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our talismans cannot be questioned but can only be CUSTOMER SUPPORT. experienced by your own personal quest The positive. effects of these talismans however will vary from person to Life questions cannot be answered in a matter of three. person depending on their degree of belief hours session or even in a life time Surely you will agree on. this To remedy this Jyotish Vedic Astrological Services. VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire does not include email Skype and telephone consultations. therefore hold no responsibility for that do not have the carry a six months grace period of customer support This. required affect keeping in mind the guidelines of the ancient support is via email phone and or personal visits Personal. scriptures and that the talismans are prepared AS IS visits are only available if you live or the meeting point is. GENERAL DISCLAIMER on all Vedic Talismans All within 5 miles area from our zip code and are limited for 30. Vedic Talismans and information about them is provided minutes only This offer is not available at all times If you. for informational purposes only They are not a substitute live further than this distance you will be charged separately. for the advice provided by your own physician or other for the visit Please enquire our visiting rates available. health professional You must not use this product or separately. information contained herein for diagnosing or treating a In this six months grace period you can ask any amount of. health problem situation or disease Carefully read the questions there is no upper limit and is given absolutely. whole of this document especially FAITH VS BELIEF FREE OF CHARGE. ON TALISMAN section above If you have or think that. you have a medical problem contact your local health care Updates Any updates in Birth Chart e g after rectification. provider of time of birth etc will be sent by email as PDF portable. document format only This saves paper and is environ. VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire its mentally healthy. management panel astrologers members staff, representatives and all linked directly or indirectly with Thank you for your kind understanding and business. VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire VedicStore com. disclaim all warranties expressed or implied including A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire. without limitation the warranties of merchantability and of 311 Southern Main Road. fitness for any purpose We assume no liability for any Montrose Chaguanas 500811. damages direct or consequential which may result from the Trinidad and Tobago. use of our Vedic Talismans You acknowledge that you. have read and understood this Disclaimer and agree to it Telephone 972 514 7080. ENTIRELY and also to the Terms and Conditions of Sale Website www vedicstore com. already with you and on our website link Email swami vedicstore com. www vedicstore com legal html You have independently. evaluated the desirability of using our services and products VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire. and are not relying on any representation guarantee or Serving the One World Commune with a Heart full of. statement other than as set forth in this disclaimer You will Divine Love for more than 35 years with more 170 000. hold VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers plus clients in 110 countries and increasing. Extraordinaire it s owner management members staff If you do not like our conditions and terms of Sale above then please. representatives harmless in any and all circumstances Full do not buy from us thank you. Disclaimer on webpage www vedicstore com legal html Very truly yours. This Disclaimer is subject to change at anytime without VedicStore com. prior notice A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire, The Uncertainties in Life no longer need to be a mystery. 1992 2014 VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire Trinidad and Tobago Reproduction Prohibited Revised Monday March 17 2014. VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire. found in Hellenistic astrology such as always thought you were This happens. its system of lunar mansions with many charts However if you. Nakshatra were born in the last 5 days or so of,the Western Sign month then you will. Astrology remains an important facet,probably still be that sign in Vedic. in the lives of many Indians In Vedic,since the difference is 23 degrees.
culture newborns are traditionally,currently and signs are 30 degrees long. named based on their Jyotish charts,in space 12 signs times 30 degrees. and Jyotish concepts are pervasive in, yotish Sanskrit from jy ti each each a 360 degree circle. the organization of the calendar and, light and ish heavenly body or surrounding the Earth. holidays as well as in many areas of life,God also spelled Jyotish and.
such as in making decisions made,Jyotisha in English is the ancient. about marriage opening a new,Indian system of astronomy and. business and moving into a new home,astrology also known as Indian. To some extent astrology even,astrology Vedic astrology and of late. manages to retain a position among the,Vedic astrology It has three branches.
sciences in modern India,Siddhanta Indian astronomy. What is the difference between, S a m h i t a M un d a n e a s t r o lo g y Western astrology and Jyotish Vedic astrology also has a great. predicting important events based on Indian Astrology number of techniques for studying the. analysis of astrological dynamics in a charts once they are cast which give. country s horoscope or general transit Vedic a predictive edge For example. events such as war earth quakes the dashas or planetary ruling. political events financial positions periods system which is a part of the. election astrology house and Vedic system give Vedic astrologers a. construction related matters V stu tool for quite accurately predicting the. Sh stra animals portents omens etc trends changes and events in your life. with good accuracy regarding dating,Hora Predictive astrology based on. Jyotish Vedic astrology differs from when things will take place. analysis of natal horoscopes and the,Western or Tropical astrology mainly. moment a query is made Therefore Vedic astrologers are less. in that it uses the fixed zodiac as,limited to talking about your general.
The foundation of Jyotish is the notion opposed to the moving zodiac. overall self and can get more deeply, of bandhu Bandhu Sanskrit for Because of the gradual tilting of the. into what s going to happen in your, relation or binding are the connections earth in space on it s axis the zodiac if. that according to the Vedas link the you calculate it from the Sun s. outer and the inner worlds The Vedic relationship to the Earth appears to be. texts speak for example of the 360 moving at the rate of a little less than. bones of the fetus that fuse into the 1 60th of a degree per year Currently. 206 bones of the adult after the 360 the relative or movable zodiac is off or. days of the year Bandhu also means out of alignment with the fixed or real. who loves friends and family members star based zodiac by roughly 23. Bandhu Bangla bondhu in the degrees which is almost one whole. Bengali language means friend of sign of the zodiac So first and. An explanation of Anukul, the Vedas or scriptures which is the foremost you should know that Vedic. Vad Pratikul Vad for Gems, connection between the microcosm astrology sticks with that original star. Prescription in Jyotish, and the macrocosm based zodiac and thus another term to.
