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Thank you for purchasing a Honda engine, This manual coversthe operation and maintenance of G X I 20 and G X I 60. eng ines and is based o n G X I60 engine The QXE type is equipped for both. electric and manual starting other types are equipped for manual starting. onl All information in this publicationis based on the latest product infor. mation available a t the time of printing, Horjda Motor Co Ltd reserves the right t o make changes a t any time. without notice and without incurring any obligation. No part of this publication may,be reproduced without writtenpermission. This manual should be considered a permanent part of the engine and. should remain with the engine if it is resold, It is illegal in someareas t o operate an engine without a U S D A qualified. spa rk arrester check local laws and regulations An optional spark arrester. for this engineis available from any dealership displayingthe Honda Power. Equipment Engines sign, READ THIS OWNER S MANUAL CAREFULLY Pay specialattention to.
these symbols and any instructions that follow,Indicates seriousinjuryor death WILL result if. instructions, Indicates a strong possibility that serious injury or. death could result if instructions are not followed. Indicates a possibility that minor injurycan result if. instructions are not followed,1 Indicates that equipment or property damage can. result if instructions are not followed,NOTE Giveshelpfulinformation. If alproblem should arise or if you have any questions about your engine. consult your Honda engine dealer,1 ENGINE SAFETY 3.
1 Oil change 21,2 Air cleaner service 22,3 Sediment cup cleaning 25. 4 Spark plug service 26,5 Spark arrester maintenance 28. 6 Carburetor adjustment 29,10 TRANSPORTING STORAGE 30. I 1 TROUBLESHOOTING 31,12 SPECIFICATIONS 33,13 WIRING DIAGRAM 34. 14 WARRANTY SERVICE 36,I ENGINE SAFETY, eonda enginesare designed t o give safe and dependable service if oper.
atedaccording t o instructions Read andunderstandthisOwner s. Manual before operating the engine Failure to so do could result in per. sonal injury or equipment damage, To prevent fire hazards and t o provide adequate ventilation keep the. engine at least 1 meter 3feet away from buildings and other equip. ment during operation Do not place flammable objects close to the. Children and pets must be kept away from the area of operation due t o. a possibility of burns from hot engine components or injury from any. equipment the engine may be used to operate, Know how to stop the engine quickly and understand the operation of. all controls Never permit anyonet o operate the engine without proper. instructions,Gasoline is,flammable andis,undercertain. conditions, Refuel in a well ventilated area with the engine stopped Do not smoke. or allow flames or sparks in the refueling areaor where gasoline is. Do not overfill the fuel tank Afterrefueling make sure the tank cap is. closed properly and securely, Be careful not to spill fuel when refueling Fuel vapor or spilled fuel may.
i gnite If any fuel isspilled make sure thearea is dry before starting the. Never run the enginein an enclosed or confinedarea Exhaust contains. poisonouscarbonmonoxide gas exposuremaycause loss ofcon. sciousness and may lead t o death, The muffler becomes very hot during operation and remains hot for a. while after stopping the engine Be careful not to touch the muffler. while it is hot To avoid severe burns or fire hazards let theengine cool. before transporting it or storing it indoors,2 COMPONENT IDENTIFICATION. MUFFLER THROTTLE LEVER,OIL ALERT LAMP,ENGINE SWITCH. SPARK PLUG,AIR CLEANER,CIRCUIT BREAKER,CHOKE LEVER. RECOIL STARTER,OIL ALERT LAMP,FUEL VALVE,STARTER GRIP.
