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Using This Handbook, This handbook explains what you need to know while claiming Unemployment. Insurance UI benefits, To protect your rights it is important you understand the information in this. You can find additional information online at www Employment Oregon gov. including the Oregon Revised Statutes and Oregon Administrative Rules. Use the Online Claim System at www Employment Oregon gov ocs. for these services,Claim a week of benefits Status of your claim. View status of your weekly claim Electronic deposit. Restart your claim Change reset pin,File a new claim Make a payment. Change address, View informational videos at www oregon gov EMPLOY Unemployment Pages.
Informational Videos aspx,Table of Contents, Section 1 Filing for Unemployment Insurance UI Benefits. What is UI 1,What does it mean to be unemployed 1,How do I file my claim application 1. How do I qualify 1,Where should I file my claim 1,What is a base year and calendar quarter 1. How do I know my claim was processed 2,Continue filing for weekly benefits 2. Customer Identification Number CID 2,Personal Identification Number PIN 2.
How is my weekly benefit payment calculated 2,How long do benefits last 2. When is my claim effective 3, What if I was physically or mentally unable to work during my base year 3. What if I move 3,How do I change my mailing address 3. Section 2 Filing Weekly Benefits,What is a Waiting Week 3. You will NOT qualify for waiting week credit if 3,How do I file for weekly benefits 3.
When do I file a weekly claim for benefits 4, Weekly claim for benefits certification questions 4. Section 3 Maintaining Eligibility,What are the weekly UI eligibility requirements 5. Claim audits 6, What if I leave the area for more than three days 6. What if I m going to school 6,What if I want to start my own business 6. What if I m incarcerated or jailed 6, What are my work search requirements and how do I seek work 6.
Temporary Layoff TLO 7,Union members 7,WorkSource Oregon Registration 7. Section 4 Working While Claiming and Reporting Earnings. Can I work and receive benefits 8,What earnings do I have to report 8. How do I report my earnings 9, How do my earnings affect my weekly benefit payment 9. What should I do when I get a job 9,What is unemployment insurance fraud 9. Reporting separations from work on your UI claim 10. Section 5 Payments Deductions and Tax Withholding,First payment 10.
Payment options 10,Direct deposit 10,ReliaCard Visa 11. If I don t get a payment what should I do 11,How do I check my balance 11. Deductions 12,Can I have taxes withheld from my benefits 12. Tax Form 1099 12,Section 6 Denial of Benefits,What could stop or deny my benefits 12. What if my benefits are denied 13,Section 7 Overpayments.
Appealing an administrative decision 13,Section 8 Appeals and Hearings. Appealing an administrative decision 14,Section 9 Stopping and Restarting a Claim 14. Section 10 Job Seeker Services,Resources and Contact Information 15. Weekly Claim Line Numbers 16,Section 1 Where should I file my claim File your. claim with the state where you worked If you, Filing for Unemployment worked in more than one state contact any.
state in which you recently worked to see if,Insurance UI Benefits you have claim options. What is UI UI benefits replace part of your What is a base year and calendar. lost income It is not public assistance Em quarter The base year is a one year period. ployers fund the UI program UI taxes are not made up of the first four of the last five com. withheld from employee paychecks pleted quarters It s based on the date you. file your claim application not the date you, What does it mean to be unemployed become unemployed If you don t qualify for a. You re unemployed any week you work fewer claim using a regular base year we will auto. than 40 hours and earn less than your weekly matically review your claim to see if you qualify. benefit amount for an alternate base year, How do I file my claim application A calendar quarter is a 3 month period end. You can file online using the Online Claims ing March 31 June 30 September 30 or. System and select the option File your new December 31. By phone click for list of phone numbers,You will need to provide your complete work. history for the past 18 months including em,ployer names addresses phone numbers.
and dates of employment,How do I qualify,There are two ways to qualify. You ve been paid at least 1 000 in subject,wages in your base year and. Your total base year wages are at least one,and a half times the wages paid in the high. est calendar quarter of the base year,You ve worked at least 500 hours and were. paid some subject wages in employment,during the base year.
