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AFTER THE INJURED PERSON IS FREE OF CONTACT,WITH THE SOURCE OF ELECTRICAL SHOCK MOVE. THE PERSON A SHORT DISTANCE AWAY AND,IMMEDIATELY START ARTIFICIAL RESUSCITATION. TM 11 5820 890 20 2, A lithium sulfur dioxide Li SO battery used with Battery Box CY 8523A PRC contains. pressurized sulfur dioxide SO gas The gas is toxic and the battery MUST NOT be abused in. any way which may cause the battery to rupture, DO NOT heat short circuit crush puncture mutilate or disassemble the battery. DO NOT USE any battery which shows signs of damage such as bulging swelling. disfigurement brown liquid in the plastic wrap a swollen plastic wrap etc. DO NOT test Li SO batteries for capacity except as authorized. DO NOT recharge Li SO batteries, DO NOT use water to extinguish Li SO battery fires.
If the battery compartment becomes hot to the touch if you hear a hissing sound i e battery. venting or if you smell irritating sulfur dioxide gas IMMEDIATELY TURN OFF the equipment. Remove the equipment to a well ventilated area or leave the area. DO NOT use a Halon type fire extinguisher on a lithium battery fire. In the event of a fire near a lithium battery ies rapid cooling of the battery ies is important Use a. carbon dioxide CO extinguisher, DO NOT store lithium batteries with other hazardous materials and keep them away from open. flame or heat, A BA 5372 U is used in the RT as a memory hold up battery HUB It is a lithium battery The. HUB is used to hold memory in the RT when the main battery is removed manpack radio In. vehicular radios the HUB will hold the memory if amplifier adapter CB1 is set to OFF The battery. life depends on how long the RT is used each day Replace the HUB before it fails or at 180 days. whichever comes first,TM 11 5820 890 20 2, RF energy is present near the antenna during transmission Except Manpack maintain at least. 30 inches from antenna and personnel during transmission. HIGH VOLTAGE,D M 200 V dc,VAA J1 PA MOUNT J4, DO NOT lift the amplifier adapter with any component installed Maximum weight for a one person. lift is 35 lbs,TM 11 5820 890 20 2, HIGH VOLTAGE is present during testing and troubleshooting of the radio sets DEATH ON.
CONTACT can result so observe the following safety precautions. If possible work on the equipment only when another person is nearby who is competent in. CARDIOPULMONARY RESUSCITATION CPR and knows the five safety steps on page a. Never work on electronic equipment unless there is another person nearby who is familiar with the. operation and hazards of the equipment and who is competent in administering first aid When the. technicians are aided by operators they must be warned about dangerous areas. Whenever possible the power supply to the equipment must be shut off before beginning work. on the equipment Take particular care to ground every capacitor likely to hold a dangerous. potential When working inside the equipment after the power has been turned off always ground. every part before touching it, Be careful not to contact high voltage connections or 115 V ac input connections when installing. or operating this equipment, Whenever the nature of the operation permits keep one hand away from the equipment to reduce. the hazard of current flowing through the body, DO NOT BE MISLED by the terms low voltage and low potential Voltages potentials as low as. 50 V can cause DEATH under certain conditions, Remove or tape all personal metal objects e g watches rings and medallions before working. on C E equipment,For Artificial Respiration refer to FM 21 11.
HARDNESS CRITICAL PROCESS, The RT 1523 series of radio sets have been designed to survive the effects of a nuclear explosion. This includes over pressure and burst thermal radiation electromagnetic pulse EMP and. transient radiation effects on electronics TREE Those maintenance procedures that are critical in. maintaining the nuclear hardness of the radio are marked HCP. TM 11 5820 890 20 2,MOBILE OPERATION WITH WHIP ANTENNAS. DO NOT stop your vehicle under power lines, Maintain mobile communications with your antenna tied down. Ensure that the protective antenna tip cap is on the end of your antenna. DO NOT touch or stand within 30 inches 0 75 meters of a vehicular antenna if it is. possible that the RT is keyed, When operating cross country do not place arm leg or weapon over the sides of the. vehicle If your antenna accidentally touches a power line a fatal or serious accident. can happen, If you believe your vehicular antenna may not clear a power line stop before you get.
