were in Atlantic kept really primitive records said. Atlantis destroyed itself rather than be entirely parasitized these things have an instinctual like sex drive to take Douglas Henson Lots more coming I have a mega document that is edited everyday by copy n pasted quotes. over humans and half the illuminuts think that Lucifer or Azazel wants his followers to make drones in tribute going back to the beginning of the group and the beginning of Donald s wall posts over the past 7 months. to him so they do 2 June at 09 43,July 2 at 4 39am Edited Like 6. Yeah they don t know any EXTRA terrestrials though they speculate on anunnaki and greys are a. total invention leaked because they if their saucer crashed in a town they wanted the Russians to think it was. aliens and not a secret weapon being tested which it was and that was cold war time too there are no. greys they don t hang with space aliens there are only Vrill l 31 May at 20 15 Angela Mihalski Awesome Donald is still here He was able to pick up someone s unprotected internet service. and piggyback in on a couple of bars LOL,Vril and South Park July 2 at 4 40am Like 2. crabnasties is the name I called Vrill the makers of south park or the owners thought it would be funny. to put something similar into a south park episode making fun of me trying to inform the world about Vrill had. Eric Cartman running around as if he were me saying aaah the crab people oooh someone save me from the crab. people and they come up from underground and start running around taking over they look something similar. to vrill too Its all right under your noses, Richard Nuno DOUG YOUR KILLING IT GREAT JOB LOVE ALL THE INFO. Vril and The Simpsons,July 2 at 8 14am Like 4, I forget if it was a halloween episode or not but It was Illuminatti made um was the one where.
the aliens with the pods were from space and they were posing as clinton and bob dole and were laughing about. how they were still voting pro alien lol for clinton or dole I want you guys to watch that because they made that. episode to stick it in the worlds face but they dont come from outer space they come from deeeep. underground in tibet they said and they named themselves theyre name is Vrill and they must all be. destroyed animal activists had better shut theyre mouths when it comes to these terrible things as they must be Nick Derek Walter wow im gonna have nightmares. rendered extinct Im sure you agree I know its scary too but cant hide under the bed you have to do. something because your a human and no one is safe unless the cloners and handlers of these things are July 2 at 8 58am Like 2. stopped 1 June at 04 30,o 9 people like this,Donald Marshall scariest stuff in the world. July 2 at 9 54am Like 1 Dana Horochowski take away the money I think mama earth is going to shake them off soon They better know. how to fish,July 2 at 8 12pm Like 3, Douglas Henson KILL Vrill Blow up the cloning centers Arrest the Powers That Were interrogate them then. execute them Erase them from the eternal memory and history of mankind. July 2 at 2 13pm Like 2 Wind Walker I agree with Virginia theres alot of organizations that need to be destroyed otherwise history will. repeat and it s about time for people to wake up and take control of their lives fully Its time to learn from history. and never repeat it,July 2 at 8 44pm Like 3, Virginia Alcaraz what about the jesuits who is gonna kill them. July 2 at 2 26pm Like 1, Douglas Henson Let s learn from history then shall we When you take out the Jesuits who control the Vatican. the black pope and the Zionists the Masonic lodges then Rotshchilds Pharmaceutical companies entire. Military Industrial complex the bloodline family owned Banks the Intel agencies Shadow govt what is left The. one major puppetmaster no one ever speaks about China Most people either don t know or are afraid to talk about. China s domination I live an hour from Mexico where thousands of Chinese troops have been seen stationed ready. Virginia Alcaraz http merlintm eth7 com blackpope1 html. to invade at the sign of a green light They re also in cuba and all over the world just waiting Not to mention they. essentially own the U S with how much of our debt they have bought and how much is outsourced to them Like. Dana said most we can do is cut off the money and keep doing the homework to epose the entire planetary. hierarchy http 3 bp blogspot com yD3U4SR92gM Sw KLxDeG4I AAAAAAAAAEw xcVCF Bi9LA s1600 terran. The Jesuit Black Pope Part 1 dragonian hierarchy jpg Don t buy Asian products which pervade the markets also now all radioactive a death. sentence barcodes starting with 6 90 through 6 95,merlintm eth7 com.
How are we going to take control of our lives if we ignore the Nation of the Dragon who have been committing. genocide of the white and black races for 6 000 years more than any culture on earth Many people are afraid to. So you thought you were pretty well informed by now about all of the main players on the conspiracy playing. admit the racial motivation these groups have for taking control they don t want to seem racist. field You ve maybe been hearing for years about or bumped into on your own the various elements of society. who control our world from behind the scenes You ve gotten familiar with th. 300 000 Chinese Army today in Mexico 200 000 Chinese Army today in Canada 700 000 Chinese Army today in. Panama Canal 700 000 Chinese Army today in Nigeria and several millions of Chinese Army scattered in other. July 2 at 2 27pm Like, countries of the Planet under the pretext for protection of the sources of energy Natural Gas Oil and the trade. protection of those countries from the Evil USA European Union as Evil colonialists Of course those Evil. colonialists are executing acts of colonialism against African and Asiatic and South American Countries ordered. again from China in order to execute a planetary shame and a collusion today between the Chinese Government. and the Hebrew Saxon countries of the West Already G H REES has proved that the end of this collusion will be for. China to order the armies of the West namely NATO to provocatively attack against China in order for China to. Virginia Alcaraz they control the CIA MOSSAD KGB have the moral and religious alibi against the Evil Western 666 of Religious War Jihad in order to counterattack. with 200 000 000 Chinese Army See John s Revelation and with the rest million armies of China s allies like the. R I C Axis Russia Islam China or Pact of Shanghai against the West in order to originally genocide the White. July 2 at 2 27pm Like, Race and afterwards the Black Race as a Black Race which the Hebrew Chinese dirty Holy Scripture swears as. Cursed race Ham see Book of Genesis Old Testament with the clownish and non existent pseudo historical. excuses that allegedly the Black race Ham as a son of the non existent Noah mocked his father Noah because he. was drunk from wine, Already all the countries of the West through Judeo Christianism have been drunk from the frauds of the dirty. Hebrew Chinese Book of Holy Scripture Old and New Testament See Raymond Drake and the Chinese. Repository about the Chinese origins of the Holy Scripture up to a point that the Western Nations and the. Western Populations terrified from Judeo Christians theologians are completely accepting as deterministic their. genocide because the Book John s Revelations of the dirty criminal Hebrew Chinese Holy Scripture is presenting. as allegedly deterministic event the genocide of those western and white and black populations of the planet in. Armageddon namely the Third World War as a terminal genocide who will suffer from the Kings that are coming. Niz Zi How come there is no proof of Vrills in history Surley some cave men would have drawn them. from the East namely the Chinese and the 200 000 000 Chinese Army See Jonh s revelation. somewhere as well as other older cultures There is proof of UFOs in old art Great work Doug you re a champ. Haven t read it yet Will Had a thought maybe you could ask everyone to edit a bunch of paragraphs to make the. The CryptoHebrew Saxon Jesuits and The Jewish Sephardim Zionists are both the illegitimate bastard children of. work lighter for you If we all did a page each it would get done faster just a thought. the Pelasgian women of Yunnan who were raped by Mongolian hordes and they are all controlled by the Ultimate. Chinese Masonic Lodge Hong Hung who work diligently for the ignition of ww3. July 3 at 6 48am Like, Finally Available To ALL Absolute Historical Proof Jews are not Israelites Research Proves Jews are non. Israelite Asiatics, This book traces the history of the ancient Khazar Empire a major but almost forgotten power in Eastern Europe.