Subject wages are earnings on which your,employer s paid UI taxes. If you don t qualify you can file again at the,beginning of the next quarter You may qualify. for benefits at that time,Claimant Handbook 1, How do I know my claim was processed only to you We use it on the documents we. UI will mail a Wage and Potential Benefit send to safeguard your identity. Report at the time we process your claim, application This report includes the wages You need your CID to update personal infor. reported by your base year employer s and mation online such as changing your address. the weekly benefit amount you may receive if or applying for electronic deposit We do. you re eligible NOT give out your CID even if you call You. can get your CID by bringing photo ID to a, Carefully review the wages and employers WorkSource Center.
reported on the Wage and Potential Benefit, Report If wages are missing or incorrect fol Personal Identification Number PIN. low the instructions on the form If your benefit At the time you file a claim application you. amount is based on any wages that are not create a four digit PIN you will use for our au. yours you will be responsible for repaying the tomated systems. money paid to you, Some wages don t automatically show on your DON T LET ANYONE USE THE. Wage and Potential Benefit Report such as AUTOMATED SYSTEMS FOR YOU. DON T GIVE YOUR PIN TO,Work in another state ANYONE. Work for the federal government, Active duty military service You will be held responsible for any. false information reported with the use, The Employment Department must request of your PIN.
these wages before they can be added to your,claim No one at the Employment Department. has access to your PIN You can change or, Continue filing for weekly benefits reset your PIN through the Online Claims. If the hours and wages on the form are cor System or by calling the UI Center. rect but you still don t qualify it could be for,these reasons. How is my weekly benefit amount, You didn t have 1000 and total earnings calculated Your weekly benefit amount is. of one and one half times the wages in the 1 25 of your total base year gross earnings. highest quarter of your base year Under Oregon law it will not be less than the. You didn t work 500 hours or more during minimum or more than the maximum amounts. your base year or you can receive,If you received benefits on an earlier claim.
you must have worked and earned six How long do benefits last Your benefit year. times the weekly benefit amount of your is a 52 week period that begins the first week. new claim you file You may receive total benefits up to. 26 times your weekly benefit amount You, Customer Identification Number CID can t file a new Oregon claim until your benefit. The Wage and Potential Benefit Report in year is up even if you ve received all of your. cludes a Customer Identification Number benefits,CID The CID is a unique number assigned. 2 Claimant Handbook, When is my claim effective New claims are ing benefits Oregon law requires that you. effective the week you submit your claim ap serve one waiting week per claim You won t. plication Once you ve completed your applica be paid any money for the waiting week but. tion start filing for weekly benefits the following serving and claiming it is required. You will NOT qualify for waiting week,What if I was physically or mentally credit if. unable to work during my base year, Call the UI Center It may be possible to ex You didn t meet all eligibility.
tend your base year to include additional requirements. quarters You worked full time,You earned more than your weekly benefit. What if I move If you move change your amount or, address on your claim Mail is NOT forwarded You didn t claim the week timely. by the postal service Continue claiming your, weeks in Oregon and following the same rules After filing your claim application you must file. even if you move out of state You will need a weekly claim to receive benefits To request. to register for job placement services in that waiting week credit wait until the Sunday after. state you submit your claim application Use the,Oregon Employment Department s website. or phone system to file your weekly claim for, Keep your address up to date so benefits between midnight on Sunday and.
you don t miss important notices 11 59 PM on Saturday Continue to file for. weekly benefits every week that you re unem,ployed to request payment. How do I change my mailing address, Use the Online Claims System and select the How do I file for weekly benefits. option Change your address or by phone To claim each week. Use our Online Claims System and select,the option Claim a week of benefits. Claim by phone with the Weekly Claim Line,Filing Weekly Benefits Filing your weekly claim. Filing a claim application and filing for a online is easy. week of benefits are two separate things If,you have filed a claim application you still.
