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First Published 2001,Re printed 2004,P V R Narasimha Rao. Published by Saurabh Sagar for Sagar Publications,72 Janpath Ved Mansion New Delhi 110001 Tel. Printed at Jay Kay Offset Printers Delhi 41 Ph 5471845. Lord of the Universe destroyer of demon Madhu beacon of Yadu. community preceptor of Gita giver of Knowledge cowherd one who is. prayed by Shiva the destroyer of Love God beloved of Gopis one who is. filled with tempting charm Krishna born in Vrishni lineage the Final. Preceptor with nothing beyond or after a complete Incarnation Vishnu. Govinda leader of Gods may He always bless me Narasimha Rao. who is bowed before Him,Dedication, This book is humbly dedicated to the lotus feet of three great men from. whom I learnt Jyotish, 1 Sri P Venkata Subrahmanyachalapathi Rao my father and my first. 2 Dr B V Raman immortal author who rendered yeoman service to. Jyotish and, 3 Pt Sanjay Rath author my guru and founder of Sri Jagannath Vedic.
My only qualification for writing this book apart from great enthusiasm. to share my little knowledge with others is the little knowledge I gained. from the above three gurus Whatever flows from my pen or rather. computer keyboard is due to the knowledge and blessings I received. from Mahavishnu and the above three great men This book really. belongs to them and not to me1,1 But any mistakes in this book are mine. About the author, P V R Narasimha Rao is an engineer by profession He did his B Tech. in Electrical Electronics Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology. Madras 1987 1991 He did his masters at Rice University Houston US. 1991 1993 He works as a software engineer near Boston USA. He is seriously interested in Jyotish and Sanskrit literature His academic. record includes two diplomas equivalent to Bachelor s degree in Sanskrit at. a young age Sansh ita Bhaashaa Kovida diploma from Bharatiya Vidya. Bhavan at an age of 10 and Sanskrita Bhaashaa Visaarada diploma with. distinction from a board in Baroda at an age of 11 He is an ardent student. of Jyotish and a designated Jyotish Guru at Sri Jagannath Vedic Centre. With the Creator said to be one of its eighteen great preceptors Jyotish. or Vedic astrology is thought to be as old as this creation is There are many. excellent books on Jyotish written in Sanskrit language by great Maharshis. and brilliant scholars Thanks to the yeoman service rendered by Dr B V. Raman and the efforts of other Indian astrologers to follow him today we. have a fair amount of Jyotish literature in English language too. Considering the wealth of Vedic astrology literature in Sanskrit and. English another book may not really be needed Even if another book is. needed there are many erudite scholars who are better equipped than me. to write Nevertheless I wanted like a parrot that enthusiastically repeats. the few words learnt by it to share with fellow students the little knowledge. I received from classics and from my gurus, In this book I have covered divisional charts special ascendants. arudhas argalas yogas ashtakavarga avasthas a few nakshatra dasas a. few rasi dasas several techniques of transit analysis Tajaka analysis and a. few miscellaneous topics, I have tried to give prominence to special ascendants divisional charts. and arudhas because contemporary literature doesn t seem to give them. the kind of importance that Sage Parasara gave Understanding the primacy. Parasara gave to all these concepts is a must for a renaissance in Vedic. Unfortunately some people think today that Parasara and Jaimini taught. two totally different approaches to astrology When we talk about arudha. padas argalas chara karakas chara dasa and other rasi dasas people think. of them as Jaimini astrology People even use terms like Jaimini karakas. and Jaimini dasas However all these concepts were covered by Parasara. also please read Brihat Parasara Hora Sastram The Parasari vs. Jaimini distinction is based on unfortunate misconceptions that we can do. In this book I have de emphasized these wrong distinctions and. emphasized an integrated approach a holistic approach that looks at. Vedic astrology as a whole I really think that this is the right approach. In the part on dasas I covered Vimsottari dasa and Ashtottari dasa as. they are the most commonly used nakshatra dasas Kalachakra dasa was. termed the most respectable dasa by Parasara and a discussion on dasas. cannot be complete without it In the galaxy of dasas rasi dasas taught by. Parasara and Jaimini have their own place and I covered two rasi dasas. used for timing material success Lagna Kendradi Rasi dasa and Sudasa. I also covered Narayana dasa which is the most versatile rasi dasa taught. by maharshis For the spiritually inclined I included Drigdasa which can. help us in timing events in one s spiritual evolution Because of the importance. of the topic of longevity I covered two ayur dasas Shoola dasa and Niryaana. Shoola Dasa, In the part on transits I covered the interpretation of transits based on.
