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CHAPTER 11 HORRID VISION OF YAMAS BY THE DYING 139. CHAPTER 12 GUARD AROUND GODLY PIOUS 168, CHAPTER 13 DHARAMRAI CHITTAR GUPT AND TRANSMIGRATION 211. It gives me great pleasure to see fruiting of dedicated efforts of team of young members of. Toronto Akhand Kirtani Jatha in translating yet another book of Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji. First such translation of Rangle Sajjan released during July 2000 Samagam has been well. received all over by lovers of Bhai Sahib s writings The present translation is of the highly. acclaimed book Unditthi Duniya Once again all out efforts have been made by the author in. preserving the essence of original Gurmukhi writing without losing sight of the intended message. Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji was an institution by himself enjoying Bliss of highest spirituality. It was the force of self conviction and personal awareness of truth that prompted him to share his. strong belief in Gurmat and his self experience of highest spirituality for general benefit The logic. of his writings is based on the revelation through Gurbani and nowhere has he made any personal. showing of high learning or personal claims His own magnetism of dedicated Faith that gathered. around him increasing band of like minded Gurmukhs and lovers of his Akhand Kirtan pure. Gurbani singing style Thus was formed Akhand Kirtani Jatha most informally known for long. hours of dedicated Gurbani Kirtan and Naam Simran stretching to twenty four hours at times. Gurmat belief is that Supreme Lord is both Immanent and Transcendent Divine Being is the only. Reality while all creation is manifestation of the Divine Spirit and a Divine Play Individual life is. but a tiny Divine Spark endowed with Divine Essence intended as a brief worldly sojourn Human. life holds possibility of enjoying bliss all the way through and attain the objective of Divine. Realization However one is born with a sense of selfhood and duality of worldliness In life. situations one is faced with inner voice of conscience and lurement of worldliness Life then. becomes a fight between forces of evil and goodness. Even in human society we have governing system with the acceptable and non acceptable human. behaviour There are governing laws enforced through policing Trespassing of laws is dealt by a. Judicial System and criminals are subjected to punishments All this is but a tiny replica of the Vast. Unlimited Divine System of Dharam Rai yamas heaven hell Chittar Gupt etc whereas it may be. possible to make false representation and escape true justice in worldly courts and enforcement. agencies Divine system is Perfect and fool proof beyond the pale of corruption. In a fit of worldly expediency one often tends to ignore looming reality of Divine Justice and life in. the hereafter Mortals are heard to say Sweet is the world Who has ever seen what goes in the. hereafter This book Unditthi Duniya is intended to serve as eye opener against such attitude of. wayward carelessness Enough has been quoted from Gurbani to advise about desirable Gurmat. way of life Envisioning of yamas by the dying punishment being meted out to evil persons. envisioned by holy persons and testimony of Revealed Gurbani leave no doubt about the depiction. of hereafter Redeeming power of Gurbani and Naam devotion has also been illustrated through. real life incidences, Finally it is hoped that Gurmat way of living in Divine Presence will be chosen by discriminating. readers not only to make their lives truly blissful but also quality of life in general If this objective. is even partially achieved labour of love by the ardent members of this project would not have. gone in vain I heartily commend the work of this team headed by a soldier friend Jaspinder. Singh his family and many others, The first translation of the book Rangle Sajjan is narration of twenty three life sketches of. associates of Bhai Sahib who lived Gurmat way of life The purpose of this glimpse of personal. lives was to enthuse new initiates and true Divine Seekers The present book brings home reality. of the hereafter and the urgency to live in harmony with Divine system enunciated by Gurmat to. enjoy Bliss while taking liberties in worldly waywardness shall surely entail sufferings prescribed. by Perfect Divine Justice, It may not be out of place here to mention the encouragement and appreciation of the present. project and effort bestowed by Late Bhai Balbir Singh Ji S O Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji who. has been serving the Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Charitable Trust Ludhiana and looking after the. publishing and reprinting of Gurmat Literature written by his Revered father under his personal. Dr Darshan Singh,May 11 2001,Toronto Canada,HUMBLE WORDS OF THANKSGIVING.
