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Magnetron Sputter Coater Design Software, Accelerate and optimize your design with the Opera simulation software. Magnetron plasma,Image courtesy of Colorado,Opera combines accurate Concept Coatings LLC. Loveland Colorado USA,finite element analysis with. www coloconcept com,detailed models for plasma,sputtering and film deposition. to provide the first practical,tools for magnetron design and.
optimization,For the first time designers of,magnetrons and sputter coaters. have access to an effective,design simulation tool In. many areas of engineering and,product design such tools have. proven ability for enhancing,performance reducing costs and. development timescales and, Sputter coating is widely used for the target by ions produced in a magneti.
aiding innovation to provide a, fabrication of thin films in a highly cally confined plasma has a number. competitive edge, diverse range of applications from of advantages that have made it a pop. Opera can be used to predict decorative and low emissivity coat ular choice Among these are its high. target erosion and to optimize ings on glass through to deposition sputtering efficiency and increased. utilization It can accurately on circuits and engineering coating on sputter rates at low pressure owing to. characterize the design of products used in some of today s most the increased working gas ionization. magnet systems including multi demanding applications caused by the extended electron path. target coaters and it can predict length and the flexibility to vary the. deposited film profiles and the Of the many different types of sputter properties of the plasma to control the. deposition dynamics process magnetron sputtering where characteristics of the deposited film. the sputtered atoms are ejected from a,Magnetron cathode. Image courtesy of Colorado Concept,Coatings LLC,Loveland Colorado USA. www coloconcept com,Magnetron Sputter Coater Design Software.
Design Simulate Analyze Optimize, Magnetic flux density above circular magnetron Electron cloud over target. Ion current density above target Target erosion groove. While the purpose and scale of the can be performed effectively and effi Opera is the first high fidelity simula. process vary greatly between ap ciently by simulation tion tool that uses the accuracy of. plications there are some aspects Finite Element Analysis to model. of common importance including Accurate virtual design and analysis magnetron sputtering in the detail re. optimizing the deposition profile and software allows engineers to inves quired to design practical systems It. quality of film maximizing utilization tigate a wide range of designs and uses advanced numerical methods to. of sputter targets and minimizing pro operating regimes in a fraction of model the detailed physical interac. cess time Achieving these can lead the time and at a fraction of the tions such as ionization in the work. to improved quality end products cost of an experimental programme ing gas and the sputtering of atoms. and reduced cost but success may and enables the optimization of full from the surface of the target. require the use of innovative designs life cycle costs from the outset In. and operating regimes Exploring many industries where virtual design The simulations are fast and accu. the range of possible design options is routinely used the development rate and have been demonstrated to. experimentally would be costly and process end products and life cycle predict target utilization to a fraction. time consuming if practicle at all costs have all improved dramatically of a percent. But now for the first time this task,operaFEA com,Magnetron Sputter Coater Design Software. Accelerate and optimize your design with the Opera simulation software. DC and DC biased magnetron Benefits of Opera Operation. analysis and optimization, With Opera you can include all The magnetron operates by confin. Opera provides an unrivalled capabil significant physical processes in a ing the electrons close to the target. ity to aid the design of magnetrons simulation and vary them at will in the where they form spiral trajectories. and allows the engineer rapidly to virtual environment Explore the design in the magnetic field and ionize the. evaluate and optimize such vital char space more thoroughly while reduc working gas This extended interaction. acteristics as ing the number of expensive physical between the electrons and the gas. prototypes in the design cycle im gives the magnetron its key advan. deposited film profile prove products at lower cost and with tages of high ionization efficiency and. erosion groove profile shorter time to market sputter rates The positive gas ions are. target utilization then accelerated towards the target by. In addition to manual exploration of the applied electric field where they. Although magnetron sputtering is the design space Opera includes a can eject atoms of the target mate. well established as the process of powerful optimizer that allows multi rial If un ionized these atoms travel. choice for many coating applications variable multi objective optimization ballistically until they deposit on the. the physical processes involved are Opera supports parameterized vari substrate or the device walls if ionized. complex involving the interaction of ables and any combination of these they may be returned to the target by. both charged and uncharged particles may be used as variables in an optimi the electric field. in volumes and on surfaces in the zation The user has the complete free. presence of electric and magnetic dom to define objectives any quan Opera allows the user to select the. fields Many variables determine the tity or combination of quantities that properties of the species present in the. performance of a sputter coater and can be calculated in the Post Processor working gas and to define the interac. the quality of the deposited films but can be used from simple field values tions to be used within the gas and. up to now the engineer has had few to more complex derived quantities with the target and substrate surfaces. efficient modern design tools to as such as deposited film profile and With these Opera can include all sig. sist in design and optimization target utilization nificant physical processes. Electron tracks above,rectangular magnetron,Image courtesy of Thin. Film Consulting,Longmont Colorado USA,Email thnflmcn rmi net.