describe Vedic astrology is that it is The Planetary Gemology World is. sidereal astrology which simply divided into two 2 opposing. means that the real zodiac is used to philosophies viz. locate WHICH SIGNS THE,Anukul vad Vs Pratikul vad,PLANETS ARE CURRENTLY. LOCATED IN ANUKULA VAD A gem will act,SAME as it s planet So gems should. The signs the planets are in is one be chosen for Anukul favorable. important part of astrology Because grahas AKA known as GOODISM. The practice of Jyotish primarily relies,the two systems are skewed from each. on the sidereal zodiac which is PRATIKUL VAD A gem will act. other by nearly one whole sign most OPPOSITE of it s planet So gems. different from the tropical zodiac used, people s Sun Sign that which you should be chosen for Pratikul. in Western astrology in that an, can get from the paper each day is unfavorable grahas AKA known as.
ayanamsa adjustment is made for the,usually one sign back when the chart is. gradual precession of the vernal BADISM Pratikul Planet s gem. refigured using Vedic astrology choosing method for overcoming a. equinox Jyotish includes several, nuanced sub systems of interpretation So the first surprise using Vedic is that weak or evil planet based on the. and prediction with elements not you are no longer the Sun Sign you misconception that a. The Uncertainties in Life no longer need to be a mystery. 1992 2014 VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire Trinidad and Tobago Reproduction Prohibited Revised Monday March 17 2014. VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire. pratikul inauspicious planet is Example One has Leo Lagna their. strengthened by wearing it s gem and lagna lord is Sun who is exalted 100. there by it changes from being strength and posited in the 9th house. inauspicious pratikul to become which is all very auspicious That. auspicious anukul ILLOGIC By person would be advised to use a fine. providing the gem for a malefic planet ruby the Sun s gem to attract or. benefic results will follow harness his auspicious influence. On the other hand if a person had Jyotish Vedic Astrology. Saturn debilitated 0 strength and in Guideline,the 8th house they would be advised to. The Astrologer should use common sense,avoid Saturn s gem blue sapphire and. direct people away from their weaknesses and,all other Saturnine things or activities.
towards their strengths,And better still they could donate a. blue sapphire to pacify Shanideva The Birth charts. followers of Anukul vad believe that There are three different Jyotish chart. Example A person has Jupiter, the pratikul graha color is the unlucky representations for showing the r shi. debilitated and a malefic which is, color and to magnify that bad color signs and bh va houses which are. inauspicious or pratikul but by wearing, will simply increase the problems apparently equivalent but quite. Jupiter s gem yellow sapphire or, caused by that unlucky Planet Both different in function The following.
another yellow Jupiter jewel it is, methods believe that gems increase images show the same birth chart in. believed that the weak troublesome, cosmic colors of their planets thus for the two main notations North Indian. Jupiter gets strengthened and, an Anukuli it is considered to be and South Indian. REVERSES to become auspicious,suicide to increase a pratikul graha s. Some persons opine that a harmful,color In the North Indian notation the.
planet means that the planet s cosmic,house positions are fixed 1st house. color is weak The gems for the,top middle with the rest following in. planets are concentrated essential,counterclockwise order and the signs. cosmic color rays so by wearing the,of the zodiac are placed sequentially. gem for the weak Pratikul harmful,therein starting from the Ascendant.
color that weak color is strengthened, and when the weak color is stronger rising zodiac sign placed in the 1st. then the harmful influence will be house and indicated by numerals in the. REVERSED removed or mitigated chart 1 for Aries 2 for Taurus and so. In Anukul there is never a case where a,Pratikul means a planet that causes evil on. Pratikul harmful to the chart native,influence or suffering to the native as. planet s gem should be worn as it will Conversely in the South Indian. seen through the horoscope This may, surely increase the ill fortune but such notation the signs of the zodiac have. be a debilitated planet who is in a, gems for a Pratikul planet can be used fixed positions Aries always occupies.
dusthana and enemy of the lord of the, by DONATING them giving them the 2nd box from the left in the top. lagna or otherwise disposed that the, AWAY according to Shastric row with the rest following in. influence simply causes suffering,directions clockwise order and the first house is. marked As for ascendant with the,A pure anukuli believes that a pratikul. rest following in clockwise order,gem is NEVER good to use it is.
increasing the cosmic poison and ill The charts contain twelve sections. fortune a person s bad cosmic vibes houses or bh vas each of which is. should NEVER be increased related to a r shi in an equal house. system when rough and hurried,Anukul means a planet that is. computations are needed but when,beneficially disposed either by being. precision is needed bh vas are made,strong in own sign good house ruler. according to Bh vachalita in which, Anukul Planet s gem choosing method of houses which will bring positive. houses are unequal due to elliptical, for resorting to or harnessing one s results or otherwise not ill disposed.
nature of apparent orbit of the Sun, auspicious Anukul planet s exalted nor inclined to produce evil influence. mulatrikona own sign benefic great A planet which is good for the chart Jyotish The Map of the Journey of the. friend good house owner of good either naturally or by house ruler ship Soul from God in God and towards God. house etc based on the concept that yet somewhat weakened by placement Right here right now. lucky planet lucky gem In all Jyotish may be strengthened through the gem. there are basically two broad categories or a planet which already is strong and. of planetary position viz favorable to giving benefic influence may be further. the chart Anukul OR unfavorable to strengthened for gains in particular. the chart One should avoid their areas of life by wearing the gem. weakness and cultivate their strengths,Ratna anukul means the auspicious. gem of strongest most desirable planet, The Uncertainties in Life no longer need to be a mystery. 1992 2014 VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire Trinidad and Tobago Reproduction Prohibited Revised Monday March 17 2014. VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire. Introduction and FAQs on Jyotish, Jyotish The Science of Light Question What life enhancing remedies are available in. Informing you of your place in Jyotish,the Cosmos Universe.
Answer There are seven remedies available in Jyotish to. The Synthesis of You and the,improve one s life style they are. Universe You here on Earth, The Light spectrum of Seven 1 Intelligence No or Little Money is spent. Colors 2 Gem Prescription Expensive,The Chakras the journey. Within the body to the great 3 Yantra Talismans Expensive. Beyond 4 Tantra Totka No or Little Money is spent, In Jyotish the planets are allocated 5 Mantra No or Little Money is spent. the following,Sun The Soul 6 Yagna Havan Medium Money is spent.
