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11 28 2013,Growing for the Future,UBC Botanical Garden Redevelopment. For UBC CIVL 445,Growing for the Future,UBC Botanical Garden Redevelopment Project. Group Twelve Consulting Team,Devon Brownlee,Pritisha Kumar. Steve McCutcheon,Simon Shen,GROUP TWELVE CONSULTING I. Executive Summary, Group Twelve Consulting was tasked with creating a conceptual.
redevelopment plan for the UBC Botanical Garden Design concepts were. developed with the objective of improving the visibility and presence of UBC. Botanical Garden on UBC campus and within the surrounding communities. improving accessibility to the Garden increasing the academic research and. recreational potential of the Garden and enhancing the overall visitor experience. through carefully considered and evaluated developments. The conceptual redevelopment design proposed by Group Twelve. Consulting Ltd consists of multiple stand alone elements The primary element is. a new two floor administrative building to be constructed in the location of the. current administrative building and gift shop This proposed building will provide. the botanical garden with an attractive multi functioning space and caf making. it a desirable destination on campus and thus attract a broader demographic of. visitors This design incorporates a covered bicycle parking and storage area to. improve accessibility of the garden The secondary element is a timber tree. house building that will be located adjacent to the existing food garden This. building is intended to provide a unique aesthetic to draw visitors into the garden. and to provide additional indoor space to accommodate future events in the. planned cooking demonstration area Tertiary elements consist of a pedestrian. overpass across SW Marine Drive at the main entrance and an expansion of the. existing parking lot The pedestrian overpass will improve the safety of the street. crossing loop visitor flow and serve as advertisement space for the garden The. parking lot expansion will increase the overall parking capacity to accommodate. special events and future increases in garden visitors. Due to funding constraints a staged project implementation plan is. proposed It is recommended that redevelopment begin with the tree house. followed by either the parking lot expansion or pedestrian overpass The new. administration building should be implemented last. GROUP TWELVE CONSULTING II,Table of Contents,Executive Summary ii. List of Figures iv,List of Tables iv,Introduction 1. Problem Definition 1,Design Objectives 2,Technical Approach 2. Design Description 3,Administrative Building 3,Specifications 5. Sustainable Design 5,Covered Bicycle Parking and Secure Storage 7.
Specifications 8,Tree House 9,Specifications 12,Sustainable Design 12. Pedestrian Bridge 12,Specifications 13,Parking Expansion 14. Specifications 15,Pavement Options 17,Proposed Implementation 20. Conclusion 21,List of References 22,Appendix A Location Map 24. Appendix B Photographs of Existing Redevelopment Site 25. Appendix C Conceptual Model of Redeveloped Entrance Area 27. Appendix D Class D Cost Estimate and Assumptions 28. Appendix E Multi Criteria Decision Making Matrix 32. GROUP TWELVE CONSULTING III,List of Figures, Figure 1 Conceptual Administration Building Floor Plan 4.
Figure 2 Conceptual Administration Building Exterior 4. Figure 3 General view of the proposed covered bicycled parking 7. Figure 4 Proposed Short Term Bicycle Parking Expansion 8. Figure 5 Conceptual Design of Tree House 10, Figure 6 Conceptual Interior Layout of Tree House Building 11. Figure 7 Conceptual Model of Proposed Pedestrian Overpass 13. Figure 8 Proposed Parking Lot Expansion 15, Figure 9 Recommended areas to expand paving facilities 16. Figure 10 Standard Asphalt Road Construction Core Concept Consulting Ltd. Figure 11 FilterPave applied areas of parking lot expansion 30. List of Tables, Table 1 Class D Cost Estimate for Each Paving Method 17. GROUP TWELVE CONSULTING IV,Introduction, Established in 1916 the University of British Columbia Botanical Gardens. UBCBG have undergone many incarnations moving to its current location on the. south side of the UBC Point Grey Campus in the 1940s Currently the research. collection consists of over 8000 species of plants from temperate regions around. the world The Botanical Garden is divided into a number of smaller garden areas. including the Alpine Garden displaying plants native to the high altitude regions. of the world Asian Garden Carolinian Forest showcasing the woodland flora of. eastern North America Food Garden the Native Garden showcasing the plants of. British Columbia and the Physic Garden Lewis 2013, A part of the Department of Land and Food systems the UBC Botanical.
