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The Magic of Making Up,Published by,T W Jackson, COPYRIGHT The Magic of Making Up All Rights Reserved. This report is for PERSONAL USE ONLY You may not sell giveaway or. otherwise distribute this report in any manner No part of this report may be. reproduced or transmitted in any form without the written permission of the. Disclaimer, This report is written for informational purposes only The author has made. every effort to make sure the information is complete and accurate up to the. publishing date This report should be used in the making of an informed. decision only, The publisher and author shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any. person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be. caused directly or indirectly by this report,Table of Contents. Chapter 1 Understanding Why Your Relationship Ended And Why It s Not. Over Just Yet, Chapter 2 Don t Panic Your Key to Winning Back Their Love Getting.
Your Head On Straight, Chapter 3 Removing the Splinter in Your Relationship Where Do You. Chapter 4 Re Igniting the Spark of Passion and Desire The Plan. Chapter 5 Dates and Lovers How Other People Can Actually Bring You. Back Together With Your Ex, Chapter 6 Easing Back Into Your Relationship to Solidify Your Love. Chapter 7 Maintaining the Fun and Love Without Dredging Up Old Wounds and. Chapter 8 When Your Relationship Can t Be Saved Moving On With. Introduction, If you re reading this book right now then you re probably suffering emotionally. over the loss of someone you love greatly The specific circumstances are irrelevant. right now maybe you did something wrong maybe they did. But the relationship ended and now you want to repair the damage and reunite. with your ex Anyone who doesn t give up and seeks out advice on how to make this. happen is obviously committed and should be commended for making the effort. Here is how The Magic of Making Up is laid out and how you can get the most. benefit from it, First we are going to discover the most common but hidden reason why lovers. leave The core reasons It is crucial you understand these reasons it is because of. these reasons that relationships are severed It is like trying to work a jig saw puzzle in. the dark if you don t understand these love principles. This is the Understanding stage, Next we are going to work on getting your head on straight Okay You just can.
NOT attract someone back when you are depressed angry or being extremely needy. Then we are going to take a further look into YOUR relationship Assess and work. a PROVEN plan using methods and techniques that win back hearts. I highly recommend for you to get everything you can from this guide to read. through it once to get a general idea of the strategy we are going to use And then YOU. must follow the plan You must take action Nothing will happen if you do not use the. information here Make sense Cool,In summary we are going to. 1 Understand,2 Get Our Head On Straight,4 Work the plan. Love is an irresistible desire,to be irresistibly desired. Robert Frost, Chapter 1 Understanding Why Your Relationship Ended Page 5 of 62. Understanding Why Your Relationship Ended And Why It s Not Over Just Yet. Why Lovers Say Goodbye, Couples break up all the time Just look at Jessica Simpson and John Mayer the.
tabloids can t even keep up with how often they re off and on again But for the. average Jane and Joe who can t soothe their pain with a 10 000 spending spree on. Rodeo Drive there has to be a way to get past the situation and move forward with or. without the other person in your life, Men and women leave relationships for different reasons It can be confusing. trying to sort out the mind of the opposite sex Even when we re told something we. often feel there s more to the story or that the other person is out and out lying about. the situation so let s be blunt here, If your lover has left you and given you some lame. excuse like It s just not working out you have to de. code that secrets speak and figure out what went wrong. on your own so you can fix it,Not every situation is cut and dry but some are. Sometimes one of you cheats and that deliver enough of. a punch in the gut to make the one who got hurt pick up. and say goodbye, Let s face it too if someone cheated there were problems long before the act of. being unfaithful took place If you re not in a position where you can pinpoint the exact. reason then you have to understand men and women and what makes them tick. Why Men Check Out of the Relationship, Men don t want to hurt your feelings Or maybe they just don t want to hear your.
reaction when they tell you the truth Some men don t even know why they want out. they just do, Either way the fact is men will abandon a relationship when it s no longer giving. them what they need Men like to be admired for who they are They want respect and. to see interest coming in from the opposite sex, Chapter 1 Understanding Why Your Relationship Ended Page 6 of 62. Men CRAVE ADMIRATION,When a relationship gets stale they may seek out. another woman who has the newness and interest their old. lover once showed Call it manhood call it ego whatever. it is you have to let your man know he s wanted and. admired in a big way or he ll get that boost from someone. When a couple first gets together a woman is really. good at letting a man know she s interested She bats her. eyelashes smiles a lot giggles and is touchy feely with. Then as time drags on she starts going without make up wears sweats instead of. that cute little mini dress she used to don for him and because she s no longer trying to. land him she doesn t put in as much effort into laughing at his jokes and showing. interest in him, Men don t leave because they found someone prettier. or thinner They leave to feel respected admired and. wanted again You ll often hear men complain about,wanting to stop being nagged to death.
