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“Timeflow” is an educational game that teaches you the basics of investing and time-management.

The character editor allows you to edit existing characters and create your own from scratch. Find a balance between your character's strengths and weaknesses. What would you choose, start with more money or more education? Compensate your high-level job with a bunch of bad habits? View, comment, download and edit emo Minecraft skins.

You can make a career, buy real estate, run business, be a blogger, trade stocks, get additional education, network, and carefully plan your time for all of it.

Timeflow: Character Editor

Your final goal is to make the dream of your life come true, having enough money saved on your bank account, by creating a passive income to cover your needs and expenses.

The project was first released in 2015 and it has been downloaded over 60,000 times since then. We constantly update the project by requests and ideas of our users.

Timeflow: Character Editor Font

Timeflow: character editor fontTimeflow:

Game basicsOverview * The Goal * Characters * Balance Sheet * Filing the Balance * Making Money * Bankruptcy
Cards and squaresOpportunity * News * Education * Routine * Major Event * Day Off * New Month
Making MoneyEmployment * Business * Real Estate * Securities * MLM * Art Investment * Royalties
ToolsBank * Auction * Stocks
AboutMultiplayer (in progress) * Community * Techsupport * Buy Game * Get a Free Copy
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You should include a README.md file that includes a brief description of the application and any special instructions for running it (for example, if the application is designed for a specific platform target).

Code should be licensed with an open source license (we recommend BSD, MIT or Apache), so that we can judge it and others can benefit from your work.

Timeflow: Character Editor

Timeflow: Character Editor Minecraft

We will run the application by unpacking the ZIP file and running the command flutter run --release to execute it on an attached Android or iOS device.

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With the exception of packages (see below), all executable content must be included in the ZIP file.

Timeflow: Character Editor App

All code needed to load and execute the application must be written in Dart, with the exception of any packages (as mentioned below).

Dart code must appear in a file that has a filename ending in .dart. The total size of all Dart files in the ZIP file, excluding unit tests that are not executed, must be no more than 5,120 bytes as (for example) measured by the command find . -name '*.dart' | xargs cat | wc -c.

The application may use Flutter packages that are a) published on pub.dev; b) have broad applicability (e.g. not written solely for the purpose of circumventing the 5KB file limit, in the opinion of the judges).