near the power line Carefully tie the antenna down You may remove the antenna if. necessary to ensure that it does not touch the power line. Install a stay down or snap free antenna clip over the antenna See. TM 11 5820 890 10 1 for details,Death or serious injury can result. When antenna tip caps are not installed on antenna. When an antenna that is not tied down hits a fixed object such as an overhead. bridge tree limb etc flying antenna parts might strike nearby personnel. TM 11 5820 890 20 2,Technical Manual Headquarters,Department of the Army. No 11 5820 890 20 2,Washington D C 1 JULY 2000,Technical Manual. Unit Maintenance Manual,Ground ICOM Radio Sets,AN PRC 119A NSN 5820 01 267 9482 EIC L2Q. AN PRC 119D NSN 5820 01 421 0801 EIC GC9,AN PRC 119F NSN 5820 01 451 8252 EIC GA4.
AN VRC 87A NSN 5820 01 267 9480 EIC L22,AN VRC 87C NSN 5820 01 304 2045 EIC GDC. AN VRC 87D NSN 5820 01 351 5259 EIC GAR,AN PRC 87F NSN 5820 01 451 8248 EIC GA3. AN VRC 88A NSN 5820 01 267 9481 EIC L23,AN VRC 88D NSN 5820 01 352 1694 EIC GAS. AN PRC 88F NSN 5820 01 452 8435 EIC GA3,AN VRC 89A NSN 5820 01 267 9479 EIC L24. AN VRC 89D NSN 5820 01 420 6619 EIC GD8,AN PRC 89F NSN 5820 01 451 8247 EIC N A.
AN VRC 90A NSN 5820 01 267 5105 EIC L25,AN VRC 90D NSN 5820 01 420 6618 EIC GD9. AN PRC 90F NSN 5820 01 451 8246 EIC GA2,AN VRC 91A NSN 5820 01 267 9478 EIC L26. AN VRC 91D NSN 5820 01 420 6621 EIC GDG,AN PRC 91F NSN 5820 01 451 8249 EIC N A. AN VRC 92A NSN 5820 01 267 9477 EIC L27,AN VRC 92D NSN 5820 01 421 2605 EIC GDH. AN PRC 92F NSN 5820 01 451 8250 EIC N A,REPORTING OF ERRORS AND RECOMMENDING IMPROVEMENTS.
You can help improve this manual If you find any mistakes or if you know of a way to improve the procedures please. let us know Mail your letter DA Form 2028 Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms or DA 2028 2. located in back of this manual direct to Commander US Army Communications Electronics Command Fort Mon. mouth ATTN AMSEL LC LEO D CS CFO Fort Monmouth New Jersey 07703 5000 The Fax number is. 732 532 1413 DSN 992 1413 You may also e mail your recommendation to AMSEL LC LEO PUBS CHG ce. com3 monmouth army mil, In either case a reply will be furnished direct to you. TABLE OF CONTENTS,Chap Sec Para Subject Page,HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL iv. CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1 2,Section I General Information 1 2. Para 1 1 Scope 1 2, Para 1 2 Consolidated Index of Army Publications and Blank Forms 1 3. Para 1 3 Reporting Equipment Improvement Recommendations EIR 1 3. Para 1 4 Maintenance Forms Records and Reports 1 3. Para 1 5 Destruction of Army Electronics Materiel 1 3. Para 1 6 Preparation For Storage or Shipment 1 3,Para 1 7 Nomenclature Cross Reference List 1 4.
Section II Equipment Description and Data 1 5,Para 1 8 Description of Components 1 5. THIS MANUAL SUPERSEDES TM 11 5820 890 20 2 DATED 30 MAY 1998. TM 11 5820 890 20 2,Chap Sec Para Subject Page,Section III Principles of Operation 1 26. Para 1 9 General 1 26,Para 1 10 DC Power Input and Distribution 1 26. Para 1 11 Radio Analog Receive Path 1 29,Para 1 12 Radio Analog Transmit Path 1 31. Para 1 13 Intercommunication Set AN VIC 1 V 1 33,Para 1 14 Control Monitor C 11291 VRC 1 44.
