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AmScope/Toupview Windows PC Software FAQ (For MU and MD Series Camera Only) FAQ PDF Can be Downloaded here. Q: The drivers have been installed but when I try to view an image in the software, we. App Store Preview for Mac provides a snapshot of the App Store right from your OS X Dashboard. An easy-to-use widget, it lets you sort and search for apps based on cost and popularity.

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AmScope/Toupview Windows PC Software FAQ
(For MU and MD Series Camera Only)

ToupTek ToupView Setup for Windows. OptixCam Twain Setup for Windows. OptixCam Dshow Setup for Windows. OptixCam ToupLite Setup for OS X. OptixCam Air & OptixCam KoPa C-500W Wifi. Micro Capture for Windows 264 MB (includes driver) Micro Capture for Mac. OptixCam Classic Summit and Pinnacle Series Software for X Series Cameras.

FAQ PDF Can be Downloaded here.

Q: The drivers have been installed but when I try to view an image in the software, we get an error message that says “Cannot preview, try again (error code hr=0x80004005)”

A: Several factors will result in this. The following test methods will help find the exact reason:

  • Slow down the Frame Speed Level or select lower resolution. If the camera can work under a slower speed level or a lower resolution, the computer may have a smaller USB bandwidth than the USB 2.0 standard;
  • Unplug and re-plug the camera or use another USB cable. Sometimes the USB cable and the USB port on the camera may have a poor contact, so that the computer and the camera are unable to communicate;
  • Use another USB port on the computer. Different USB ports on the computer have different performance. Normally the USB ports at the back of a computer have better performance than the front ones;
  • Use another computer. Different USB root hubs of different computers may differ greatly. Normally USB root hubs of a desktop computer have better performance than those of laptops.

Q: The camera is started but the Video window is always black.

A: This could be caused by 3 reasons:

    1. Make sure that you’ve removed all caps from the camera and reduction lens. Most users always forget to remove the cap that’s on top of the reduction lens. Please reference this picture:
    2. If you’re using a Trinocular microscope such as our SM or ZM Series Microscope, and you have your camera in the trinocular port, make sure that you adjust the pin on the left hand side of the system that opens the shutter to the trinocular port:
    3. If those two other reasons didn’t work, you can try this method:
      • Please choose “Setup–>View Properties” in the menu so that you can check the “Actual Frame Rate” as shown below:If the actual frame is 0, it could be because the transfer bandwidth of the computer’s USB root hub is not sufficient to transfer high sped video stream at large resolution. Slow down the Frame Speed Level and/or decrease the resolution. The pictures below will show you how to solve that problem:

Q: How do I increase the frame rate/speed level of the camera when using the Software?

A: We made a video on how to increase frame rate here:

Q: Why doesn’t my system start up (boot) if the camera is plugged in?

A: A few computer’s BIOS settings are not compatible with the camera (such as DELL Dimension 2400). Try to turn off some USB related functions in the comptuer’s BIOS settings such as USB Emulation. This may solve the problem.

Q: How do I capture single frames and video clips when using the camera?

A: Please refer to the software user manual in Section 2.6 You can access the manual by clicking “Help–>Help Contents”

Q: How do I change the unit of measurement in Toupview?

A: You have to define the Software Power and Calibrate your camera with your microscope before the units of measure will work. Please reference sections “15.3 Magnifications and 15.4 Calibrate” in the manual. You can also watch a video on how to calibrate your microscope and camera here:

Toupview For Mac

Q: Why is the camera not recognized by the computer?

Toupview for mac os

A: There may be something wrong with either the USB root hub, the USB cable, or you may not have installed the drivers for the camera. Make sure that you have the latest drivers for the camera installed. If that’s already installed, there could be an issue with the USB cable. Try using a different USB cable. Also try the camera with another computer.

Q: What does bin/skip mean?

A: Bin and skip are two sub-sample methods and not all models support this feature. Bin averages the adjacent pixels from the full resolution to get smaller resolutions while skip just picks one of the adjacent pixels from the full resolution to get smaller resolutions. As a result, the video quality of bin is better but the average will take more time to generate a frame. The bin/skip feature is summarized as follows:

Q: Are you going to have a Gigabit Ethernet interface for future cameras?

A: No, Gigabit Ethernet interface cameras will not be produced because we already have USB 3.0 cameras which have a faster interface.


Toupview For Macbook

Toupview For MacI just purchased microscope/USB Camera kit from While I am more than satisfied with the microscope, the Omax camera/software that was bundled is giving me some serious trouble.
It is the type of camera you insert in the eyepiece and connect directly to the computer through a USB cable. It looks like this one except it's 1.3 megapixel. ... 10164.html (didn't find any restriction to adding a URL; sorry if there is one)
I think it is also sold under the 'AmScope' brand.
It came with a CD that contains ToupView, the software for both Mac OS X and Windows (I think it's the same for both platforms).

Toupview For Mac Os

I plugged it in a Mac Mini and I after playing with the settings I managed to get a decent picture, but the colours were different (a slide that should be red/pink was blue). I then tried plugging it to a Windows 7 computer and had much worse results. The image is never even close to what I see with the eyepiece, everything is yellow/orange, if I change the picture settings I get no improvement at all. If the exposure is good, I lose the colours, if the colours are good, it's only for a small portion of the subject. Playing with the light intensity does not really improve anything, it just makes the subject disappear as if it was too bright (which was not an issue on OS X).
When I take a picture with my smartphone, it comes out very nice... so I was wondering, do you think the camera is damaged? Could it be poor quality so even a replacement would give me the same results? They're not that cheap (alone I think it sells for $89 which is far from professional equipment, but in 2014 should still give me decent pictures).
What software do you use, do you think it could make a difference?
In my opinion, the USB camera should at the very least see exactly what I see by default, and image settings would be to make it better. I understand the focus can be different, but that should be it. If my smartphone can do it well with a shaky hand, this thing should do much better.

Toupview For Macbook Air

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Any help would be appreciated! I have no experience at all using a camera on a microscope so it may be a stupid mistake.