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TABLE OF CONTENTS,What Is a Retaining Ring 1,Axial Retaining Rings 3. Internal HO 4,External SH 6,Inverted HOI Internal 8. Inverted SHI External 9,Internal Bowed BHO 10,External Bowed BSH 11. Beveled VHO Internal VSH External 12,Reinforced External SHR 13. Tamper proof External SHM 13,Assembly Tools 14,Summary 15.
Radial Retaining Rings 17,External E 18,Reinforced External RE 20. Bowed External BE 21,External Crescent C 22,Interlocking External LC 23. External POodle Rings PO POL 24,External Locking EL 25. Assembly Tools 26,Summary 28,Self Locking Retaining Rings 30. Shaft Friction SHF 30,Toothed External TX TY 32,Toothed Internal TI 33.
Radial Grip External RG 3,Assembly Tools 35,Summary 36. Materials Finishes Packaging 37,Materials 37,Finishes 38. Packaging 40,Breaking the Code 41,Design Considerations 45. Automated Assembly Axial Rings 54,Identifying Retaining Rings 57. How to Use a Caliper 61,How to Use a Micrometer 62.
The Rotor Files 63,Rotor Clip Literature 66,Rotor Clip Online 67. Constant Section Ring Program 68,Rotor Clamp Self Compensating Hose Clamps 69. What Is a Retaining Ring, Traditional method of fastening Cost saving method offered by. Rotor Clip, The traditional method for fastening components and assem. blies in housings and on shafts usually involves some type of. shaft housing preparation and multiple components to accom. plish the fastening task Note the example above You could. hold the shaft to the brace by drilling a hole through it installing. a washer and fastening the system with a cotter pin. It may seem simple but in today s cost cutting global environ. ment greater savings are available than offered by this tradi. tional method, Take another look at the same example Instead of drilling a.
hole and using two components to complete the assembly you. could simply machine a groove onto the shaft and install an. external retaining ring The same fastening task is accom. plished with one component instead of two with less shaft. preparation,What is a Retaining Ring, That s what retaining rings do fasten assemblies on. shafts or in housing bores They are installed into a. groove creating a shoulder that retains the assembly. Retaining rings are more efficient and cost effective than. traditional fasteners like screws nuts bolts cotter pins. washers and more And they do it with a minimum amount. of surface preparation to either shaft or housing, This guide will help you understand the different types of. retaining rings and the function of each The differences are. subtle but important Understanding what type of retaining. ring to use in a particular application could result in enormous. savings in time and costs on your next fastener project. We welcome your questions as well as your comments on. this guide Contact Rotor Clip Company at 1 800 557 6867. 732 469 7333 Fax 732 469 7898 or email adv rotorclip. ROTOR CLIP,Innovation Every Day,Axial Retaining Rings. Axial RotorClips retain,assemblies on shafts and in. housings and bores,Inch HO SH HOI SHI BHO VHO BSH VSH SHR SHM.
DIN Metric DHO DSH DHI DHT DSI DST DHR DSR,ANSI Metric MHO MSH MSR. 1 Internal housing external shaft retaining rings, 2 Feature lugs and lug holes used to install remove the rings. except for the SHM ring, 3 Make almost complete circular contact with the groove. enabling them to withstand significant thrust loadings. 4 Made to World Standards Inch DIN Metric ANSI Metric. 5 Installed in an axial horizontal direction in a housing bore or. on a shaft,AXIAL Retaining Rings,Internal HO,Without anything to stop it. this coin will pass through,this housing and out the other.
By machining a groove into,the housing,and installing an HO. Housing internal retaining,ring into it,the coin is stopped before it. can fall out,AXIAL Retaining Rings,Internal HO,HO stands for Housing ring. since it is applied internally,into a housing or bore. An HO ring is installed by,drawing the lugs together.
using a special plier with tips,on the end,The ring is then released into. a groove The resulting shoul,der of the ring retains a com. ponent or assembly,This Rotor Clip HO ring,retains a linear bearing within. HO rings fit housings bores from 250 inches to 10 inches in diameter. DHO rings fit metric housings from 8mm to 400 mm in diameter. MHO rings fit ANSI metric housings from 8mm to 50mm in diameter. AXIAL Retaining Rings,External SH,Without anything to hold it in. place this gear will eventual,ly walk off,By machining a groove onto.
And installing an SH,shaft external circlip,retaining ring onto it. The gear is stopped before,it can fall off,AXIAL Retaining Rings. External SH,SH stands for Shaft ring,since it is applied externally. onto a shaft,An SH ring is installed by,separating the lugs using a. special plier with tips on the,The ring is then released into.
a groove The resulting shoul,der of the ring retains a com. ponent or assembly,A Rotor Clip SH ring retains a,gear in a transmission. SH rings fit shafts from 125 inches to 10 inches in diameter. DSH rings fit shafts from 3mm to 400mm in diameter. MSH rings fit ANSI metric shafts from 4mm to 50mm in diameter. AXIAL Retaining Rings,Inverted Internal HOI,HOI WHEN CLEARANCE IS A PROBLEM. Sometimes the lugs of the stan,dard HO can interfere with the. functioning of an application,Consider the example below.
