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Studies on portable power banks for recharging electronic
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International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology IRJET e ISSN 2395 0056. Volume 05 Issue 03 Mar 2018 www irjet net p ISSN 2395 0072. The high energy and compatible Li ion battery integrated and ii boost converters The power bank is charged either. with the power bank apart from the protective circuit are by wall charger or laptop and the output voltage is 5V The. discussed in section 2 1 buck converter is used to step down the voltage from 5V to. 4 2V to charge the Li ion battery in the power bank The. 2 1 Lithium ion battery technology boost converter is to convert battery output voltage 4 2V to. 5V in order to charge the load 8, The lithium ion battery is an apt technology to incorporate. with all most all portable consumer electronic devices The step down and step up mechanism through micro USB. including power banks as well The electrochemical and USB is represented in Fig 3. characteristics of the lithium ion batteries are well. established their superiority among commercial batteries in. terms of operating potential cycle life foot print weight. etc However the performance of the lithium ion batteries. are varied with chemistry to chemistry 5, The most prominent chemistries of the Li ion technologies. are Lithium Cobalt Oxide LCO Lithium Manganese Oxide. LMO Lithium Iron Phosphate LFP Lithium nickel,manganese cobalt oxide NMC Lithium Nickel Cobalt. Aluminum oxide NCA Lithium Titanium Oxide LTO 6, The design of the lithium ion battery are of four types and. these are i button iii cylindrical iii prismatic iv pouch. The button type are extensively used for portable electronic. devices including portable health care tool kits such as Fig 3 Step down and Step up mechanism. thermometers wrist watches etc The cylindrical type of. design is the most robust and reliable The cylindrical 18650 The power bank input and output are designed to. type is economical and are used in laptops power banks and compatible with universal series bus USB and this protects. other emerging applications e g electric mobility as well the system from any electrical surges while plug in The USB. The prismatic type has a hard outer casing and are in connectors are user friendly to connect with any portable. medium and large sizes Medium size are mostly used in electronic devices such as smart phones cameras tabs etc. mobile phones and the larger range are used in electric 9 The block diagram of the operation of the power bank. powertrains etc The design of the pouch type is the most with major and minor components are shown in the Fig 4. flexible light in weight and compatible with electronic. circuits and are used in large capacity power bank in view of. its flexible geometry and light in weight 5 6,2 2 2 Electrical Protective Circuit.
A set of lithium ion cells are used in the moderate power. bank and these cells are configured by connecting in parallel. for higher rating The battery pack is integrated with electric. circuit to improve the safety of the power bank The. electrical protective circuit is to protect the device by. controlling the operating voltages currents and also. temperature of the battery 7, The protective circuit consists of microcontroller. buck boost converters and USB connectors The, microcontroller is programmed to control the voltage. current and temperature of the battery The power bank is Fig 4 The function of major and minor electrical. charged by plug in and state of charging SoC levels are components in the power bank. indicated through the light emitting diode LED and. converters are also used in the power bank such as i buck. Also the duration that takes for charging the power bank and. By understanding the design and operating mechanism we the practical energy available in the power bank for charging. have made an attempt to demonstrate the battery and mobile phones of different manufacturers are presented and. protective circuit to know the insight of the power banks discussed. 2018 IRJET Impact Factor value 6 171 ISO 9001 2008 Certified Journal Page 1550. International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology IRJET e ISSN 2395 0056. Volume 05 Issue 03 Mar 2018 www irjet net p ISSN 2395 0072. 3 EXPERIMENTAL hour Consider the configuration of the power bank. with the capacity of 5000mAh and nominal voltage of. 3 1 Lithium ion battery 3 7V The energy density of the power bank is 18 5Wh. which was obtained by considering the product of,capacity and voltage However the practical energy. The performance of lithium ion cells depends upon on the density delivered by the power bank is lower than the. design chemistry and control system as well In addition to theoretical due to voltage step up and step down. that charging protocol is important for enhancing the life conversion. 10 The electrical tests on commercial Lithium ion pouch. cell with rated capacity of 4500mAh were carried out in the The power bank nominal voltage 3 7V is to be stepped up to. constant current and constant voltage CC CV mode at 0 2C 5V in order to charge the load e g mobile phone The. rate in the potential range of 2 5V to 4 1V The discharge power bank voltage should be step down from 5V to 3 7V to. capacity of the cell was evaluated at different cycles at charge the lithium ion battery incorporated in the power. ambient temperature The typical discharge profile of the bank device. lithium ion cell for limited cycles is presented in Fig 5. The charging process is carried out at ambient temperature. through USB During the process there is a change in the. voltages which consume energy The consumption of energy. is obtained and estimated the actual usable capacity of the. power bank The capacity is calculated by considering the. rated capacity and nominal potentials of power bank and. USB conversion as given below,Capacity Capacity x Voltage USB 1. 5000 X3 7 5 0 3700 mAh 1a, The available power bank energy for charging the mobile.