the natal positions of planets in rasi chart and divisional charts I covered. some techniques based on ashtakavarga and sodhya pindas I also covered. several techniques related to transits in nakshatras. In the part on Tajaka I covered the casting of Tajaka annual monthly. and sixty hour charts their interpretation Tajaka yogas and three dasas. used for timing events in Tajaka charts Some scholars may validly question. why Tajaka system is being covered in a book on Vedic astrology There. are no references to it in the works of Parasara Jaimini and other maharshis. The oldest reference to these techniques to be found in the works of a. respected authority on Vedic astrology is in Tajaka Neelakanthi a work. by Neelakantha who also wrote a celebrated commentary on Jaimini. Sutras His coverage of Tajaka system lends some authenticity to the. system One can only speculate whether Parasara talked about this system. in parts that are possibly missing today I simply followed the precedent set. by illustrious scholars of Vedic astrology like Neelakantha and Dr B V. When we rely on finer techniques of Vedic astrology such as divisional. charts and special lagnas for finer predictions it is crucial to have an. accurate birthtime The chapter Impact of Birthtime Error shows how to. cope with birthtime inaccuracies, While I am upset with the dismissal of astrology by some critics as a. superstition I am equally if not more upset with the irrational and. unscientific attitude of some astrologers In an effort to promote rational. thinking in the astrological community I included a chapter on Rational. A very brief introduction to some special topics such as remedial. measures mundane astrology and muhurtas is provided in this book and it is. hoped that interested readers will pursue these topics further by referring to. other textbooks, Vedic astrology is considered a sacred subject and Maharshi Parasara. warned us against sharing this knowledge with unworthy people Ancient. sages laid down some rules for the ethical behavior of a Vedic astrologer I. earnestly hope that all the readers of this book will appreciate those rules. To that end I added a chapter on Ethical Behavior of a Jyotishi. While no particular topic has been covered in great depth key. fundamentals are covered in this book Most fundamental concepts and. computations are clearly defined with examples and their uses are briefly. outlined But I do not want to bill this as a comprehensive introduction for. beginners There are parts of this book that can be followed even by beginners. but an average beginner may find it overwhelming in many places For most. part this book is for intermediate level students who already have a good. background but are in need of integrating and consolidating their knowledge. However there are some points in some places that can be appreciated. only by advanced scholars So I will not make any claims on who will find. this book useful Rather than targeting readership with a specific level of. knowledge I tried to write a more or less self sufficient book that covers a. wide spectrum of topics Beginners should read this book very carefully. and more than once to completely understand various concepts Though I. have tried to maintain some level of clarity I squeezed in a lot of material. and beginners should patiently read re read and practice. Due to my background in engineering I tried to adopt a style somewhat. similar to the one used in mathematics and physics textbooks I tried to be. concise and always to the point I gave plenty of examples and even some. exercises I hope that students will read the material and examples carefully. and attempt the exercises sincerely I hope that the astrological community. will accept this new style of astrology teaching, In this book I did not try to steer clear of the controversies plaguing. Vedic astrology As my purpose in writing this book is to chronicle my broad. understanding of Jyotish in a clear and concise fashion and to give clear. guidance to fellow students I stated my views clearly except in issues in. which I do not have a firm opinion, This book probably contains some fine knowledge due to the blessings. I received from my gurus arid some wrong knowledge as well due to the. limitations of my intelligence Giving fine knowledge to unworthy students. and feeding wrong knowledge to worthy students are both mistakes and I. am aware that I may be committing both I beg for the forgiveness of my. gurus maharshis and gods, A free computer software program written by me called Jagannatha.
