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The Message of the Sphinx A Quest for the Hidden Legacy
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The Message of the Sphinx,Also by Robert Bauval,The Orion Mystery with Adrian Gilbert. Also by Graham Hancock,Journey Through Pakistan,Ethiopia The Challenge of Hunger. AIDS The Deadly Epidemic,Lords of Poverty,African Ark Peoples of the Horn. The Sign and the Seal A Quest for the Lost Ark of the Covenant. Fingerprints of the Gods The Evidence of Earth s Lost Civilization. The Message of the Sphinx,A Quest for the Hidden Legacy of Mankind. Graham Hancock,Robert Bauval,Three Rivers,Press New York.
Copyright 1996 by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval. All rights reserved No part of this book may be reproduced. or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic or mechanical. including photocopying recording or by any information storage and. retrieval system without permission in writing from the publisher. Published by Three Rivers Press 201 East 50th Street. New York New York 10022 Member of the Crown Publishing Group. Originally published in Great Britain by William Heinemann Ltd. and in the United States by Crown Publishers Inc in 1996. Random House Inc,New York Toronto London Sydney Auckland. http www randomhouse com,THREE RIVERS PRESS and colophon are. trademarks of Crown Publishers Inc,Printed in the United States of America. Diagrams by Robert G Bauval and R J Cook,Photographs 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 17 18 19 20 22. 24 25 26 27 28 30 31 and 32 by Santha Faiia, Photographs 11 12 15 and 16 courtesy of Rudolph Gantenbrink.
Photograph 29 by Robert G Bauval,Photograph 7 courtesy of Venture Inward magazine. Photograph 13 Spiegel TV,Photograph 14 Antoine Boutros. Photograph 1 The Lady Sophia Schilizzi,Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication. Data is available upon request,ISBN 0 517 88852 1,10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. First Paperback Edition,To the memory of my father Gaston Bauval.
who rests in the land of Egypt,Robert G Bauval, To my friend John Anthony West for his twenty years of courageous work to prove the. geological antiquity of the Sphinx and for the vast implications of the evidence that he has put. before the public The truth is great and mighty as the ancient texts say It hath never been. broken since the time of Osiris,Graham Hancock,Line Illustrations. Acknowledgements,Enduring memories,Stillness and silence. Undatable anonymous,One syllable,Water erosion,Not floodwaters. A rude interruption,When did it rain,Jury still out.
Impossible engineering,How why when,Memorials mighty. Not purely symbolic boats,The Pyramids,High precision. Chambers and passageways,Inner space,The stones of darkness and the shadow of death. Very interesting developments,The mystery of the shafts. Observatory,Targeting Stars,The Companions of Osiris.
A perfect match,Rising stars,Lion on the ground lion in the sky. Motive in the texts,Fundamental questions,Trancing the Hall of Records. The Scholar,Proof under the paws,A falling out,Granite structures. The mapping surveys,Pulling away,Lunch with Mr Cayce. Correspondence,Double standard,The iron plate affair.
Scientific analysis,The British Museum s view,Unknown dark distance. The British Museum and the missing cigar box,Planning an adventure. Diversion and delay,Problems with permits,Much ado then nothing. Political games,Breakfast with Gantenbrink,Select groups. Cosmic environment,Astronomical essence,Otherworld.
Stars rising with the sun,Cosmic river,Kingdom of Osiris in the sky. First Time,Golden Age and the entry of evil,Shabaka texts. Treasure trail,Sphinx god,Roads of Rostau,Celestial reflections. Astronomer priests,Living image of Atum,Atum Re and Horakhti. Horus Dweller in the Horizon,The Two Horizons of Heliopolis.
Strange silence,Searching for Horakhti,Geographical and cosmological context. Chapter 10,Child of the Sun son of Osiris,Seventy days from Horakhti. The High Road and the Low Road,Subterranean world,The Splendid Place of the First Time. Chapter 11,Three eras,High initiates,Following the Way of Horus. Chapter 12,Guardians of records,Memories of the dawn.