Moon The Mind 7 Puja Prayers Medium Money is spent. Mars Your Enthusiasm, Mercury Communication As per Jyotish guidelines the Jyotishi should inform the client of. Jupiter Quest to know seek and such remedies which are effortless effort and are least expensive. you shall find for the client Choices are to be suggested the final choice. Venus Love Indulgence in the,Saturn Perfection Question What are the Gems. Rahu The Desire for Self allocated to each planet in Jyotish. Discovery Answer,Ketu Meditation journey beyond,the Mind Planet Gem. Moon Pearl, Question What is the difference between Western and. Vedic Astrology Mars Red Coral, Answer The list of difference between Western and Vedic Mercury Emerald.
Astrology Jyotish is quite huge but for a lay person only three Jupiter Yellow Sapphire. difference is reasonable to know,Venus Diamond,Western Astrology Vedic Astrology Jyotish. Saturn Blue Sapphire,Uses the Sun Uses the Moon,Rahu Hessonite Gomed. Adds 23 Degrees Minus 23 Degrees,Ketu Cat s Eye,2 000 years old 10 000 plus years old. Question What is Ratti measure in Carat or grams etc. Question How is the percentage in Dasha pages is Answer 8 Ratti 1 Gram 5 Carats. calculated, Answer There are 12 zodiac signs in Jyotish They are divided. into 30 degrees each 12 x 30 360 degrees Each and every Finally. planet passes through a zodiac sign at all times of 30 degrees 30. degrees is equal to 100 Jyotish is the synthesis of the science of the seven planets the. seven colors in the spectrum the seven chakras, In this example say Sun is in Aries 12 degrees What does this.
mean Simple Sun has moved 12 degrees in Aries that is equal Simply A Journey of the Soul through the Universe. to 40 into Aries how much is remaining 60 correct Where A Journey from nowhere to now here It s just a journey from. does the remaining width of Sun arc goes In towards the next God in God and to God Your birth chart is the Map of this. zodiac sign Taurus it s there by 40 Right Journey, You are a Divine Being living a Human Existence VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire. The Uncertainties in Life no longer need to be a mystery. 1992 2014 VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire Trinidad and Tobago Reproduction Prohibited Revised Monday March 17 2014. VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire. 27 Lunar Mansions Nakshatras 13 20 Degrees Ecliptic Division Rasi Varga 30 Degrees Ecliptic Division. akshatra Devanagari n k atra is the term for lunar. mansion in Vedic astrology A nakshatra is one of 27. sometimes also 28 sectors along the ecliptic Their names. are related to the most prominent asterisms in the respective sectors. The starting point for the nakshatras is the point on the ecliptic. directly opposite to the star Spica called Chitr in Sanskrit other. slightly different definitions exist It is called Mesh di or the start of. Aries The ecliptic is divided into each of the nakshatras eastwards. starting from this point, The number of nakshatras reflects the number of days in a sidereal. month modern value 27 32 days the width of a nakshatra traversed. by the moon in about one day Each nakshatra is further subdivided. Nakshatra Pada 1 Pada 2 Pada 3 Pada 4,1 Ashwini Chu Che Cho La. 2 Bharani Li Lu Le Lo,3 Kritika A I U E,4 Rohini O Va Vi Vu. 5 Mrigash rsha Ve Vo Ka Ke, 6 rdr Ku Gha Ng Chha into four quarters or padas These play a role in popular Vedic astrology.
where each pada is associated with a syllable conventionally chosen as the. 7 Punarvasu Ke Ko Ha Hi first syllable of the given name of a child born when the moon was in the. 8 Pushya Hu He Ho Da corresponding pada,9 shlesh Di Du De Do Padas quarters. 10 Magh Ma Mi Mu Me, The 27 Nakshatras cover 13 20 of the ecliptic each Each Nakshatra is also. 11 P rva Phalgun Mo Ta Ti Tu divided into quarters or padas of 3 20 and the below table lists the. appropriate starting sound to name the child The 27 nakshatras each with 4. 12 Uttara Phalgun Te To Pa Pi padas give 108 which is the number of beads in a japa mala indicating all. 13 Hasta Pu Sha Na Tha,the elements ansh of Vishnu. 14 Chitra Pe Po Ra Ri Given names,15 Sv t Ru Re Ro Ta. Vedic astrologers teach that when a child is born they should be given an. 16 Vi kh Ti Tu Te To auspicious first name which will correspond to the child s Nakshatra The. technique for deducing the name is to see which nakshatra the moon is in at. 17 Anur dh Na Ni Nu Ne the moment of birth this gives four possible sounds A refinement is to pick. 18 Jyeshtha No Ya Yi Yu, one sound out of that four that relates to the Pada or division of the.
Nakshatra Each Nakshatra has four Padas and four sounds and each Pada. 19 Mula Ye Yo Bha Bhi is of equal width The Moon remains in each Nakshatra for approximately. 20 P rva Ash dh Bhu Dha Pha Dha, 21 Uttara A h Bhe Bho Ja Ji A further refinement or opportunity is to instead use the Nakshatra that the. ascendent resides in at birth The same broad choice of sounds and Padas. 22 r va a Khi Khu Khe Kho apply but now the sounds change roughly every 15 minutes The ascendent. passes through all 27 Nakshatras every 24 hours being in each one for 53. 23 Dhanishta Ga Gi Gu Ge, and a third minutes of time and is in a Pada for 13 and a third minutes of. 24 Shatabhisha Go Sa Si Su time By using the ascendent s nakshatra instead of the moon s nakshatra. leads more to comfort of the Self rather than comfort of the mother This. 25 P rva Bh drapad, Se So Da Di second approach is only really applicable if intuitively the moon approach. 26 Uttara Bh drapad Du Tha Jha Tra,does not feel right. Source Wikipedia org,27 Revati De Do Cha Chi, The Uncertainties in Life no longer need to be a mystery.