which in the Dark Ages became converted to Judaism Khazaria was finally wiped out by the forces of Genghis Khan. but evidence indicates that the Khazars themselves migrated to Poland and formed the cradle of Western Jewry. http www biblebelievers org au 13trindx htm Tricia Mills Baehr I believe there is proof in history Take the image of so called demons ugly with red scales live. underground hell is down under the ground in mythology right Art for hundreds of years have depicted these. That was the brief report concerning not the structure of special Zionism which relates to the activity of only the images Then we haveDonald Marshall s testimony on how the ones who have kept them hidden and secret call the. Hebrews but of the general Atlanteanism which comprise the COLLUSION for international domination of the fae gnomes leprauchans just the image we have been shown or given is much more user friendly than their actual. common Semitic origin of Hebrews Anglo Saxons Arabs Bavarians Southern Italians or Attalians Turanian appearance Those that have kept them hidden for centuries have inserted them into fairy tales and stories it seems. Mongols Turanian Japanese Turkey Turanian European Turanian U S S R Turanian e t c all up until now. http hellenandchaos blogspot com 2009 11 know thy enemy terran dragonian cronian html. July 3 at 9 01am Edited Like 4, But of course Donald says exposing the Jews and Chinese is in phase 4 so technically I m not supposed to be. talking about all this, Virginia Alcaraz China is also under Jesuit control At least it was when MAO Thats why they killed so many. Buddhist Jesuits hate them so much,July 3 at 9 57am Like 1. http 3 bp blogspot com yD3U4SR92gM Sw KLxDeG4I AAAAAAAAAEw xcVCF. Bi9LA s1600 terran dragonian hie,3 bp blogspot com. July 2 at 11 04pm Like 9 Wind Walker People have this perception that Faries are nice and fluffy most of them are not Its a false image. Another false is image is angels being portrayed as babies with wings. July 3 at 1 17pm Like 3, Donald Marshall wow awesome Douglas glad you wrote that out and not me all true its only phase 4 because.
of anti semetic laws I dont want to get shutdown or charged for telling about the secret Judaism rituals and. ceremonies that no one knows but the high ups and also sometimes when we mention the Chinese factor facebook. deletes posts sometimes China has droned more people than any other people by far with Vrill lizards too they. June C Lemens hmm coincidence re fairy tales Those all Grimm Bros Jesuit fairy tales but this just come out in. call vrill Mag Yoi which means underground troll in mandarin well written Douglas. a couple months ago http www guardian co uk books 2012 mar 05 five hundred fairytales discovered germany. July 3 at 1 08am Like 4,7thfire biz 8thfire biz,DANA ELIZABETH CHRISTINE HOROCHOWSKI. 468 Northern Ave E,Sault Ste Marie Ontario P6B 4J1. Five hundred new fairytales discovered in Germany 416 419 9023 voicemail. mailto jrgenius yahoo com,www guardian co uk info 5dterra info. Collection of fairytales gathered by historian Franz Xaver von Sch nwerth had been locked away in an archive in Welcome to Cyberclass. Regensburg for over 150 years,jrgenius ca,July 3 at 1 33pm Like 1. July 3 at 3 45pm via Like 2,email Remove Preview, Virginia Alcaraz They do not need to make a clone of anyone just to make them drones they have the.
technology now to do it when we are sleeping I am very sure that that mind controlling program they are using it. is the reason for all the cannibal zombies cases lately maybe is quicker with the clone but they can do it without it Niz Zi Hey everyone just had an idea why don t we massively spam this guy who made The Crow movie which. too and guess what the guy that eat his friends face in Miami was NOT HIGH ON THE SALTS DRUGS was all of Don s input who knows all about cloning etc etc https www facebook com pages James. OBarr 89608286595,July 3 at 3 20pm Like 4, Virginia Alcaraz they also said that guy who killed 100 persons in Norway he had been under the influence of this. program remember that in Norway they have a HUGE base of HAARP. July 3 at 3 27pm Like 3,James O Barr, Virginia Alcaraz Haarp is not just for weather modification. James O Barr is the creator of The Crow He wrote and drew the comic series on which four movies several comics. July 3 at 3 28pm Like 3 a television show and several novels were later based This is the Official James O Barr page on FaceBook. Page 3 005 like this,July 4 at 2 54am Like 2, Dana Horochowski everyone start a city law tutoring time bank location in their community preferably a. geodesic green home dome where the homeless can live and vibrate at a high frequency I had a vision that we will. be building these in every NEW FREE COVENANT COMMUNITY We live and build and move on TRAVELLING Niz Zi I just did. SIOUXS or TEACHERS http jrgenius ca,July 4 at 2 56am Like 1 July 4 at 10 12am Like. Niz Zi Read this convo Don had with Steve it explains Richard Jasmin. heapshttp www missteribabylonestar com donaldmarshall11 html. Yeah WE need to take action WE need to be our HEROS need to know where this facility is on the map GFL. members need to wake up this is a WAR These DRACO changelings or not are no joke Yeshua Jesus for some of. you can help on the higher realms So can basic Ceremonial Magic concentrate on the energy not the ritual such. as the Pillar exercise or LBRP or wiccan magic circle These DRACO and drak ones FEED on your FEAR They are. druglords on a high You need to break the cycle ALL of you at once. donaldmarshall11,July 4 at 10 14am Like 1,www missteribabylonestar com.
I am following up on a claim that Mr Donald Marshall made concerning you both that you have been involved with a. major cloning conspiracy with the Illuminati in as where you both have partaken in the claimed operation of. transferring your consciousnesses into cloned beings at a remot. Richard Jasmin PRAY for each other CARE for each other dont get divided. July 4 at 2 56am Like 3,July 4 at 10 15am Like 1, Donald Marshall James O barr knows all about cloning and me maybe not Vrill and Lenny Bloom and Jane Steele. situation is explained in the page Steven owns Donald Marshall omg im going to fail at my lifes purpose. July 4 at 3 25am Like 2 July 4 at 4 56pm Like, Celine O carroll added a comment there also Celine O carroll what do u mean D. July 4 at 7 57am Like 1 July 4 at 4 59pm Like,Richard Jasmin Donald Marshall. FEDS investigate KP within 3 days noone complained to the ICCC Or is this a joke too UH thank you a lot of the ok the drones went and destroyed all egyptian heiroglyphs confiscated dead sea scrolls pertaining to vrill now. GFL members dont see this Ive fought the DRACO theyre no joke Conflicting info with what Archangels are this part is hard tho fathom the ufo saucers you see in biblical textx and attacking ancient india were atlanteeans. chanelling but the info is still there the Jesuits being dark and in control China is a factor I didnt know about atlantis had saucers and they were very evil they tried to drone the world but were themselves betrayed by the. Mexico and I spent some time in Rosarito maybe they are behind the ZETA druglords I was dealing with back in drones they created and self destructed themselves rather than become enslaved themselves Hitler sent an. 2009 expedition to tibet costing a billion dollars in todays money the tibetans gave him the secret of vrill gave him vrills. to take home but the vrill socirty in germany already HAD vrill many countries and monarchies and religions had. them always kept them secret thinking they were angels demons and god put them on earth for a reason the ones. hitler got knew of a subteranean chamber the atlanteans used as a factory in antarctica and led him there with the. vrill society they found old saucers and plans for many technologies and back engineered them they did not invent. them I know how stupid that sounds but it is true,July 4 at 5 04pm Like 7. Celine O carroll I heard Michael Tsarion say before that ancient atlantis had flying saucers Michael Tsarion The Destruction of Atlantis. July 4 at 5 12pm Like 1 www youtube com, Michael Tsarion presentation on the true history of Earth 2001 Was Atlantis a C See More.
Friday at 9 19pm Like 2, Virginia Alcaraz Donald no Atlantean people survived Arent they the ones who flew to Egypt when the island. sank I have read in many places it was a war between 2 races some places says reptilians against nephilim. atlantis some places say atlantis agains lemurians. Friday at 10 16am Like 1 Wind Walker I have read he is linked with the Rosecrucians But there is always pros and cons on the web. Friday at 9 40pm Like, Winston Smith what about lemuria tsarion says they were the good guys and atlantis were the bad guys ive. seen all of the tsarions origins and oracels series and would love to hear your opinion on him and how what he says. coincides with your experiences, Wind Walker Who do you believe is the question this site is run by a Christian person so it maybe biased who. knows http conspiracyclothes com nowheretorun special posts. Friday at 10 19am Like 1, Michael Tsarion is Wrong Nowhere To Run with Chris White. Celine O carroll This is him http www youtube com watch v iVlP7oSXLTk Does he look familiar conspiracyclothes com. Donald Does he go to the c c, Michael Tsarion is Wrong 2009 a Debunkumentary This is the video that Michael Tsarion keeps having my internet.
video accounts shut down for He has had me,Friday at 9 43pm Like 1. Wind Walker Michael does make many good points and some people with mainstream religious beliefs will call Wind Walker http www youtube com watch v 9s1h3WJ5kg. anyone a devil worshipper or simply debunk them simply because its not in line with their beliefs. Friday at 9 47pm Like, Celine O carroll he is interesting but i know he supports madame blavatsky isnt she luciferian. Friday at 9 49pm Like 2,Atomic Warfare in Ancient India. www youtube com, Wind Walker Yes she was But its names we give to energy pools energy can used for good or ill if for bad. eventually it will come back The universe is the equilibrium everything evens out in the end Jahwee is Lucifer in When Oppenheimer was asked if this is the first nuclear explosion he significan See More. Hebrew In occult circles the creator is simply called The mind or the Abraxas. Friday at 10 32pm Like 1,Friday at 9 57pm Like, Ashiya Austin There are too many things that don t add up about him my intuition says he is dis info.