Hora Lite is available for a free download on SJVC website http. www sjvc net It can compute the positions of all planets upagrahas lagna. special lagnas arudha padas and ashtakavarga for twenty divisional charts. It supports several popular ayanamsas It gives Shadbalas Vimsottari. Ashtottari and Kalachakra dasas and also gives Tajaka annual charts. Patyayini dasa Mudda dasa Panchavargeeya Bala and Sahams Those. who have a computer with a Microsoft operating system Windows 95 or. later can download and use this software, As I devoted most of my free time in the last few years to astrology. reading research and writing my wife Padmaja my daughter Sriharini and. my son Sriharish made a personal sacrifice and co operated with my. astrological activities I am thankful to them for their co operation. I cannot possibly conclude this preface without expressing my deep. gratitude for my guru Pt Sanjay Rath who has been a constant source of. enlightenment encouragement and inspiration I am eternally grateful to. him I express my gratitude to all the elders and well wishers whose blessings. gave me the energy to finish this book I hope that I will be forgiven for any. mistakes and that I will continue to receive their kind blessings I will always. be eager to correct my mistakes,May Jupiter s light shine on us. P V R Narasimha Rao,3 Baron Park Lane 13,Burlington MA 01803 USA. e mail pvrl08 yahoo com,July 15 2000 Guru Pournima. Part 1 Chart Analysis 1,1 Basic Concepts 3,2 Rasis 19.
3 Planets 24,4 Upagrahas 34,5 Special Lagnas 38,6 Divisional Charts 43. 7 Houses 56,8 Karakas 66,9 Arudha Padas 72,10 Aspects and Argalas 85. 11 Yogas 96,12 Ashtakavarga 123,13 Interpreting Charts 142. 14 Topics Related to Longevity 155,15 Strength of Planets and Rasis 161. Part 2 Dasa Analysis 179,16 Vimsottari Dasa 181,17 Ashtottari Dasa 195.
18 Narayana Dasa 200,19 Lagna Kendradi Rasi Dasa 226. 20 Sudasa 230,21 Drigdasa 234,22 Niryaana Shoola Dasa 239. 23 Shoola Dasa 246,24 Kalachakra Dasa 253,Part 3 Transit Analysis 273. 25 Transits and Natal References 275,26 Transits Miscellaneous Topics 306. Part 4 Tajaka Analysis 323,27 Tajaka Chart Basics 325.
28 Techniques of Tajaka Charts 331,29 Tajaka Yogas 342. 30 Annual Dasas 350,31 Sudarsana Chakra Dasa 360,Part 5 Special Topics 367. 32 Impact of Birthtime Error 369,3 3 Rational Thinking 386. 34 Remedial Measures 394,35 Mundane Astrology 402,36 Muhurta or Electional Astrology 412. 37 Ethical Behavior of a Jyotishi 421,Part 6 Real life Examples 423.
Part 1 Chart, Several important principles and techniques of chart analysis are. explained in this part This part forms the basis for the rest of the book. Based on the positions of all the planets at the time of birth several. charts are prepared They go by the names rasi chart and divisional. charts Based on the analysis of these charts several conclusions can be. drawn regarding the results that can be given by different planets to the. native This part covers the analysis and judgment of these charts. It can help if the reader has basic understanding and prior knowledge of. Vedic or western astrology but it is not really required This part is intended. to be self sufficient However bear in mind that extra reading can only do. 1 Basic Concepts,1 1 What is astrology, Planets in the skies are constantly in motion with respect to earth The. positions of Sun Moon and some planets close to earth can give important. clues about the fortunes of individual human beings and groups of human. beings That is the basic premise of astrology How exactly we can make. guesses about the fortunes of individual human beings and groups of human. beings based on the positions of those planets in the skies is the question. that we will attempt to answer in this book While astrology is the subject. that deals with this question there are many theories and philosophies in. vogue and they are significantly different from each other. Sunsign astrology for example is based on categorizing people into. twelve groups based on the solar month of birth Some people may be. convinced based on their experiences that people born in the same month. share certain qualities It is however not very logical from a rational. perspective there are just too many people in this world who are totally. different from each other So the month of one s birth is totally inadequate. for guessing one s nature or fortune Even the date and the hour of birth are. not enough We know that there are many twins in this world who are. significantly different from each other, What we mentioned just now is by the way a very important question. to be answered it is like an acid test for any astrological doctrine It is a. known fact that there are many twins in this world who are significantly. different from each other and who lead totally different lives Of course. some twins may have some common qualities between them but the fact. remains that several twins are significantly different An astrological doctrine. should be capable of explaining this fact in order to be considered as a. meaningful subject, Most astrological doctrines of the world fail this acid test If an. astrological doctrine assumes like in the case of many popular astrological. theories of the world that two persons born within a couple of hours in. nearby towns will have the same fortune then that doctrine is obviously. lacking in completeness and inadequate for confident use in real life It fails. the acid test of twins,1 2 Indian Astrology, Materialistically speaking India may not be a rich country today but.
