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A01 TOMP6783 07 SE FM indd Page 2 05 03 18 3 59 PM f 0037 205 PH02437 9780134446783 TOMPKINS TOMPKINS TEACHING WRITING BALANCING PROCESS A. Director and Publisher Kevin M Davis,Portfolio Manager Drew Bennett. Managing Content Producer Megan Moffo,Content Producer Yagnesh Jani. Portfolio Management Assistant Maria Feliberty,Development Editor Linda Bishop. Executive Product Marketing Manager Christopher Barry. Executive Field Marketing Manager Krista Clark,Procurement Specialist Deidra Smith. Cover Design Studio Montage,Cover Art TBD, Editorial Production and Composition Services iEnergizer Aptara Ltd.
Full Service Project Manager Sudip Sinha iEnergizer Aptara Ltd. Supervisory Project Manager Patrick Walsh iEnergizer Aptara Ltd. Printer Binder RR Donnelley,Cover Printer Phoenix Color. Text Font Palatino LT Pro,2019 Pearson Education Inc All Rights Reserved. Printed in the United States of America This publication is protected by copyright and permission should be. obtained from the publisher prior to any prohibited reproduction storage in a retrieval system or transmission in. any form or by any means electronic mechanical photocopying recording or otherwise For information regarding. permissions request forms and the appropriate contacts please visit the Pearson Operating Company s URL. Address Pearson Operating Company s Rights and Permissions Department. Unless otherwise indicated herein any third party trademarks that may appear in this work are the property of their. respective owners and any references to third party trademarks logos or other trade dress are for demonstrative or. descriptive purposes only Such references are not intended to imply any sponsorship endorsement authorization. or promotion of Pearson Education Inc products by the owners of such marks or any relationship between the. owner and Pearson Education Inc or its affiliates authors licensees or distributors. Paperback ISBN 0 13 450967 6 978 0 13 450967 9,need additional ISBNs as appropriate. Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data. Names Tompkins Gail E author Jones Pat Daniel author. Title Teaching writing balancing process and product Gail E Tompkins. Pat Daniel Jones, Description Seventh edition Boston Pearson 2019 Includes. bibliographical references and index, Identifiers LCCN 2018000398 ISBN 9780134446783 ISBN 013444678X.
Subjects LCSH English language Composition and exercises Study and. teaching Elementary Creative writing Elementary education. Classification LCC LB1576 T66 2019 DDC 372 62 3 dc23 LC record available at https lccn loc. gov 2018000398,1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10,ISBN 10 0 13 444678 X. ISBN 13 978 0 13 444678 3, A01 TOMP6783 07 SE FM indd Page 3 05 03 18 3 59 PM f 0037 205 PH02437 9780134446783 TOMPKINS TOMPKINS TEACHING WRITING BALANCING PROCESS A. DEDICATION, Pearson Education dedicates this book to Gail E Tompkins one of our most gifted writers Her talent. was valued not only by Pearson but also by many literacy and language arts professors who. recognized her ability to make research practical and teaching accessible for their students. Gail understood the literacy needs of children and also the essential role teachers play. in meeting those needs She masterfully wrote and deeply cared about both. I met Dr Gail Tompkins in her tiny office at the University of Oklahoma She had blocked off part. of the office with bookcases Sometimes she would disappear behind the bookcases and emerge. holding a book I needed to read In some ways she was like her office tiny but packed full of resources. she could offer to someone who didn t know they were in need. The first time I met her I asked if she would be my major professor in my doctoral studies She. said I don t know First you need to take a class with me Being a major professor to a doctoral. student is like a marriage We need to get to know each other to see if we are compatible Ask me again. after the class During the first class I took with her I was thrilled to read her feedback on a paper I. wrote I m happy to be your major professor, I took every class she taught One night she said as she began a class collaboration with us It. almost feels silly doing this you all know the routine It clicked for me then that she was modeling how. we should teach our students I had already adopted much of her teachings but in that moment I. knew she was purposely modeling how to teach, Gail told us one night in class that she would be leaving OU to join the faculty at California State.