Para 1 15 Remote Control Unit RCU C 11561 C U 1 45. Para 1 16 FH Fill Device MX 18290 VRC 1 47, Para 1 17 Automated Net Control Device ANCD AN CYZ 10 1 48. Section IV Principles of Maintenance Operation 1 49. Para 1 18 Use of Maintenance Allocation Chart MAC 1 49. Para 1 19 Unscheduled Maintenance 1 49,Para 1 20 Troubleshooting 1 49. Para 1 21 Post Repair Use of Operational Check 1 50. Para 1 22 Operation In Nuclear Biological and Chemical NBC Environment 1 50. Para 1 23 Typical Single Channel SC Test Setup 1 51. Para 1 24 Handset H 250 1 52, Section V Repair Parts Special Tools Test Measurement and Diagnostic. Equipment TMDE and Support Equipment 1 53,Para 1 25 Common Tools and Equipment 1 53. Para 1 26 Special Tools TMDE and Support Equipment 1 53. Para 1 27 Repair Parts 1 53, Section VI Preparation for Storage or Shipment 1 53.
Para 1 28 General 1 53,Para 1 29 Special Procedures 1 53. Para 1 30 Administrative Storage 1 54,Para 1 31 Intermediate Storage 55. CHAPTER 2 VEHICULAR INTERCOM AN VIC 1 V VIC 2 1,Para 2 1 Operational Check 2 1. Para 2 2 Troubleshooting Flowcharts 2 9,Para 2 3 Cable Schematics 2 164. CHAPTER 3 CONTROL MONITOR CM 3 1,Para 3 1 Operational Check 3 1.
Para 3 2 Troubleshooting Flowcharts 3 4,Para 3 3 Cable Schematics 3 10. CHAPTER 4 CONTROL RECEIVER TRANSMITTER RCU C 11561 4 1. Para 4 1 Operational Check 4 1,Para 4 2 Troubleshooting Flowcharts 4 5. TM 11 5820 890 20 2,Chap Sec Para Subject Page,CHAPTER 5 SINGLE RADIO MOUNT SRM 5 1. Para 5 1 Principles of Operation 5 1,Para 5 2 Operational Check 5 4. Para 5 3 Troubleshooting Flowcharts 5 10,Para 5 4 Cable Schematics 5 49.
CHAPTER 6 FILL DEVICES 6 1,Para 6 1 General 6 1,Para 6 2 Automated Net Control Device ANCD 6 1. Para 6 3 ECCM Fill Device 3,CHAPTER 7 BATTERIES 7 1. Para 7 1 Care and Handling of Batteries 7 1,Para 7 2 Battery Data 7 2. Para 7 3 Battery Testing 7 4,CHAPTER 8 COMPONENT ASSEMBLY DISASSEMBLY 8 1. Para 8 1 Inspection Procedures 8 1,Para 8 2 Component Replacement 8 4.
Para 8 3 Component Repair 8 16, CHAPTER 9 FREQUENCY HOPPING MULTIPLEXER FHMUX TBD 9 1. CHAPTER 10 HANDHELD REMOTE CONTROL RADIO DEVICE 10 1. Para 10 1 General 10 1, Para 10 2 Handheld Remote Control Radio Device HRCRD 10 1. Para 10 3 Remote Control Battery Box 10 2,INDEX SUBJECT MATTER INDEX INDEX 1. APPENDIX A REFERENCES A 1,APPENDIX B MAINTENANCE ALLOCATION CHART B 1. APPENDIX C EXPENDABLE DURABLE SUPPLIES AND MATERIALS LIST C 1. Section I Introduction C 1, Section II Expendable Durable Supplies And Materials List C 1.
POWER DISTRIBUTION DIAGRAMS PDD 1,Para 1 8 Description of Components 1 5. THIS MANUAL SUPERSEDES TM 11 5820 890 20 2 DATED 30 MAY 1998. TM 11 5820 890 20 2,HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL, The goal of this technical manual is to provide unit maintenance procedures that are easy to understand and. equally easy to follow when operating in the field. Three technical manuals support the unit maintainer. TM 11 5820 890 20 1 Short title TM 20 1 focuses on SINCGARS radios both manpack and vehicular. configurations and provides essential information regarding cables component replacement and repair By. limiting TM 20 1 to this primary focus the manual is small enough to be carried around by the maintainer. during field operations if required, TM 11 5820 890 20 2 Short title TM 20 2 supplements TM 20 1 with maintenance procedures. regarding other system components These include vehicular intercommunications system VIC. frequency hopping multiplexer FHMUX control monitor C M remote control unit RCU single radio mount. SRM FH fill devices and batteries Additionally TM 20 2 includes the maintenance allocation chart and. power distribution diagrams TM 20 2 is necessarily larger than TM 20 1 and it is designed primarily for use. under shelter, TM 11 5820 890 20 3 Unit Maintenance Handbook Short title TM 20 3 is the third manual This is a. logbook size manual designed to be routinely carried by each unit maintainer while checking out. communications systems installed in vehicles and in field locations The information contained in this handbook. is extracted from TM 20 1 and TM 20 2 but the manual s useful size obviously limits the amount of. information provided The guidance found in the handbook is accurate It is just not as detailed as that found in. TM 20 1 and TM 20 2, Unit maintenance personnel are encouraged to use all three manuals The handbook is carried on their person.