Wind Walker I do like Michael he has many fascinating things to say. Friday at 10 34pm Like,Friday at 9 57pm Like, Virginia Alcaraz Donald what do you think of Anonymous. Celine O carroll i like listening to him and he is very intelligent but im cautious in case he is also on their payroll. Friday at 10 34pm Like 1,Friday at 10 06pm Like 3, Donald Marshall I had high hopes with anonymous but some of the high ups of anon are nwo they infiltrate. Donald Marshall unknown dont recognize him Ill check out his stuff everything havent heard from anons in a while was told theyre copying and pasting quietly but now I wonder. they havent put out any robot sounding vids about me and my info. Friday at 10 31pm Like 1,Friday at 10 43pm Like 3, Virginia Alcaraz for some reason I do not trust them Wind Walker. Friday at 10 44pm Like 2 The second we start making demands we start splintering and we are no longer the 99 per cent New York. Virginia Alcaraz donald why no ufo or alien info has been uncovered through wikileaks. Friday at 11 37pm Like,Friday at 10 45pm Like 1,Angela Mihalski. Donald Marshall cuz julian would die, Azazel is satan And Virginia Yehushua will cast the false prophet black pope into the lake of fire along with the.
Friday at 10 47pm Like 4, antichrist at the end of the 7 year period that I posted about when He returns Not to get off the subject but. Richard Jasmin made me think about this There was a giant offspring of fallen angels who are what donnie calls. vrill with human woman It was killed and airlifted by the US. military http www youtube com watch v pLBIXq292UM This is Coast to Coast s George Noory interviewing Steve. Quayle I know some don t like Steve Quayle but the info is true The skeletons prove it And the media hides this. info Also I believe it will be on this video a pilot that Steve Quayle calls in to tell of one that was killed in another. Richard Nuno SO THERE IS ALIEN S AND UFO S country and they had him fly it somewhere can t remember the details But after the pilot came out with the info. he was demoted,Friday at 10 48pm Like,Niz Zi Yes there definitely are Richard. Friday at 10 59pm Like 1, The Truth About Nephilim Giants Full Video Steve Quayle. www youtube com, Dana Horochowski anonymous and g20 all funded by banksters wellaware1 com Coast to coast AM. Friday at 11 31pm Like Friday at 11 38pm Like, Angela Mihalski Oh no they don t like George Noory not Steve Quayle Sorry type.
Friday at 11 39pm Like, Virginia Alcaraz Donald how many vrill do you they are do you know something about their towns how do they. Friday at 11 45pm Like,Angela Mihalski typo UGH LOL. Friday at 11 39pm Like, Angela Mihalski Hope you don t mind if I give my 2 cents too Virginia But they are the fallen angels that. betrayed Yahweh God and went with lucifer The Bible says it was 1 3 of the angelic population So I would think. it s a LOT Because I would think that Yahweh created a lot of angels. Angela Mihalski Another typo so sorry I meant to type a pilot that Steve Quayle knows calls in. Friday at 11 47pm Like,Friday at 11 40pm Like, Wind Walker Vrill lives miles underground Virginia They are prehistoric creatures They have exoskeletons. meaning like a crab or an ant does not flesh like us There are thousands of them. Wind Walker,Friday at 11 50pm Like 1, Much of the Occupy movement s rank and file understandably wish to bypass a political process that seems either.
irrelevant or part of the problem But the stakes are far higher than they were during the heyday of the anti. globalisation movement Capitalism is in a crisis without apparent end Western governments are manically hacking. chunks off the welfare state and millions are being stripped of secure futures In these circumstances anger will. inevitably grow but unless it is given a political focus it is set to erupt in ugly directionless ways We could be. staring at a future of desperate youths rampaging through city centres and masked riot police officers charging at. crowds But those with economic and political power would remain safely in place possibly helped by an even Wind Walker They are about one foot tall Discoverd long ago. greater backlash at rising disorder than that witnessed after the August riots Those swelling the ranks of dissent. have to choose are we making a point about the 1 per cent or are we trying to dislodge them from power We ve. Yesterday at 12 03am Like, certainly achieved the former But unless we develop a coherent alternative that resonates with the millions being. made to pay for the banks crisis the people at the top aren t going anywhere Owen Jones The Independent. Friday at 11 42pm Like 2,Angela Mihalski, These Nephillim Giants are flesh eaters That is the connection to the satanic cannibalism of the elite For those. who are familiar with the Biblical story of David and Goliath Goliath was a giant with 6 fingers and six toes and 13. Angela Mihalski Oh and the paper of the heirarchy that Douglas posted shows the star of remphan that I. feet 9 inches tall He was one of the offspring of fallen angels having relations with human woman Like I said vrill. mentioned may be the demonic symbol that they use along with the implantable chip to be the mark of the beast. are fallen angels There are demons as well They smell horrible and are disgusting to look at They have their. Just my thought on that because they may do an implantable and something on that is also visible on that skin. distinctive looks,Friday at 11 44pm Like,Yesterday at 12 03am Like 2. Yesterday at 1 14am Like 1,Donald Marshall sec, Yesterday at 12 24am Like Donald Marshall and monkeys fly outta my butt sometimes. 20 hours ago Like 2,Donald Marshall, ok vrills were regarded as fallen angels and demons but theyre just wierd dinosaurs that survived underground Donald Marshall there are millions of them tho underground yes.
theyre not exoskeletoned with a shell they have the scales but flesh underneath just like a snake does if ya pull off. a scale its like pulling off a fingernail to them in out pain scale there are like millions of them underground theyve 20 hours ago Like. told me they have colonies underground deep the different kinds war on each other and feed off each other. now the large skeletons just as I told you guys they can make a smaaaall clone called a homonculous they can. also make a larger version of you elongated and it doesnt get around very well they made one of me and let me. walk around in one when they thought I was a friend theyre not good for anything skeletons of these things they. call a colossus are what theyve buried and have allowed to be discovered theyre trying to make some hoaxes I. have no idea why biblical references for some reason oh and ufo s and aliens Ufo s are man made and aliens. are vrill just underground aliens terrestrial not extra terrestrial they showed me everything you guys Te Kilumni O Aotearoa They torture you by getting monkeys flying out your butt ouch. everything I wanted to know about greys soooo bad cuz Im like curious george and all they showed me were the. grey scaled vrills that are slightly different that red n black scaled ones but just about the same same biological 20 hours ago Like 1. properties I was dissapointed to learn that they made a bs story about reptoids red ones and greys grey. vrills in a war in space but its just a similarity to how these scummy things war on each other underground and eat. each other,Yesterday at 12 34am Like 1,Donald Marshall lil joke. 20 hours ago Like, Virginia Alcaraz I read somewherelse there are 3 millions of reptilians living underground More or less. Yesterday at 12 42am Like,Te Kilumni O Aotearoa Oppss sorry. 20 hours ago Like 1,Angela Mihalski, That is why Yahweh flooded the earth story of Noah s Ark in Bible He had to do something at that time or the. True Messiah could never have been born of a woman because her blood would have been defiled with their DNA. The bloodlinesof every family but Noah s were corrupted And if the fallen angels vrill were living underground. then a flood would kill two birds with one stone There were giants after the flood So one of the females on the. ark must have had relations with a fallen angel after the flood. Benjamin Fullford Exposed Independant Film Association of Southern Arizona The. FRIAday 07 06 2012 FREE us from POLI TICS, Family EXPOSED Who is behind it all A MUST SEE The Truth EXPOSED pt 1.