University in Fresno and marry one of their professors I said to her after class I ve found anything. worth having is worth waiting for Gail smiled I ve waited You ll be fine You ve taken all my courses. I ll continue to be your major professor but you will need to get a co major professor on campus I m. not abandoning you I m doing this for me The time was 1989 before email. She was right She didn t abandon me She advised me over long distance phone calls and letters. After I graduated and moved to my third university and started a local site of the National Writing. Project she came to see me and be our keynote speaker She also met a few of my doctoral students. whom she embraced as her professional grandchildren. In May when I was asked to help with the revisions for this seventh edition I was humbled and. honored When I spoke with Gail she said You know my books are my babies I know they are in. good hands with you, Gail was the best teacher I ever had and I have had many great teachers Her books will continue. to teach preservice and in service teachers She was as clear thinking a writer as she was a teacher She. knew so much She read so much She loved teaching, If you were lucky enough to be one of her students you hear her voice as you read her books. Because you purchased this book you are lucky to be taught by the best Heed her advice She made. me an incredible teacher because I was one of the lucky ones to sit in her classes. With love and respect,Pat Daniel Jones,To Gail E Tompkins. One of Pearson s finest writers,This Editor will miss you most of all. Linda Ashe Bishop, A01 TOMP6783 07 SE FM indd Page 4 05 03 18 3 59 PM f 0037 205 PH02437 9780134446783 TOMPKINS TOMPKINS TEACHING WRITING BALANCING PROCESS A.
A01 TOMP6783 07 SE FM indd Page 5 05 03 18 3 59 PM f 0037 205 PH02437 9780134446783 TOMPKINS TOMPKINS TEACHING WRITING BALANCING PROCESS A. ABOUT THE AUTHOR,Gail E Tompkins, After teaching writing for more than 30 years at elementary through university levels Gail E. Tompkins became a full time writer I ve always liked to write Dr Tompkins explained My. dad was an army officer stationed in postwar Germany when I was four I remember sitting. beside my mother at the kitchen table while she wrote weekly letters to my grandparents I. drew pictures and wrote my own notes that she mailed along with her letters In third grade. I received a journal and filled it with details about the everyday events in my life like kids do. I did lots of writing in sixth grade more than in high school I wrote a 126 page tome about. anthropology after reading a biography about Margaret Mead My teacher urged me to. improve my spelling and predicted that one day I d be a writer Now I realize that I already. Dr Tompkins mentored elementary and middle school teachers on both coasts She. taught at California State University Fresno where she received the prestigious Provost s. Award for Excellence in Teaching and was inducted into the California Reading Association s. Reading Hall of Fame Previously she taught at the University of Oklahoma in Norman. where she received the Regent s Award for Superior Teaching and at Miami University in. Ohio Before that she was an elementary teacher in northern Virginia for 8 years She. received both her master s and doctorate degrees in reading language arts at Virginia Tech. Dr Tompkins authored numerous articles for Language Arts The Reading Teacher and. other professional journals and she s the author of several books published by Pearson. including Teaching Writing Process and Product 7th ed 2019 Literacy for the 21st Century. A Balanced Approach 7th ed 2017 Literacy in the Early Grades A Successful Start for PreK 4. Readers and Writers 4th ed 2015 Literacy in the Middle Grades Teaching Reading and Writing to. Fourth Through Eighth Graders 2nd ed 2010 Language Arts Patterns of Practice 9th ed 2016. and 50 Literacy Strategies 4th ed 2012 Each of Dr Tompkins s books have been the leading. texts in their respective markets Thousands of preservice teachers across the United States. have learned to teach reading writing and language arts from her books. In addition Dr Tompkins worked with elementary through college level writing. teachers at two National Writing Project sites during the last three decades She directed the. Oklahoma Writing Project when she taught at the University of Oklahoma and she led the. San Joaquin Valley Writing Project in California where she encouraged