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Cut top plate Second top plate,to exact can be up to 1 4 in. length short not long,Build a house Use your best lumber. 2 not furniture 3 where it counts, In other words know your tolerances Rafters don t These days if you cull every. have to fit like the parts of a cabinet Nothing in bowed or crooked stud you. frame carpentry is perfect so the question is may need to own a lumber. What s acceptable mill to get enough wood to, You do need to get started right and that means frame a house How do you. the mudsills Whether they re going on a founda make the most of the lumber. tion or on a slab they need to be level straight that you get. parallel and square But there s no harm done if Use the straightest stock. they re cut 1 4 in short A rim joist on the other where it s absolutely neces. hand needs to be cut to the right length within sary where it s going to. 16 in before being nailed to the mudsill make problems for you later. When it comes to wall framing the bottom plate on if it s not straight Walls. also can be 4 in or so short but the top plate,especially in baths and.
needs to be cut to exact length again within 1 16 in kitchens need to be straight. because it establishes the building s dimension at It s not easy to install cabi. the top of the walls But the plate that sits on top nets or tile on a wall that. of that the cap or double plate should be cut 4 in 1. bows in and out And, short so that intersecting walls tie together easily straight stock is necessary. Once you ve raised the walls how plumb or at corners and rough. straight is good enough In my opinion 4 in out of,openings for doors. plumb in 8 ft is acceptable and a 1 4 in bow in a The two top wall. 50 ft wall won t cause harm to the structure or plates need to be. problems for subcontractors Take special care by straight as well but the. framing as accurately as possible in the kitchens bottom plate doesn t. and in the bathrooms These rooms require more You can bend it right to the. attention partly because of their tighter tolerances chalkline and nail it home If. but also because the work of so many trades comes you save your straight stock. together here for the top plates you ll have,an easy time aligning the. than 1 4 in walls And every project,out of needs lots of short stock for. 8 ft blocking take your bowed,material and cut it into crip.
ples headers and blocks,Rim joist cut to exact length within 1 16 in. Cutting the mudsill up to,4 in short not long is OK. OCTOBER NOVEMBER 2003 75, 4 logical order The Xs indicate king studs and double. lines indicate cripples the straight,horizontal line indicates. the header, Establish an efficient routine is completely nailed I pry up.
for each phase of work do it the bottom plate and repeat. the same way every time the process on the bottom, and tackle each phase in its It s worth saying that I didn t. logical order In the long run just make up these steps. having standard procedures they evolved over time Rec. will save time and minimize ognizing inefficiency is an im. mistakes Let s take wall portant part of framing,framing as an example. First I snap all of the layout 1 Snap wall lines,lines on the floor then I cut. the top and bottom plates,and tack all of them in,place on the lines Next. I lay out the plates de,tailing the location of every.
window door stud and in,tersecting wall,3 Detail plates for studs. I pry up the top plate and doors windows and intersecting walls. move it about 8 ft away from 2 Tack top and bottom. plates in place,the bottom plate which I,leave tacked to the. deck I scatter studs,every 16 in for the,length of the wall I. nail the top plate to,the studs and keep the,bottom of the studs snug. against the bottom plate,This helps to keep the wall.
square straight and in posi,tion to be raised I try to es 4 Pry up top plate. Bottom plate remains,tablish a rhythm and work,consistently from one end to. the other Once the top plate,6 Pry up bottom plate. 5 Scatter studs every 16 in,and nail to studs,for the length of wall Nail studs. to top plate,76 FINE HOMEBUILDING,Keep the other,5 trades in mind Center studs.
behind tub for,mixing valve,When nailing the double top. plate together align the nails,with the studs,Behind the lavatory center the. open area between studs for,the medicine cabinet,Include backing. If you want to waste time for drywall,and money when framing. don t think about the electri,cal work the plumbing the.
heat ducts the drywall or,the finish carpentry Whether. you do them yourself or hire,subcontractors these trades. come next And unless you re,working with them in mind. every step of the way your,framing can be in the way. For example when you nail,on the double top plate,keep the nails located over.
the studs This tip leaves the,area between the studs free. for the electrician or plumber,to drill holes without hitting. your nails,Alter joist layout Add blocking for,to accommodate towel bars and all. tub drain wall cabinets,When installing extrawide,trim include blocking for. electrical switches,6 Don t measure,unless you have to.