PO LICE CROWN CLOWNS The truth EXposed part 2 Filthy Actors EXPOSED Code Pink Loughner Unabomber. BACKSTABBING ACTORS and Olimpic Park Bomber,GREEDY SELF SERVING. BASTARDS liarslinefema,http 7thfire biz liarslinefema htm. SERENITY GLOBAL COOP,small towns are empty kids are out. of school good people are LAID,OFF from the CROWN CLOWN FRANCHISE. SO why aren t the LIBERALS NDP and AFN merging into. a GLOBAL COOP and printing their own TIME, CURRENCY ALREADY ARE YOU ALSO FUNDED BY 666 and STALLING.
http jrgenius ca 7thfire biz KALI MAA tworowwampum HUMAN. HELP 8thfire biz WHITE BUFFALO WOMAN, START a city law tutoring time bank location in your small community. WANTED BOUNTY HUNTERS, preferably a geodesic green home dome where the homeless innocent can live. and vibrate at a high frequency without contact to the outside TOXINS and COMMUNITY CURRENCY WAMPUM REAL PENNIES and. PREDATORS OLD MONEY ACCEPTED, We will live teach and build GREEN HOME DOMES in ALL. COVENANT COMMUNITIES,TRAVELLING SIOUXS or TEACHERS http jrgenius ca. THE CITIES will be CHAOTIC and TOXIC as we try and rescue the WHEAT after. the MASS GENOCIDE by the DRACO INVADERS and HUMAN TRAITORS. 555 is the NARROW GATE that LEADS to EDEN 666 is NESARA ATON and. DON T think that these DEVILS will go PEACEFULLY They will SATAN KUMARA eden555 NEW YORK YORK REGION KANATA UR. STEAL AS MUCH FEAR LOOSH as they can AMERICA WAMPUM WAY MAYA JUNO 2012. THE CHILDREN OF THE LITE will,PREVAIL SEE u on top of TORONTO.
VICTORIA SQUARE MARKHAM NEW, YORK REGION OTTAWA KANATA KINAKWII REMEMBER ALL MEDIA ALL. THORSday 07 05 2012, DANA http 7thfire biz http hellenandchaos blogspot ca ACTORS ALL PSYOPS. Occupy WallStreet EXPOSED HAARPER GEORGE VAMPIRE BUSH HITLER will San Diego Independence Day fireworks explode prematurely in only 15 seconds The. IAM Arthur Pendragon Black POPE Media The Actor s Guild wellaware1 com Fourth of July Big Bay Boom fireworks celebration was choreographed to music. Compiled Length Linda Joslin in Conversation with Ed Chiarini HUGE EXPOSE and supposed to take 18 minutes. MARdi 07 03 2012 7 3 5 15 6 Carbon hex petroleum,trapped in MATTER atom 999 anaerobic parasitic. MERcury 07 04 2012 16 7 TIME to ARCHON nephilim veil matrix cloaking. HOLD the GATEKEEPER LIARS and, PUPPET MASTERS ACCOUNTABLE huewhoyou http 8thfire biz huewhoyou htm. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN Ed Chiarini s HU HU the sound of all sounds 555 HUman. detractors are orchestrating this smear campaign HU A Love Song to God for those who desire spiritual. for good reason His videos are proof that many love freedom wisdom and truth PISTIS SOPHIA. of the news stories reported by the media are, HU is woven into the language of life It is the Sound of all sounds It is the wind in the leaves falling.
just that stories And the people involved in these events are actors The rain thunder of jets singing of birds the awful rumble of a tornado Its sound is heard in laughter. implications of his research are huge If even a fraction of Mr Chiarini s videos are weeping the din of city traffic ocean waves and the quiet rippling of a mountain stream And yet the. correct then the zionist media has been orchestrating fake news reports on a word HU is not God It is a word people anywhere can use to address the Originator of Life. massive scale for many years He http www eckankar org hu html. has exposed the Gabrielle Giffords,shooting the Occupy Movement and Eckankar Youth. even some of our elected officials as, frauds You are invited to try this simple spiritual exercise It has helped people of many. different faiths open their hearts more fully to the uplifting presence of God To. do the exercise first get comfortable Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Next gently put your attention on your inner visual screen where daydreams and. images come to you With your eyes closed sing HU pronounced like the word. Leo Greenberg Ben Fulford is The hue as a song of love You may notice a feeling of peace warmth and comfort. Most Evil Jonestown Follower You may also recognize the presence of the Divine through greater spiritual. insights into your daily life http www eckankar org whatis html. http www richeousindignation com ben, fulford is leon greenburg son of maurice greenberg aka josef mengele 2. http formerwhitehat wordpress com 2012 03 25 the fulford clone claims i am a global love of God a spiritual essence the Light and Sound connects everyone with the heart of God. This Light and Sound is the ECK or the Holy Spirit Direct experience with these twin aspects of God. elite banking criminal http www youtube com watch v X6LRMACn7PM opens the deep spiritual potential within each of us The Light and Sound purify uplift and direct us. on our journey home to God http www eckankar org Temple index html. http wellaware1 com, RECLAIMING DOMINION from SATAN and the BABBLING BEAST babblebeast. Douglas Bourdon he is a radio and online semi http 7thfire biz blahbeast666 htm. celebrity pretending to expose truth while, leading people down the wrong path Ran for Raise Your Vibrational Frequency to Higher Consciousness and Heal How To.
Board of Education clearly pedophiles are Open The Third Eye When you know how to open the third eye it will allow you to see. concerned for our childrens well being He was a Spirit Guides Guardian Angels Fairies Elves and other elementals. lawyer he was also disbarred http my blogtalkradio com tessler. MOONday 07 02 2012 14 555 vs 666 HEAVEN vs,HELL WHEAT vs TARES lunavsanul. http 7thfire biz lunavsanul htm,NWO MARTIAL LAW,WARNINGS for. CANADIANS What the, GOVERNMENT Has PLANNED forYOUR NWO NAU FUTURE By Pamela PREPARE for TIME BANKS WANTED BOUNTY HUNTERS COMMUNITY CURRENCY. Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective WAMPUM REAL PENNIES and OLD MONEY ACCEPTED. http americanholocaustcoming blogspot ca, http www scribd com doc 98780505 Juno 2012 OTTAWA T PARty VAMPIRE BBQ. KANATA uraMERICa, Alert From Doug Hagmann Internet Censorship In Full Swing Truth Squad And.
YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS IMPORTANT Greeks abandon cash resort to. Redefinition Of Morality In Full Operational Mode, bartering The SATANIC SECRET COVENANT aka JESUits SIoNists. http www in5d com santos bonacci reclaiming dominion html. http www stevequayle com News alert 12 Global 120625 internet censorship html. Saturn Sacrifice Satan Jordon Maxwell THE CULT OF SATURN. WOman to the REScue OTTAWA T PARTY VAMPIRE BBQ Trinity Marion. says Our Time is NOW Yeshua is my spiritual Father and MARI is my spiritual. Santos Bonacci Reclaiming Dominion Part 1 Part 2 Know Thyself Part 1. Santos Bonacci Know Thyself Part 1 Continued,http 7thfire biz 06302012 htm. SUNday 07 01 2012 JULY JULIUS CAESAR 911 SATURNday SATURNALIA SATAN 06 30 2012 6 3 5. TERRORISM VATICAN 666 AGENDA,14 555 TIME to,MEDIA MADDNESS TIME to go fishing. SHINE in AGAPE,AMOR LITE up the,GET OUT of the MATRIX soosacrifice. http 7thfire biz soosacrifice htm DARKNESS,SAULT STE MARIE INTERNATIONAL daatsaturn.
http 7thfire biz daatsaturn htm,BRIDGE is a TARGET. Elliot Lake mall victims confirmed as McGuinty, ABNORMAL amount of FIREWORKS and ATTENTION to the BRIDGE. LATELY G20 done and HARPER HITLER in HIDING promises help for grief hit town 2 victims from Elliot Lake mall collapse. identified, http article wn com view 2012 06 28 Questions remain after deadly Elliot Lake mall. ALCIADA CONServatives In ARCHONS will CRASH OUR eCONoMEE collapse. ELLIOTT LAKE STYLE, 37 year old LUCIE AYLWIN was sacrificed in the ELLIOT LAKE 911. BYE to ESSAR PRAXAIR and other SATURNIAN MASONIC, BUILDING COLLAPSE 70 yr old Doloris Perizzolo LOTTERY LADY.