FUEL FILLER CAP,ENGINE SWITCH,ELECTRIC STARTER,SERIAL NUMBER AND. ENGINE TYPE,OILDRAIN PLUG FILLER CAP, Record the engine model type and serial number information for your. reference Refer to this information when orderingparts and when mak. ing technical or warranty inquiries see page 36,Engine model type and serial number. 3 B A T T E R Y C O N N E C T I O N S,for electric starter. Use a 12 volt battery with an ampere hour rating of at least 18 AH. Connect the battery positive cable t o t h e starter solenoid terminal as. Connect the battery negative 1 cable t o an engine mounting bolt frame. bolt or other good engine ground connection, Check the battery cable connections t o be sure the cablesare secured and.
free of corrosion Remove any corrosion and coat the terminals and cable. l ends with grease,POSITIVE I BATTERY CABLE, t h e battery gives off explosivegases keep sparks flames and cigaret. tes away Provide adequate ventilation when charging or using bat. keries in an enclosed space, The battery contains sulfuric acid electrolyte Contact with skin or. pyes may cause severe burns Wear protective clothing and a face. If electrolyte gets on your skin flush with water, If electrolyte gets in your eyes flush with water for at least 15. minutes and call a physician immediately,0 Electrolyte is poisonous. If swallowed drink large quantities of water or milk and follow with. I milk of magnesia or vegetable oil and call a physician. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN,I NOTICE I, 0 use only distilled water in the battery Tap water will shorten the ser.
vice life of the battery, filling the battery above the UPPER LEVEL line may cause the elec. trolyte to overflow resulting in corrosion t o engine or nearby parts. lmmediately wash off any spilled electrolyte, 0 be careful not to connect the battery in reverse polarity as this will. short circuit the battery charging system,4 REMOTE CONTROL LINKAGE. for throttle and choke cables, The throttle and choke control leversare provided with holes for optional. cable attachment The following illustrations show installation examples. for a solid wire cable and for a braided wire cable If using a braided wire. cable add a return spring as shown, It is necessary t o loosen the throttle lever frictionnut when operating the.
throttle with a remote cable,Remote throttle,THROTTLE LEVER. PIVOT NUT Y,Flexible wire core,4 mm SCREW,WIRE HOLDER OPTIONAL. Remote choke1,WIRE HOLDER,CHOKE LEVER,5 PRE OPERATION CHECK. I ENGINE OIL,I NOTICE 1, Engineoilis a major factor affecting engineperformanceandservice. life Non detergent oils and vegetable oils are not recommended. Be sure to check the engine on a level surface with the engine stopped. Honda 4 stroke,equivalenthigh detergent premium,quality motor oil certified to meetor I.
2OW 40 2OW 56,exceed U S automobile manufac I 1 I,requirements for. Cla ssification SG SF CC CD Motor,classified,SG SF CC CD will. con thedesignation,I 0 20 40 60 80,tairjer I 1 I,SAE IOW 30 recommended. is for 30 20 lo lo 2o 30 40 c,general all temperature. use temperature,Other viscosities shown in the chart.
used whenthe average,temperature in your area is within the. indicated range, 1 Remove the oil filler cap and wipe the dipstick clean. 2 l nsert the dipstick into the oil filler neck but do not screw it in. 3 Iif the level is low fill to the top of the oil filler neck with the recom. mended oil, Running the engine with insufficient oil can cause serious engine. OIL FILLER CAP,2 REDUCTION GEAR OIL Only on equipped model. I 2reduction with automatic centrifugal clutch, 1 Remove the oil filler cap and wipe the dipstick clean.
2 Insert the dipstick into the filler neck but do not screw it in. 3 If the level is low fill to the upper level mark with the same oil recom. mended for the engine see engine oil recommendations on page 7. Oil capacity 500 cc 17 US 02 14 ImD 0 2,DIPSTICK FILLER CAP. UPPER LEVEL,DRAIN BOLT,1 6 reduction,1 Remove the oil level bolt. 2 Check the oil level it should reach the edge of the oil level bolt hole If. the oil level is low remove the filler bolt and add oil until it starts to. flow out the oil level bolt hole Use the same oil recommended for the. engine see engine oil recommendations on page 7, 3 Install the oil level bolt and filler bolt Tighten them securely. Oil capacity 150 cc 5 1US 02 4 2 Imp 0 2,FILLER BOLT. OIL LEVEL BOLT,3 AIR CLEANER, Never run the engine without the air cleaner Rapid engine wear.