for on site in the field troubleshooting and faulty line replaceable unit LRU identification TM 20 1 and TM. 20 2 are then used to confirm handbook based findings or to extend troubleshooting procedures where the. handbook fails to disclose which LRU is faulty,PRINCIPLES OF OPERATION. Where appropriate TM 20 1 and TM 20 2 provide background information of general interest in. understanding how the system or component works,OPERATIONAL CHECKS. Each chapter of TM 20 1 and TM 20 2 where applicable contains Operational Checks This is where the unit. maintainer starts to identify the nature of the problem As these manuals caution it is important to perform. Operational Checks exactly as presented or false findings can result The second important application of the. Operational Check is its use after LRU replacement or repair to verify that the fault has been corrected The. Operational Check for manpack and vehicular radios found in TM 20 3 Unit Maintenance Handbook are. identical to those provided in TM 20 1 Operational checks for other items of equipment are shown in TM 20 2. TM 11 5820 890 20 2,TROUBLESHOOTING FLOWCHARTS, Each chapter of TM 20 1 and TM 20 2 where applicable contains Troubleshooting Flowcharts Which. flowchart to use is determined by the Operational Check Use of the troubleshooting flowchart then identifies. the specific problem and tells the maintainer to replace or repair a specific LRU. The Unit Maintenance Handbook TM 20 3 contains abbreviated troubleshooting flowcharts called. Troubleshooting Guides Guides are shorter than flowcharts to permit their use in a logbook sized handbook. Experience has shown that by using these abbreviated troubleshooting guides a unit maintainer is able to. correctly identify system problems When use of the troubleshooting guides fails to properly identify the. problem or there is a question about the accuracy of the problem identification the unit maintainer should use. TM 20 1 or TM 20 2 with their more extensive troubleshooting flowcharts The purpose of the handbook is to. help the unit maintainer when working inside vehicles in the field but the procedures contained in the. handbook may be supplemented with those in TM 20 1 and TM 20 2. SYSTEM VERSUS COMPONENTS, The Operational Checks and troubleshooting flowcharts guides found in TM 20 1 TM 20 2 and TM 20 3 are. based upon the requirement to check systems rather than components For example a problem with the radio. in a vehicle must be checked in the vehicle not by removing the RT and taking it elsewhere to be checked. Once the vehicular radio system has been checked and a specific LRU identified as faulty that LRU can be. taken elsewhere for further checking When the radio system being checked includes an AN VIC 1 VIC. check first to determine if the fault is in the radio or the VIC Then troubleshoot the faulty part of the system. AVOIDING FALSE PULLS, When properly used these three TMs offer the unit maintainer the means for accurately identifying nearly all.
faulty LRUs The number of problems which can occur in radio systems and the detailed procedures required. for accurate identification dictate that manuals must be used even under the most adverse field conditions. Attempts to troubleshoot from memory have proven over and over to result in false pulls reflecting adversely on. the unit maintainer and helping no one Four sure ways to keep false pulls to an absolute minimum are 1 start. by performing the prescribed Operational Check 2 use these manuals when troubleshooting 3 confirm your. fault identification by again performing the Operational Check and 4 use TM 20 1 and TM 20 2. troubleshooting flowcharts to double check faulty LRUs before evacuating them to direct support DS. maintenance,Para 1 8 Description of Components 1 5. THIS MANUAL SUPERSEDES TM 11 5820 890 20 2 DATED 30 MAY 1998. TM 11 5820 890 20 2,CONTROL CONTROL AUTOMATED, INTERCOMMUNICATION INTERCOMMUNICATION NET CONTROL DEVICE. SET C 2298 VRC SET C 2297 VRC AN CYZ 10,CABLE ASSEMBLY CABLE ASSEMBLY. AMPLIFIER SPECIAL PURPOSE SPECIAL PURPOSE,AUDIO FREQUENCY ELECTRICAL ELECTRICAL. AM 1780 VRC CX 13313 VRC CX 13417 VRC,RECEIVER TRANSMITTER.