When do I file a weekly claim for,need to submit a weekly claim in order to. benefits You must file a claim for benefits,request benefits or credit for your waiting. after the week is over as benefits are not au,tomatically paid The Employment Department. uses a calendar week of Sunday 12 00 AM,What is a Waiting Week The waiting week is. through Saturday 11 59 PM,the first week you file a weekly claim and meet.
all requirements Before you can start receiv,Claimant Handbook 3. This is the When to go Online to Claim or call the Weekly Claim Line. week you want, to claim Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday. Place your call Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday. within the next, 7 days You need to complete your weekly claim by the following Saturday. Claim Sunday or Monday for the fastest payment, The telephone Weekly Claim Line is avail 2 Did you quit a job last week. able 24 hours a day seven days a week The, Online Claims System is available seven days If any of these situations occurred.
a week see maintenance schedule If you re answer yes. unable to use the Online Claim System due, to routine maintenance you can still file your You stopped working for one employer to. weekly claim by phone start working for another,You told your employer that you didn t want. For each week you want to file for weekly ben to work there anymore or. efits you must certify that you meet the eligi You stopped showing up for work. bility requirements You do this by answering, questions about your eligibility for that entire 3 Were you fired or suspended from a. week job last week, Until you claim at least one week of benefits If either of these situations occurred answer. NO payments or decisions will be made on yes,your claim and you won t satisfy your waiting.
week You were fired or suspended if your em,ployer let you go for ANY reason other than. Weekly claim for benefits certification a lack of work layoff. questions There was continuing work available but,the employer wasn t willing to let you con. 1 Did you fail to accept an offer of tinue working. work last week,A lack of work layoff is when the employer. If any of these situations occurred does not have enough work available to keep. answer yes you working, You turned down any paying job during the 4 Were you away from your. week you re claiming permanent residence for more, It doesn t matter if the offer was than three days last week.
for full time part time permanent, or temporary work If you were away from your permanent resi. The work could have been for a dence for more than three days during a week. former current or new employer claimed answer yes to this question A week. You turned down a job referral for work by consists of all days of the week Sunday. the Employment Department or through Saturday,You accepted an Employment Department. job referral but did not contact the employer,4 Claimant Handbook. 5 Were you both physically and 8 Did you work last week or receive. mentally able to perform the any vacation or holiday pay. work that you sought last week,If any of these situations occurred. If you were not able to do the kind of work you answer yes. were seeking answer no,You performed services for any employer.
6 Each day last week were you willing and expect to receive payment credit or. to work and capable of accepting room and board in return. and reporting for full time part time You were self employed and earned any. and temporary work money,You will receive holiday or vacation pay. If any of these situations occurred You will receive sick pay from your. answer no employer, You restricted the days and hours you were If you received bonus pay contact the UI Cen. willing to work ter,You didn t have transportation to get. to work If you received retirement pay other than, You didn t have childcare social security not yet reported contact the UI. You were incarcerated Center,You were attending school not.
previously reported to the department If you made a mistake answering any claim. You were pursuing self employment not questions contact the UI Center. previously reported to the,department,You missed ANY work Contact the claims center. if you make a mistake,7 Did you actively look for work. If any of these situations occurred answer no, You didn t make at least two direct employ Section 3. er contacts during the week, You didn t complete at least 3 work seeking Maintaining Eligibility. activities during the week,OR What are the weekly UI eligibility.