teachers to write for. publication, After a brief illness Dr Tompkins passed away in November of 2017 while this book was. in press Her expertise in writing and the knowledge she imparted in her books will live on. A01 TOMP6783 07 SE FM indd Page 6 05 03 18 3 59 PM f 0037 205 PH02437 9780134446783 TOMPKINS TOMPKINS TEACHING WRITING BALANCING PROCESS A. A01 TOMP6783 07 SE FM indd Page 7 05 03 18 3 59 PM f 0037 205 PH02437 9780134446783 TOMPKINS TOMPKINS TEACHING WRITING BALANCING PROCESS A. ABOUT THE COAUTHOR,Pat Daniel Jones, Pat Daniel Jones is delighted and honored to assist Gail Tompkins in revising this edition of. Teaching Writing Pat s and Gail s lives intersected at the University of Oklahoma in 1988. where Gail served as Pat s major professor as she earned her PhD in language arts education. in 1991 Pat taught fifth through eighth graders for 12 years while she lived in Oklahoma. Since earning her PhD Pat has taught at the university level at the University of Houston. Victoria Western Kentucky University and for over 20 years at the University of South. Florida where she serves as the founding director of the Tampa Bay Area Writing Project. She also spends many hours on school campuses working with teachers and their students. Like her mentor Gail Tompkins Pat is a teacher s teacher serving as major professor to 13. doctoral students and as a committee member on 26 additional committees. Pat has received numerous teaching awards including Teacher of the Year at Bethel. Oklahoma Schools and Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award at the University of. South Florida three times, Dr Daniel Jones has written numerous articles for English Journal Language Arts The ALAN. Review Equity and Excellence in Education Teaching and Change Teacher Education and Special. Education and The Qualitative Report, Married to Connie Jones Pat enjoys spending time with their 12 grandchildren 9 of.
whom now live in Tampa Pat and Connie also volunteer at their local community theater. A01 TOMP6783 07 SE FM indd Page 8 05 03 18 3 59 PM f 0037 205 PH02437 9780134446783 TOMPKINS TOMPKINS TEACHING WRITING BALANCING PROCESS A. A01 TOMP6783 07 SE FM indd Page 9 05 03 18 3 59 PM f 0037 205 PH02437 9780134446783 TOMPKINS TOMPKINS TEACHING WRITING BALANCING PROCESS A. With a sharpened focus on differentiating instruction in writing workshop classrooms the. seventh edition of Teaching Writing Balancing Process and Product offers a comprehensive vision. of the strategies that writers use the writing genres and the writer s craft with techniques for. improving the quality of students writing, This text continues to thoroughly examine genres and instructional procedures with a. strong focus on scaffolding instruction to ensure success for all students including English. learners and struggling writers The text provides insights on differentiation technology. assessment writing to demonstrate learning and the six traits of writing along with its. long standing focus on process and product to offer the best possible preparation for teaching. writing in K 8 classrooms,NEW TO THIS EDITION, For the first time Teaching Writing is being offered as an eText to provide interactive. opportunities for studying and reviewing what has been learned through online appli. cations including the ability to highlight information navigate back and forth within. the text watch videos chosen to exemplify or extend text content and take online quiz. zes that align to learning outcomes, An introduction to writing standards appears at the beginning of each chapter and. appropriate standards are aligned to the minilessons offered within each chapter. New Part One Chapters 1 6 has been carefully restructured to closely examine the. writing process writing workshop and specifics on how to develop writers in primary. middle and upper grade classrooms and to assess their progress. Reorganized and revised Chapter 6 Writing to Learn addresses ways teachers can use. writing as a tool for learning through a wealth of activities that ask students to demon. strate their learning through writing, Updated Mentor Texts features list time honored and newer texts broken down by. grade level or by topic Mentor texts are used to teach the writer s craft specific genres. and many instructional procedures introducing and engaging students in concrete. writing strategies, The Digital Toolkit features present in depth information about technological appli.