Thirsting like rain bird for spiritual fulfilment the aspiring youth has found gushing of Divine Love. in writings of Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji These are the pouring of intense spirituality to. provide succour and solace to those in confusion and groping in dark of ignorance as a beacon of. hope and spiritual Light House Based on the bedrock of Gurbani quotations conveying Revealed. Divine Word no room is left for doubt or lack of authenticity of Absolute Truth. All evil doing and worldly sin nourishes due to misgiving and false notion that this very world is be. all and end all and nothing lies beyond this earthly life This generates the attitude of making the. most of it in pleasurable pursuits without a care for good or bad right or wrong The emphasis is. on one s rights turning blind eye to the associated duties of social and religious nature Thus one. is driven by insatiable desire and consequent misery even when surrounded by plenty of. worldliness, Divine Thought reveals that One and Only God is the only Reality All the rest is His Play and His. creation In dispensation of Divine Lord man is the crown of all Godly creation The life on earth is. a temporary sojourn and an opportunity for man to realize his Divine Source Living an. immaculate life of Sachiar righteous of thought word and deed one may receive Divine Grace. to merge with ultimate Divine Source Bereft of spirituality one goes on in cycles of rebirth and. death until such time that immaculate purity of Divine Virtues is achieved and one is graced to. unite with Divine Spirit, Bhai Sahib s books goad one to live in Godly Presence through constant memory of Divine in Holy. Fear that leads to Divine Love Awareness of impending death and objective of human life are the. gifts of Gurmat ensuring Naam Divine Word on one s lips and enshrined in heart Those. stupefied by overwhelming worldliness ignore Divine Virtues and matters spiritual They become. fodder for the mill of Divine Justice in the hereafter and discover to their horror that all. impalements of hell are after all true Having wasted the opportunity of human life such dawning. of reality is too late, It is hoped that the spiritual seekers who are unable to benefit directly from books in Gurmukhi. Script will have some glimpse howsoever limited from this translation of highly acclaimed and. powerful book Unditthi Duniya I too feel blessed through this service of love and owe gratitude. beyond words to all those who encouraged and sustained me in this work This includes lot of. members of my family and friends My gratitude is also due to my readers for having to put up. with this imperfect effort Let us hope we improve it with feedback from learned readers This is. my second attempt after translating Rangle Sajjan and consequent encouragement from well. meaning friends including highly respected Gursikhs. Jaspinder Singh,24 Newdale Place,Brampton ON,L6S 5Z2 Canada. September 23 2000, It is almost fashionable to question all matters pertaining to spiritual matters The modem young.
people with communistic leanings deny religion To preach against God and Godliness is their. favourite pastime This has affected the youth in schools and colleges considerably There was a. dire need for a book to counter the prevalent doubts and questions pertaining to existence of. God the invisible next world based on the quotation from Sri Guru Granth Sahib The Sikh Gurus. had first hand knowledge of the Divine happenings and put it in writing for the benefit of. prmysr kY duAwrY ij hoie ibqIqY su nwnku AwiK suxwvY. Bgq jnw kau sdw An du hY hir kIrqnu gwie ibgswvY 2 10. Awsw mhlw 5 373, Nanak has narrated whatever has come to pass in the Abode of God. The Devotees are ever happy singing His Praises they feel sense of fulfilment 2 10. Aasa M 5 Ang 373, Thus the findings on the next world after death form the subject of this book Unditthi Duniya. Mystical Unforeseen World The topics discussed are Life after death The Divine Court The court. of the Yama The Recording Angel of Yama Accounting of the Individual deeds in the court of. Yama after Death Hell and Heaven and so on Every topic has plenty of Gurbani quotations to. substantiate the conclusion In fact the information can be useful to investigating God oriented. scholars Attempt has also been made to clarify the Gurbani meanings There are narrations of. personal encounters with the couriers of death evil spirits of the dead persons and helping in their. liberation This is the first book of this kind, The