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Supporting children s critical and creative thinking
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Whakatauki,Ahakoa he iti he pounamu,Pounamu and tamariki are precious. and have potential and possibilities,Introduction,Our young children are fast approaching a. technological generation where we don t know,what will be available by the time our current. children will be working in the task force,What we do know are some strategies and. skills to support them to become strong,problem solvers that can think creatively.
Definitions,Critical Thinking purposeful reflective judgement. concerning what to believe or what to do, Creative Thinking is a function of intelligence and. takes many forms Creativity is the ability to,produce through imaginative skill something new. Wright 2010 Robinson 2009,Two important aspects gathering and absorbing the. information critical thinking leading to the,transformation of this knowledge to generate new.
ideas creative thinking Simister 2007,Cognitive and personality traits. The ability to think creatively is closely linked to our. cognitive mental traits and also to our personality. traits Wright 2010,Imagination,Visualisation,Cognitive Thinking Styles. Mental Traits Experimentation,Logical Thinking,Cognitive and personality traits. Originality,Independence,Risk Taking,Personality Energy. Traits Curiosity,Open Mindedness,Perceptiveness,Imaginative Thought.
Imagination also called the faculty of,imagining is the ability to form new. images and sensations that are not,perceived through sight hearing or other. senses Imagination helps make,knowledge applicable in solving. problems and is fundamental to,integrating experience and the learning. Links to Curriculum documents, Creative Thinking Skills Related Learning Links To Te Wh riki Links to New Zealand.
Dispositions Stands and Goals Curriculum Framework. Key competencies, Persisting with difficultly Perseverance Exploration Thinking Managing self. Making Decisions Confidence Exploration Wellbeing Thinking. Problem setting and solving Responsibility Exploration Contribution Thinking Managing Self. Being Flexible Confidence Belonging Managing Self Participating. and Contributing, Risk Taking Courage Perseverance Exploration Managing Self. Curiosity Courage and Curiosity Exploration Thinking Managing Self. Imaginative thought Trust and Playfulness Communication Thinking. Independence Perseverance Wellbeing Exploration Managing Self. Experimentation Courage and Curiosity Exploration Thinking. Perceptiveness Responsibility Contribution Relating to others. Sharing Ideas Confidence Belonging Relating to others Using. Communication language,Multi Role,Creative and Critical Thinking. Multi literacies, Multi literacies can be a range of tools to support. children to express themselves,The links between artistic drawings language.
and thinking are intricately intertwined,Children will often use drawing as a way to. communicate their ideas and express,themselves and their ideas. The act of representing thought and action while,drawing actually strengths children s later. understanding of literacy and numeracy Wright,Recognising letters. Ben it was great to work with you today We had the. magnetic board out with all the different letters I. suggested that you could show me how you spell, your name You were very confident at picking out the.
letters of your name You showed me how your name,starts with a big and then you found the and. Thanks for sharing with me Ben I can see in your portfolio that you have been. doing this at home too I have also seen you write your name on the children s sign. in list too What a great effort you made Another useful. place to write your name is on your artwork as this is a. way to identify your work when it goes into the drying. rack I look forward to seeing you explore your writing in. other areas of kindergarten,Ben today you came on your first exciting. adventure on the Lollipops van We went to,see the amazing art exhibition by Lynley Dodd. at the Art Galley It was great that your Mum,could come along too. Ben I have seen you develop some fantastic,drawings lately and hope this visit will inspire.
your interest further,The journey to the gallery was very exciting as. we all travelled together in the van Once we,got the gallery we found a quiet space to read. one of the books by Lynley Dodd this is a well known book that you relate. to well Ben I was impressed that you were able to help me with some of. the names of the dogs in the story,Once we had finished sharing the story we took a. look round at some of the very early illustrations by. Lynley Some of the pictures were created in, pencil charcoal and black ink It was interesting to. see how Hairy Maclary developed from a basic,pencil drawing Ben you demonstrated your.
interpretation of Scarface Claw I can see you have. experimented with thin and fat lines to emphasise,his fur standing up I look forward to seeing more.

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