cations and new and reliable ways to use technology in writing workshop classrooms. Takeaway Checklists fall at the ends of chapters where users can download these prac. tical instructional guidelines and keep them handy. Margin notes link users to videos that exemplify teaching or provide additional teach. ing support, Self assessment online quizzes end each chapter section In addition an end of chap. ter quiz From Textbook to Classroom identifies choices for classroom projects. meant to deepen teacher knowledge and provide experiences to sharpen a teacher s. focus on writing development Rubrics to judge the quality of these projects can be. found online, A01 TOMP6783 07 SE FM indd Page 10 05 03 18 3 59 PM f 0037 205 PH02437 9780134446783 TOMPKINS TOMPKINS TEACHING WRITING BALANCING PROCESS A. PROCESS AND PRODUCT, Teaching Writing addresses both the process of writing the recursive stages of the writing pro. cess and the strategies students use to draft and refine text and the products of writing the. compositions that students write Each chapter in this edition builds from a writing workshop. foundation to clearly articulated instructional procedures including minilessons guided. practice activities suggestions for incorporating technology techniques for assisting English. learners and struggling writers and linking assessment to instruction. Part One The Process, Early chapters walk you through the stages of the writing process prewriting drafting revising. editing and publishing and explain how to implement writing workshop in K 8 classrooms In. Part One you ll also learn about writing strategies that students use to monitor their writing. and solve problems the six traits of writing and ways to assess students writing including. implementing a portfolio program and preparing your students for district and state writing. assessments, Chapter 6 is now a bridge chapter illustrating the process for using writing to learn and.
then offering a plethora of activities for students to demonstrate that learning through writing. paragraphs letters compositions essays books or multigenre projects. These features will guide your learning about the process of writing. Minilessons demonstrate how to teach writing strategies and writer s craft lessons in. writing workshop classrooms, Mentor Texts features list recommended books that teachers can use as models when. they re teaching about each genre, Accommodating EL Writers sections provide insight into the most successful methods. for scaffolding the teaching of students who are learning English as they re learning the. craft of writing,Part Two The Product, Part Two chapters focus on writing genres supported by standards and applications in literature. social studies science and other content areas,Poetry writing. Narrative writing,Biographical writing,Nonfiction writing.
Writing arguments, In Part Two you ll find practical strategies for teaching and assessing each genre of writing. accompanied by abundant illustrative student samples. There are also special features to guide your learning. Step by Step features explain the procedures that writing teachers use every day. including word walls clusters and KWL charts, Instructional Overview features set benchmarks for students achievement for each. A01 TOMP6783 07 SE FM indd Page 11 05 03 18 3 59 PM f 0037 205 PH02437 9780134446783 TOMPKINS TOMPKINS TEACHING WRITING BALANCING PROCESS A. Preface xi, How to Solve Struggling Writers Problems features analyze a specific problem its. causes and solutions as well as ways to prevent the problem. Preparing for Writing Tests features help you prepare students for high stakes testing. by clearly describing each writing genre providing prompts to generate a writing sam. ple and outlining pitfalls writers may face when writing in specific genres. AUTHENTIC CLASSROOMS, Nothing beats authentic examples of classroom practice when it comes to truly understanding. classroom application For that reason this text provides many opportunities for you to. examine writing workshop classrooms and consider questions that writing teachers often ask. Vignettes opening each chapter present an intimate look at teachers who use the spe. cific instructional procedures described in this text and illustrate how these procedures. play out in the classroom including the conversations teachers have with real students. Artifacts of actual student writing are displayed in each chapter and show how stu. dents execute what they learn These examples point out what students understand. and what additional teaching might need to take place. Answering Teachers Questions About This popular feature poses several chapter. related questions that teachers frequently ask and then offers advice from the author. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS, Gail s heartfelt thanks go to the many people who have encouraged her over the years and.