It s not the nagging that s the problem it s the fact. that their woman is conveying she s somehow unsatisfied. with who he is and what he has to offer and that s what. eats away at him and drives him out of the relationship. This doesn t mean you can t ever express your true feelings but you have to. balance those thoughts with an expression of love and admiration that will feed the fire. of your love You don t have to sacrifice your self respect and cater to his every whim. Why Women Leave Their Men, Women leave for completely different reasons They re loyal to the end until they. stop feeling appreciated by their man Men tend to, think of some women as being high maintenance If you cannot inspire a woman. because they re needy and crave attention,with love of you fill her above. It s not the attention they need it s the feeling, that you appreciate everything they do from the way. the brim with love of herself, she puts a little love note in your lunch to how she calls all that runs over will be yours.
you at work to hear your voice,Charles Caleb Colton. This is why women who cheat do it with men,who shower them with attention and praise for who. Chapter 1 Understanding Why Your Relationship Ended Page 7 of 62. they are and what they have to offer the world, Don Juans and Casanovas use this technique quite successfully to seduce married. and partnered up women They start first as the friend who listens to the girl s. problems Then the conversation turns to how ungrateful the man she is with is and. how blind he is to all of her wonderful qualities, Finally the Don Juan himself is showering her with the appreciation and. attention that she intensely desires and next thing you know Don Juan is the new. man in her life, Let s take a look at just a few common reasons relationships end This is not an.
exhaustive list but a sample to show you how every instance boils down to the elements. Cheating Woman feels horribly unappreciated Man does not feel admired when. his wife or girlfriend cheats on him Now I can almost hear you screaming but what. about trust faithfulness and 101 other reasons other than appreciation or admiration. that someone would be upset about an affair, Yes There are other reasons and emotions But this is so important the CORE reason. someone will leave after an affair is feeling unappreciated or for a man losing the. admiration of his partner, A woman is much more likely to NOT end a relationship or GO BACK after an affair if. she feels her man still NEEDS and WANTS her There are thousands if not millions of. women that know their husband is having an affair and DO NOT LEAVE because they. feel that their husband appreciates and needs them at some level I am NOT saying that. the affair is right or does not upset her I am just illustrating that loyalty honesty and. faithfulness take a back seat to just a little appreciation. Now let s look at this when a woman cheats on a man The worst thing a woman can do. after an affair is to try to lay blame on the man which is so common. For example the woman will say things like it was your fault because. You didn t pay attention to me,I was lonely,Needed someone to talk to. This is like the princess coming out and shouting I do NOT admire you A man wants to. feel like he is the knight in shining armor Also inbred into a man is the need to be. strong so he will be admired, A woman would be much better off NOT laying blame Usually the best approach is to. explain what a mistake the cheating or affair was because of how much MORE and. Chapter 1 Understanding Why Your Relationship Ended Page 8 of 62. BETTER of a man her current husband or boyfriend is than the man she had the affair. Constant Arguing and Fights This kills many a relationship And is a perfect example. of the two core reasons why lovers will leave, Think of how many arguments are really over I do NOT feel appreciated And the.
killer of passion for the man is that during and many times long after the fight he. feels like a piece of dung a far cry from feeling like a knight. Ask any relationship therapist and one of the most common reasons men give for. leaving a relationship is No matter what I did I couldn t make her happy after so long. of not being able to make his girl happy he WILL give up and go with someone he feels. HE CAN make happy,And the reason given by most women. He doesn t appreciate a thing I do,Do you see the pattern. Now there are other issues such as trust which we will. discuss that may affect your relationship He or she may. even SAY they don t trust you anymore and that may be. true but that is not the underlying reason they left or why they won t get back together. Let s take a closer look, Let s say that Tom had an affair and lied about it to Sally Sally finds out and feels. incredibly hurt and does not feel special or appreciated by Tom at all She tells Tom that. she can t trust him anymore and that they are through. Now what is really going on, Sally feels either consciously or unconsciously that she will never feel special to Tom. She feels that she can never feel special and loved by Tom EVER again because she. fears that he will have another affair So what is the point in the relationship When. what Sally needs most is not going to be met, See it just comes out as I don t trust you Because it is so much easier People aren t.
