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GSO Fabricator
ID: 377
Prefab Name: GSO_Fabricator_322

Rarity: Common
Corporation: GSO
License Grade: 2

Plumbia Ingot
Carbius Brick
Rodius Capsule
Purchase Value
636 ฿฿

Health Points: 4000
Mass: 12
Has Mandatory Anchor

Fabricators take two or more resource chunks and craft them into a block.

The GSO Fabricator was first devised by Dr. Lawrence Hartley during his work on the Good Day Project. The original inspiration for the Fabricator came from a vintage sci-fi TV show, aired in the late 20th century, in this show a device called a 'Replicator' could make any food instantly from pure energy. Dr.'s Hartley and Lovejoy saw the potential applications for a real replication device and began work on this project together. Their labour soon bore fruit in the form of a prototype device that they dubbed, the Fabricator. Operators could combine different materials in this machine and it would produce something completely new.

The GSO Fabricator is a grade 2 Manufacturing block manufactured by GSO. Like all GSO blocks, it can be crafted with a GSO Fabricator.

It has 4 attachment point(s) and takes up 12 cell(s).

It must be anchored to function.

Usage[edit | edit source]

The GSO Fabricator is relatively simple and straightforward, as with all of it's counterparts from other corps. It is able to produce blocks from plain or refined resources/components.

It has great utility especially in the early game, since there are many useful GSO grade 2 blocks (like the GSO Bumper Wheel), which it can craft. Though this requires the player to scavenge a lot of resources, the results are hard to argue with.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The description refers to the replicator in the Star Trek Universe from 'The Next Generation' onwards, a teleporter technology derived system creating physical objects from energy. Most commonly used to dispense food throughout the different series, it is capable of producing oxygen (established in Deep Space Nine), replacement parts, clothing and other objects of daily life.
  • This block appears in a Crafty Mike mission and the player is allowed to keep it afterwards.
  • When deployed, the red exhaust nozzle will extend and tilt to the side. It does not have any animation when it contracts, however.

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Terratech - to the stars pack wwe

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