will result from contaminants such as dust and dirt being drawn through. the carburetor and into the engine,I Dual element type. Check the air cleaner elements t o be,sur ethey are cleanand in goodcon. diti on Clean or replace the elements,if necessary p 22. Cbclone type,1 Check the air cleaner element t o,be sure theyare clean and in good. condition CYCLONE,Flean orreplace theelements if HOUSING.
necessary p 23,2 Checkthecyclonehousing and,clean it if it is cloggedorex. cessively dirty p 23,Oil bath type, 1 Check the air cleaner element t o be sure it is clean and in good condi. tion Clean or replace the element if necessary page 24. 2 Check oil level and condition, Yourengineisdesigned t o useanygasoline that has a pumpoctane. number 2 of 86 or higher,or t h a t has a research oc. tanle number of 91 or higher Gasoline pumps a t service station normally. display the pump octane number, We recommend that you use unleaded fuel because it produces fewer.
engine and spark plug deposits and extends the life of exhaust system. components, NeGer use stale or contaminated gasoline or an oil gasoline mixture Avoid. getring dirt dust or water in the fuel tank Use of a lower octane gasoline. can cause persistent pinging or heavy spark knock a metallic rapp. ing noise which if severe can lead to engine damage. If spark knock or pinging occurs at a steady engine speed. under normal load change brands of gasoline If spark knock or pinging. persists consult your authorized Honda dealer Failure to do so is con. sidered misuse and damage caused by misuse is not covered by Honda s. Limited Warranty, OcCasionally you may experience light spark knock while operating under. heavy loads This is no cause for concern it simply means your engine is. operating efficiently,Gasoline is,flammable and,conditions. Refuel in a well ventilated area with the engine stopped Do not smoke. or allow flames or sparks in the area where the engine is refueled or. where gasoline is stored, Do not overfill the fuel tank there should be no fuelin the filler neck. After refueling make sure the tank cap is closed properly and securely. Be careful not to spill fuel when refueling Spilled fuel. or fuel vapor may,ibnite If any fuel is spilled make sure the.
area is dry before starting the, Avoid repeated or prolonged contact with skin or breathing of vapor. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN, Fuel tank capacity GX120 2 5 L 0 66 US Gal 0 55 Imp Gal. GX160 3 6 L 0 95 US Gal 0 79 Imp Gal,GASOLINES CONTAINING ALCOHOL. If youdecide t o use a gasoline containing alcohol gasohol be sure its oc. tane rating is a t least as high as that recommended by Honda There are. t w o types of gasohol one containing ethanol and the other containing. methanol Do not use gasohol that contains more than 10 ethanol Do. not use gasoline containing methanol methyl or wood alcohol that does. not also contain cosolvents and corrosion inhibitors for methanol Never. use gasoline containing more than5 methanol even if it has cosolvents. and corrosion inhibitors, Fuel system damage or engine performance problems resultingfrom the. use of fuels that contain alcohol is not covered under the warranty. Hondacannot endorse the use of fuelscontainingmethanolsince. evidence of their suitability is as yet incomplete. Before buying fuel from an unfamiliar station try to find out if thefuel. contains alcohol if it does confirm t h e type and percentage of alcohol. used If you notice any undesirable operating symptoms while using a. gasoline that contains alcohol or one that you think contains alcohol. switch to a gasoline that you know does not contain alcohol. 6 STARTING THE ENGINE,1 Turn the fuel valve to the ON position.
FUEL VALVE,2 Move the choke lever to theCLOSE position. NOTE The choke may not be needed if the engine is warm or the air. temperature is high,CHOKE LEVER,3 Move the throttle lever slightly to the left. THROTTLE LEVER,4 Start the engine,0 With recoil starter. Turn the engine switch to the ON position,ENGINE SWITCH.

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