You didn t comply with a written work requirements For each week that you claim. search advisory provided by the depart you must be. You re a member of a union that only allows Physically and mentally able to work. you to seek union work and you re Available for work and. Not in good standing with the union Actively seeking work. Not available for dispatch,Claimant Handbook 5, To be available you must If you re in school and are interested in the. Training Unemployment Insurance program, Accept full time part time and please see Training Unemployment insurance. temporary work TUI,Be willing and able to work all of the days. and hours normal for the type of work What if I want to start my own business. you re seeking Your involvement in self employment may in. Accept the normal rate of pay for that type terfere with your availability for work You must. of work and report any self employment activities to the UI. Be willing and able to commute a Center even if you don t have earnings from. reasonable distance for the type of work your self employment Failure to report your. sought self employment activities could result in an. overpayment and penalties See Fraud,You re required to report when you aren t avail. able for work when any condition exists that If you re interested in starting your own busi. prevents you from working accepting work ness please see Self Employment Assistance. or seeking work This may include travel ill SEA,ness injury incarceration school attendance.
self employment and the loss of childcare or What if I m incarcerated or jailed If you. transportation claim benefits during any week you were. incarcerated or jailed you must report on your, Claim Audits weekly claim that you were not available for. work Your claim will be stopped while we, Claims are randomly selected for audits each gather information Failure to report your in. week Auditors verify everything that affects carceration or jail time could result in an over. your eligibility including work search base payment and penalties We receive a weekly. year wages reason for job separation school report from Oregon jails and match it to claim. attendance incarceration and earnings during records See Fraud. any weeks claimed,What are my work search requirements. What if I leave the area for more than three and how do I seek work A key piece of your. days You can still claim a week of benefits re employment includes contacting employers. if you leave the area where you live but your who hire people with your experience training. claim will be stopped while we gather informa and skills Unless otherwise advised in writing. tion about your travel Leaving town for a day by an Employment Department representative. or two will not usually stop your benefits un you must continue seeking work each week. less you miss any work that you claim benefits even if you re working. What if I m going to school Training or, school attendance may interfere with your You must complete at least five work seeking. availability for work You must report any activities for each week that you claim ben. school attendance or training to the UI Cen efits Work seeking activities include but are. ter This includes any unpaid training required not limited to. by an employer Failure to report training or, school attendance could result in an overpay Attending job placement meetings or.
ment and penalties See Fraud workshops including WorkSource Oregon. sponsored activities,6 Claimant Handbook,Networking Temporary Layoff TLO. Updating your resume, Reviewing job placement websites or news You are considered temporarily laid. papers without responding to a job posting off if,Making direct contact with an. employer At the time of layoff you were given a date. to return to work by your employer and, At least two of the five work seeking activi The work you re returning to is full time or. ties you complete each week must be direct pays at least your weekly benefit amount. contact with employers This means contacting and, them in person by phone by mail or electron Your return to work date is WITHIN FOUR.
ically to inquire about and or apply for work WEEKS from when you were laid off. When you file for weekly benefits your report If you re temporarily laid off you re actively. of work seeking activities must include seeking work if you stay in touch with your. employer If your return to full time work is, Date of contact delayed you must call the UI Center and. Company name phone number and ad begin seeking other work immediately. dress or online job posting ID number,Person contacted if applicable. Type of work or position applied for Union Members. How contact was made phone resume, online application email etc and You are actively seeking work if. Results of your contact hired not hired, interview no response etc You re a member in good standing with. your union and, When reporting work search activities include Your union doesn t allow you to seek non.
union work within your trade and, The date you completed the activity and You re required by your union to get all. A description of the activity completed of your work for your usual occupation. through your union and, An Employment Search Record form is avail You re capable of accepting and reporting. able online under Forms at the top of the page for work when dispatched by the union. You re not required to use this form but you re If you re a member of a union and don t meet. required to keep records of your weekly work the above you must actively seek work by. search efforts and report those activities when contacting employers see What are my work. making weekly claim reports search requirements, Failure to provide this information when WorkSource Oregon Registration. filing for weekly benefits may result in a de You may be required to register for work in. nial of benefits and possible overpayments our iMatchSkills system and visit your local. and penalties See Fraud WorkSource Center to complete enrollment. activities the welcome process After com,pleting your claim application you will receive. a letter advising you how to register Your,Claimant Handbook 7.