always clear in their feelings Men are less clear than women And both men and. women are not clear during heated arguments Underneath that I don t trust you is. the true reason,Return To Table of Contents,Chapter 2 Don t Panic Page 9 of 62. Don t Panic Your Key to Winning Back Their Love, You ve just had the conversation Your ex and you are officially broken up So. what s the next step Should you immediately call him or her on the phone to win back. your love How about sending a thousand text messages professing your undying. These steps are perfectly normal occurrences for the. average pair breaking things off but they re not the best routes to. returning your relationship In fact panic is the enemy Panic. equals desperation Desperation and being hot headed are the. In this chapter we ll talk about how you can suppress the. panicky feelings you may be having show you how to calm down. and strategize about your relationship,Where Does the Panic Come From. You may be an otherwise very rational person but when it comes to the end of. your relationship your brain cells just turn off and let your heart do the talking That s. how you end up drunk dialing your ex to try to get back together cringing the next. morning when you realize what you ve done, Why do you feel so crazy when it comes to love The panic you feel comes from. the immediate loss of control that you experience One minute you re laughing having. fun and even arguing but you know what to expect, After a break up you re suddenly spun into a world of unknowns Even if you.
weren t all that happy in your relationship at least it was familiar You feel an. immediate need to do something to help you regain that control. So you choose to do a lot of things that actually end up making things worse. Before you can do anything about regaining your relationship you have to dial down the. panic and become a rational human being again,Take a Break. Now that you ve broken up with your significant other it s important that you take. a true break from your relationship In other words you need to stop calling emailing. stopping by or showing up at locations where you think your ex will be found. Chapter 2 Don t Panic Page 10 of 62, You may think that the key to winning back your true love is to show him or her. how much you really care as soon as possible before it s too late to ever recover The. truth is you ll end up causing your ex to feel alienated and even angrier with you. When your emotions are raw and a break up is fresh you re more likely to. Say things that aren t true,Say things that will push your ex s buttons. Try to make your ex feel jealous,Use unkind words to make your ex feel bad. Behave like a stalker,Taunt your ex and rehash old arguments.
Seek revenge, As you can see nothing in the above list is very attractive These aren t good. strategies for getting your ex to return to you but because you re panicking they. seem like perfectly good ways to get back into your relationship. Instead you need to allow yourself to have a cooling off period Look at your. calendar and choose a period of time of about a month Circle the date that falls about. a month from now That is the next day you can allow yourself to talk to your ex. If you feel like calling emailing or visiting your ex before that date STOP Yes. you ll be thinking about him or her but you can t allow your feelings to override the. break that you both need, If you really want to get back with your ex you need time to clear your head and. become rational again Then you ll be able to see where things truly fell apart You ll. also be able to open real lines of communication when there s a little time and distance. between the two of you,Avoiding Avoidance, You want to take a break but sometimes dealing with an ex in your daily life is. inevitable For example you may work together take classes together or truly travel. in the same circle of friends, Unless you want to hole up like a hermit you don t want to be rude and. completely ignore your ex but you just don t want to open up the lines of deep. communication Just smile be friendly say Hello and then walk away or go about. your business,Chapter 2 Don t Panic Page 11 of 62, Completely ignoring your ex could make him feel like you re bitter angry or trying.
to get back at him Instead you want present a calm cool demeanor even if you re. really freaking out inside No shaving your head and attacking a car window with an. umbrella just because you re feeling a bit moody a la Brittany Spears. You Need This Time, Staying away from your ex is really important because it allows you to ride out the. panicky feelings and move into a more strategic mode You ll need this month of time. so that you can plan your strategy well, You also need to cool off from the emotions that always surround a breakup. There may be a very specific reason that your relationship ended but during those initial. days you may have a hard time focusing on what needs to change. Instead you re focused on your feelings of rejection loneliness and hurt Giving. yourself some time away from your ex is a gift that will allow you to accomplish what. you really want in the end reconciliation,They Need This Time. You may have heard the phrase Absence makes the heart grow fonder If you. want to get back with your ex you need to give him or her time to miss you How can. they miss you when you won t leave them alone, So while your initial reaction may be to try to keep in constant contact it will. surely backfire Allow your ex to have a chance to get some distance from the breakup. You want your ex to feel like you respect him like you understand his concerns. and begin to miss you Taking a real break allows all three of these things to happen. Giving your former relationship partner a break also helps you to appear mature calm. cool and collected even if you aren t there just yet These are all attractive qualities. Give Yourself a Break, What can you do during this time If you re not spending time with your.
