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C Consideration of Award Impact 3,D Affect on Other Awards 3. X AWARD LIMITS 3,A Annually 3,B Per Contribution 4. C Monitoring Use 4,X1 APPEALS 4,XII SUPPLEMENTING THIS DIRECTIVE 4. ATTACHMENT 1 1 Time Off Awards Scale for,a Single Contribution 5. PART TWO SUBMITTING PROCESSING AND SCHEDULING, Section One Preparing and Processing Recommendations.
I PREPARING NOMINATIONS 7,A Who Submits 7,B When to Submit 7. C Confidential Handling 7,D Required Forms 7,E Timely Handling 7. II OBTAINING APPROVALS 7,A Recommending Official 8. B Reviewing Officials 8,C Employee s Supervisor 8,D Approving Official 8. E Incentive Awards Committee 8,F Administrator 8,III DISAPPROVAL 8.
IV PROCESSING APPROVED NOMINATION 8,A Approving Official or Administrative Staff 8. B Personnel Division 9,V PRESENTATION 9,A Award Certificate 9. B Effective Date 9,V1 RESERVED 9,Section Two Using Time Off. Title Page No,VII SCHEDULING 9,A Time Limit for Use 9. B Request to Schedule Time Off 10,C Approval of Scheduled Time Off 10.
VIII T A REPORTING 10, IX RELATIONSHIP TO LEAVE AND OTHER EMPLOYEE BENEFITS 10. A Physical Incapacitation 10,B Consideration of Use or Lose Leave 10. C Award Versus Annual Leave 10,ATTACHMENT 2 1 Sample Form AD 287 Z for a. Time Off Award 11,ATTACHMENT 2 2 Sample FSIS Form 4451 7 Time Off. Award Certificate 12, ATTACHMENT 2 3 Outline for Justification Statement 13.
ATTACHMENT 2 4 Officials Delegated Authority to,Approve Time Off Awards 14. ATTACHMENT 2 5 Sample Completed SF 71,Application for Leave 15. UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE,FOOD SAFETY AND INSPECTION SERVICE. W ASHINGTON DC,FSIS DIRECTIVE 4451 7 3 14 95,TIME OFF AWARD PROGRAM. PART ONE BASIC PROVISIONS, This directive provides policy and procedures for using time off as an incentive award.
Time off awards may be effective in promoting employee productivity and creativity by. rewarding contributions to the quality efficiency or economy of Government operations. II RESERVED,III REASON FOR ISSUANCE,This directive defines. A Policy and procedures for granting time off awards. B Delegations of authority to approve time off awards. IV REFERENCES,Title 5 United States Code Section 4502 e. Title 5 Code of Federal Regulations Section 451 Subpart C. Departmental Personnel Manual Chapter 451 Personnel Letter 451 12. NFC PC TARE Procedures Manual, FSIS Directive 4430 2 Monetary Awards Based on the Performance. Rating of Record,FSIS Directive 4451 1 Incentive Awards Program. FSIS Directive 4451 2 Performance Awards Program for Veterinary Medical. Officers Food Technologists and Supervisory Food Inspectors. FSIS Directive 4451 3 Performance Awards Program for Food Inspectors. FSIS Directive 4451 5 Veterinary Intern Program Trainer of the. Year Awards,FSIS Directive 4531 1 Within Grade Increases.
DISTRIBUTION OPI, All Offices PD Program Evaluation and Safety Branch. V FORMS AND ABBREVIATIONS, The following will appear in their shortened form in this directive. PD Personnel Division,PESB Program Evaluation and Safety Branch PD. POB Personnel Operations Branch PD,NFC National Finance Center. T A Time and Attendance,AD 287 2 Recommendation and Approval of Awards.
FSIS Form 4451 7 Time Off Award Certificate,SF 71 Application for Leave. It is FSIS policy to, A Recognize all levels and types of employees with time off awards for. excellence in performance or service,B Ensure that consideration for awards is. 1 Made without regard to political religious labor organization affiliation. or non affiliation marital status race color sex sexual orientation national origin. disability or age,2 Not based on personal favoritism or patronage. VII ELIGIBILITY, All employees are eligible to receive time off awards except members of the Senior.