1992 2014 VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire Trinidad and Tobago Reproduction Prohibited Revised Monday March 17 2014. VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire. How To Read The Janam Patri The Birth Chart Printout. Rasi Navamsa Chandra The Nine Planets This table, In these the Numbers are informs you of the 9 planets in. Zodiac Signs e g Jyotish The Zodiac Sign the,degrees and the Star or. 1 Aries 7 Libra Nakshatra they occupy at the,2 Taurus 8 Scorpio time of your birth R. means the planet is going, 3 Gemini 9 Sagittarius Retrograde or Backwards Rahu. 4 Cancer 10 Capricorn Ketu always go clockwise,retro motion Planets from.
5 Leo 11 Aquarius Sun to Saturn travel from 0,6 Virgo 12 Pisces degrees to 30 degrees Rahu. and Ketu always travel from 30,degrees to 0 degrees In this. In the Rasi Birth Chart,example Jupiter is going,and Navamsa AC means. retrograde towards 0 degrees,Ascendant the first house. The beginning of the birth, chart From this point going Chandra Mind This is just.
counter clockwise are the 12 as the Rasi and Navamsa. houses Similar principles applies The,only exception is that this is. For example used only when one s time of, in this birth chart Moon is in birth is not known This is your. the 7th house which is birth chart as per your date of. Capricorn birth irrespective of your time,and city of birth. Jupiter is in the 11th house,which is Taurus 2 and is Karaka means the doer of. going retrograde backwards certain activities This means. that the karakas represent the, Saturn seems to be in the 1st influence of various things.
house but is not the degrees animate or inanimate in our. of Saturn is less than that of life The Significators in Life. the Ascendant therefore it s in 1 Atma Individual s Soul 2. the 12th house which is Amatya Individual s Mind 3. Cancer 4 Mars is in the Bhratri Brothers 4 Matri,2nd house Mother 5 Pitri Father 6. which is Leo 5 Putra Children 7 Gnyati,Relatives 8 Dara Spouse. Vimshottari Dasha Earth for 125 years 6 months and called Bhukti Antar Dasha or Here the date format used is. 30 days He was 90 years of age Sub period this varies from DD MM YYYY British. The word Vimshottari is a Sanskrit, when He spoke to Sri Bhagawad minimum 3 months 18 days to Indian format. word meaning 120 Dasha means, Gita to Arjun on the battle field maximum 3 years and 2 months. State of Life or Timeline As per This column is very very time. of Kurukshetra India, Jyotish every soul born on Earth is The third column on the right is sensitive every one minute.
given a life of One hundred and In this column the column on the called the dates the Maha Dasha away from the actual time of. twenty years but we do not live that left side is called Maha Dasha or Bhukti started For example birth plus or minus we lose or. long Dasha a long period or phase of Indira Gandhi was born in Sun gain an average of five days. time This varies from 6 Years Dasha and Venus Bhukti on. In Vedic times or era people used Suppose one s time of birth is. minimum to maximum 20 Years 19 11 1917 Next her Jupiter. to have a very long life span For incorrect by 60 minutes that s. long The column in the center is Dasha started on 05 12 1952. example Lord Krishna lived on this 300 days lost or gained. Dasha of Planets,Sun 0 6 Years Saturn L 19 Years,Moon 2 10 Years Mercury B 17 Years. Mars F 7 Years Ketu Q 7 Years,Rahu P 18 Years Venus C 20 Years. Jupiter K 16 Years When we add up all the Dasha years the total life span is 120 years. The Uncertainties in Life no longer need to be a mystery. 1992 2014 VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire Trinidad and Tobago Reproduction Prohibited Revised Monday March 17 2014. VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire. The Twelve Houses or Bhava, The First House Ascendant or Lagna Sanskrit Indicates The Self Atman the beginning of. life childhood health environment psychology physiology constitution innate nature personality. character temperament ego the empirical self sense of self worth dignity fame splendor general. welfare happiness status in society health complexion vitality longevity victory over enemies. strength vigor personality the physical body character the constitution happiness dreams and the. skin The gender of the native and the place of birth. Family members father s mother mother s father,Body parts head brain. The Second House Indicates Family face speech right eye food sources of wealth or income. literary gift the manner source of death and self acquisition dependents precious metals mental. stability truth hypocrisy and optimism Wealth food drink speech parental family self created. family movable property ornaments jewels precious metals clothes vision creative imagination. self confidence cheerfulness learning education memory fixity of mind oral expression of. knowledge sources of income maintenance of others, Family members parental family and self created family.
Body parts eyes right eye face mouth tongue,Dhana Wealth. The Third House Indicates Intelligence short journeys neighbors immediate relations letters and. writings courage right ear chest or breast and servants deliberate actions motivation interests. hobbies sports pleasures assistance servants neighbors short term desires short trips short. contacts telephonic contacts correspondence writing strength valor courage stamina initiation. into spiritual practices things heard earrings singing acting talent playing on musical instruments. manual skills computer skills death of parents, Family members brothers and sisters mother s father s brother first younger brother or sister. Body parts throat neck shoulders arms hands upper part of chest right ear. Sahaja Coborn, The Fourth House Indicates Peace of mind mind heart feelings happiness close friends all. family members the mother all well wishers home education comforts home country landed. ancestral property houses gardens underground treasures wells agricultural products vehicles. horses elephants cows buffaloes goats and sheep holy places moral virtues devotion to God. piety righteous conduct character good name and reputation education erudition ultimate results. immovable moveable property good name drinks journeys change of residence inner feelings. falsehood generosity gardens and maternal relatives. Family members mother parents all family members,Body parts chest lungs heart. Bandhu Relative, The Fifth House Indicates Creative Intelligence atman soul fame position in life knowledge.