SACRIFICES to 666, also died LUCAS MAGNOTTA LIVES LUCIE DIES aka LUCIFER. We will be SIOUX BATCHEWANA OTTAWA KANATA KINAKWII once they LIVES 666 LUCIE 555 LUNA DIES. take down their CARTELS and CROWN CORPORATIONs,DALTON MCGUINTY plays CANADIAN ROLE of. HERO much like Rudy Giuliani in MAFIA NEW, YORK LIBERTY 911 ritual sacrifice Giuliani gained international attention for his OLEE H20 COLLOIDAL SILVER GOLD and TITANIUM Jrgenius OLEE. leadership during and after the September 11 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center H2O TM PDF Colloidal Silver Gold Titanium Water OLEE H2O pt 1 Jrgenius com OLEE. For those actions he received an honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II in 2002 H2O Water and Dream Cream Pt 2 The Cure For Cancer Garden Gurus 8thfire biz. GAG http en wikipedia org wiki Rudy Giuliani playlist OLEE H20 HOW to MAKE http jrgenius ca oleeh2o htm. FRACKING HAARPER EARTHQUAKES COLLAPSED gonegardening http www 8thfire biz gonegardening htm peepower. STAGES MALLS ROADS EXPLODING INDUSTRIES http www 8thfire biz peepower htm Making electricity from urine Mining urine is far greater value. than mining gold or oil but people are afraid of it They don t understand it. OIL SPILLING FIRST NATIONS MICROCHIPPING,POPULATIONS CHEMTRAILING GENETIC MUTATIONS KING. CITY VIOLATIONS and the NEW WORLD DYING ORDER of 666. BYEBYEGOOF bybuygoof http 7thfire biz bybuygoof htm. HIV Hep B and C scare at University of P E I BIOTERRORISM from ROMA THORsday 06 28 2012 21 3 TRINITY SOL. VAMPIRES again http www thestar com news canada article 1217872 hiv hepatitis b and c. scare at university of p e i LUNA and HUmans have VOTED. GLOBALLY and here is what we THINK of,your NAZI NEW WORLD ORDER beast369.
Did Tamworth Miss A Golden Opportunity http 7thfire biz beast369 htm. http usuryfree blogspot ca 2012 06 did tamworth miss. golden opportunity html,FRACKING ELLIOT LAKE U have a lot of NERVE. http www time4thetruth info p dean clifford html, http privateaudio homestead com Dean Clifford html Elliot Lake mall roof collapse traps at least two under the rubble in. northern Ontario city officials, Barbara Marciniak Bringers of the Dawn FULL avi Dean Clifford Q A. Clarifying the Facts Full Length Presentation Dean Clifford Your Rights Trusts 7 SUN RITUAL SACRIFICES to SATURN SATAN LORD Of the. and how to enforce them Series 3 FULL 2011 RINGS APOLLYON to POWER the ABYSS BATTERY saturnalia. http 7thfire biz saturnalia htm,06 23 2012 6 5 5 16 7 SUN at 2 20 pm. SATURNDAY SATAN s day metal and concrete, FRIAday 06 29 2012 6 11 5 22 4 FREE us crashed through two floors of the shopping centre.
from the CANADIAN CAUCUS CROWN injuring 22 and leaving several missing The collapsed. CLOWNS section of the mall used to be a rooftop parking lot The. building which is almost 30 years old has been, crownclown http 8thfire biz crownclown htm undergoing repairs but none of these were major. structural fixes Rhonda Bear the mall s manager told CBC News This isn t the first. There Is No Coincidences In Government Prince Charles structural collapse shocking Ontario this month Just a week ago at 4 pm on June 16 a. Megaphoned And Dalton McGuinty Called Out Occupy Bilderberg Toronto stage collapsed killing one ahead of an outdoor Radiohead concert. 2012 Prince Charles Hypocrite Pope Benedict XVI SLAPS. reporter for exposing that he covers up Pedophile Priests Satanic Vatican Full PREPARE for MASS GENOCIDE in CANADA by BILDERBERG. Length CONServative 666 SATANISTS,PROJECT CLEAN UP your MESS to follow. Fracking causes earthquakes studies confirm interest. http www elliotlakestandard ca community PrintNews aspx c 147616 Citizen described the shale gas Turmel s solution is a blend of capitalism and communism called the LETS Local. debate as bigger than NB Power controversy Exchange Trading System The free market still exists but instead of paying with bills one. http www cbc ca news canada story 2012 04 17 environment fracking earthquake studies html pays with hours Sellers can still set competitive rates but rather than using currency which is. http www cbc ca news canada new brunswick story 2012 06 11 nb mulcair fracking rothesay 702 html. http earthquake usgs gov earthquakes map generated by banks buyers use labour hours which they create themselves by working. in their community, Turmel possesses a Bachelor s degree in electrical engineering from Carlton. MERcredi 06 27 2012 HERMES HELP USURY FREE University in Ottawa He has run for office on numerous occasions and holds the Guinness. SERENITY COOP BARTER and TRADE bybuygoof World Record for the most elections contested with 75. http 7thfire biz bybuygoof htm, usuryfreeusall http 7thfire biz usuryfreeusall htm. usury free living playlist Tommy Usury Free, 8 infinity USURY FREE SERENITY COOP BARTER and http usuryfreeliving net King of the PAUPERS John Turmel.
TRADE usuryfreeusall http 7thfire biz usuryfreeusall htm. Annual Usury Free Week November 13 to 19th COMING SOON. NOW Usuryfree Living Related Issues, http ryersononline wordpress com 2011 10 25 interest the death gamble. no more WAITING LETS songs and poems http www lets linkup com 004 songsandpoems htm http cyberclass net. 97 Owned Positive Earth is Becoming a Star The Core Message The Divine Completion Sophia s Call to ksana1389. Earth s Core Connection Meditation Soul Spirit The Ego to the goddess Peter Jon Simpson s. Money Cut talk at Conspiracy Culture AmeriKa s dangerous revolutionary man. Interest the death gamble from Ryerson Online on Vimeo. SET UP YOUR UNILETS TIMEBANK ACCOUNT,PAGE UNILETS ONLINE Thousands of LETS. timetrading systems in 62 nations Ithaca HOURs Online. http www turmelpress com http johnturmel com uniset htm. http johnturmel com urlsnat htm http www lightlink com hours ithacahours. http www un org millennium declaration htm, John Turmel brought both his sign and his poetry with him on Saturday to the Occupy Toronto HERSTORY DOC PDF 2012 MANUAL URGENT AUDIO JUNO 1 7 2012 8 15 16 21. encampment in St James Park Turmel has a history of attending protests and gatherings 22 30 MAYDAY 1 7 8 15 16 23 24 31 APRIL FOOLS 1 7 2012 8 15 16 23. across the world campaigning for an abolition of interest rates and the establishment of 24 30 MARCH 2012 AQUARIUS 2012 JANUS 2012 mail edition. http www scribd com jrgenius PAGE 1 PAGE 2 PAGE 3 PAGE 4 PAGE 5 PAGE 6. what he calls a time based social currency, PAGE 7 PAGE 8 PAGE 9 PAGE 10 PAGE 11 PAGE 12 PAGE 13 PAGE 14 PAGE. 15 PAGE 16 PAGE 17 PAGE 18 PAGE 19 PAGE 20 DEACTIVATE ARCHONS. Canada s Dirty Secret FRENCH HWK PISTIS SOPHIA, Using verse Turmel emphatically describes banks possession of money printing plates as the.