relationship partner you may really not know what to do with yourself Here are a few. ideas for keeping yourself busy the first few weeks. Reconnect With Old Friends,Chapter 2 Don t Panic Page 12 of 62. During a relationship couples often isolate themselves from friends Take this. opportunity to catch up on old times with the people you care about in your life This is. a nice distraction when you re suffering from a breakup Just don t make your breakup. the focus of all of your conversations,Renew a Hobby. Is there a hobby you enjoy that you ve neglected Take a few weeks. to get back into it without feeling guilty of the time spent doing something other than. worshiping your boyfriend, Whether you enjoy going hiking photography or playing an instrument now s the. time to focus on something that really interests you as an individual You might also. meet some new friends to help take your mind off of the old pain. Focus More Energy at Work, Is there an area of your career you ve been neglecting Now is the. perfect time to put in a few extra hours at the office You won t be tempted. to make a phone call too early if you re busy getting things done at your workplace. Avoiding Depression, It s normal for people to feel blue after a breakup But it s critical that you don t.
fall into a pit of despair when you re working toward getting back together You don t. want to make it even harder by falling into depression. Here are some things you need to avoid during this time. Sleeping all day, Staying at home instead of accepting invitations to go out. Drowning yourself in alcohol especially because it leads to drunk dialing and. text messaging, Telling everyone who will listen about your break up. Making any major life decisions,Calling in sick to work. While it may be tempting to hole up in your bed watching Jerry Springer all day. you need to continue living your life Wake up early get plenty of exercise get to work. on time and fill your day with things you enjoy,Managing Your Feelings Using. Chapter 2 Don t Panic Page 13 of 62,The FAST FORWARD Technique.
We have all heard the saying Time heals all wounds But that is little solace for. the person experiencing the pain of the wound RIGHT NOW. Wouldn t it be nice if there were a way to fast forward past the pain Just press a. button and speed up time to a point where we feel more balanced and rational. While I don t have a magical button for you to press I do have The Fast Forward. The Fast Forward Technique has many uses but one of the best is for getting over. the pain of loss If you commit to performing this three times a day at least you will be. STEP 1 Feel whatever it is you are feeling and notice how and where you feel it For. example many people feel emotional hurt in their chest or heart that is why it is called. heart break But that may or may not be true for you Now just focus on your feeling. and ask yourself silently or aloud the following,Can I allow this feeling. Can I welcome this feeling, And then answer It doesn t matter if it is a Yes or No. STEP 2 Ask Could I let this feeling go Again a Yes or No is. acceptable,STEP 3 Ask Would I let this feeling go,STEP 4 Ask When. STEP 5 Now examine the feeling again Does it feel different Did you feel a shift The. shift is different for everyone but is a sign of small healing You want to feel how your. feeling has changed and repeat steps 1 thru 5, The Fast Forward Technique should not be a struggle In fact it will usually feel quite. warm and soothing, You will want to do 2 or 3 sessions a day One session may be 5 or 6 repetitions or more.
through the 5 steps, Also let me let you in on a little secret I have used The Fast Forward Technique for. many things including,Chapter 2 Don t Panic Page 14 of 62. Managing my feelings about,Quitting smoking,Dealing with snack attacks. Writers Block,Getting over my father s death,Sticking with my workout program. Major arguments with my wife, The Fast Forward Technique and I are old friends and I hope that by introducing you to.
each other you will reap a lifetime of benefits as well. Return To Table of Contents,Chapter 3 Removing the Splinter Page 15 of 62. Removing the Splinter in Your Relationship, For right now your relationship has ended You re now at a crossroads You can. either choose to go down the road of reconciling or you can continue your search for. the right person for you, Obviously you re interested in rekindling the romance. because you re reading this book But is that the right. decision In this chapter we ll talk about how to pinpoint. the problem with your relationship in the first place. Then you ll learn to evaluate whether or not this, relationship is worth saving or if it s time to move on. Where Did You Go Wrong, Now that you re spending some time apart from your ex you can take a step back.
and look at your relationship It s difficult to be completely objective but you need to. try to remove your emotions from the facts about your relationship. Take some time to review the highlights and the low times of your partnership. There s a tendency to look back on your relationship and only see the good things or the. bad things In real life everything is a mix,Looking at the Positives. So what are the things that caused you to fall for your ex in the first place What. is it about you that was appealing to him or her It s critical to think about the way the. two of you were in the honeymoon phase of your relationship because that s where. you need to return in order to rekindle the romance. Chances are high that your daily life has found a way to suck the romance right. out of your relationship Those things that caused you to fall in love in the first place. have been buried underneath other experiences and the changes you ve gone through. as you ve naturally grown, It s time to pull yourself out of the rubble dust yourself off and get back to what. made you part of this couple in the first place What is it that attracted you to your.

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