education memory thinking skill memory initiation talents judgment discretion advice merits. from past life devotion to gods and Brahmins deity of one s choice knowledge of mantras tantras. and yantras virtues ruling powers royalty authority fall from position literary works amusements. romance children disciples wealth prosperity nature of spouse hospitality scholarship joy new. ventures and Purva Punya past life events or previous incarnation discriminating power children. secrecy dignity general education and contentment, Family members children second younger brother or sister. Body parts stomach area heart, The Sixth House Indicates Enemies thieves cuts wounds in the body miseries sorrows and. disappointments debts illness paternal relatives sinful deeds battle fight diseases hostility fear of. injuries obstructions abscess pets fear struggle for existence mental worry sloth and fear of losing. reputation Worries anxieties obstacles enemies thieves vices challenges tests urge for perfection. self improvement techniques competitive power turning obstacles into opportunities difference of. opinion conflicts debts diseases suffering wounds service daily job imprisonment quadrupeds. pet animals receiving charity, Family members mother s brother maternal uncle stepmother. Body parts navel area intestines digestive tract, The Uncertainties in Life no longer need to be a mystery. 1992 2014 VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire Trinidad and Tobago Reproduction Prohibited Revised Monday March 17 2014. VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire. The Twelve Houses or Bhava cont d, The Seventh House Indicates Spouse husband wife partner lover marriage partnership urinary.
organs marital happiness sexual affairs sexual diseases trade desires speculation diplomacy honor. travels business tact the latent energies Sexual intercourse loss domestic harmony conjugal. happiness prostitution partnership of any kind quarrels with the opposite gender breaks of journeys. and luxuries Medium term desires business partner co operation trade commerce travel journeys. litigation living abroad nature of spouse relationship with all others the world at large as seen by the. native happiness from children, Family members husband wife second child third younger brother or sister. Body parts Waist area colon external and internal sexual organs. Yuvati Spouse, The Eight House Indicates Longevity secret organ death legacies gifts unearned wealth cause of. death wills disgrace degradation the place and surroundings of death defeat insult sorrow blame. servants impediments lost articles venereal complaints accidents sin and violence transformation. the gap the mechanics of nature experience of the constitution of the universe knowledge of past. present and future transcendence siddhis regeneration rebirth discontinuation dangers chronic. ailments agonies accidents enemies mode of death wealth of the spouse unearned wealth. inheritance mysteries of life and death and overseas journeys sea. Family members family of the spouse,Body parts external sexual organs. Randhra Vulnerable Point, The Ninth House Indicates Godliness righteous preceptor the guru grandchildren and. metaphysical studies imagination intuition religious devotion and law sympathy philosophy. science literature lasting fame leadership charities communication with beings or elementals in. higher and lower dimensions deities or ghosts long journeys foreign travels father mental purity. regulated life and auspicious happenings Dharma merits from past lives fortunes wisdom Vedic. Science meditation yagya tapas faith religion worship piety morality ethics higher education. professional training solution to problems visits to shrines pilgrimages foreign travels air travels. Family members brother s wife wife s brother children grandchildren. Body parts thighs hips,Dharma Spirituality, The Tenth House Indicates Occupation profession career reputation prestige success and status.
in society honor from government promotion rank renown fame ambition happiness authority. royalty ruling power sense of importance dignity living in foreign lands commerce trade clothing. Employment temporal honors success and respect means of livelihood self respect religious. knowledge dignity trade farming distinction self control and grace. Family member father grand children,Body parts knees spine. Karma Activity, The Eleventh House Indicates Means of gains accomplishments friends assets and liabilities. elder brother and sisters daughters freedom from misery and pain Mercantile speculations. ambitions scandals and inheritance Income gains profits all articles prosperity long term desires. fulfillment of desires fulfillment of dreams and ambitions in life good news auspicious events elder. brothers and sisters air travel favorites circle of friends community club life quadrupeds the lord. of the eleventh house stands for difficulties and diseases. Family members elder brothers and sisters elder brother or sister directly above the native son s. wife fifth younger brother or sister,Body parts calves ankles left ear. Labha Income, The Twelfth House Indicates Misery expenditure waste extravagance sympathy piety divine. knowledge worship Moksha final emancipation enlightenment gain of spirituality renunciation. the state after death evils forbidden practices mental aberration disappointment sudden death. enemies hatred of the public affliction body deformity puzzling sicknesses curses reincarnation. and black magic losses loss of relativity loss of attachment loss of identification donations charity. journey to far off distant lands lonely places confinement in prison hospital or monastery pleasures. of the bed secret enemies spies falls from height or in the eyes of the others. Family member father s brother paternal uncle,Body parts feet left eye.
Vyaya Loss, The Uncertainties in Life no longer need to be a mystery. 1992 2014 VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire Trinidad and Tobago Reproduction Prohibited Revised Monday March 17 2014. VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire. Strength of Planets, Planets in the Squares or Quadrant houses 1 4 7 10. from the Moon as well as from the Ascendant,are very powerful in giving their results. Planets in the 10th house are the most powerful,Planets in the 7th house are the 2nd powerful. Planets in the 4th house are the 3rd powerful,Planets in the 1st house are the least powerful.
Planets in the 1 5 and 9 are considered very auspicious for financial gain. Planets in the 9th house are the most powerful,Planets in the 5th house are the 2nd powerful. Planets in the 1st house are the least powerful, Planets in 3 and 6 houses are considered weak in giving any auspicious results. Planets in the 6th house are the most powerful weak to give results. Planets in the 3rd house are the 2nd position weak planets to give results. Planets in the 8 and 12 house causes dangers and misery. Planets in the 8th house are the most powerful misery and danger producing planets. Planets in the 12th house are the 2nd most powerful misery and danger producing planets. Planets have Exaltation powerful Debilitated weak and. Moola Semi exaltation points they also have colors and other Nature. Planets Exaltation Point Debilitated Point Moola Color Nature Gender Element Represent. Sun Aries 10 Libra 10 Leo 0 20 Copper Satvic Guna Male Fiery Ego Atma. Moon Taurus 3 Scorpio 3 Taurus 4 20 White Satvic Guna Female Watery Mind. Mars Capricorn 28 Cancer 28 Aries 0 12 Blood Red Tamas Guna Male Fiery Martial Power. Mercury Virgo 15 Pisces 15 Virgo 16 20 Green Rajas Guna Eunuch Earthy Speech. Jupiter Cancer 5 Capricorn 5 Sagittarius 0 10 Bright Yellow Satvic Guna Male Ethereal Wisdom. Venus Pisces 27 Virgo 27 Libra 0 15 Mixed Rajas Guna Female Watery Sensual. Saturn Libra 20 Aries 20 Aquarius 0 20 Black Tamas Guna Eunuch Airy Sorrow. Rahu Taurus 20 Scorpio 20 Brown Tamas Guna Female Visionary Metaphysical. Ketu Scorpio 20 Taurus 20 Grey Tamas Guna Eunuch Meditation Spiritual. The Uncertainties in Life no longer need to be a mystery. 1992 2014 VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire Trinidad and Tobago Reproduction Prohibited Revised Monday March 17 2014. VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire. Character Surya Chandra Mangala Budha Guru Shukra Shani Rahu Ketu. Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn North Node South Node. Consort Suvarna Rohini Shaktidevi Ila Tara Sukirthi Neeladevi Simhi Chitralekha. Spouse Chaaya Urjaswathi, Color Copper White Red Green Gold White Yellow Black Blue Brown Smoky Smoky. Gender Male Male Male Neutral Male Female Eunuch Female Eunuch. Associated, Element Fire Water Fire Earth Ether Water Air Air Earth. God Agni Varuna Subramanya Vishnu Indra Indrani Brahma Nirriti Ganesha. Pratyadi Rudra Gowri Murugan Vishnu Brahma Indra Yama Durga Chitragupta. Metal Copper Silver Brass Zinc Gold Silver Iron Lead Mercury. Gemstone Ruby Pearl Red Coral Emerald Yellow Diamond Blue Hessonite Cat s Eye. Sapphire Sapphire Garnet, Body Part Bones Blood Marrow Skin Brain Semen Muscles.