spiritual seekers keep raising their doubts and questions about matters like the existence of. the five Khands in Sri Jap Ji Sahib Gurbani version of Dasam Duar and Anhad Shabad Existence. of Hell Heaven and the next unforeseen world Such subjects have been dealt with in publications. SACH KHAND DARSHAN ANHAD SHABAD DASAM DUAR by Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji As. regards the common quote ieh jg im Tw Aglw iknHy if Tw Sweet is this world who knows about. the next this book provides harsh reality of Justice Divine. An important and pertinent question arises about the performance and personal accountability of. the individual deeds How far is the Divine Grace linked with the individual deeds These questions. form the subject matter of another book Gurmat Adhyaatam Karam Philosophy. Bhai Sahib Ji wrote this book in 1945 46 but its publication was delayed due to the disturbed. conditions of partition days of India The book comprises of thirteen chapters It is fervently hoped. that seekers of Spiritual Knowledge and Gurmat will derive immense benefit. Nahar Singh Giani,November 01 1949,GLOSSARY OF TERMS. Akhand Pure,Akhand Kirtan Pure Gurbani Singing, Akhand Kirtani Jatha A band of Gursikhs believers in singing of pure Gurbani and Naam.
devotion This came to be formed originally under the patronage of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji. Amrit Panacea Holy water prepared for initiation ceremony. Akal Purkh All Pervading Deathless Supreme Lord,Bhoots and Praits Evil spirits and demons. Brahma One of the Trinity gods originator of vedas and considered to be responsible for creation. Chittargupt Secretive recordings of one s personal deeds. Dasam Duar Highest seat of Spirituality located in one s head when accessed activates fount of. Naam Amrit Panacea of Divine Word,Dharam Rai Angel of death. Gurbani Sacred Script of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Revealed Divine Word through Gurus and holy. Gurmat Divine Wisdom of Satguru that lays down tenets and rules for Sikhs. Gurmukh A Gursikh of high spiritual attainment and always remaining Guru oriented in thought. word and deed, Gursikh Initiated Sikh with Amrit of Double edged sword. Hatth Yog One of branches of yoga of highly austere physical discipline. Indra Rain god and king of gods,Jakh Kinnar Pasach Demi gods. Jiwan Mukt Liberated living, Kalyuga Satyuga Treta and Duapar The four ages of the world pertaining to different ruling.
Manmukh Mind oriented individual engaged in selfish pursuit of worldliness. Manmat Opposed to Gurmat worldly waywardness, Naam or Gurmantar Word Divine bestowed on initiated Gursikhs for recitation with each breath. Nigura Un initiated non believer,Panthic Related to Sikh Nation. Rajo Tamo and Sato gunas Three states of mind characteristic of worldly mortal in varying. degrees with change of moods and mental make up and thus delving in attachment and pride. Rajo ignorance and anger Tamo and peace forgiveness and charity Sato. Sach khand Abode Divine,Sadhsang Joining holy company. Sadh Sangat Assembly of Gursikhs in Presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib for singing Kirtan. listening to Gurbani and the explication, Sahaj Yog Way of Realizing Divine Being through Naam devotion prescribed by Gurmat as. Equipoise of mind,Satsang Assembly of holy ones,Shaastars Hind holy scriptures.
Shabad Divine Word, Shivpuri Brahmpuri and Inderpuri Abodes of Shiv Brahma and Indra. Tehsildar Revenue official,Vedas Purans and Simriti Hindu holy scriptures. Vedi Well versed in scriptural knowledge,Yagas Ritualistic sacrifices. siqgur pRswid, The One Eternal God Realized Through the Grace of Satguru. ivic dunIAw syv kmweIAY qw drgh bYsxu pweIAY,isrIrwgu mhlw 1 Gru 5 26.
Serving in This World One Begets Honour in the Next. Sri Rag M 1 Ghar 5 Ang 26,vwihgurU jI kI qih,The One Eternal Lord Always Victorious. CHAPTER 1 LIFE IS THERE BEYOND THIS WORLD, Today the growing trend is to deny all that is invisible to the eye This is particularly noticeable. among those influenced by the western education They reject the notion that there is an invisible. creation beyond this visible one and that there is One Invisible Creator of all this vast visible. creation This attitude is gaining support all over the world and apostasy is spreading Even the. well known followers of Gurmat God orientated Sikhs are tending to lend their approval to the. majority view Many of these so called Sikhs proclaiming to be leaders and believers in the. teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib are caught in a duality of faith They believe that in reality. there is nothing beyond the sphere of human vision and intellect All talk to the