greatest scam in history By owning the plates banks are able to collect enormous. amounts of interest for relatively little cost This in turn says Turmel drives. the common people who take loans out with these banks deeper GONE GARDENING gonegardening http www 8thfire biz gonegardening htm. into poverty as they compete with one another to pay back the. HOMEWORK PLANT SPUDs with BUDs CITY WIDE while the PUPPETs pop PROZAC and The mailing of body parts to Canada s two main. FUND BOGUS PENSIONS PLANs political parties There is an undeniable political. dimension to the mailing of the foot to Conservative. I TOLD U SO NOW U are ACCOUNTABLE,Party headquarters and the hand to Liberal Party. ACCOUNTABLE WAGE SLAVES APRIL EMAIL MAYA EMAIL March 2012. headquarters Does this represent the physical,dismemberment of Canada to usher in the North. American Union, Exactly how many coincidences do we need to prove a connection between Bernardo. and Magnotta Bernardo and Magnotta look alike both have Italian names They are. both Scarborough boys both used multiple aliases both dismembered their victims. both made snuff films both are linked to Homulka who is probably lover and mom to. Magnotta and they both dyed their hair and adopted different looks to evade. danahorochowski resume, detection I don t think the satanic MK ULTRA boys are going to get away with this. little satanic game This one is going to come out in the mainstream How can it not. They ve been too cocky and audacious and in our faces with this one and we ve seen the. pattern of satanic BS too many times http www shakesaspear com. http 7thfire biz LUCAROCCA,tworowwampum MAGNOTTA htm.
luka rocca magnotta,Russian Male Russian,form of Lucas light. Your number is 5,RITUAL SACRIFICE of,JUN LIN Practical endeavors status oriented power. 8thfire biz HOME PRIVATE TUTORING GRADE,seeking high material goals Your number is 8. GROWERS HOMES COOL in sCOOL TEACHER SUPPORT, interNATIONal sCOOLs FREEE LESSONS NEWSLETTER http 7thfire biz LUCA ROCCA MAGNOTTA PAUL BERNARDO KARLA HOMOLKA and the NEW. HERSTORY URGENT NOTES HERE WORLD ORDER doc, http serenitystreetnews com Luka Rocca Magnotta Paul Bernardo Karla Homolka and the New World.
NESARA DECEPTION WANTED BOUNTY HUNTERS eCONoMEEs, http www scribd com doc 95771605 Luca Rocca Magnotta Paul Bernardo Karla Homolka and the New. haarpharperhitlernwo WARNING Ottawa T Party 2012 cards World Order. jrgenius channel helenwhite666 channel SaultStreetNews channel. canadastreetnews channel, OttawaStreetNews channel SangrailianLIES channel freedomroad888 channell. SATURNday 06 02 2012 ALISON REDFORD STEPHEN HARPER and the. LUKA ROCCA MAGNOTTA PAUL BERNARDO KARLA HOMOLKA and the BILDERBERGs in VIRGINIA REPUBLIC ritualmurders. http 7thfire biz ritualmurders htm,NEW WORLD ORDER. ALISON REDFORD LOOKS like a CLONE of the AUSSIE BILDERBERG MEAT. HOW is BOB RAE related to PAUL BERNARDO secret daddy. PUPPET JULIA GILLARD LIZARDO lillibet must like that LOOK. hope my TWEETs didn t disturb your Emmanuela Orlanda is a 15 year orld girl who disappeared in 1983 in Rome Two priests. GENOCIDE CELEBRATIONS have just admitted that the teenager was abducted for Vatican. sex parties then her body was disposed of One of the priests that. Alison Redford heads to Virginia spoke out is Father Gabriele Amorth The Vatican s leading exorcists who has. fina performed over 70 000 exorcisms The outspoken priests also admitted it. ncial was vatican gendarme police that would recruit the GIRLS for. conference these sex parties,Alison Redford At Bilderberg Alberta Premier. Attends Shadowy Meeting Of Global Influence, Beware The catholic church is the most criminal organization in.
Wielders Wildrose Opposition Leader Danielle existence. Smith says Redford s taxpayer funded trip to the, For more information please visit http www vaticancrimes us http protegeatushijos org and. Bilderberg conference near Washington D C will http www retelabuso blogspot it. serve only to beef up Redford s,resume Smith says Redford would. better serve Albertans by staying in the province to meet federal NDP. Leader Tom Mulcair Mulcair has questioned the overall benefit to Canada SATANIC ILLUMINATI The Committee of 300. of the oilsands and is to tour the development near Fort McMurray on Thursday agenda is being implemented. through artificially constructed, ENJOY the CLONE CRUSADES WHO IS GONNA PAY for this PARTY NOT financial instruments and money. ME SPAMMED ALBERTA and CANADIAN LEGISLATURE laundries and through wars. invasions and state sponsored, blindlight http 7thfire biz blindlight htm terrorist atrocities such as the. post WW2 conflicts in Korea, ILLUMINATI NEPHILIM VAMPIRE TRINITY SATURN SIN Vietnam Cambodia Bosnia Iraq Afghanistan and.
ATON 666 1 3 fallen angels BLACK MAJICK Libya and the false flag attacks of 911 pre planned. demolition of Twin Towers in New York more here, BLINDED BY THE LIGHT of YALDABAOTH DEMIURGE and 311 the pre planned nuclear tsunami in Japan. 7thfire VAMPIRE BBQ MAYA 2012 Queen Elizabeth Phillip Duke of http www zimbio com Illuminati articles 24umDBB Tzm PRINC. Edinburgh and Prince Charles are the worst depraved perverts doc E HARRY SATANIC ILLUMINATI. http 7thfire biz CRAMNOTE 7thfire VAMPIRE BBQ MAYA 2012 Queen Elizabeth Phillip. Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles are the worst depraved perverts pdf. http donaldmarshallclone blogspot ca search label Donald. Hundreds protest Pope s silence on missing girl kidnapped for Vatican sex. parties Emmanuela Catholic Church Scandal 15 yr old missing girl kidnapped. for Vatican sex parties priest admits THIS is ANOTHER FALSE PROPHET in the. VIDEO FALSE JESUS CHRIST but it exposes the vatican anyway DEVILS are all. CONSUMING EACHOTHER as PROPHESIZED, ITALY May 27 2012 Thousands gathered in protest at the Vatican during the Sunday Angelus. outraged due to the recent discovery of what happened with Emmanuela Orlandi. Donald Marshall sex clone slave FULL STORY HERE ring leaders royal family makeup and make them think they re having an alien abduction they even dye chicken skin. of England yes grey and stretch it over a mask for realism perform medical experiments on them cutting them up. perverts anal probing them and raping they re limp bodies these victims wake up and think they ve. Queen been abducted by aliens but don t know where to turn and are embarrassed the victims. Elizabeth Phill even sometimes try to videotape themselves while they sleep to prove. theyve been taken to no avail they re,not taken they ve been. ip Duke of cloned by the most disgusting perverts in the world the. Edinburgh and scum even videotape these abductions to watch later as sick demented. porn this happens more often than you can imagine they just keep doing it. Prince Charles to random people over and over and over. are the worst of them, unbelievable depraved Queen Elizabeth looks like a kindly little old lady and this can t. perverts all showing off for the celebrities that go there Elizabeth has the children there call her be true you couldn t be more wrong she is the worst human. lillibet and does ungodly things to them some she fakes being nice to some she is terrible to being I have ever seen or heard of It s so sad to see these women and. cutting them with swords while they scream the decent people that are there against their will children brought there sitting in the center dirt naked afraid crying raped and beaten. are afraid to say anything against them most have their children there as a kind of hostage to be torn for sport of the rich and famous. apart if they even think of informing anyone but as they have been torturing me terribly anyway. I m an imprisoned slave in the, C S I S Canadian intelligence are all involved including a lot of Commissionaires worst nightmare situation I told Nicole.
and Prime Minister Steven Harper himself They do what Elizabeth says seem to follow. her every whim without question Vladamir Putin loves to put the fear of torture and death. Leone Madonna that I was,going to tell everyone what she. into people but is essentially a cowardly pervert himself. used to do to me for songs,throughout my life She told me. Elizabeth had princess Diana Spencer killed by having someone shine the brightest light. VERY specifically to say in my, known to mankind through the window side on to the car they swerved away from it and hit the divider. letter here She is not afraid no, it was no paparazzi Diana survived though and while either on the way to or in the hospital was. one will believe me and nothing, injected with a high concentration of salt which is near undetectable and died She did this because Diana.