Executive Service,VIII DEFINITIONS, Time off award is an excused absence of 1 hour or more granted to an employee without. charge to leave or loss of pay in recognition of superior accomplishments or other personal. effort that contributes to the quality efficiency or economy of Government operations. IX DETERMINING RECOGNITION, A Types of Achievements Time off awards may be used to recognize. achievements such as, 1 Making a high quality contribution on a difficult or important project or. assignment, 2 Displaying special initiative and skill in completing an assignment or. project before the deadline,FSIS DIRECTIVE 4451 7, 3 Using initiative and creativity in improving a product activity program.
or service, 4 Ensuring that the mission of the unit is accomplished during a difficult. period by successfully completing additional work or a project assignment while maintaining. B Number of Award Hours The amount of time off granted should be. proportionate to the value of the contribution being recognized Supervisors should use the. time off awards scale in Attachment 1 1 to determine the number of hours for a specific. contribution, C Consideration of Award Impact Supervisors and managers who. recommend or approve a time off award are granting permission to the employee to. schedule use of the time off within the next year The time off award will automatically be. forfeited if not used within 1 year Officials should consider the impact on office workload. and productivity before recommending or approving a time off award. D Affect on Other Awards Time off awards may be used alone or in. combination with monetary or non monetary awards, 1 Combined with Cash Award If a time off award is given along with. a cash award Agency policy and procedures on cash awards apply to the combined award. See FSIS directives listed in Paragraph IV for the types of cash awards. 2 Relationship to Performance Awards An employee may be. awarded only once for a contribution However a supervisor may recognize the sustained. performance of an employee with a performance award based on the rating of record. when the employee has received a time off award during the year The performance award. should be supported by contributions other than those recognized by the time off award. The supervisor should consider the previous recognition when calculating the amount of the. performance award,X AWARD LIMITS, Award limits are based on the scheduled tour of duty at the time the award is granted not. the tour of duty at the time the award is taken,A Annually.
1 A full time employee may be awarded up to a total of 80 hours of. time off in a leave year, 2 A part time employee or an employee with an uncommon tour of. duty may be awarded the average number of work hours in their biweekly scheduled tour of. duty per leave year,Page 3 3 14 95,B Per Contribution. 1 A full time employee may be awarded up to 40 hours of time off for a. single contribution, 2 A part time employee or an employee with an uncommon tour of. duty may be awarded up to one half of the maximum number of hours that may be. awarded during the leave year see Subparagraph A 2 j. C Monitoring Use PESB will provide periodic reports to Deputy Administrators. and Staff Directors for monitoring and evaluating the use of time off awards in their. XI APPEALS, Non receipt of a time off award or the amount of a time off award may not be appealed. This does not waive any rights in conjunction with Article XXXII of the Collective Bargaining. XII SUPPLEMENTING THIS DIRECTIVE, All exceptions and written issuances on procedures policies or interpretation of this.
Program must be approved by the Chief PESB,FSIS DIRECTIVE 4451 7. ATTACHMENT 1 1,TIME OFF AWARDS SCALE,FOR A SINGLE CONTRIBUTION. VALUE TO ORGANIZATION,Moderate 1 to 10, 1 A contribution to a product activity program or service to the public which is of sufficient value to. merit formal recognition, 2 A beneficial change or modification of an operating principle or procedure. EXAMPLE FOR EFFECTIVELY WORKING WITH PLANT MANAGEMENT TO CORRECT. AN UNUSALLY DIFFICULT SITUATION THEREBY IMPROVING THE IMAGE OF THE. AGENCY ANDENSURING A WHOLESOME MEAT SUPPLY,Substantial 11 to 20.