contrary is. considered a figment of imagination and non existent Thus such people render themselves to be. non believers in the teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib except for the sake of form and formality. The true faith calls for absolute belief in the Word of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. The true believers have unshakeable faith in the Word of Satguru It is possible that some. teachings may not be comprehensible to them and they have not yet become familiar with the. experiences narrated in a particular teaching True confirmation of a belief comes through. personal inner vision and experience of the generally invisible and incomprehensible Truth. However the true Sikhs of the Satguru yet awaiting a personal experience do not lend. themselves to the folly of non believing They strongly uphold the veracity of the teachings of Sri. Guru Granth Sahib through thought word and deed even though they still have to acquire their. full comprehension, It is their firm faith that the Gurbani in Sri Guru Granth Sahib is the Eternal Truth and worthy of. compliance by the Gursikhs as tenets of the Faith This cannot be construed as blind faith Their. faith is backed by inner conviction in the attainment of the Satguru following undeniable personal. experiences of Divine Power Thus convinced of the true faith one has unshakeable faith in. Gurbani and not just blind faith of the ignorant Strengthening of inner faith opens the vistas of. true Gursikhi of the believer and he keeps gaining in spiritual power day by day. At the very entry into the fold of Gursikhi on being initiated through Amrit the new entrant as a. Gursikh imbibes the Gurmantar and the basic teachings of the Faith Such is the powerful influence. and Divine Grace of Amrit that one feels an entire change of a new birth One enters a spiritual. life that continuously flourishes One begins to experience the Truth revealed in Gurbani and one s. faith gets stronger to acquire unshakeable steadiness Even the Truth that is yet to be experienced. is believed as the Word of God beyond the pale of doubt One becomes convinced that the. experience of the Truth will come with practice of spiritual exercise One is ever hopeful of more. and more revelations not despairing or lending oneself to doubt It cannot be that a Truth not be. believed just because it is yet to be fully comprehended The Truth in Gurbani is Eternal even if. one lacks the power to understand and is yet to have an inner experience of it However the Sikhs. who lack in firmness of faith and cast doubt upon Truth in the Gurbani that they have failed to. comprehend border on apostasy and agnosticism An attempt has been made to remove the. doubts of such people through a discussion in the following chapters and to establish that the. incomprehensible and invisible Truths in Gurbani are in fact true beyond suspicion. The subject of doubt pertains to the notion that the invisible may be non existent The object that. is not perceptible through the five human senses is believed to be non existent They do not. recognize God as a Being and deny that there could be another invisible world besides the one. that we live in Many doubt whether there is any hereafter The light hearted self indulgent. pleasure seekers have the slogan ieh jg im Tw Aglw ikny if Tw Sweet is this world who knows. about the next It is this misplaced idea that this book is intended to correct. Even though the subtle invisible creation is not generally perceptible there is no denying of its. existence Matters that appear imaginary such as heaven and hell transmigration of souls. journey after death court of the angel of death and many other related topics are to be discussed. On the strength of Gurmat the Guru s Wisdom and Gurbani quotations it will be established that. in the space of the visible vast sky there is much subtle creation that is not perceivable but lies. hidden and yet is very real Many such accounts through Gurbani will be found convincing. CHAPTER 2 THE THEIST AND INFIDEL, The mainstay of Theism is the belief in the Eternal God The founding principle of the entire. Gurbani in Sri Guru Granth Sahib is to regard God as. Awid scu jugwid scu,hY BI scu nwnk hosI BI sc, True is the Primal being since Beginning true Throughout the Ages.