benefits may be denied if not completed If you are working less than full time you. You re exempt from this requirement if you may claim benefits if. meet the requirements of being temporarily, laid off see TLO or are a member of a union Your part time employer doesn t have full. that does not allow you to seek non union time work for you. work within your trade You can register with Your gross earnings are less than your. WorkSource Center online weekly benefit amount and. You re seeking work available and willing, If you don t have Internet access you can to accept full time part time permanent. register at your local WorkSource Center You AND temporary work. can t register or enter your iMatchSkills infor,mation by phone. You must report all work and gross, We provide the following services to you free earnings for the week in which you. of cost and upon request language assis worked even if you haven t. tance auxiliary aids or services alternate been paid yet. formats such as Braille large print audio oral,presentation and electronic formats for individ.
uals with disabilities or individuals with limited Gross earnings are your earnings before taxes. English proficiency or any other deductions have been taken out. Failure to report all work and earnings cor,rectly including part time or temporary work. WorkSource Can Help With could result in overpayments and penalties. Your Job Search See Fraud,What earnings do I have to report You. MUST report all work and earnings when,claiming benefits You must report any pay. Section 4 ments you receive in exchange for any ser. vices you provide or products you sell This,Working While Claiming includes. and Reporting Earnings Gross earnings, Can I work and receive benefits If you re Non cash payments such as room.
working part time and earn less than your and board. weekly benefit amount you may be eligible Tips bonuses stand by pay sick pay. to receive benefits You must also continue Commission pay and. to seek and be willing to accept temporary Vacation and holiday pay. full time and part time work during each week, you continue to claim Exceptions You don t need to report as. Lump sum payout of accrued,vacation pay if it is paid to you to clear the. books you will not be returning to work,8 Claimant Handbook. Reimbursements for minor expenses such Willfully misreporting your work and earn. as meals lodging mileage and other travel ings to obtain benefits is Fraud Review. ing expenses the information below,Weekend military drill pay or. Jury duty pay What should I do when I get a job When. you return to full time work or earn at least, Call the UI Center if you have questions about your weekly benefit amount simply stop.
what to report or how to report cash and claiming,non cash earnings. If you begin to work or start a new job during, How do I report my earnings You report a week you re claiming be sure to report your. your hours and earnings when you file your gross earnings even if you haven t been paid. weekly claim Keep track of your hours and yet Often you can calculate your gross earn. earnings for each week Report your earnings ings by taking your hourly pay rate multiplied. for the week you perform the work NOT the by the number of hours worked during the. week you re paid week Don t forget to also include any other. pay such as tips sick pay holiday etc see, IMPORTANT Failing to accurately report What earnings do I have to report. your earnings while claiming could result, in overpayments and penalties See Fraud What is unemployment insurance fraud. Fraud is the intentional misreporting or with, If you realize your earnings are different holding of information in order to get benefits.
than what you reported contact the If you intentionally hide or report wrong infor. UI Center mation it is fraud FRAUD IS A CRIME and,can result in penalties up to and including. How do earnings affect my weekly benefit prosecution. payment You won t receive benefits if your, gross earnings for a week exceed your weekly Some examples that could be fraud. benefit amount or you work 40 hours or more, during the week claimed Not reporting work you miss or jobs you. You may earn up to 10 times minimum wage Providing false information or withholding. or one third of your weekly benefit amount information to get benefits. whichever is more before your benefits are Failing to report all of your earnings when. affected Any earnings above that amount will filing for weekly benefits. reduce your benefit payment dollar for dollar Not reporting your job separation accurate. You MUST report all earnings each week you ly see Reporting separations from work. claim benefits See Fraud Filing for weekly benefits while you were in. REPORT ALL EARNINGS Even if your, gross earnings for the week are less than Intentionally under reporting or not re. your weekly benefit amount you must porting earnings when you file for weekly. report your gross earnings when you claim benefits is fraud Only YOU are authorized to. the week See Fraud file your claim for benefits Don t allow another. person to file for weekly benefits including,your spouse child parent or friend You will be.