1 An important contribution to the value of a product activity program or service to the public. 2 A significant change or modification of an operating principle or procedure. EXAMPLE FOR YOUR TIRELESS EFFORTS IN REVITALIZING THE SAFETY PROGRAM IN THE. TOWN CIRCUIT,High 21 to 30, 1 A highly significant contribution to the value of a product activity program or service to the public. 2 A complete revision of operating principle or procedure with considerable impact. EXAMPLE FOR CONTINUING DEDICATION OVER AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME. IN THE DEVELOPMENT TESTING AND IMPLEMENTATION OF NEW. INSPECTION PROCEDURES,Exceptional 31 to 40, 1 A superior contribution to the quality of a critical product activity program or service to the public. 2 An initiation of new operating principle or major procedure with significant impact. EXAMPLE FOR MERITORIOUS HANDLING OF A CRITICAL SITUATION DURING AN EXTREME. Page 5 3 14 95,FSIS DIRECTIVE 4451 7,PART TWO SUBMITTING PROCESSING AND SCHEDULING. Section One Preparing and Processing Recommendations. I PREPARING NOMINATIONS, A Who Submits The immediate supervisor or other Agency official wishing to. recognize an employee initiates the recommendation. B When to Submit The recommending official should submit the aware. nomination immediately after the completion of the employee achievement. C Confidential Handling The recommending official should. 1 Not inform the employee of the award nomination until after the award. has been approved and processed, 2 Consider the award documentation privileged information and make.
the information available only to those involved in the decision process arid others on a. need to know basis until such time as the award is presented. D Required Forms The recommending official should include the following. with the recommendation,1 Form AD 287 2 See Attachment 2 1. 2 FSIS Form 4451 7 See Attachment 2 2, 3 A narrative justification statement The statement should describe. how the employee s performance is so superior that it warrants this award. a Awards of 1 day or less Complete Block 11 on the AD 287 2. which is sufficient justification, b Awards of more than l day Provide a more detailed. justification not to exceed one page See Attachment 2 3 for guidance on preparing a. detailed justification, E Timely Handling Supervisors and Agency officials should make every effort. to expedite the recommendation and approval processes allowing an employee to receive. recognition for the award as close as possible after completing the achievement. II OBTAINING APPROVALS, Submit the award nomination and required forms through the following supervisory and.
administrative channels NOTE Some forms may be prepared by Agency administrative. Page 7 3 14 95, A Recommending Official After the award documentation is prepared the. recommending official signs Form AD 287 2 and if required forwards the award nomination. for review and concurrence to the next higher supervisory level in the recommending. official s chain of command NOTE Some awards of 1 day or less may be approved. without further review However time off awards of more than 1 day must be approved at a. supervisory level higher than the recommending official See Attachment 2 4. B Reviewing Officials Each intermediate supervisor reviews the award. nomination and determines if the recommended award is appropriate If the reviewer. concurs with the nomination the official signs and dates the AD 287 2 and forwards the. nomination to the next higher supervisory level the approving official or through. administrative channels in the program, C Employee s Supervisor If the award is recommended by an Agency official. other than the employee s supervisor the award should be forwarded to the employee s. supervisor for concurrence before final approval, D Approving Official The approving official determines if the recommended. award is appropriate and may approve the award if it is within his or her delegated. authority The approving official signs and dates the Form AD 287 2 and the time off award. certificate See Attachment 2 4 for a list of approving officials. E Incentive Awards Committee A time off award does not require review by. an Incentive Awards Committee except when combined with a cash award Agency policy. on cash awards will determine appropriate committee review. F Administrator A time off award requires approval by the Administrator only. when recommended by an individual reporting directly to the Administrator The. recommending official forwards an award nomination that requires approval by the. Administrator to PESB through supervisory and administrative channels. III DISAPPROVAL, If an intermediate supervisor or the approving official does not concur or does not approve. the award nomination the official informs the recommending official of the reasons for. nonconcurrence or disapproval An alternate form of recognition may be recommended if. appropriate,IV PROCESSING APPROVED NOMINATION, A Approving Official or Administrative Staff The approving official or a.