True Here and Now O Nanak Forever and Ever True, However infidelity is based on the premise that God is invisible and hence non existent. The evil around the world and all crime derive their source from the prevailing infidelity and non. belief in the Eternal Just God The conviction that the All Prevalent God is ever there nearer than. the nearest and watching all wrong doings shall effectively deter all wrong doers Worldly greed. shall be checked Presently man is driven by the endless desire for even more and is completely. engrossed in worldliness The knowledge of the Creator Lord s presence shall keep one away from. sin and save him from worldly yearnings yet this is rarely cultivated It is available only through. Guru bestowed Wisdom but devoid of this mortals are caught in worldly snares. Though many may pay lip service to the existence of the All Prevalent God the essence of this. Truth is known only to the rare God oriented ones who have truly experienced the Eternal Lord in. their own hearts, If mortals were to really put faith in the existence of God through thought word and deed and feel. His presence in their midst they would desist from debauchery immorality thieving seduction. cheating self indulgence greed and collecting ill gotten wealth Ensnared by worldliness one gets. engrossed in evil doing because he has failed to visualize the Over Seeing Omniscient Lord The. Grace of the Guru bestows this realization Without the wisdom of Guru the mortals are led astray. in doubt The acceptance of the Guru s Wisdom alone leads to Divine Faith and the experience of. nearness of God Who is ever Watchful Listening and Witness to all the doings of mortals. All the worldly cheating falsehood and unrighteousness is due to the denial of the Lord s Being. and His Presence This accounts for all the blind cravings and sinful behaviour All the worldly. delusion and depravity is attributable to the ignorance of infidelity The infidels either do not. believe in God or consider Him to be a distant Being Some set out to find the Lord in the. wilderness and wandering about in vain instead of concentrating on their inner search to. experience the in dwelling Lord The secret of the Lord residing within the human body itself. comes as Divine Knowledge through the Grace of the Satguru Thus mortals burrow in futility. without the Guru, For the divinely destined Gursikhs to attain God realization they live a life of dedicated service to. the Satguru by devotion meditation and honest living Thus open their doors of spiritual. awakening and the Knowledge Divine dawns on them The Omnipresence of the Lord is then. experienced within and without The following Gurbani illustrates this process in beautiful detail. inkit buJY so burw ikau krY,ibKu sMcY inq frqw iPrY. hY inkty Aru Bydu n pwieAw,ibnu siqgur sB mohI mwieAw 1.
nyVY nyVY sBu ko khY,gurmuiK Bydu ivrlw ko lhY 1 rhwau. inkit n dyKY pr igRih jwie,drbu ihrY imiQAw kir Kwie. peI TgaurI hir sMig n jwinAw,bwJu gurU hY Brim BulwinAw 2. inkit n jwnY bolY kUVu,mwieAw moih mUTw hY mUVu,AMqir vsqu idsMqir jwie. bwJu gurU hY Brim Bulwie 3,ijsu msqik krmu iliKAw illwt.
siqguru syvy Kul y kpwt,AMqir bwhir inkty soie,jn nwnk AwvY n jwvY koie 4 3 16. If the Lord s Presence is realized why would one do evil One however is engaged in amassing the. poison of ill gotten wealth and lives in fear Lord is in fact very near but this has not dawned. Without the Saviour Guru the mortals are defrauded by worldliness 1. All pay lip service to the Truth that God is Immanent and close by yet the rare ones by Guru s. Grace are convinced of this 1 Pause, Not experiencing the Lord s Presence as witness one goes to steal from another s house The. plundered wealth he calls it spurious and yet lives by it Deceived by worldliness one loses. awareness of the Divine Witness Without the Guru he is lost in doubt and goes astray 2. Unaware of Godly Presence one tells lies The fool lives under the illusion of the fake worldliness. He searches for the Divine without while the Lord dwells in the very being The Guru alone can. dispel the doubts and save one from futile wandering 3. The fortunate ones chosen by Destiny serve the Satguru and the door of spiritual awakening. opens for them They alone experience the Lord within and without Says Nanak The Lord Alone is. the Real Being and whatever appears is but His Play 4 3 16. Bhairon M 5 Ang 1139, Thus Gurbani establishes the universal presence of God and the validity of Theism The infidels are. devoid of the Divine Wisdom sense of belonging to the Lord and support of the Divine Word They. live shamelessly without awareness or faith in the Divine They form the majority of mortals in the. world living lives of wrongdoings to one another Only the ones dedicated to the Lord are rid of. doubt seeing the Lord in all and everywhere Not even in a dream do they entertain doubts about. their faith They abandon worldly attachment and live a life of equipoise and bliss These theists do. good even to wrongdoers They see no evil in anyone nor do they quarrel with anyone by. suspecting falsehood Having realized the Lord they are ever engrossed in the priceless Naam. God remembrance That is their whole time occupation in their minds The Spintual Amrit causes. their inner beings to flourish and in loving devotion of Naam meditation they ever dwell in Divine. Presence Says Gurbani,prpMcu Coif shj Gir bYshu JUTw khhu n koeI. siqgur imlhu nvY iniD pwvhu ien ibiD qqu ibloeI 2,Brmu cukwvhu gurmuiK ilv lwvhu Awqmu cInhu BweI.