Taste Pungent Salt Acid Mixed Sweet Sour Astringent. Food Wheat Rice Pigeon Pea Mung Bean Chickpea Kidney Beans Sesame Seeds Urad Beans Horse Gram. Season Summer Winter Summer Autumn Winter Spring All Seasons. Direction East North West South North North East South East West South West. Symbol A E F B K C L P Q, Day Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday. The Sun God The Moon God Son of Earth A planet god known Mentor Guru The mentor God of Duty Rahu is the cut off head Ketu is said to be the. Son of Aditi and Associated with This planet is asso for his teacher of gods of Asuras unGodly Punishes the per of an asura that swal body of Rahu after the. Kashyap Surya impatience of human ciated with unlucki intelligence Budha Always helped or Demon son who does not lows the sun or the head of the asura was. means the nature ness of brides wife means awakening gods in war Associated with do his duty moon causing eclipses cut off by God Vishnu. supreme light He is the father of or spouse clever intelligent against demons fertility and properly Saturn He is In Vedic mythology. He is said to Budha planet Mer Also associated with wise learned man Guru means enthusiasm Shani tests a depicted in art as a Ketu is generally re. drive through cury the mother strength and brav wise man or sage teacher or Always helped person every 22 5 serpent with no body ferred to as a shadow. the heaven in his being Tara Taraka ery He is the god of He s one son of priest demons in the war years the test lasts riding a chariot drawn planet It is believed to. triumphal He is married to 27 war and is celibate Chandra the Moon Brihaspati means against gods Shukra for a period of 7 5 by eight black horses have a tremendous. chariot Nakshatras He is considered the with Tara or Rohini lord of prayer or means clear pure years Sadesati The Rahu kala time of impact on human lives. harnessed by constellations who son of Prithvi or He is also the god of devotion brightness or clear Shani is a deva and day under the and also the whole. seven horses or are known to be Bhumi the Earth merchandise and B haspati is the ness He is of white son of Surya and influence of Rahu is creation. one horse with daughters of Daksha Goddess and a protector of son of Rishi complexion his wife Chhaya considered. seven heads He rides his chariot teacher of the occult Merchants He is Angirasa and middle aged and of hence also known inauspicious. which represent across the sky every sciences Ruchaka represented as being Surupa agreeable as Chayya putra. the seven col night pulled by ten Mahapurusha mild eloquent and according to the countenance With He is the elder. ours of the white horses or an Yoga having a greenish Shiva Purana dimples on cheeks brother of Yama. rainbow or the antelope complexion and sensual the Vedic god of. seven chakras death, 1992 2014 VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire Trinidad and Tobago Reproduction Prohibited Revised Monday March 17 2014. VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire. Moon In Aries Mesha Rashi The Ram Moon in Libra Tula Rashi The Scales. Aries is a masculine fire sign governed,Lucky Color Red. Libra is a masculine movable air sign governed,Lucky Color White multicolored dots or patterns. Gemstone Coral gold silver Gemstone Diamond set in platinum or gold. Lucky Days Sunday Monday Tuesday Thursday Lucky Days Friday Wednesday Saturday. Lucky Number 9 Lucky Number 6, Lucky Materials Wool wheat textiles gold Lucky Materials jewelry silk luxury items.
Body Part Head Body Part Groin, Moon in Taurus Vrishabha Rashi The Bull Moon in Scorpio Vrischika Rashi The Scorpion. Taurus is a feminine earth sign governed Scorpio is a feminine fixed water sign governed. Lucky Color White multicolored patterns,Lucky Color Deep red. Gemstone Diamond Gemstone Coral, Lucky Days Friday Wednesday Saturday Lucky Days Sunday Tuesday Thursday. Lucky Number 6 Lucky Number 9, Lucky Materials Flowers wheat textiles rice Lucky Materials Gold wool sugarcane. Body Part Throat Body Part Sex organ, Moon in Gemini Mithuna Rashi The Twins Moon in Sagittarius Dhanu Rashi The Centaur.
Gemini is a masculine mutable air sign governed Sagittarius is a masculine mutable fire sign governed. by Mercury,Lucky Color Green,Gemstone Emerald on silver or gold. by Jupiter,Lucky Color Yellow,Gemstone Yellow sapphire on gold. Lucky Days Wednesday Friday Lucky Days Sunday Tuesday Thursday. Lucky Number 5 Lucky Number 8, Lucky Materials Climbers and cotton Lucky Materials Salt roots textiles corn animals. Body Part Hands Body Part Thighs, Moon in Cancer Karkata Rashi The Crab Moon in Capricorn Makara Rashi The Deer. Cancer is a feminine movable water sign governed Capricorn is a feminine movable earth sign governed. by the Moon,Lucky Color White pink,Gemstone Pearl in silver.