provided valuable assistance through each edition of Teaching Writing Balancing Process and. Product This text is a reflection of what the teachers and students she worked with in Califor. nia and across the United States taught her and is testimony to their excellence The teachers. and students who are featured in the vignettes at the beginning of each chapter deserve spe. cial recognition thank you for welcoming Gail into your classrooms and for permitting her to. share your stories She especially wants to express her appreciation to the children whose. writing samples appear in the text and to the teachers administrators and parents who have. shared writing samples with her as well, Gail also thanks her reviewers for their insightful comments Corrine Hinton Texas A M. Texarkana Melanie Hundley Vanderbilt University Angela Kinney Mount St Joseph Univer. sity Linda Murphree Wayland Baptist Gwendolyn Thompson McMillon Oakland University. Wayne Slater University of Maryland You ll notice that many of your suggestions are reflected. in this seventh edition, And to Gail s editors and the production team at Pearson she offers her heartfelt thanks. To Drew Bennett her portfolio manager and to Linda Bishop her development editor thanks. for your encouragement and support Gail s thanks also go to Joan Gill who successfully. moved this text through the maze of production details and to Melissa Gruzs who has again. cleaned up her manuscript and paid unparalleled careful attention to detail Gail is grateful. A01 TOMP6783 07 SE FM indd Page 12 05 03 18 3 59 PM f 0037 205 PH02437 9780134446783 TOMPKINS TOMPKINS TEACHING WRITING BALANCING PROCESS A. A01 TOMP6783 07 SE FM indd Page 13 05 03 18 4 00 PM f 0037 205 PH02437 9780134446783 TOMPKINS TOMPKINS TEACHING WRITING BALANCING PROCESS A. Minilessons 28,Check Your Understanding 31,The Process IMPLEMENTING WRITING WORKSHOP 31. Introduce the Writing Process 31,Arrange the Classroom 33. Create a Community of Writers 35, Teaching Writing Today 1 Differentiate Instruction 36.
Incorporate Technology 37,Vignette Third Graders Talk About the Writing. Process 1 Accommodating EL Writers 38,Learning Outcomes 3 Monitor Progress 40. Check Your Understanding 42,THE WRITING PROCESS 4, Stage 1 Prewriting 5 THE TAKEAWAY CHECKLIST Writing. Workshop 42,Stage 2 Drafting 7, Stage 3 Revising 8 ASSESSMENT From Textbook to Classroom 42. Stage 4 Editing 13 ANSWERING TEACHERS QUESTIONS,Stage 5 Publishing 16 ABOUT Writing Workshop 43.
Check Your Understanding 17,WRITING STANDARDS 17,The Writing Strand 18. Other Strands 19 Developing Strategic,Check Your Understanding 20 Writers 44. THE TAKEAWAY CHECKLIST The Writing, Process 20 Vignette A First Grader s Thinking Cap 44. Learning Outcomes 46,ASSESSMENT From Textbook to Classroom 20. WRITING STRATEGIES 46,ANSWERING TEACHERS QUESTIONS.
ABOUT The Writing Process 21 Elaborating 48,Evaluating 49. Formatting 49,CHAPTER 2 Generating 49,Writing Workshop 22 Monitoring 50. Narrowing 51, Vignette Sixth Graders Participate in Writing Organizing 52. Workshop 22 Proofreading 53,Learning Outcomes 24 Questioning 53. COMPONENTS OF WRITING WORKSHOP 24 Rereading 55,Writing 25 Revising 55.
Sharing 27 Setting Goals 56, Interactive Read Alouds 27 Self Regulation of Strategies 56. A01 TOMP6783 07 SE FM indd Page 14 05 03 18 4 00 PM f 0037 205 PH02437 9780134446783 TOMPKINS TOMPKINS TEACHING WRITING BALANCING PROCESS A. xiv Contents,Capable and Less Capable Writers 57,Check Your Understanding 58. INSTRUCTIONAL PROCEDURES 59 Assessing Writing 96,Teaching a Strategy 59. Vignette Claire s Writing Portfolio 96,Scaffolding Writers 61. Learning Outcomes 98,Writing Workshop 63,CLASSROOM ASSESSMENT 98.
Assessing Strategy Use 64,The Instruction Assessment Cycle 99. Check Your Understanding 66,Assessment Procedures 100. THE TAKEAWAY CHECKLIST Developing Strategic,Writers 66 Accommodating EL Writers 107. Check Your Understanding 109,ASSESSMENT From Textbook to Classroom 66. WRITING PORTFOLIOS 109,ANSWERING TEACHERS QUESTIONS.