General Information I 1 1,Equipment Description and Data II 1 5. Principles of Operation III 1 26,Principles of Maintenance Operation IV 1 49. Repair Parts Special Tools Test Measurement and Diagnostic. Equipment TMDE and Support Equipment V 1 53,Preparation for Storage or Shipment VI 1 53. GENERAL INFORMATION, a Type of Manual This is a unit maintenance manual It contains the information required to maintain the. SINCGARS radio ancillary equipment,b Model Numbers and Equipment Names.
Model Common Name,AN VIC 1 VIC,AM 1780 Amplifier,C 2297 Driver s Control Box. C 2298 Commander Crewmember Control Box,C 11291 VRC Control Monitor. C 11561 VRC Remote Control Unit,MT 6576 VRC Single Radio Mounting Base. MX 10862 VRC Single Radio Power Supply Adapter,CY 8664 Battery Tray. MX 18290 FH Fill Device,AN CYZ 10 Automated Net Control Device.
Radio Sets Using,RT 1523 Series Common Name, AN VRC 87C Short range radio in single radio mount. TM 11 5820 890 20 2,1 1 SCOPE Continued, c Components of Radio Sets and Ancillary Equipment. AN VRC 87C SHORT RANGE RADIO,IN SINGLE RADIO MOUNT. RECEIVER TRANSMITTER CABLE ASSEMBLY,ADAPTER POWER SUPPLY PSA. RADIO RT SPECIAL PURPOSE,MX 10862 VRC,RT 1523 SERIES ELECTRICAL.
CX 13314 VRC,TM 11 5820 890 20 2,1 1 SCOPE Continued. d Purpose and Use of Equipment All types of SINCGARS ICOM radio sets use the RT 1523 series as the. basic receiver transmitter They can operate in single channel SC mode or in the frequency hopping FH. mode In either mode the RT can receive and transmit voice and analog or digital data The RT has a self test. function retransmit capabilities and can be remotely controlled The RCU remote control unit can remotely. control a RT up to 4 km away The control monitor provides for control of the installed RT but with less. capabilities than the RCU Like the RT the RCU and control monitor have a self test function External. COMSEC equipment is not required when using the RT 1523 series or RCU Secure communications. functions are built into the RT and RCU, 1 2 CONSOLIDATED INDEX OF ARMY PUBLICATIONS AND BLANK FORMS. Refer to the latest issues of DA Pam 25 30 to determine whether there are new editions changes or additional. publications pertaining to the equipment, 1 3 REPORTING EQUIPMENT IMPROVEMENT RECOMMENDATIONS EIR. If your series of radio sets needs improvement let us know Send us an EIR You the user are the only one. who can tell us what you don t like about the design Put it on an SF 368 Product Quality Deficiency Report. Mail it to US Army CECOM ATTN AMSEL LC ED CFO Fort Monmouth New Jersey 07703 5023 We ll send. you a reply,1 4 MAINTENANCE FORMS RECORDS AND REPORTS. a Reports of Maintenance and Unsatisfactory Equipment Department of the Army forms and. procedures used for equipment maintenance will be those prescribed by DA Pam 738 750 as contained. in Maintenance Management Update, b Reporting of Item and Packing Discrepancies Fill out and forward SF 364 Report of Discrepancy.
ROD as prescribed in AR 735 11 2 DLAR 4140 55 SECNAVIST 4355 18 AFR 400 54 MCO 4430 3J. c Transportation Discrepancy Report TDR SF 361 Fill out and forward Transportation Discrepancy. Report TDR SF 361 as prescribed in AR 55 38 NAVSUPINST 4610 33C AFR 75 18 MCO. P4610 19D DLAR 4500 15,1 5 DESTRUCTION OF ARMY ELECTRONICS MATERIEL. Destruction of Army electronics materiel to prevent enemy use shall be in accordance with TM 750 244 2. 1 6 PREPARATION FOR STORAGE OR SHIPMENT, Before placing equipment in administrative storage operational checks will be performed and necessary. repairs made When removing equipment from administrative storage an operational check will be performed. to assure operational readiness Always remove batteries prior to storage.

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