inkit kir jwxhu sdw pRBu hwjru iksu isau krhu burweI 3. Abandon deceit and live a life of equipoise and call not anyone a liar Meet the Satguru and acquire. the Priceless Naam God Remembrance and thus obtain the Essence 2. Get rid of doubt and get engrossed in Divine Contemplation and realize the self O brother Know. the Lord to be the near Witness and present in all Thereafter can you indulge in wrong doing to. Ramkali M 5 Ang 883, Enjoying the Amrit of Divine Praise the God orientated always experience the indwelling Lord and. shun all evil doings All their cares are then looked after by the Divine Power and such chosen few. meet success here in this world and hereafter in the next world Gurbani teaches. hir kIrqn rs Bog rMgu,mn pwp krq qU sdw sMgu,inkit pyKu pRBu krxhwr. eIq aUq pRB kwrj swr 3, O my mind enjoy the Praise Divine and Amrit of Love Divine Hesitate always from sinful evil. doing and know that the Creator Lord is Witness to all your doings All your affairs here and. hereafter The Lord shall look after 3,Basant M 5 Ang 1183. The non believers see not though they have eyes speak not even though tongue is there and they. hear not despite having ears Such infidel persons experience not the indwelling Lord and delve in. a life of sin Gurbani says,pyKq cwKq khIAq AMDw sunIAq sunIAY nwhI.
inkit vsqu kau jwxY dUry pwpI pwp kmwhI 1, Seeing with the eyes one is spiritually blind Hearing normally one hears not the Praise Divine The. Lord abiding close by one deems Him to be Distant Such a sinner lives in sin without Godly. awareness 1,Suhi M 5 Ang 741, Mind oriented faithless ones see not the near abiding Lord He abides near and is a witness to all. that goes on good or bad Only the God orientated devotees know this Truth They live in. respectful fear of the Lord Without the respectful fear of the Divine Godly devotion is not. possible It is only after obtaining the Gurmantar the Divine Word the basic teachings and. becoming imbued with Naam that one becomes a true devotee This is the Theism that leads to. blissful living The essence is the Naam and Naam meditation leads to Divine Knowledge and. Realization The God oriented loving devotees experience the ecstasy of Naam The Naam Amrit is. enshrined in the tinniest pores of such devotees They experience true Divine Knowledge All other. talk of such knowledge is fake the boast of egoistic mortals leading to much argumentation and. tribulations Such false claims do not hold for long and are wasteful efforts The Naam imbued. enjoy the real fruit of liberation based on true Divine Knowledge To enjoy Naam Amrit is true. Divine Knowledge and Divine Contemplation This is unique to the institution of the Guru and not. found elsewhere It is obtained at the door of Guru Nanak Those Gursikhs graced by the Guru. experience the Lord abiding in their hearts and visualize Him These devotees do not merely talk. but have undergone hard meditation that earned them the Divine Grace of eternal Divine Light in. their inner being The graced ones abiding by internal and outer discipline of the Guru are always. engrossed with their inner self The mind orientated lack such discipline and are given to mere. show Their superficial knowledge without the backing of true living is of no use Devoid of Naam. one has neither shelter nor support Divine Knowledge is out of reach and one remains dumb and. ignorant The mind is ever plunged in the horrible worldly ocean and the non believer is caught in. the web of attachment dealing in worldliness He eats the inedible and feels all others to be. similarly engrossed in worldliness The Lord God is not part of his reckoning Endless desires. subject such a one to death and rebirth In fact all the migratory creation is subjected to cycles of. rebirth Liberation is only possible through Divine Grace as a God oriented devotee and meditation. of Naam in one s heart all the time Thus alone does the inverted Lotus within become upright to. flourish and this spiritual Flower blossoms forth This also marks the beginning of all success with. Divine help The true sage is the one who has engrossed himself in the Gurmat Naam the Divine. Word and experienced Divine Realization through the eternal Divine Light The mind oriented. ignorant blind making false claims of Divine Knowledge have only