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Also by Elaine Pagels,THE JOHANNINE GOSPEL IN GNOSTIC EXEGESIS. THE GNOSTIC PAUL GNOSTIC EXEGESIS,OF THE PAULINE LETTERS. ADAM EVE AND THE SERPENT,VINTAGE BOOKS EDITION SEPTEMBER 1989. Copyright 1979 by Elaine Pagels, All rights reserved under International and Pan American Copyright. Conventions Published in the United States by Vintage Books a division. of Random House Inc New York and in Canada by Random House of. Canada Limited Toronto Originally published by Random House Inc. New York in 1979, Since this page cannot legibly accommodate all acknowledgments to reproduce.
previously published material they appear on the opposite page. Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data. Pagels Elaine H 1943,The gnostic gospels,Originally published in 1979 by Random House. Includes bibliographical references and index,1 Gnosticism 2 Chenoboskion manuscripts. BT1390 P3 1981 273 1 80 12341,ISBN 0 679 72453 2 pbk. Manufactured in the United States of America, Grateful acknowledgment is made to the following for permission to reprint. previously published material, Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches.
of Christ in the U S A Excerpts from the New Testament The Scripture. quotations in this publication are from the Revised Standard Version of the. Bible copyrighted 1946 1952 1971 1973 by the Division of Christian. Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U S A. and used by permission, Wm B Eerdman s Publishing Co Excerpts from Tertullian Iranaeus and. Hippolytus Reprinted from The Ante Nicene Fathers by permission of the. Wm B Eerdman s Publishing Co Grand Rapids Michigan. Harper Row Publishers Inc Excerpts from The Nag Hammadi Library by. James M Robinson Copyright 1977 by E J Brill Leiden The. Netherlands Reprinted by permission of E J Brill and Harper Row. Publishers Inc, Harvard University Press Excerpts from Clement and Ignatius in The. Apostolic Fathers 1912 The Loeb Classical Library translated by Kirsopp. Lake Reprinted by permission of Harvard University Press. Lutterworth Press and The Westminster Press Excerpts from New. Testament Apocrypha Volume I edited by Wilhelm Schneemelcher and. Edgar Hennecke English translation edited by R McL Wilson Published. in the U S A by The Westminster Press 1963 Copyright 1959 J C B. Mohr Paul Siebeck T bingen English translation 1963 Lutterworth. Press Excerpts from New Testament Apocrypha Volume II edited by. Wilhelm Schneemelcher and Edgar Hennecke English translation edited. by R McL Wilson Published in the U S A by The Westminster Press. 1966 Copyright 1964 J C B Mohr Paul Siebeck T bingen English. translation 1965 Lutterworth Press Used by permission. Oxford University Press Excerpts from The Acts of the Christian Martyrs. translated by Herbert Musurillo Copyright Oxford University Press. 1972 Reprinted by permission of Oxford University Press. To Elizabeth Diggs and Sharon Olds,in loving friendship. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS, T HE WRITING of this book began several years ago with research into the. relation between politics and religion in the origins of Christianity The. first four chapters have been published in more technical form in. scholarly journals specific references precede the footnotes of each. In preparing this volume I have generally chosen to follow the. translations offered in The Nag Hammadi Library edited by James M. Robinson since these are readily available to all readers In certain cases. however I have changed the translation for the sake of clarity consistency. or interpretation for example I have translated the Coptic transliteration. of the Greek term not as perfection but as fulfillment which. seems to me more accurate in other cases where the Coptic term. apparently translates the Greek I have translated it not as man. but as humanity In the case of two texts I have used different. translations see below, I am especially grateful to those colleagues and friends who have read and.
criticized the entire manuscript Peter Berger John Gager Dennis Groh. Howard Kee George MacRae Wayne Meeks and Morton Smith For other. advice and criticism specifically of aspects of the introduction I owe. grateful thanks to Marilyn Harran Marvin Meyer Birger Pearson. Acknowledgments, Quispel Richard Ogust and James M Robinson I am grateful too to. Bentley Layton for permission to use his translation of the Treatise on. Resurrection and to James Brashler for permission to use his. translation of the Apocalypse of Peter, Special thanks are due the Rockefeller Foundation the Lita A Hazen. Foundation and the Guggenheim Foundation for their support. which granted me the time to devote to writing and to President. Jacqueline Mattfeld and Vice President Charles Olton for approving. a year s leave from my responsibilities at Barnard College Especially. I wish to thank Lydia Bronte and Lita A Hazen for their encourage. ment throughout the whole project, The present version of the book would have been impossible to. produce without the superb editing of Jason Epstein Vice President. and Editorial Director of Random House the excellent advice of John. Brockman and the conscientious work of Connie Budelis in typing. and Barbara Willson in copyediting, Finally I wish to thank my husband for his loving encouragement in. the process of this work,Introduction xiii,I The Controversy over Christ s Resurrection.
Historical Event or Symbol 3,II One God One Bishop. The Politics of Monotheism 28,III God the Father God the Mother 48. IV The Passion of Christ and,the Persecution of Christians 70. V Whose Church Is the True Church 102,VI Gnosis Self Knowledge as Knowledge of God 119. Conclusion 142,INTRODUCTION, IN DECEMBER 1945 an Arab peasant made an astonishing.
archeological discovery in Upper Egypt Rumors obscured the. circumstances of this find perhaps because the discovery was. accidental and its sale on the black market illegal For years even the. identity of the discoverer remained unknown One rumor held that. he was a blood avenger another that he had made the find near the. town of Naj Hammadi at the Jabal al Tarif a mountain honey. combed with more than 150 caves Originally natural some of these. caves were cut and painted and used as grave sites as early as the. sixth dynasty some 4 300 years ago, Thirty years later the discoverer himself Muhammad Ali al. Samman told what happened 1 Shortly before he and his brothers. avenged their father s murder in a blood feud they had saddled their. camels and gone out to the Jabal to dig for sabakh a soft soil they. used to fertilize their crops Digging around a massive boulder they. hit a red earthenware jar almost a meter high Muhammad Ali. hesitated to break the jar considering that a jinn or spirit might live. inside But realizing that it might also contain gold he raised his. mattock smashed the jar and discovered inside thirteen papyrus. books bound in leather Returning to his home in al Qasr.

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