member of the administrative staff submits the approved award nomination to PESB or POB. for processing as follows, 1 Headquarters Employees PESB processes awards for. headquarters employees and all awards that require the Administrator s approval. FSIS DIRECTIVE 4451 7, 2 Field Employees Health and Benefits Section POB processes. awards for field employees except awards that require the Administrator s approval. B Personnel Division, 1 PESB or POB reviews the nomination for regulatory and procedural. compliance and adequacy of the justification and processes the award if it meets all. requirements If an award nomination does not comply with applicable policy regulations. or procedures a PD representative provides advice on how the nomination or justification. may be corrected or on alternative forms of recognition if appropriate. 2 After processing PD forwards the original of Form AD 287 2 to the. employee s timekeeper or T A Data Input Office for use in scheduling and recording the. awarded time off,V PRESENTATION, The award certificate which is signed by the approving official should be presented as. A Award Certificate The recommending official approving official or the. employee s supervisor should personally present the certificate to the employee. 1 After the award is processed by PESB or POB if the award is for more. than 1 day, 2 In the presence of his or her peers if possible Cite the reasons for the.
award during the presentation, B Effective Date The award is effective the pay period after it is approved and. received by PESB or POB,VI RESERVED,Section Two Using Time Off. VII SCHEDULING, The time off cannot be used until the pay period following approval and entry into the NFC. A Time Limit for Use The award must be scheduled and used within 1 year. after the effective date If the total amount of a time off award is not used within 1 year after. its approval any unused time off is forfeited and may not be restored Supervisors and. employees should monitor the 1 year time limit to prevent forfeiture of the award. Page 9 3 14 95, B Request to Schedule Time Off An employee should submit a completed. SF 71 to the supervisor to schedule the use of a time off award The Other block in item 5. of the SF 71 should be checked specifying time off award See Attachment 2 5. C Approval of Scheduled Time Off Supervisors should consider office. workload and productivity when approving the specific dates and times requested. Supervisors may approve the request by signing and dating the SF 71 See Attachment. VIII T A REPORTING, The employee timekeeper or the T A Data Input Office uses the information on the.
AD 287 2 to annotate the T A report to show the earning and use of a time off award. A The timekeeper or T A Data Input Office ensures that the Master Record of. the employee who is receiving the time off award allows for Prefix Suffix Use See. instruction 13 of Add Modify Master Record in the NFC PC TARE Procedures Manual. B The employee or timekeeper codes a time off award by entering 61 in the. prefix field 66 in the transaction code field and the number of time off award hours used. in the week 1 and week 2 fields, IX RELATIONSHIP TO LEAVE AND OTHER EMPLOYEE BENEFITS. A Physical Incapacitation When physical incapacitation for duty occurs. during a period of time off granted as an award a supervisor may approve sick leave for the. period of incapacitation, B Consideration of Use or Lose Leave Schedule and use time off awards. to avoid adversely affecting an employee who is in an annual leave use or lose situation. Generally use or lose leave should be taken before time off awards are taken Annual. leave that is forfeited because of the use of a time off award may not be restored. C Award Versus Annual Leave Time off awards are a new type of incentive. rather than a new category of leave A time off award. 1 Shall not convert to a cash payment under any circumstances. 2 Shall not transfer with an employee when he or she leaves the. 3 Is not available for transfer under the Agency s Voluntary Leave. Transfer Program,FSIS DIRECTIVE 4451 7,ATTACHMENT 2 1. FSIS DIRECTIVE 4451 7,ATTACHMENT 2 3,OUTLINE FOR JUSTIFICATION STATEMENT. I During the period of group person did what, Beginning paragraph should start with this sentence.
II This exceeded expected performance as identified in the current position. description by,A Improving quality,B Timely completion of the project. C Increasing productivity,D Overcoming adverse obstacles or working under. unusual circumstances,E Using unusual creativity,F Saving the Government time or money. G Increasing program effectiveness,III As a result. A Project acceptance,B Savings in time money or material.
C Increased efficiency,D Increased effectiveness,E Technological advancement. F Productivity increase, G Improved levels of cooperation that will result in. IV The contribution is considered to have value to the organization Therefore.

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