India has an extremely rich cultural heritage The depth of some of India s. ancient knowledge like astrology is just amazing and it makes one wonder. if the history of this great civilization is correctly represented in the pages of. 4 Vedic Astrology An Integrated Approach, modern history Indian Astrology is the most comprehensive and complete. system of astrology available today and it is the only one that comes close to. answering the just mentioned twins puzzle It can explain how twins can. be different The principles used in India s astrology are so sensitive to. changes in birthtime that people born within 1 2 minutes can be significantly. different in some aspects and similar in some others This approach. distinguishes between what a person truly is what a person wants to be. what he thinks he is and what the world thinks he is It has enough parameters. tools techniques and degrees of freedom to model the extremely complicated. human life, This astrological approach is known in the world by many names Early. pioneers of modern Indian astrology like Dr B V Raman called it Hindu. astrology because this system was first taught by ancient Hindu sages. However some people do not like this expression because Hindu is not a. Sanskrit word This word was later coined by the western invaders from. the name of a river flowing on the northwestern border of India river. Sindhu or Indus They used the word Hindu to describe the land and. the people on the eastern side of this river, The religion practiced by a majority of Indians is known as Hindu. religion today but the fact is that there is no name for this religion in India s. Sanskrit language the language in which most of the literature of this religion. and astrology appeared Most other religions are known by the name of. their main propagator but India s ancient religion had no single propagator. or prophet This religion consisted of knowledge that revealed itself to spiritual. masters of many generations So there was no name for this religion and. the word Hindu coined by western invaders was accepted by the world. However as already stressed this word finds no place in Sanskrit literature. Some people do not like using a non Sanskrit word to describe India s. astrology considering that most of India s classical literature in astrology. appeared in Sanskrit, Later day authors came up with the name Vedic astrology The. word Vedic means pertaining to Vedas Vedas are the sacred scriptures. of what is known today as Hinduism and they are supposed to contain. knowledge of all subjects Moreover astrology in particular is supposed to. be a Vedaanga which means a limb of Vedas In particular it is said to. be the eye of the Vedas So the name Vedic astrology is becoming popular. these days This author also suggests using Vedic astrology or Jyotish. meaning science of light Jyotishi is a practitioner of Jyotish i e a Vedic. astrologer,Part 1 Chart Analysis 5,1 3 Basics,1 3 1 Grahas planets.
The words planet and star are used in a slightly different sense in. astrology than in astronomy For example Sun a star and Moon a satellite. of earth are called planets in astrology along with Mars etc Basically a. graha or a planet is a body that has considerable influence on the living. beings on earth Distant stars have negligible influence on us but Sun Moon. and planets in the solar system have a great influence on our activities So. the word graha or planet is used to describe them, Seven planets are considered in Indian astrology They are Sun. Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus and Saturn In addition two. chaayaa grahas shadow planets are considered in Indian astrology. Rahu and Ketu These are also called the north node and the south. node respectively or the head and tail of dragon Rahu and Ketu are not. real planets they are just some mathematical points. Apart from these 9 planets there are 11 moving mathematical points. known as Upagrahas sub planets or satellites We also have lagna. ascendant which is the point that rises on the eastern horizon as the earth. rotates around itself In addition we have some mathematical points known. as special ascendants,1 3 2 Rasis signs, The positions of all these planets upagrahas lagna and special lagnas in. the zodiac are measured in degrees minutes and seconds from the start of. the zodiac which is a fixed point in the sky These positions are measured. as seen from earth and they are called geocentric positions For the. positions calculated in degrees minutes and seconds of planets lagna. special lagnas and upagrahas we also use the words longitude and sphuta. When watched from earth the longitude of any planet in the skies can be. from 0 0 0 0 degrees 0 minutes 0 seconds to 359 59 59 It should be. noted that 0 0 0 corresponds to the beginning of the zodiac Many western. astrologers consider Sayana or tropical moving zodiac whereas Nirayana. or sidereal fixed zodiac is considered in Vedic astrology. The zodiac sky lasts 360 as mentioned above and it is divided into 12. equal parts They are called rasis signs English names Sanskrit names. two letter symbols and values of the start longitude and the end longitude. in degrees minutes and seconds of all twelve rasis are given in Table 1.

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