The best way to save time when you re framing a,house is by keeping your tape measure your pen. cil and your square in your nail pouch as much as,possible I have to use a tape measure to lay out. the wall lines accurately on the deck but after that. I cut all of the wall plates to length by cutting to. the snapped wall lines I position the plate on the. With practice, line eyeball it and then make the cuts at the inter Trimming 1 4 in you can make. square cuts by, secting chalkline from a board s length aligning the. Another time saver is to make square crosscuts on shouldn t require measuring front edge of the. saw s base with, 2x4s or 2x6s without using a square Experience Ripping lengthwise cuts longer the far edge of.
has shown me that with a little practice anyone can pieces also can be done by eye if you use the board. make these square cuts by aligning the leading the edge of the saw s base as a guide Train. edge of the saw s base which is perpendicular to your eye It ll save time cutting and as you develop. the blade with the far side of the lumber before you ll also be able to straighten walls as easily by. making the cut eye as with a string,OCTOBER NOVEMBER 2003 77. 7 Finish one task,before going on to the next, My first framing job was with a crew that would lay cutlist for the entire project and cut them all at once. out frame and raise one wall at a time before moving Tie all the intersecting walls together before starting. on to the next Sometimes they would even straighten to straighten and brace the walls. and brace the one wall before proceeding We wasted Finishing before moving on is just as important when. a lot of time constantly switching gears it comes to nailing and blocking You might be. If you re installing joists roll them all into place and tempted to skip these small jobs and do them later. nail them before sheathing the floor Snap all layout but don t Close out each part of the job as well as you. lines on the floor before cutting any wall plates then can before moving on to the next Working in this way. cut every wall plate in the house before framing If helps to maintain momentum and it prevents tasks. you re cutting studs or headers and cripples make a from being forgotten or overlooked. Cut multiples,8 whenever possible, You don t need a mathematician to length snap a line and cut the joists. know that it takes less time to cut two all at once. boards at once than it does to cut Also don t forget to make repetitive. each one individually cuts with a radial arm or chop miter. If you have a stack of studs that all saw outfitted with a stop block which. need to be cut to the same length is more accurate and faster than. align one end of the top row snap a measuring and marking one. chalkline all the way across and cut board at a time. the studs to length right on the pile,Or you can spread them out on the. floor shoving one end against the, floor plate snap a chalkline and cut First spread studs.
on the plywood floor,them all at once with one end against. Joists can be cut to length in a the floor plate,similar way by spreading them out. across the foundation and,shoving one end up against. the rim joist on the far,side Mark them to,Then mark them and. cut along the chalkline,78 FINE HOMEBUILDING,Don t climb a ladder.
9 unless you have to,I don t use a ladder much on a framing job. except to get to the second floor before,stairs are built Walls can be sheathed and. nailed while they re lying flat on the,deck Waiting until the walls are. raised to nail on plywood,sheathing means you have. to work from a,ladder or a scaffold,Both are time,consuming Attach the.
With a little foresight you sheathing while,the wall is still on. can do the rafter layout on a the plywood floor,double top plate while it s still on. the floor Otherwise you ll have to, move the ladder around the job or climb Mark rafter layout on. top of the wall plate,on the walls to mark the top plate. 10 Know the,building code,Work safely, Building codes exist to create through a plate into the end And a final word If special the rule.
safe structures Because of the stud or four 8d nails if situations arise consult the. Working safely should be, building inspectors are not you re toenailing When you building inspector He or she. at the top of your priority, capable of monitoring all nail plywood or oriented is your ally not your enemy list Safety glasses hear. parts of every project it s strand board OSB roof Get to know the building ing protection and a dust. your responsibility to know sheathing you need a nail code for your area Get your mask should be the norm. the building code and to every 6 in along the edge of own copy of the IRC Inter as should attention. build to it the sheathing and every national Residential Code around coworkers or dan. For instance the code actu 12 in elsewhere And if and build well but build effi gerous debris. ally specifies how to nail a you re using a nail gun be ciently with the understand Safety devices and. good intentions however, stud to a wall plate You need careful not to overdrive the ing that perfection isn t what. won t help if your mind, two 16d nails if you re nailing nails in the sheathing is required. isn t on the work Pay,attention approach the,Roof sheathing is nailed every.
The American Plywood work with a clear head,6 in along the edges and every. Association says there s no listen to that inner voice. 12 in elsewhere In high wind,reduction in strength for nails. areas sheathing along that says This is too,overdriven by 1 16 in or less If. the eaves rakes and,more than 20 of dangerous and be extra. ridges is nailed,the fasteners exceed,every 6 in 1.
8 in add one nail careful toward the end of,for each two the day. overdriven nails L H,8 in sheathing,2x8 rafter,OCTOBER NOVEMBER 2003 79.

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