garden is the oldest continuously operating botanical garden on a university. campus in Canada and has the only internationally significant research collection. in Canada Incorporating the Centre for Plant Research the mandate of the. Garden is to provide a world class research facility facilitate post secondary and. vocational learning in the areas of horticulture and botany and provide a restful. space for the wider public to experience and learn about diverse international. and local flora Lewis 2013 Justice 2013,Problem Definition. The UBC Botanical Garden is a hidden gem of tranquility on the UBC Point. Grey Campus in addition to being a valuable academic resource However the. gardens are facing a number of challenges Chief among them. The UBCBG is largely unknown and underutilized by the public with a. somewhat narrow demographic appeal The predominant visitors to the. garden are retirees, Access to the site is challenging with limited transit access bicycle. storage and pedestrian access On site parking capacity for patrons is. insufficient for special events and a limiting factor in increased visitor. GROUP TWELVE CONSULTING 1, Major infrastructure at the garden such as the admissions building gift. shop and the tunnel joining the north and south gardens is outdated and. does not provide optimal functionality to users and staff of the garden. facilities, There is an unsustainable use of potable water at the garden particularly. in the areas of irrigation and aesthetic water features. Funding for new projects is restricted due to the botanical garden s limited. operating budget, Redevelopment must not compromise the research collection or negatively.
impact visitor experience,Lewis P 2013 Justice D 2013. Design Objectives, With these specific challenges in mind the design team assembled at. Group Twelve Consulting Ltd endeavored to improve the visibility and presence. of UBC Botanical Garden on UBC campus and within the surrounding communities. improve accessibility to the Garden increase the academic research and. recreational potential of the Garden and enhance the overall visitor experience. through carefully considered and evaluated developments the conceptual design. for which are presented here,Technical Approach, A wide range of preliminary design concepts were developed by the design. team based on constraint and objective information provided by administrators of. the UBC Botanical Garden primarily Patrick Lewis the garden s Director and. Douglas Justice the associate director and curator of collections through. presentations correspondence and a tour of the garden facilities. Design concepts were evaluated by team members based on how well they. met the design objectives specified previously and ultimately how they. integrated to form a single comprehensive development plan. GROUP TWELVE CONSULTING 2,Design Description,Administrative Building. The ultimate goal of the administrative building is to provide the botanical. garden with an attractive multi functioning space and bring a larger population. to the garden especially during the winter months The building will include. features that will not only benefit garden visitors but will attract a broader range. of UBC students by making the Botanical Garden a desirable destination on. The building is approximately 13250 ft 2 and is located in the current. location of the garden s gift shop and admissions booth Refer to site map in. Appendix A It consists of two floors featuring a large central atrium and a. covered outdoor patio The first floor is 9900 ft 2 comprising a coffee shop a gift. store admissions and visitor information desk restrooms an interpretive area. and the central atrium The open floor design of the main floor facilitates flow. from one area to the next while providing sufficient barriers to excessive sound. The interpretive area will be used to provide information about the garden s. varied history and showcase its continuing research and role in cultivating and. preserving international plant specimens In this way visitors to the garden can. develop an understanding of the garden as not just a beautiful natural space but. the important academic role it has within the University The central atrium will. provide a versatile space for the gardens on a typical day providing an inspiring. space to relax or study as well as being a visually striking space to use for. corporate or academic events, The second floor is 3350 ft 2 and consists of a balcony overlooking the first.
