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When you are trying to design a system or program, you will need a standard way to visualize it which can be used to specify, construct and document the artifacts. A UML modeling tools open source can be used for this purpose. If you require a general purpose development modeling language then you can simply download UML modeling tools from the internet as these free UML modeling tools are easy to use and available for free.

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Mac Users Can Use UML! If you are a Mac OS X 10.4 user, you have certainly noticed that UML does not support your platform. This is due to some incompatibilities with the Apple(tm) JDK on the Mac OS X 10.4. This is not the end of the story. The UML module will run on your Mac.


UML Modeller

This is a Unified Modelling Language (UML) program that is based on KDE technology. It will allow the users to create diagrams of the software and other systems in a standard format which can be documented or designed to create the structure of the program. Screenshots of the designs can be taken.

Visual Paradigm for UML

This software features all UML diagrams and ERD tools that are essential in the designing system and database. Modelling tools like Transistor, resource catalog and Nicknamer will make system modelling cost effective and easy. The composer will allow users to produce detailed design specifications that can be used in discussions.

UML Designer

This software will enable users to create their own graphical modelling workbench that can be done by leveraging the technologies available like EMF and GMF. It will provide a generic workbench for the purpose of model-based architecture engineering that can be customized to meet the requirements. It provides an easy way to combine the UML domain with specific modelling.


  1. UML Diagram Maker is ideal for software engineers and software designers who need to draw detailed software design documentation. Edraw UML Diagram is a new UML design tool which works in the.
  2. Compatible with UML 2.x standard metamodel and diagrams: Class, Object, Use Case, Component, Deployment, Composite Structure, Sequence, Communication, Statechart, Activity and Profile Diagram. Additional Diagrams. Support to create Entity-Relationship Diagrams (ERD), Data-flow Diagrams (DFD) and Flowchart Diagrams.

This software has a rich visual interface and consists of superior features that will help with UML modelling. It supports all 14 UML 2.4 software architecture and other model tables that are popular in SQL databases. It can be used to design a wide range of private and public business activities. It includes team working capabilities to coordinate and work.

Rise Editor

This software will help the users to build information model which has relations, constraints, indexes, and views. It will automatically define the interfaces that are needed for the model. It can be modified or extended later and the remodeling is very easy.

SQL Server Management Studio

This is a secure and scalable database platform that will have everything from analytics, in-memory performance, etc. built in. It will provide a real-time insight into the transactional and analytical data of the SQL server. It is not vulnerable and can be used in the cloud.


This software is a flowchart maker that can be used to create online diagrams. It will make sketching and share the professional-level flowcharts online. It has utmost compatibility with several programs like Google Apps. It also has a web app that supports Microsoft Visio documents.

StarUML – Most Popular Software

Uml Tool For Mac

Uml For Mac

Argouml For Mac

This popular software is a sophisticated software modeler that is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. It supports 11 kinds of UML diagrams and can be used to create ERDs which is the most frequently used diagram for database modelling. It is very fast and easy to use. You can also see UML Diagram Software

What is “UML Modeling Tools” Software?

UML is a standard modelling language that is used all over the industry for creating rich graphical notation and comprehensive diagrams for visualizing the programs. It is the best way to control your business or software project. UML generally has 14 diagrams that can be used to design the models and it will help with managing the complexity of the project. A UML modeling tools open source can be used for this purpose as it will have all the designing capabilities. All you have to do is download UML modeling tools which will solve problems like remodeling a program, coding, etc. You can also see Tool Design Software

Staruml For Mac

Free UML modeling tools will have features like supporting of major programming languages, custom code creation using user-defined templates, easy installation, writing an extension using HTML5, JavaScript, etc. These models that are designed should be synchronized anywhere and published as HTML documents.

Best Uml Software For Mac

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