will come of this I beg you to help me prove her wrong. was going to marry an Arab Diana hated them knew about the cloning. stuff and wanted nothing to do with it but was afraid of being killed so said. please help me for pity s sake I realize what this sounds like but I can only say what I know It s supposed. nothing to sound absurd it s they re best defence They ve chained me to a cross and cut me up burned me. and stuff like a crucifixion with extra torture while they all watch blank faces some crying some just. The Canadian government was trying to lower the amount of staring at their feet Some actually masterbate in their seats while this is going on and I m screaming. prostitutes on the streets also Elizabeth hates prostitutes so they had They don t seem to get tired of it like its some kind of religious ceremony. a man named Robert Pickton start killing them and feeding them to. pigs on his pig farm they had a camera set up in the upper corner of a http www serenitystreetnews com Donald Marshall sex clone slave doc. room in his house and recorded him hitting them in the head with a. hammer a ball peen hammer they took the recordings and all watch them at the cloning The Secret Satanic Conspiracy Behind Madonna s Halftime Pandora s Box Ray. station Elizabeth loves watching it says she has a maccabre fascination with death J Little Lucifer Young Buck Clive Davis the Assassination of Whitney Houston. Prime minister Steven Harper knows all about it has seen the recordings and. cheers as the rest of them do, http naturalplane blogspot ca 2012 02 just facts madonnas secret satanic html. http mindcontrolblackassassins wordpress com 2012 03 11 pandoras box ray j little lucifer young buck. they torture animals too the more the animal screams the clive davis the assassination of whitney houston. more their god Yahweh supposedly likes it, they clone people from all walks of life there and chain them. down to stainless steel corpse tables or drug them so they can t. move send people into the room dressed up as aliens hollywood quality. Addicted to Meth and posessed by demons a cannibalistic zombie Noel Perdurado. 06 25 2012 Michael Noel Prescott tweaking in a bathroom doing his MIRROR MAGICK Antichrist. HEAD for the SHAMAN LAND without the cell phone YOUR HEART will guide you. CLEAR your AURA and stay away from the DEVILS ALL of them oxox D. SangrailianLIES 1 second ago STAY OFF THE PHONE 666 sends DEADLY MIND CONTROLLING VRILL. Reply RINGTONES, 7thfire jrgenius INTERnationAL sCOOLs jrgenius Way to an A New Paradigm Ojibway. style Tori Nation 555 CANservatives 8thfire UR aMERIca. SangrailianLIES 1 second ago http www serenitystreetnews com videos evitapendragon. I thought u were SHERRIE LOCUST QUEEN Don t worry Trinity I have your back Let s. get those children out of HARMS way JUPITER ZEUS CASHLESS UTOPIA JUST a FEW ORBs AWAY. SangrailianLIES 39 seconds ago, abyssboundbyebye http 7thfire biz abyssboundbyebye htm. http www scribd com doc 97586516 SANGRAILIAN and MICHAEL NOEL. PRESCOTT 666, 666 is about to have a ufo landing http youtu be 6ETZnv8tt o http youtu be.
Forwarded Message dIG3sWhyuc http youtu be MKu0rZfbUl4. From Trinity Marion trinitymarion me com May 11 2006 Hello to You My Lordz This is me The Treee I am here again writing to. To Jr Genius jrgenius yahoo com you Again http serenitystreetnews com sangrailiantovampires doc. Sent Sunday June 24 2012 6 41 02 PM, Subject Voicemails from Michael Noel Prescott aka Noel Perdurado 666 Beast fake antichrist 2 BURN BASTARDS VAMPIRE BBQ BOUND UPDATE from the ABYSS BOUND. BADDIES sinsatan666http 7thfire biz sinsatan666 htm. Check out this video on YouTube SANGRAILIAN be a good EArth mother and all will be BLESSED BACK to U 1000. http www youtube com watch v dPElD0srdL4 feature youtube gdata player Chat SOON BE A GOOD GIRL I don t want to have to babysit you DANA. http 7thfire biz 727code doc, ATTACKs by MYSTERY MASON JOHN MASON aka SHERRIE LEA LAIRD. PANDEMONIUM, Published on Jun 24 2012 by John Mason WHY DON T you FALLEN NEPHILIM BURN IN THE ABYSS ALREADY. Played from Trinity s iphone Voicemails left by Michael Noel Prescott Tonya Kane aka BLOCKING HARASSMENT FROM SATANIC 666 MASON MICHAEL NOEL. Sangrailian Treee Betsy Elizabeth Fesler and Tiffany Hohnholt aka Lilly mother of PRESCOTT and his DEVIL VAMPIRE COHORTS. Baby Lucifer publishing all harassment since I don t trust the LIZARD CROWN poLICE to help. http 7thfire biz fallenfruit htm, http michaelnoelprescott intuitwebsites com http www scribd com doc 97319619 Michael Noel Prescott and John Mason Harra. http 5dterra wordpress com 2012 06 17 satanic 666 mason michael noel presco. Michael Noel Prescott wrote http serenitystreetnews com MICHAEL NOEL PRESCOTT and JOHN MASON. I will survive and slaughter my enemies with no mercy and eat their remains how am I HARRASSMENT and CRIMINAL SATANIC STALKING doc. weak what say you You will never change this I know and accept you deny what is Sangrailian Tonya Kane Pindar Michael Noel Prescott Trinity Marion Tiffany. and what you are not I cannot help that you hate 156 that s to bad whats even more too Honholt Armageddon Players VRILL THULE Jarl Vdar Vampires 666 fallen. bad is that you were not more like her because if so then you might have made it now Reptilian Draco Bohemian Grove Ritual Sacrifice Saturn Moloch evita pendragon. you are free like you say but that also includes being free to face the days that are soon LILITH Succubus. coming to all the world and that will be the factor you need to focus in on right now its. not far away child may you fair well through it all You ve heard the trumpets 1 3 of the. Sea is dying daily the waters are turning to blood in various bodies of waters worldwide. you may tout the words that I love you all you may but this does not make anything. any better get food and water stored make alternative places to flee thereto the most. horrific days of the prophecy are but a short time away i know you have been seeing the. signs so prepare don t stand here arguing with me Its close so very close 06 25 2012. Dude why don t u go find her new man and tell him all about it I kicked that bitch out. TO H months ago, help me with this please I don t know about these people I was told to STAY AWAY.
and that they mean nothing to my journey, You know Steve things were peaceful until now is she on. D Meth or just the Bronc aid I never contact her I do not. write you for no reason I have better things to do with my. From Trinity Marion trinitymarion hotmail com From Trinity. To Jr Genius jrgenius yahoo com, Sent Wednesday June 20 2012 5 29 27 PM I AM THE SCARLET WOMAN YOU FOOL AND YOU FUCKING KNOW IT I. Subject Re Noel Perdurado HARRASSING my husband DON T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT A WEBSITE GEMMATRIA THAT DECIEVED. YOU TRY PUTTING HER NAME INTO OTHER WEBSITE GEMMATRIA IT. A vampire slayer To slay the dragon She is drunk off the blood of the saints Why is DOESN T CALCULATE IT SHOULD CALCULATE ON ALL OF THEM BUT. that Because she is the false bride The satanic mother and father are Adam and Eve IT DOESN T BECAUSE THOSE ARE FAKE GEMMATRIA CALCULATORS. The new spiritual Mother and Father are Mary Magdalene and Yeshua who are also my REAL GEMMATRIA IS ONLY PASSED DOWN THROUGH A JEWISH. spiritual parents Yeshua and MARI are mature MARI is the true Christ She is the Holy BLOODLINE IT S PROTECTED KNOWLEDGE DUH. Spirit The BRIDE OF CHRIST IS THE CHURCH MARI did not give birth to Jesus she. was impregnated by the Holy Spirit to give birth to the Church WHAT IS SHE DOING FOR YOU NOTHING SHE CAN T CONTROL DEMONS. HORUS JESUS TAMMUZ is the rooftop of the religious superstructure It is not a ONLY I CAN CONTROL THEM BECAUSE MY BLOOD IS. mortal man son child It is a congregation of souls going from one dimension to the other SEALED MY FATHER IS YESHUA. Get my people out of her Part the sea the sea of consciousness Do you understand what AND MARY IS MY MOTHER AND I HAVE THEIR BLOOD RUNNING. I am saying THROUGH MY VEINS I AM THE DAUGHTER OF THE KING. On Jun 20 2012 at 1 05 PM Jr Genius jrgenius yahoo com wrote. It appears she has not let go of anything she wants to. STAY OFF THE PHONE 666 sends DEADLY MIND CONTROLLING VRILL RINGTONES still be my woman that is apparent by her statement she. IT WILL once everything fits, even sends me picture of your BMW with tinted windows and. http www youtube com user SangrailianLIES her other picture of her half dressed she appears to be on. Meth to me he behavior has spiked in the last two days out. of the blue she makes videos about me she is obsessed. Forwarded Message with me if I told her today to come back to me you bet. From Noel Perdurabo cambionsllc yahoo com your ass she d leave you in a heart beat and do it all over. To jrgenius yahoo com jrgenius yahoo com again why else would she be so determined to be my woman. Sent Monday June 25 2012 1 59 49 AM,Subject Fw, and she is jealous of Tiffany as you can see I mean wow. your wife jealous of mine,Forwarded Message, From Marion Steve smarion vtaig com Don t you think after you buy her that nice car and she.