floor atrium administration offices and an additional multi use area This multi. use area can be developed in the future as an integrated research teaching space. or continue to be used as a flexible space for studies teaching and third party. rentals The conceptual floor plan of the proposed administration building is. presented in Figure 1,GROUP TWELVE CONSULTING 3, Figure 1 Conceptual Administration Building Floor Plan. The exterior of the building with its growing wall and green roof is. beautiful unique and representative of the UBCBG s and UBC s commitments to. sustainability in learning in botany and in daily living A conceptual rendering of. the administration building exterior is presented in Figure 2. Figure 2 Conceptual Administration Building Exterior. GROUP TWELVE CONSULTING 4,Specifications, The administrative building s design consists of a post and beam timber. frame structure with predominantly glazed exterior walls and a green roof in the. shape of a leaf The roof cantilevers out over the outdoor patio and is supported. by two vertical columns and braced by four diagonal members The building. contains three interior columns and eleven outer columns that resist the dead. and live vertical loads within the building The columns are made of large. rectangular glulam members which provide sufficient compression strength while. maintaining an attractive aesthetic These loads will be distributed to the. columns by glulam beams throughout the building Concrete shear walls with. heavy reinforcement are located behind the reception desk and encasing the. restrooms to resist lateral and earthquake loading The estimated cost for this. administration building design is 2 487 500,Sustainable Design. The administrative building will have a unique and innovative aesthetic. among the academic buildings on UBC s Point Grey campus and be a leader of. building sustainability at the University of British Columbia The new. administrative building will achieve a minimum Gold performance rating under. the United States Green Building Council LEED requirements as adopted in Canada. or equivalent performance It will meet requirements in each LEED category. including site development water efficiency energy efficiency material. selection indoor environmental quality innovative design and regional priority. This is in accordance with the Province of British Columbia s 2006 provision that. all new institutional buildings and renovations exceeding 600 m 2 shall achieve the. minimum requirements of LEED Gold as well as UBC s commitments to. sustainable development Further it is recommended that a building life cycle. assessment LCA be performed encompassing the construction and operation. phases of the building for full building credits under LEED This will integrate. with UBC SEEDS projects in the area of life cycle assessment and the. development of LCA databases on UBC s academic buildings Sianchuk R. Personal communication This would also further UBC s goals of developing the. Point Grey campus and its facilities as a living laboratory for sustainability. GROUP TWELVE CONSULTING 5, Where possible the construction of the building will utilize recyclable and. environmentally conscious materials contributing to the goal to being a. completely green building Using wood as the major construction material has. many environmental advantages as well as its obvious advantages of aesthetics. Compared to other building materials timber construction has less waste and a. lower production of carbon dioxide while at the same time absorbing carbon. dioxide from the atmosphere Timber also generally has a faster construction. time than concrete or steel due to the prefabrication of members allowing for. an economical and sustainable construction period, The administration building s green roof will consist of mainly native grass.
plantings with the capacity to nourish flowers or vegetables The green roof. allows water to be absorbed by plants rather than contributing to storm water. runoff A filter fabric layer beneath the vegetation surface will allow for drainage. of excess water that is not absorbed The roof is sloped toward the middle of the. building which will facilitate the collection of excess water The runoff will be. stored on site and allowed for use in toilets The administrative building will. also have a green wall on the north side of the building The green wall will. consist of vines and other plants providing appealing aesthetics to the exterior of. the building Further the inclusion of additional living plants into the exterior of. the building contributes to the carbon sequestered by the building and has the. long term effect of reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in adherence with. UBC s Climate Action Plan and their commitments to reducing green house gas. Electrical lighting in the building will be minimal due to the extensive. amount of natural light provided by the extensive fenestration and the north. south orientation of the building The building s large atrium will benefit from. the large glass exterior walls and will efficiently light the majority of the building. Lighting fixtures will be placed where necessary and use energy efficient LED. light bulbs Having motion censored lighting and adjustable brightness level will. allow for a reduction in energy usage This will