Magnetron Sputter Coater Design Software,Magnetron Sputter Coater Design Software. Accelerate and optimize your design with the Opera simulation software. Design flexibility Assured accuracy Cobham Technical Services Vector. Fields Software has over 25 years, With the Opera software the user Opera is an established product that experience in the development of. has complete freedom to specify the has been extensively validated for advanced software for charged particle. device All types of magnetron can be many applications including those devices The scope of the Opera soft. designed be they circular rectangu involving the interaction of charged ware suite has been driven by industry. lar balanced or unbalanced varieties particles with electric and magnetic requirements to ensure its relevance. fields Its simulation of for example to the market place The software is. Opera s efficiency also allows the magnetic fields is recognized in the fast and accurate and provides a cost. analysis of multi target coaters industry as one of the most accurate effective engineering solution to real. where the additional complication of The capability to accurately model world design problems Our customers. stray fields may be investigated and magnetron sputter coaters and to include some of the largest and most. their effects mitigated through subse predict among other things the target advanced designers and manufactur. quent iterations of simulated designs utilization has been validated against ers from many industries as well as. production devices prestigious research laboratories and. academic institutions,Rectangular magnetron Circular magnetron. Magnetron Sputter Coater Design Software,Design Simulate Analyze Optimize. Target erosion groove, Experimental magnetron eroded target Comparison of erosion depth for experimental magnetron.
Image courtesy of Miba Coating Group Teer Coatings Ltd Droitwich UK. www miba com Coatings Sites Teer Coatings 130 en html. www teercoatings co uk,Simulation,Measurement, Simulated target erosion showing corner asymmetry Comparison of erosion profile for experimental magnetron. Magnetron target erosion groove Simulated erosion profile showing groove asymmetry. Image courtesy of Colorado Concept Coatings LLC,Loveland Colorado USA. www coloconcept com,operaFEA com,Design Simulate Analyze Optimize. Designed for productivity,The Opera suite has been designed to In Brief. assist users to become proficient and, productive in the minimum time It Opera is a software suite for electromagnetic design that can model virtually.
includes an easy to use 3D geomet any electromagnetic device It includes a special solver for modelling the. ric modeller in which devices may interaction of plasmas in electromagnetic fields which can be used to simulate. be built or imported from CAD and magnetron sputtering. prepared for simulation The associ, ated Post Processor includes tools for Opera enables rapid assessment of design variants with assured accuracy. immediate calculation and display of simulations have been demonstrated to be comparable with measurements. required outputs such as the flux and, trajectories of the various particle spe Opera s simulation features of particular relevance to magnetron. cies in the simulation Any additional designers include. derived quantities may be calculated Full 3D system evaluation and design using advanced finite element. as required simulation, Magnetic fields calculations during the simulation including stray fields from. Opera also includes a very power adjacent magnetrons in a multi magnetron coater environment. ful plain language scripting facility Self consistent charged particle modelling including space charge and. which may be used to further enhance relativistic effects. productivity Scripts can be used to Rapid assessment of design variants. perform any of the operations of the Multi variable multi objective optimization. Modeller and Post Processor or to, issue operating system commands With Opera the designer can predict and optimize. With these the user can produce, customized tools to perform specific Erosion groove profiles.
functions or indeed to automate the Target utilization. entire model creation simulation and Substrate coating profiles. post processing operation Coating dynamics for characteristics and quality. Left magnetron coating system Right plasma in experimental magnetron. Image courtesy of Miba Coating Group Teer Coatings Ltd Droitwich UK. www miba com Coatings Sites Teer Coatings 130 en html. www teercoatings co uk,operaFEA com,Magnetron Sputter Coater Design Software. The most important thing we build is trust,Analysis Tools Design Capabilities. Magneto and electrostatic analysis DC magnetron design and optimization. Multi species particle emission Magnet array design. Particle tracking Single and multi target coaters, Thermal analysis Balanced and unbalanced configurations. Coupled physics Target erosion profile and utilization. 3d solid modelling Deposition rate,CAD import Deposition profile. Parameterization and scripting Temperature rise thermal loading. Multi objective optimization,Customer Support, We provide support to Opera users from our offices in the UK and the USA and through a worldwide network.
of local distributors, Our support engineers have an extensive knowledge of plasma devices and are available to assist both. existing and prospective customers with their design requirements In addition regular training courses are. held which provide hands on training in the use of Opera for designing these types of systems Whatever. your application and wherever you are located you can be sure of our attention and support. The use of accurate finite element simulation is now a vital part of the development process companies. who use these techniques are able to differentiate themselves with optimal design performance short. development timescales and cost effective manufacture Cobham has over 25 years experience working with. foremost system manufacturers to produce some of the most accurate and functionally advanced software for. simulation of electromagnetics and plasma devices, For more information about Opera including numerical simulation of plasma devices please refer to the. relevant technical data sheets and application notes which can be obtained from our website operaFEA com. This contains a range of information including technical publications videos and webinars of general interest. to engineers involved in electromagnetics and plasma device design. Cobham Technical Services,Vector Fields Software,24 Bankside Kidlington 1700 N Farnsworth Ave. Oxford OX5 1JE UK Aurora IL 60505 USA,T 44 0 1865 370151 T 1 630 851 1734. F 44 0 1865 370277 F 1 630 851 2106, E vectorfields info cobham com E vectorfieldsinc info cobham com operaFEA com.
2012 Cobham Technical Services Specifications subject to change without notice Any trade names or marks used are the property of their owners and are recognized including Simulink a trademark of MathWorks.

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