Wisdom and knowledge,Heliopolitan origins,Cycle of the phoenix. Ancestor gods,Chapter 13,Shining ones,Gods and heroes. Time bridge,Following the vernal point,Chapter 14,Journey in time. Becoming equipped,Unification,High and far off times. Chapter 15,Separation,Riding the vernal point,Secret spell.
Special numbers,Seekers after truth,Chapter 16,Anti cipher. Durable vehicles,Hints and memories,The language of the stars. Thought tools,Chapter 17,Fine tuning Leo,Setting stars. Cross quarter causeways,Treasure map,Conclusion,Osiris breathes. Appendix 1,A state of perfect order,Juggling for balance.
Three Wise Men,Appendix 2,Appendix 3,Appendix 4,Appendix 5. Further developments,The Great Pyramid,The Great Sphinx. The Edgar Cayce legacy,Mars and Giza,Selected Bibliography. Line Illustrations,1 Profile of the Great Sphinx from the south. 2 Overhead view of the principal monuments of the Giza necropolis. 3 The Great Sphinx and the architectural complex that surrounds it. 4 The artificial Horizon of Giza,5 Geodetic location of the Great Pyramid of Giza.
6 Cross section of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, 7 Internal corridors and passageways of the three Pyramids of Giza. 8 Principal internal features of the Great Pyramid. 9 Detail of the corridors chambers and shafts of the Great Pyramid. 10 The complex internal design of the Great Pyramid. 11 The King s and Queen s Chambers and their four shafts. 12 Details of the Queen s Chamber and its shafts,13 Queen s Chamber wall and shaft mouth. 14 Construction details of the Great Pyramid shafts. 15 The summer solstice as seen from Giza, 16 The trajectory of the sun on the summer solstice. 17 The trajectory of the sun on the equinox, 18 The trajectory of the sun on the winter solstice. 19 The horizon of Giza and the meridian of the Great Pyramid. 20 Culmination meridian transit of Orion s belt circa 2500 BC. 21 Orion and Osiris, 22 The stellar alignments of the Great Pyramid s four shafts.
23 Orion s belt crossing the meridian of the Great Pyramid in 2500 BC. 24 The sky ground image of Giza Orion s belt in 10 500 BC. 25 The 10 500 BC lock with Giza, 26 Artist s impression of Orion s precessional cycle at meridian. 27 The trajectory of Orion s belt throughout the ages. 28 Pre dawn at the spring vernal equinox in 10 500 BC. 29 Superimposed images of the rising of Leo in 2500 BC and 10 500 BC. 30 Sunrise at the spring vernal equinox in 10 500 BC. 31 Artist s impression of the First Time of Osiris Orion. 32 Sah Osiris Orion the Far Strider,33 Detail of Queen s Chamber shaft. 34 The Memphite necropolis, 35 Sunrise at solstices and equinoxes as seen from Giza. 36 The sky region of the Duat,37 Map of the apex region of the Nile Delta. 38 The Land of Sokar in the Fifth Division of the Duat. 39 The Fifth Division of the Duat, 40 The summer solstice as seen from Giza circa 2500 BC.
41 The Denderah Zodiac,42 Horakhti Horus of the Horizon. 43 Artist s impression of reconstructed Sphinx, 44 The Duat sky region at dawn throughout the year circa 2500 BC. 45 The solar Horus crossing the Milky Way,46 The solar Horus in the paws of Leo. 47 The astral Kingdom of Osiris in Rostau, 48 The Horus King being led into the Great Pyramid. 49 The astral Great Pyramid and its stargates, 50 The rising of Leo at the summer solstice circa 2500 BC.