allow the administrative building. to use minimal energy and save expenses for UBC, The administrative building s design focuses mainly on visual appeal and. sustainability in construction and operation This design allows the building to be. GROUP TWELVE CONSULTING 6, an eye catching and in demand location on UBC campus for studying integrated. horticultural learning and hosting special events The multi use space will allow. the botanical gardens to host more events in an effort to draw more visitors and. allow the space to be rented out to third parties,Covered Bicycle Parking and Secure Storage. Currently the majority of visitors to the garden arrive in private vehicles. but as the UBC Botanical Garden develops into more of a scenic and sustainable. anchor attraction at UBC there will likely be an increased demand to commute. to the garden by cycling There is a large cycling population on the university. campus as well as in the adjacent neighbourhood of Kitsilano Currently there are. a few bicycle storage racks in front of the gift shop and admissions buildings and. no covered or long term bike storage Additionally bicycles are not permitted. inside the garden This is restrictive to the visitors to the garden who would wish. to cycle there By increasing the bicycle storage capacity the design team hopes. to encourage a wider demographic of recreational visitors to the Botanical. Garden The Garden may even choose to create bicycle paths through the facility. to add further recreational value The proposed plan is to add covered bicycle. parking as well as secure storage in part of the administration building A general. layout of the proposed covered bicycle storage area is presented in Figure 3. Figure 3 General view of the proposed covered bicycled parking. GROUP TWELVE CONSULTING 7, Encouraging active transportation aligns with UBC s Sustainability Plan and. the inclusion of both covered and secure bicycle storage in the new. administration building design is in concurrence with UBC s policies for. infrastructure development,Specifications, The current bicycle storage capacity is short term parking for 12 bicycles in.
the form of bicycle racks The covered bicycle parking which would replace it. would be composed of racks oriented in a curved line as seen below in Figure 4. It would be installed along the side of the paved courtyard in front of the new. administration building and beside entrance of the proposed pedestrian overpass. The new racks are able to accommodate a parking capacity of 30 bicycles The. rack loops are modelled as per the design standards for the Inverted U Shape type. specified by UBC Infrastructure Planning Urban Racks Bicycle Parking Systems. Figure 4 Proposed Short Term Bicycle Parking Expansion. GROUP TWELVE CONSULTING 8, The secure long term bicycle parking will take up an area in the room just. behind the information desk in the lobby of the administration building Patrons. wishing to use to the secure parking would bring their bicycle to the staff at the. information desk who would then give them a numbered key or item The staff. then takes the bicycle into the secure room where there will be several aisles of. vertical braces The bicycles can be attached upwards with the front wheel. clipped to the top and the back wheel on the ground This technique of storing. bicycles is space efficient and can also be less physically demanding for staff. depending on the bracing system used as some are partially automated or. employ levers for aid The owner of the bicycle would then retrieve their bicycle. with their number in a manner similar to a coat check The daily capacity in the. secure storage area may vary from 20 bicycles and higher depending on how. many braces are purchased and if adequate space given The space dedicated to. long term bicycle storage can be flexible depending on how much of the multi. use space can be spared More area will not necessarily be required during. special events and can actually be reduced as the Garden already employs a. Bicycle Valet organization to provide those services. Tree House, The proposed tree house is a 900ft 2 timber building that is elevated above. the ground surface and built around three fully grown living trees The elevated. floor of the building will be accessed through a stairway with ramp access. provided in the rear of the building for mobility impaired visitors The tree house. is to be located in the Alpine Garden on the south east side of the north portion. of the garden adjacent to the fence bordering 16 th Avenue Refer to site map in. Appendix A This particular location was chosen by the design team for a number. of reasons A stand of native trees provides an optimal space for integration of. the tree house into the existing landscape Since the building will be visible from. 16th Avenue the design team believes that its unique aesthetic will draw visitors. into the garden Finally this location provides proximity to the planned cooking. demonstration area at the food garden and will provide an additional space for. preparation and storage as well as an indoor demonstration space for use during. inclement weather Should garden administrators choose to include washroom. facilities in the tree house this will complement the existing facilities in the tea.

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