Let s take a look at our hous Time for a different fastener. ing once again This time we Not at all The lugs of the. have an application that rings can be reversed to form. requires an E ring to retain a another internal ring called. component on this transmis an HOI the I stands for. sion spool valve and an HO inverted With the HOI, ring to retain another compo installed in the groove our E. nent As you can see the ring is now free to spin with. lugs of the HO interfere with out any interference from the. the E ring lugs, HOI rings fit housings bores from 625 inches to 4 inches in diameter. DHI rings fit housings bores from 12mm to 100mm in diameter. AXIAL Retaining Rings,Inverted External SHI,SHI WHEN CLEARANCE IS A PROBLEM. Similarly the lugs of the stan,dard SH ring can interfere with. the funcioning of an application,Consider the example below.
This SH ring is holding in By using an SHI the lugs are. place the threaded portion of reversed and do not interfere. this doorknob But this piece with the threads,can not be threaded into the. knob s base because the lugs,are in the way, SHI rings fit shafts from 500 inches to 3 938 inches in diameter. DSI rings fit shafts from 12 mm to 100mm in diameter. AXIAL Retaining Rings,Bowed Internal BHO,Bowed HO Retaining Ring. TAKE OUT THE SHAKES RATTLES AND ROLLS, Remember when cars used to creak and rattle in response to every. bump In some instances this was due to components on shafts. and in housings on the car that were loose exhibiting a charac. teristic known as end play, Endplay occurs when components on a shaft or in a housing are.
made to tolerances that is plus or minus dimensions see expla. nation on the following page, If you want a noise and or rattle free assembly you ve got to find a. way to takeup this end play, Enter Rotor Clip Bowed and Beveled retaining rings The bowed. BHO BSH rings are curved and exert a pre load on the assembly. when installed in the groove This takes up the end play and acts. like a spring which keeps the assembly in compression Because. there is some movement in the assembly we refer to this as resil. ient endplay takeup, BHO rings fit housings bores from 250 inches to 1 750 inches in diameter. BSH rings fit shafts from 250 inches to 1 750 inches in diameter. AXIAL Retaining Rings,Bowed External BSH,Bowed SH Retaining Ring. WHAT ARE ACCUMULATED TOLERANCES, What are accumulated tolerances In manufacturing parts can.
not be produced to an exact dimension For example a part that. must be 500 thick may be produced at a tolerance of 001 001. The plus and minus dimensions are tolerances and simply. mean that parts produced on the high side 501 or on the low. side 499 are acceptable So a series of parts that you must hold. onto a shaft or in a housing will add up to slightly more or slightly. less than the target dimension As a result if they are made on the. low side of the tolerance they will be loose or have play on the. shaft when a standard ring is installed If they are made on the high. side of the tolerance they will extend further into the groove and. prevent a standard ring from being fully installed Compensating for. accumulated tolerances is what our BHO BSH Bowed retaining. rings are designed to do by acting like a spring once installed into. the groove, This component was originally held in place by a The manufacturer switched to the bowed SH. regular SH retaining ring But there was play in BSH ring The curved shape of the ring com. the assembly since the parts were made on the pensated for the slightly undersized pieces and. low side of the tolerances held the components tightly in place. AXIAL Retaining Rings,Internal VHO External VSH,Our beveled HO VHO and. beveled SH VSH rings,look exactly like their HO and. SH counterparts only they,feature a 15 degree beveled. or angled edge This angle,allows the ring to wedge itself.
between the groove and the,retained part until it can go no. further effectively locking,everything in place,For applications in which end. play must be rigid specify Rotor,Clip VHO VSH retaining rings. These rings wedge themselves,between the retained part and. the groove wall until the assem,bly is virtually locked into.
place Think of placing a cork in,a bottle The cork is forced into. the opening until it is wedged as,far into the opening as possible. The same thing happens when,a beveled HO VHO retaining. ring is installed in this applica,tion The ring is wedging itself. into place between the groove,wall on the left and the retained.
part on the right resulting in,what is referred to as rigid end. play takeup, VHO rings fit housings bores from 1 inch to 10 inches in diameter. VSH rings fit shafts from 1 inch to 10 inches in diameter. See pages 63 65 for formulas pertaining to beveled retaining rings. AXIAL Retaining Rings,Reinforced External SHR,The SHR is an extra thick. version of an external SH,shaft ring The designation. stands for SH shaft,R Reinforced As such it is,stronger and can withstand.
greater thrust loads than its,standard counterpart. This plate and bolt on this,device connect the threads. on an A1 Army tank The,SHR Retaining Ring prevents. the bolt from loosening and,derailing the thread, SHR rings fit shafts from 394 inches to 2 inches in diameter. DSR rings fit shafts from 12mm to 100 mm in diameter. AXIAL Retaining Rings,Tamperproof External SHM,The last ring the axial group.
is the SHM SHaft Miniature,This also functions like an SH. ring but in smaller applica,tions It is also a tamper proof. ring which can not be,removed once installed since. it does not have lugs,SHM retaining ring retains a lock. in a retail table top display, SHM rings fit shafts from 101 inches to 375 inches.

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