earned disrepute The true. spiritual discipline is made possible only through the Divine Grace of the Creator Lord and thus He. alone bestows the true glory upon His devotees The Spiritual Light of Divine Glory shines through. these God orientated ones In contrast the mind orientated infidels delve into pitch dark. ignorance Naam meditation alone leads to spiritual light that shines forth to reveal a true Theist. Infidelity is but despicable filth The Knowledge Divine of Spiritual Naam is hearing of the Eternal. Ethereal Word that is talk of the Vedas the Holy Scriptures abiding in heart and recited with. tongue in one s inner self This listening of Naam continuously confirms beyond doubt the reality. of God and faith in Him The Magnificent Lord appears in His full Glory Thus firmness of Naam in. the mind is the true knowledge of the Holy Scriptures for Gursikhs The experience of true peace. and calmness is the Glory of Naam and attainment of this is the true objective of life Devoid of. Naam are the non believers undergoing the cycles of transmigration of countless births Those. imbued with Naam alone attain liberation from transmigration Abiding of Naam in the heart is the. true worship of the Lord and true theism Naam meditation alone confirms the Divine presence. everywhere within and without in the sky on the mountaintops manifested throughout His. nature After such undeniable experience alone it behoves to proclaim the reality of God common. hearsay is of no value The above discussion is verily the explanation of the following Gurbani. inkit vsY dyKY sBu soeI,gurmuiK ivrlw bUJY koeI,ivxu BY pieAY Bgiq n hoeI. sbid rqy sdw suKu hoeI 1,AYsw igAwnu pdwrQu nwmu,gurmuiK pwvis ris ris mwnu 1 rhwau. igAwnu igAwnu kQY sBu koeI,kiQ kiQ bwdu kry duKu hoeI.
kiQ khxY qy rhY n koeI,ibnu rs rwqy mukiq n hoeI 2. igAwnu iDAwnu sBu gur qy hoeI,swcI rhq swcw min soeI. mnmuK kQnI hY pru rhq n hoeI,nwvhu BUly Qwau n koeI 3. mnu mwieAw bMiDE sr jwil,Git Git ibAwip rihE ibKu nwil. jo AWjY so dIsY kwil,kwrju sIDo irdY sm wil 4,so igAwnI ijin sbid ilv lweI.
mnmuiK haumY piq gvweI,Awpy krqY Bgiq krweI,gurmuiK Awpy dy vifAweI 5. rYix AMDwrI inrml joiq,nwm ibnw JUTy kucl kCoiq,bydu pukwrY Bgiq sroiq. suix suix mwnY vyKY joiq 6,swsqR isimRiq nwmu idRVwmM. gurmuiK sWiq aUqm krwmM,mnmuiK jonI dUK shwmM,bMDn qUty ieku nwmu vswmM 7. mMny nwmu scI piq pUjw,iksu vyKw nwhI ko dUjw,dyiK khau BwvY min soie.
nwnku khY Avru nhI koie 8 1, God abides near by and witnesses all yet a rare God oriented one understands this Without. Divinely Fear devotion is not possible Imbued with Naam are ever Blissful 1. Such is Knowledge Divine Naam that the God oriented imbued with this get honoured 1 Pause. All are trying to narrate Knowledge Divine So doing they get into arguments and tribulation None. can resist the temptation to talk to show off scholarship However the liberation is attained only. by getting imbued with Naam Amrit 2, Knowledge and Contemplation are bestowed with Grace of the Guru The Lord comes to Abide only. through true disciplined living The mind oriented can narrate but lack inner conviction of true. living of a devotee Forsaking Naam one finds no shelter anywhere 3. The mind is caught in the mesh of worldly pool Such snares exist for all mortals with temptation of. sin All those born appear to be under the sway of death The life objective is attained by God. Remembrance alone 4, He is the seer who is engrossed in Love of Word Divine The mind oriented loses respect through. self conceit Divine devotion is bestowed by Grace Divine Glory to the God oriented is an act of. Grace by the Lord 5, Dark is the life of mortals and immaculate is the light of Naam Without the Naam Divine the fake. ones are filthy and despicable The holy scriptures goad one to life of devotion Those who obey. call to devotion experience the Spiritual Light 6, The various holy scriptures try to instruct in Naam meditation The God oriented attain peace.
through noble act of Naam meditation The self centred suffer the pain of transmigration. Liberation is bestowed when Naam abides in the heart 7. Belief in Naam Divine begets the true honour and adoration Without a rival to recognize the Lord. Alone is Real After thorough scrutiny Lord Alone is dear to me Says Nanak there is none else but. the Lord Alone 8 1,Bilawal Ashtpadian M 1 Ghar 10 Ang 831. Ordinary mortals cannot comprehend the Lord because He is imperceptible and beyond physical. scientific determining with human faculties His Being and presence cannot be denied He is. Fathomless and both Immanent and Transcendent Sustainer and Provider of all He provides. without being asked for He knows everybody s needs and is Omniscient All seekers come to His.