Lucky Color Black blue,Gemstone Diamond blue sapphire. Lucky Days Monday Tuesday Thursday Lucky Days Friday Saturday. Lucky Number 7 2 for waning moon Lucky Number 8 6, Lucky Materials Fruits flowers coconut Lucky Materials Gold agricultural products iron. Body Part Stomach also heart Body Part knees, Moon in Leo Simha Rashi The Lion Moon in Aquarius Kumbha Rashi Water Bearer. Leo is a masculine fixed fire sign governed Aquarius is a masculine fixed air sign governed. by the Sun,Lucky Color Red,Gemstone Ruby in gold,Lucky Color Blue and black. Gemstone Blue sapphire embedded in silver or gold, Lucky Days Sunday Monday Tuesday Thursday Lucky Days Friday Saturday.
Lucky Number 1 4 7 Lucky Number 8, Lucky Materials Grains gold sugar Lucky Materials Inventions water. Body Part Heart also stomach Body Part Calves, Moon in Virgo Kanya Rashi The Virgin Moon in Pisces Meena Rashi The Fish. Virgo is a feminine mutable earth sign governed Pisces is a feminine mutable water sign governed. by Mercury,Lucky Color Green l by Jupiter,Lucky Color White yellow. Gemstone Emerald on silver or gold Gemstone Yellow sapphire in gold. Lucky Days Sunday Wednesday Friday Lucky Days Thursday. Lucky Number 5 Lucky Number 3, Lucky Materials Grain lentil green vegetables Lucky Materials Water fish liquids pearl. Body Part Nerves bowels Body Part Feet, The Uncertainties in Life no longer need to be a mystery.
1992 2014 VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire Trinidad and Tobago Reproduction Prohibited Revised Monday March 17 2014. VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire. What is Sade Sati The Seven and A Half Year of Saturn. The beginning of Sade Sati on July 15 2007 The last phase of Sade Sati on November 15 2011. The first phase of 2 years This is the final phase of 2 years. The middle of Sade Sati on September 9 2009 The End of Sade Sati on November 2 2014. The second phase of 2 years The end of 7 years phase. In the above illustrations the inner circle is Mr Dev Dutt s birth chart from the Chandra Lagna The outer. wheel is the transit of planets at different intervals of life showing the beginning middle and end of the Sade Sati phase. Regarding Saturn his transit in the 12th the 1st and the 2nd One having good longevity can come under the sway of 7. house from the radical Moon at birth has a special years Saturn thrice in his lifetime During the first time most. significance as it goes under the technical name of Sade of the above results will manifest the second time not some. Sati 7 years Saturn as to pass through the signs in his evil results will occur while during the third time the death of. usual course it takes 7 years Saturn stays 2 years on an the native is invariably caused unless the ruling Dasha does not. average in a sign So in three signs combined Saturn stays for warrant death. 7 and hence it is called sade sati, Similarly when Saturn passes through the 4th house from the. This particular period is dreaded by many as highly malefic radical Moon it is supposed to give negative results This. unless the ruling period is powerful the subject of the position of Saturn is called Ardha Sade sati Half Sade Sati or. horoscope is bound to suffer unexpected miseries The results Dhaiya Panoti or Adhayia Some people consider the transit of. produced during Saturn s transit through the 12th the 1st and Saturn from the 5th house of the radical Moon as negative. the 2nd house may be summarized thus because it affects the quality of one s judgment When Saturn. passes through the 8th house from the natal moon it is called. Quarrels and misunderstandings implication entanglement in Astham Sani 8th Saturn This 8th house transit is considered. litigation failure of business restlessness of mind change of equally negative like the Sade sati transit There are numerous. place sickness among family member death of children and remedies available to lessen or ease the burden of Sade Sati Please inquire. mental worry separately, 1992 2014 VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire Trinidad and Tobago Reproduction Prohibited Revised Monday March 17 2014. VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire. What is the effects of Sade Sati on various stages in life. ade Sati the Seven and half years transit of Saturn Effect of Sade Sati on the 4th house Saturn in 4th house will. aspects various houses in one s birth chart bring domestic troubles bereavements unfavorable changes. Generally Saturn aspects 3 7 and 10 houses from and hallucinations etc To the more highly evolved individual a. himself hence he will aspect various houses desire for rest and more attention to the needs of the. respectively The results of Sade Sati aspect affecting various household preparations for the closing years of life Its transit. houses may be summarized as in 2nd or 3rd cycle and securing benefits to family and heirs. after the close of the earthly career An important transit as the. Effect of Sade Sati on the 12th house Saturn passing house indicates domestic life Any domestic problem will. through the 12th house will produce sorrows enmities become critical which you should solve calmly This could be. confinements and sad experiences generally To the anything from simple reorganizing to major reshuffling of your. introspective this gives new realizations careful reflections a relations and contracts in domestic lie Your house may become. patient review of the past and a turning of the mind in search a tremendous burden because of payments repairs etc Past. of latent possibilities Important elements in your life may incidents not settled earlier may come into prominence This is. begin to pass away Any project not yet completed will get an especially good period to resolve them now Start modestly. finished from the compelling circumstances You shall not for steady rise in life Any negative factor at work here will. receive cooperation from people in spite of your good oppose your successful achievements later as this house is. dealings with them They will tend to withdraw from you opposite to your 10th house of career Parent s health may not. You have to observe and recognize Your efforts will not bear be satisfactory Disagreements with wife relations and superiors. fruits and governmental disciplinary actions can be expected are likely which will bring about their displeasure Mean action. Changes in life and surroundings Danger accidents mental disrepute misery and unhappiness. agony worries heavy expenditure will be experiences you. may have Loss of wealth danger and loss through enemies Effect of Sade Sati on the 7th house Saturn s transit in 7th. and opponents litigation family quarrels unpleasant house will cause domestic troubles sadness grave. journeys displeasure and domestic disharmony may also be misunderstanding separations and grief But in a good. the result of this transit horoscope it will strengthen conjugal ties give faithful. adherence to contracts and vows and bind closer the ties that. Effect of Sade Sati on the 1st house Saturn passing unite and cement true unions Relations and close associates will. through the first house of the birth chart will produce make increasing demands which will be difficult for you to. depressing influences