51 The summer solstice circa 2500 BC, 52 The Horus King statue between the paws of the Sphinx. 53 Osiris Orion showing the way to his Followers the Horus Kings. 54 Artist s impression of the Mansion of the Phoenix. 55 Osiris Orion Isis Sirius and the Horus Kings, 56 Great conjunction of the ancient skies at the spring vernal equinox circa 10 500 BC. 57 The sky Duat and the ground Duat of Osiris,58 The drift of Orion from 10 500 BC to 2500 BC. 59 The setting of Orion s belt and the satellite pyramids of the horizon of Giza in 10 500 BC. 60 Artist s impression of the First Time of Sirius in the epoch of 10 500 BC. 61 The course of the sun throughout the year as viewed from the latitude of Giza. 62 The 14 degree north of east alignment of the Khufu causeway at the north cross quarter sunrise. 63 The due east equinox alignment of the Menkaure causeway. 64 The 14 degree south of east alignment of the Khafre causeway at the south cross quarter sunrise. 65 The rising of Leo and the south cross quarter sunrise in 10 500 BC. 66 Hor em akhet Sphinx gazing at Horakhti Leo at the south cross quarter sunrise in 10 500 BC. 67 Profile of the Great Sphinx in the ground horizon of Giza. 68 The place time datum of 10 500 BC under Leo, 69 Possible locations of an underground system of passageways and chambers beneath the Great Sphinx. 70 The Djed pillar of Osiris flanked by Isis and Nepthys. 71 Sun boat on the back of the double lion hieroglyph for Aker Great Pyramid looking west Osirian Djed pillar looking west. 72 The Scales of Maat, 73 Cross sections of the Great Pyramid showing the balancing of the monument with the star shafts.
74 The scales of Orion at the nadir and apex of the current Precessional Cycle and the ages of Leo 10 500 BC and Aquarius 2450 AD. Acknowledgements,Robert G Bauval, Foremost a special thanks to the readers In the last two years I have received hundreds of letters. of encouragement and good will and it s sure nice to know you re all out there sharing in this. common quest for truth, I am immensely grateful for the patience and understanding of my wife Michele and my two. children Candice and Jonathan, Particular gratitude goes to the following relatives friends and colleagues for their support John. Anthony West Chris Dunn Bill Cote Roel Oostra Joseph and Sherry Jahoda Joseph and Laura. Schor Niven Sinclair Marion Krause Jach Princess Madeleine of Bentheim James Macaulay. Robert Makenty Linda and Max Bauval Jean Paul and Pauline Bauval my mother Yvonne. Bauval Geoffrey and Th r se Gauci Patrick and Judy Gauci Denis and Verena Seisun Colin. Wilson Mohamed and Amin El Walili Julia Simpson Sahar Talaat Professor Karl Klaus Dittel. and his wife Renate Hani Monsef Mark Ford Peter Zuuring Richard Thompson Adrian. Ashford Dave Goode Okasha El Daly Mohamad Razek Heike Nahsen Ilga Korte Gundula. Schulz El Dowy Antoine Boutros Professor Jean Kerisel Roy Baker Murry Hope William. Horsman and Charlotte Ames, I would like to convey my warm thanks to Bill Hamilton and Sara Fisher of A M Heath Co. Ltd for putting up with my pleonastic ways Tom Weldon and all the staff at William. Heinemann Ltd Peter St Ginna and Brian Belfiglio at Crown Publishing Inc Melanie Walz and. Doris Janhsen at Paul List Verlag Udo Rennert of Wiesbaden and Moheb Goneid and all the. staff at the Movenpick Jolie Ville at Giza, Finally I want to pay tribute to the engineer and my friend Rudolf Gantenbrink for opening the.
way for all of us with his bold and daring exploration in the Great Pyramid. Robert G Bauval,Buckinghamshire February 1996,Graham Hancock. Special thanks and love to Santha my wife and partner my best and dearest friend Love and. appreciation to our children Gabrielle Leila Luke Ravi Sean and Shanti Special thanks also to. my parents Donald and Muriel Hancock who have given me so much and for the help advice. and adventurous spirit of my uncle James Macaulay Many of the individuals named in Robert s. acknowledgements likewise deserve my thanks they know who they are In addition I take this. opportunity to send my personal good wishes to Richard Hoagland Lew Jenkins Peter Marshall.

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