Claimant Handbook 9, held responsible for any false information that your employer your work separation is NOT a. is provided lack of work, The Oregon Employment Department OED Voluntary leaving work You ve voluntarily. uses a variety of ways to verify the accuracy of left work if the employer had continuing work. UI payments including but not limited to available for you but you chose to end the em. ployment relationship quit If you quit one job, Verification of earnings with employers for another job you ve voluntarily left work. Anonymous tips and public leads and, National new hire reporting system informa Discharge Terminated You were dis. tion from employers charged if the employer had continuing work. available but wouldn t allow you to continue, If you have questions call the UI Center at working for them fired let go terminated.
877 345 3484 You must also report if you ve been suspend. ed by your employer, If you have infomation about UI Reporting the wrong type of separation. fraud please contact us at from work can cause an overpayment pen. alties and be considered fraud,FraudHotline emp oregon gov. Toll Free 877 668 3204,Payments Deductions and,Reporting separations from work on your. UI claim If you quit your job or were fired,you may still be eligible for benefits Being. fired or quitting work doesn t automatically Tax Withholding. make you ineligible for benefits,First Payment,For all new claims the first payment is usually.
Oregon law requires that you re out of work,sent by paper check. due to no fault of your own in order to be,eligible for benefits Below are descriptions of. Payment options,work separations,The Employment Department pays benefits. electronically either by a U S Bank Relia,Lack of work You were laid off from your. Card Visa debit card or direct deposit If you,employer because the employer didn t have.
don t apply for direct deposit you will be,any work for you to perform This could be a. sent a ReliaCard,business closure reduction in staff holiday or. a temporary maintenance shutdown,Direct deposit,With direct deposit we electronically transfer. Leave of absence You re on a leave of ab,your weekly benefit payment into your check. sence if your employer allowed you time away,ing or savings account at your bank credit.
from work This can include maternity leave,union or savings and loan. medical leave or leave for other personal,reasons If you re on a leave of absence with. To apply for direct deposit you will need your,routing and account numbers Here is an. 10 Claimant Handbook, example of where you can find these numbers posit your payments onto a prepaid debit card. on a check This card can be used anywhere Visa cards. are accepted,Please watch for the card in the mail It will.
arrive in a white envelope with an Indianapolis,Indiana return address Don t throw it away. even if you sign up for direct deposit If your,direct deposit were to fail for any reason we. automatically switch back to payment by Re,When you receive your card call the toll free. To apply number on the card to activate it You can ac. cess your ReliaCard account information on, Use the Online Claim System and select line at ReliaCard or by calling their customer. electronic deposit from the main menu service center at 1 855 279 1270. select Enter your information or, Print the Authorization for Electronic De Important Fee Information There may be.
posit Form and send it to us fees associated with the use of your Relia. Card Read your Cardholder Agreement, You can locate the Authorization for Direct thoroughly along with any additional notifica. Deposit form online at Forms tions you receive about your ReliaCard You. can access the ReliaCard Cardholder Agree, Important The Employment Department has ment and fee listings at Agreement. no control over your electronic payment after, the payment is issued To switch from ReliaCard to direct deposit. follow instructions above To switch from direct, When you sign up for direct deposit it takes up deposit to ReliaCard call the UI Center. to 2 weeks to verify your account information, During the verification period you will receive If I don t get a payment what should I do.
payment by paper check Submitting additional If you ve claimed a week but haven t received. requests for direct deposit before the verifica your payment check the status using the On. tion process is complete will cause the system line Claim System and select the option View. to begin a new verification process and delay status of weekly report. your direct deposit set up,You can also call the Weekly Claim Line Fol. low the instructions for checking the status,of your weekly claim If the system confirms. payment please allow seven business days,from the day you claimed before calling the UI. Center to report a missing payment,How do I check my balance. You can view the balance of your claim using, ReliaCard Visa the Online Claim System and select the op.
With the U S Bank ReliaCard Visa we de tion Status of your claim You can also call.

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