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News of The Church of the Holy Comforter

News of The Church of the Holy Comforter

(2003-5) television series Joan of Arcadia. The series starred Amber Tamblyn, Joe Mantegna, Mary Steenburgen and Jason Ritter. Teenager Joan sees and speaks with God, who appears in the form of various people. Joan is asked to perform tasks that seem trivial or contrary, but always end up positively improving a larger situation. We will be ...



SMRP NEWSLETTER, NO. 48, spring 2004 _____ 2 followed up with a printed reminder in April to those who are deficient.

Overview This standard covers a broad range of basic ...

Overview This standard covers a broad range of basic

Maintaining electrical equipment/systems This standard covers a broad range of basic electrical maintenance competences that will prepare you for entry into the engineering or manufacturing sectors, creating a progression between education and employment, or that will provide a basis for the development of



Based on 2014 Track and Field results Competing Countries Scotland / Wales / Ireland (A Development Team will also be selected for 2014 competition) 3

Invoice Verification for SAP - Espresso Tutorials

Invoice Verification for SAP Espresso Tutorials

voice verification in SAP already does this for POs that involve goods receipts. There is no flag to turn this on or off, as it involves basic three-way matching, and there would be no point in having an invoice verification func-tion that does not check the goods receipt data when it is available Figure 2.1 shows the GR-BASED IV flag on the

2014 AAU Athletics Regional Qualifier Meet Requirements

2014 AAU Athletics Regional Qualifier Meet Requirements

1 2014 AAU Athletics Regional Qualifier Meet Requirements (revised January 24, 2014) (Please refer to the attached bid application for specific requirements)

SAP User Guide - le.ac.uk

SAP User Guide le ac uk

U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Center Support of Heavy Duty ...

U S Army Aberdeen Test Center Support of Heavy Duty

U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Center Support of Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Emissions Testing Jason A. Jack U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Center, CSTE-DTC-AT-SL-E, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21005-5059 [email protected] ABSTRACT The U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Center (ATC), located at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD, supports the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in its heavy duty diesel engine ...

Corso di orientamento e navigazione

Corso di orientamento e navigazione

1) Premessa sugli scopi del corso. Ci si prefigge di dare a tutti i frequentatori del corso una serie di nozioni pratiche di orientamento e navigazione che permetta ...