To Noel Perdurabo cambionsllc yahoo com promises to leave me in the past she shouldn t be looking. Sent Monday June 18 2012 8 55 AM for a way to get back with me that really is a fucked up. Subject Re, thing for her to do There is no honesty in her that s why. I through her to the curb when she lies she speaks her. native tongue Begin forwarded message, You re wife wants to leave you all it takes is for me to 06 20 2012. take her back don t worry I won t but just think if I. would she leave you fucked in the ass so fast without a. care or concern you should kick her ass out of your house CASHLESS UTOPIA JUST a FEW ORBs AWAY abyssboundbyebye. http 7thfire biz abyssboundbyebye htm, From Trinity Marion trinitymarion hotmail com http www scribd com doc 97586516 SANGRAILIAN and MICHAEL NOEL PRESCOTT 666 are. To Jr Genius jrgenius yahoo com about to have a ufo landing. Sent Wednesday June 20 2012 3 47 27 PM, Subject Re Noel Perdurado HARRASSING my husband 666 is about to have a ufo landing http youtu be 6ETZnv8tt. o http youtu be dIG3sWhyuc http youtu be MKu0rZfbUl4. That s the problem The story doesn t make sense, May 11 2006 Hello to You My Lordz This is me The Treee I am here again.
On Jun 20 2012 at 12 46 PM Jr Genius jrgenius yahoo com wrote. writing to you Again http serenitystreetnews com sangrailiantovampires doc. I only want to help women I have no reason to harm you if you are in danger just let the whole story. unfold and it will make sense 2 BURN BASTARDS VAMPIRE BBQ BOUND UPDATE from the. ABYSS BOUND BADDIES sinsatan666http 7thfire biz sinsatan666 htm. SANGRAILIAN be a good EArth mother and all will be BLESSED BACK to U 1000 fold. From Trinity Marion trinitymarion hotmail com, To Jr Genius jrgenius yahoo com Chat SOON BE A GOOD GIRL I don t want to have to babysit you. Sent Wednesday June 20 2012 3 41 29 PM DANA http 7thfire biz 727code doc. Subject Re Noel Perdurado HARRASSING my husband,Begin forwarded message. On Jun 20 2012 at 12 40 PM Jr Genius jrgenius yahoo com wrote From Steve. I cannot expose nothing with YOU HIDING the story so I am remaining neutral until the TRUTH comes. Date June 19 2012 1 01 48 PM PDT, out cause when you are HIDING STUFF that makes me very suspicious of what the real story is To Trinity Marion trinitymarion hotmail com trinitymarion hotmail com. D Subject FW from Noel Perdurado cambionsllc yahoo com. You know Steve things were peaceful until now is she on Meth or just the Bronc aid. I never contact her I do not write you for no reason I have better things to do with my. From Trinity Marion trinitymarion hotmail com time. To Jr Genius jrgenius yahoo com,Sent Tuesday June 19 2012 4 10 00 PM From Trinity. Subject Fwd FW Noel Perdurado HARRASSING my husband. I AM THE SCARLET WOMAN YOU FOOL AND YOU FUCKING KNOW IT I. MICHAEL NOEL PRESCOTT EMAILS MY HUSBAND AND TELLS HIM HE DON T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT A WEBSITE GEMMATRIA THAT DECIEVED YOU. SHOULD LEAVE ME MICHAEL KEEPS HARRASSING ME AND MY HUSBAND TRY PUTTING HER NAME INTO OTHER WEBSITE GEMMATRIA IT DOESN T. TO TEAR US APART CALCULATE IT SHOULD CALCULATE ON ALL OF THEM BUT IT DOESN T. BECAUSE THOSE ARE FAKE GEMMATRIA CALCULATORS REAL, GEMMATRIA IS ONLY PASSED DOWN THROUGH A JEWISH BLOODLINE IT S.
PROTECTED KNOWLEDGE DUH 3 d is the mechanical abyss bound way YOU MUST FREE YOURSELF NO ONE. CAN do it for you, WHAT IS SHE DOING FOR YOU NOTHING SHE CAN T CONTROL DEMONS. ONLY I CAN CONTROL THEM BECAUSE MY BLOOD IS, SEALED MY FATHER IS YESHUA AND MARY IS MY I SUPPORT YOU WHEN YOU ARE TRULY WORKING for others in a SERENITY. MOTHER AND I HAVE THEIR BLOOD RUNNING THROUGH MY VEINS I AM WAY not manipulating and dabbling with the dark entities that goes for ANYONE. THE DAUGHTER OF THE KING, NO MONEY NO WAR just COOP BARTER TRADE and abundance for all WE. It appears she has not let go of anything she wants to still be my woman that is apparent MUST DETOX and heal HEALING CIRCLES WOMEN must lead the way. by her statement she even sends me picture of your BMW with tinted windows and her. other picture of her half dressed she appears to be on Meth to me he behavior has spiked OXXO DANA. in the last two days out of the blue she makes videos about me she is obsessed with me. if I told her today to come back to me you bet your ass she d leave you in a heart beat. and do it all over again why else would she be so determined to be my woman and she Re 666 strikes again. is jealous of Tiffany as you can see I mean wow your wife jealous of mine. Don t you think after you buy her that nice car and she promises to leave me in the past SANGRAILIAN1. she shouldn t be looking for a way to get back with me that really is a fucked up thing for. her to do There is no honesty in her that s why I through her to the curb when she lies Re 666 strikes again. she speaks her native tongue I HAVE INSIDE INFO I RECENTLY LEARNED WELL I HAD CONFORMATION. You re wife wants to leave you all it takes is for me to take her back don t worry I THE SERPENT QUEEN THAT INHABATED QEII. won t but just think if I would she leave you fucked in the ass so fast without a care or. concern you should kick her ass out of your house IS NOW IN TRINITYS DAUGHTER CHIARA. I THOUGHT CHIARA WAS DEAD BUT SHE IS NOT, NOW THE SEPRENT QUEEN CANMAKE HERSELF FEMALE OR MALE OR. BOTH ITS A WIERD ALIEN ABILITY BUT SHIVA IS THE SERPENT QUEENS. TWIN OR MAKE COUNTERPART I CANN THE SERPENT QUEEN BETH SHIVA. SO YOU KNOW WHO I M REFERTRING TO AND MICHAEL NOEL PRESCOTT IS. NO LONGER IN HIS BODY SHIVA COMPLETELY HAS INHABATED AND. LIVES IN MICHAELL NOEL PRESCOTT SHIVA IS EVIL I KNOE YOUVE BEEN. MY ENEMY AND LIE ABOUT ME AND I DONT KILL OR EAT BABYS AND I AM. 06 17 2012 NOT A DESTROYER, YOU LIE ABOUT ME ALL THE TYME AND IF YOU ARENT INTENTTIONALLY.

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