In a chart of progressive order the handle and some relationships may end on this account Even. transit will bring responsibilities and a patient and careful married life will be affected Coworkers will also be demanding. frame of mind producing caution reserve and tactfulness more than in the past Keep up your agreements made with. The period when Saturn transits over the ascendant is a time others This is one fundamental test of this transit Otherwise. of shearing away of things such that your responsibilities will you will suffer be separated from family have increased. increase and your accomplishments will be great Do not start expenditure ill health get disease of sexual organs and suffer ill. any new long range projects which will be delayed for health of wife and father. completion if started Do the things or project which requires. short time for completion Do not waste this transit as an Effect of Sade Sati on the 10th house Saturn passing through. excuse for sitting around and waiting for a more favorable the 10th house brings failures scandal and troubles through. time Peep inward and restructure yourself as is the demand superiors causing loss of honor and credit To the cultured and. of Saturn it will take several years so do not be in a hurry It refined person it will cause prudence in speech and conduct. is a time of introversion and introspection An excellent time the undertaking of great responsibilities and a scrutiny of moral. for any kind of psychotherapy or human potential work conduct An important transit to a sensitive point of your birth. Analyze the previous transit and be guided In case Saturn is chart In your professional life you will gain many. malefic or afflicted one will suffer loss of health of wife responsibilities If you strive to be a leader or a politician you. children and close relations Food not to your liking fear of will achieve success If you shirk responsibility you will be a. enemies disharmony disagreements and disputes Journey to failure A fit time to make your impression upon others. a distant place and separation from relatives Loss of wealth Negative energies can cause disaster and fall through your own. and honor obstruction and delay in undertakings and actions In case there are malefic aspects to your 10th house in. increase in expenditure Birth of a child if exalted or in own your birth chart it will be especially dangerous You can control. sign Other results will also be favorable if aspects of other the results of this transit by preparing carefully and not taking. planets are good short cuts Your prestige status and job can be threatened. Irritation disputes unhealthy atmosphere loss of money. Effect of Sade Sati on the 2nd house Saturn in the 2nd scandals increased expenditure loss of honor and new. house will decrease the income cause financial loss employment are some results for this transitional experience. Advancement in psychological spiritual and moral values In. case you are materialistic loss of wealth is likely otherwise all The above interpretation is general in nature that may no apply. will be all aright You have to work hard to keep everything to everyone at different stages in life however these statements. going on as you want But try to avoid letting fear add to your must not be taken verbatim. financial insecurity This is a good time to organize your Very truly yours. finances and be economical VedicStore com,A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire. The Uncertainties in Life no longer need to be a mystery. 1992 2014 VedicStore com A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire Trinidad and Tobago Reproduction Prohibited Revised Monday March 17 2014. English Descriptions of the Basic Placements in the Vedic Horoscope. Belonging to Indira Gandhi, Provided by VedicStore com WhatsApp 1 972 514 7080 Printed on 13 03 2018 at 01 19. Below is a basic description of the main components of your chart Memorizing these points about your chart will give you the. ability to describe it to any astrologer say at a party or over the phone These are the main points that any Vedic Astrologer would. need to know before discussing your chart The zodiac is a belt of stars that surrounds the equator of the Earth and is divided into. twelve major divisions of space each being 30 degrees of the total 360 degrees of space surrounding the Earth At the time you were. born one of these twelve signs was visible in space on the Eastern Horizon from the place you were born This rising sign sets up. the basic structure of your chart and is very important It is a physical fact that the exact zodiac sign specified in your Vedic chart. was actually rising on the Eastern Horizon as seen from the city of your birth Also the positions of the planets given in your chart. were actually exactly where the planets were at the time of your birth Counting the zodiac signs from your rising sign sets up the. houses of the chart Each sign is ruled by one of the planets who is then called the lord of that sign Since each sign is in their order. one of the houses then each planet becomes therefore lord of a house Actually most planets rule two houses each except the Sun. and the Moon which rule only one each Each house stands for different affairs of life and the lord of the house carries that aspects. of life with it wherever it has gone to in the chart For example the lord of the 9th house carries with it the ability to grant fortunes. so the house it goes to in any chart is greatly benefited Therefore if the lord of the 9th house is in your 2nd house which rules your. bank balance situation then it grants an increase in fortune there meaning it is a good placement for wealth Now let s list out your. basic placements, You have Cancer rising This is also called your Ascendant or your rising sign and in India it is.
called your lagna pronounced lug na Since the signs always proceed in a set order from the rising. sign you thus have Leo in your 2nd house Virgo in your 3rd house Libra in your 4th house Scorpio in. your 5th house Sagittarius in your 6th house Capricorn in your 7th house Aquarius in your 8th house. Pisces in your 9th house Aries in your 10th house Taurus in your 11th house and Gemini in your 12th. The Sun is in the 5th house in Scorpio,The Moon is in the 7th house in Capricorn. Mars is in the 2nd house in Leo,Mercury is in the 5th house in Scorpio. Jupiter is in the 11th house in Taurus,Venus is in the 6th house in Sagittarius. Saturn is in the 1st house in Cancer,Rahu is in the 6th house in Sagittarius. Ketu is in the 12th house in Gemini,Moon is lord of the 1st house and is in the 7th.
Sun is lord of the 2nd house and is in the 5th, Mercury is lord of the 3rd house and is in the 5th. Venus is lord of the 4th house and is in the 6th,Mars is lord of the 5th house and is in the 2nd. Jupiter is lord of the 6th house and is in the 11th. Saturn is lord of the 7th house and is in the 1st,Saturn is lord of the 8th house and is in the 1st. Jupiter is lord of the 9th house and is in the 11th. Mars is lord of the 10th house and is in the 2nd,Venus is lord of the 11th house and is in the 6th. Mercury is lord of the 12th house and is in the 5th.

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