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5 10 2017 The third industrial revolution The Economist. third revolution is under way Manufacturing is going digital As this week s special report. argues this could change not just business but much else besides. A number of remarkable technologies are converging clever software novel materials. more dexterous robots new processes notably three dimensional printing and a whole. range of web based services The factory of the past was based on cranking out zillions. of identical products Ford famously said that car buyers could have any colour they liked. as long as it was black But the cost of producing much smaller batches of a wider variety. with each product tailored precisely to each customer s whims is falling The factory of. the future will focus on mass customisation and may look more like those weavers. cottages than Ford s assembly line,Towards a third dimension In this section. The old way of making things involved taking lots of parts The third industrial. and screwing or welding them together Now a product can. revolution Follow The Economist, be designed on a computer and printed on a 3D printer Cristina scrapes the barrel. which creates a solid object by building up successive layers Beyond battlefield medicine. http www economist com node 21553017 2 6, 5 10 2017 The third industrial revolution The Economist. of material The digital design can be tweaked with a few Flip back please. mouseclicks The 3D printer can run unattended and can Never again. make many things which are too complex for a traditional. factory to handle In time these amazing machines may be. able to make almost anything anywhere from your garage Latest updates. to an African village,Daily chart Tracking James Comey s. The applications of 3D printing are especially mind boggling Already hearing aids and downfall. high tech parts of military jets are being printed in customised shapes The geography of Graphic detail 3 hours 26 mins ago. supply chains will change An engineer working in the middle of a desert who finds he. lacks a certain tool no longer has to have it delivered from the nearest city He can simply Politics in Wales How blue is my valley. download the design and print it The days when projects ground to a halt for want of a Speakers Corner May 10th 17 55. piece of kit or when customers complained that they could no longer find spare parts for. things they had bought will one day seem quaint,Household names Girlboss is another.
Other changes are nearly as momentous New materials are lighter stronger and more disappointing take on female. Prospero May 10th 15 15, durable than the old ones Carbon fibre is replacing steel and aluminium in products. ranging from aeroplanes to mountain bikes New techniques let engineers shape objects. Turkey playing chicken By attacking, at a tiny scale Nanotechnology is giving products enhanced features such as bandages. Kurdish allies of America Turkey, that help heal cuts engines that run more efficiently and crockery that cleans more easily. Middle East and Africa May 10th 14 34, Genetically engineered viruses are being developed to make items such as batteries. And with the internet allowing ever more designers to collaborate on new products the Land of make believe The Tory and. barriers to entry are falling Ford needed heaps of capital to build his colossal River Labour parties fail to face the. Rouge factory his modern equivalent can start with little besides a laptop and a hunger to Buttonwood s notebook May 10th 14 21. Not the cruellest month A mixed April for, Like all revolutions this one will be disruptive Digital technology has already rocked the United Airlines.
media and retailing industries just as cotton mills crushed hand looms and the Model T Gulliver May 10th 11 19. put farriers out of work Many people will look at the factories of the future and shudder. They will not be full of grimy machines manned by men in oily overalls Many will be Money talks Podcast Trumponomics. squeaky clean and almost deserted Some carmakers already produce twice as many Free exchange May 10th 10 33. vehicles per employee as they did only a decade or so ago Most jobs will not be on the. factory floor but in the offices nearby which will be full of designers engineers IT. http www economist com node 21553017 3 6, 5 10 2017 The third industrial revolution The Economist. specialists logistics experts marketing staff and other professionals The manufacturing More latest updates. jobs of the future will require more skills Many dull repetitive tasks will become obsolete. you no longer need riveters when a product has no rivets. The revolution will affect not only how things are made but where Factories used to Most commented. move to low wage countries to curb labour costs But labour costs are growing less and. less important a 499 first generation iPad included only about 33 of manufacturing 1. You re fired, labour of which the final assembly in China accounted for just 8 Offshore production is President Trump. increasingly moving back to rich countries not because Chinese wages are rising but abruptly sacks the head. of the FBI, because companies now want to be closer to their customers so that they can respond. more quickly to changes in demand And some products are so sophisticated that it helps. to have the people who design them and the people who make them in the same place 2 Europe breathes a sigh of relief Emmanuel. Macron is elected as the next president of France, The Boston Consulting Group reckons that in areas such as transport computers. 3 A compromise situation Sally Yates says she, fabricated metals and machinery 10 30 of the goods that America now imports from warned the White House about Michael Flynn.
China could be made at home by 2020 boosting American output by 20 billion 55 billion 4 Vote for the banker It s important Le Pen has. not lost yet French voters should unite against,a year her. The shock of the new,5 Lingua franca Britain is leaving the EU but its. language will stay, Consumers will have little difficulty adapting to the new age of better products swiftly. delivered Governments however may find it harder Their instinct is to protect industries Advertisement. and companies that already exist not the upstarts that would destroy them They shower. old factories with subsidies and bully bosses who want to move production abroad They. spend billions backing the new technologies which they in their wisdom think will prevail. And they cling to a romantic belief that manufacturing is superior to services let alone. None of this makes sense The lines between manufacturing and services are blurring. Rolls Royce no longer sells jet engines it sells the hours that each engine is actually. thrusting an aeroplane through the sky Governments have always been lousy at picking. winners and they are likely to become more so as legions of entrepreneurs and tinkerers. swap designs online turn them into products at home and market them globally from a. garage As the revolution rages governments should stick to the basics better schools. http www economist com node 21553017 4 6, 5 10 2017 The third industrial revolution The Economist. for a skilled workforce clear rules and a level playing field for enterprises of all kinds. Leave the rest to the revolutionaries,Products and events.
This article appeared in the Leaders section of the print edition Test your EQ. Take our weekly news quiz to stay on top of the,Like 14K Tweet Share 1 1 1k headlines. Want more from The Economist, View all comments 364 Visit The Economist e store and you ll find a range of. carefully selected products for business and,pleasure Economist books and diaries and much. More from the Economist more,Advertisement,The deep red of the deep The Economist asks. South Can Democrats in How can we improve the,the South learn from John way we die.
Bel Edwards, Want more Subscribe to The Economist and get the week s most. relevant news and analysis,Classified ads,http www economist com node 21553017 5 6. 5 10 2017 The third industrial revolution The Economist. University School,of Professional, M A Consulting Financial Services Procurement Operations. Senior Manager Operations Manager CLINICAL Consulting. M Manager Operations Co ASSISTANT ASSOCIATE Manager Fina. Jobs economist com Jobs economist com Jobs economist com Jobs economist com Jobs economist com. Sections Blogs Research and insights,United States Bagehot s notebook Topics. Britain Buttonwood s notebook Economics A Z,Europe Democracy in America Style guide.
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