ABOUT Developing Strategic Writers 67 Collecting Writing Samples in Portfolios 109. Involving Students in Self Assessment 110,Showcasing Students Portfolios 110. CHAPTER 4 Check Your Understanding 111, The Writer s Craft 68 LARGE SCALE WRITING TESTS 111. National Assessment of Educational Progress 112, Vignette Noah s Wicked Cool Writing 68 Preparing for Writing Tests 112. Learning Outcomes 70 Benefits of Testing 114,THE SIX TRAITS 70 Check Your Understanding 114. Ideas 70 THE TAKEAWAY CHECKLIST Writing,Organization 73 Assessment 114.
Voice 75 ASSESSMENT From Textbook to Classroom 115. Word Choice 76 ANSWERING TEACHERS QUESTIONS,Sentence Fluency 79 ABOUT Assessing Writing 115. Conventions 80,Presentation 81,Check Your Understanding 82 CHAPTER 6. INSTRUCTIONAL PROCEDURES 82 Writing to Learn 117,Introducing the Writer s Craft 82. Teaching the Six Traits 84 Vignette Fifth Graders Write Pioneer Guides 117. Writing Workshop 90 Learning Outcomes 119, Accommodating EL Writers 90 THE PROCESS WRITING TO LEARN 119. Assessing the Writer s Craft 92 Clustering 120, Check Your Understanding 94 Double Entry Journals 120.
KWL Charts 122,THE TAKEAWAY CHECKLIST The Writer s. Craft 94 Learning Logs 123,Semantic Feature Analysis 124. ASSESSMENT From Textbook to Classroom 94,Check Your Understanding 125. ANSWERING TEACHERS QUESTIONS, ABOUT The Writer s Craft 95 THE PRODUCT WRITING TO DEMONSTRATE. LEARNING 125, A01 TOMP6783 07 SE FM indd Page 15 05 03 18 4 00 PM f 0037 205 PH02437 9780134446783 TOMPKINS TOMPKINS TEACHING WRITING BALANCING PROCESS A.
Contents xv, Response to Literature Projects 125 ASSESSMENT From Textbook to Classroom 167. Thematic Unit Projects 128 ANSWERING TEACHERS QUESTIONS. Multigenre Projects 134 ABOUT Writing Poetry 168,Check Your Understanding 136. INSTRUCTIONAL PROCEDURES 137,Designing Writing Projects 137. Writing Workshop 137 Narrative Writing 169,Accommodating EL Writers 140. Vignette First Graders Write Stories 169,Assessing Writing in the Content Areas 142.
Learning Outcomes 171,Check Your Understanding 142. THE GENRE NARRATIVE WRITING 171,THE TAKEAWAY CHECKLIST Writing to. Setting 174,ASSESSMENT From Textbook to,Characters 175. Classroom 143,ANSWERING TEACHERS QUESTIONS,Point of View 179. ABOUT Writing to Learn 144,Narrative Devices 179,Check Your Understanding 180.
PART TWO INSTRUCTIONAL PROCEDURES 181,Introducing the Genre 182. The Product Teaching an Element of Story Structure 182. Guided Practice Activities 182,Writing Workshop 184. Accommodating EL Writers 188, Writing Poetry 145 Assessing Narrative Writing 188. Check Your Understanding 190,Vignette Sixth Grade Poetry Workshop 145. Learning Outcomes 147 THE TAKEAWAY CHECKLIST Narrative. Writing 190,THE GENRE POETRY 147,ASSESSMENT From Textbook to Classroom 191.
Formula Poems 148,Free Verse 152 ANSWERING TEACHERS QUESTIONS. ABOUT Narrative Writing 191,Syllable and Word Count Poems 157. Model Poems 158,Poetic Devices 159 CHAPTER 9,Check Your Understanding 161. Biographical Writing 193,INSTRUCTIONAL PROCEDURES 161. Introducing Poetry Writing 162 Vignette A Class Biography 193. Writing Workshop 162 Learning Outcomes 195, Accommodating EL Writers 166 THE GENRE BIOGRAPHY 195.
Assessing Poetry 166 Personal Narratives 196,Check Your Understanding 166 Memoirs 198. THE TAKEAWAY CHECKLIST Writing Poems 167 Autobiographies 199.

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