phone is 3700mAh against to the rated capacity of 5000mAh. In other words the usable capacity of the power bank is. around 74 and the balance capacity of 26 is, Fig 5 Discharge profile of the Lithium ion cell compensated for conversion factor for step up and step. down through USB port In addition to the USB conversion. From the Fig 5 it is observed that the capacities of Li ion cell there is an energy consumption with the harness of the. at different cycles are found to be similar at the first cycle electrical wiring in power bank device The variation of the. and the fifth cycle It shows that the electrode and capacities for the rated and practical values also depends on. electrolytes are stable and expected to improve the life of the the quality of the components and type of connectors that. battery are used in the device The energy consumption in the. electrical circuit is expected to be 5 to 12 subjected to. 3 2 Energy Density of Power Bank efficiency of the components in the circuit Here the average. consumption of energy is considered as 10 and the, The amount of energy charge in a battery is the capacity and estimated net efficiency of the power bank device is 90 By. is expressed in ampere hour Ah The power is the considering the compensation of energy through USB and. electrical energy of the battery and it is the product of the electrical harness in the power bank circuit the deliverable. capacity and nominal voltage and is expressed in watt hour capacity is around 3300mAh i e 3700 x 90. The performance of the power bank could be considered The practical deliverable capacity of the power bank for. either by energy or power respectively for charging the mobile phone is 3330mAh against the rate. understandingthe efficiency of ampere hour and watt. capacity of 5000Ah The deliverable capacity of the power 4 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION. bank is reasonably to charge the mobile phone with battery. rating of 1500 mAh by two times which means that the. operation of the mobile phone duration could be expected to Wide range of power banks with different capacities are. enhance by two times approximately available in the market This report presents the. performance of different branded power banks namely A B. C with battery rating of 5000 mAh and charge duration. and deliverable capacity of power bank are validated by. measuring the charging the power bank and discharging it. through mobile phones to understand the practical charge. duration and the delivering capacity Here the charging and. 2018 IRJET Impact Factor value 6 171 ISO 9001 2008 Certified Journal Page 1551. International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology IRJET e ISSN 2395 0056. Volume 05 Issue 03 Mar 2018 www irjet net p ISSN 2395 0072. discharging is done through the USB cables provided by the to manufacturer and this can be attributed to the efficiency. respective manufacturers The charging characteristics of of the Li ion cell and the restriction of the potentials in the. the power bank are monitored at different cycles at ambient protection circuit of the respective manufacturer 10. temperature While charging the state of charge of the. power bank can be estimated with LED indicators which are 5 CONCLUSIONS. connected in the hardware circuit The charging profiles of. different power banks are shown in the Fig 6, The power bank is an essential power source for charging. the mobile phones which is part of modern life The. importance of the power bank and uniqueness of the. lithium ion battery technologies are explained for better. understanding of the technology The performance of the. lithium ion cell like capacities are found to be same within. the studied cycles and the variation in the rated and actual. capacities of the power bank are clarified The lab results. shows that the charging duration of the power banks from. manufacturer to manufacturer are found to be different may. be due to the protective circuit and also the practical. deliverable capacity is comparatively lesser than the rated. capacity of 5000mAh power bank,Fig 6 Charging profile of commercial power banks. Large capacity power banks with multi features such as. From the Fig 6 it is observed that the charging duration is torch dual output ports solar wireless charging etc are. similar at the first cycle and also at 5th cycle which indicate available commercially and user has to select the branded. that there is no change in the performance mark within the products for better life and safety of the device. brands but the charge duration is marginally varied from. manufacturer to manufacturer The variation in the charging. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS, time of the particular power bank may be due to the voltage.
potentials current restriction in the protection circuit that is. incorporated with the battery 10 Authors would like to thank the management of Amara Raja. Batteries Ltd for their support and encouragement,The same power banks A B C are considered for. studying the discharge characteristics in order to REFERENCES. understand the practical discharge capacity of the power. bank 1 Jeffrey Welser Stu Wolf Phaedon Avouris Tom. Theis Applications Nano electronics and Nano, The typical discharging profile of power banks are shown in magnetics Chapter 8 284 319. the Fig 7 http www cein ucla edu new file uploads chapt. 2 Tahar Allag Wenjia Liu Battery charging,considerations for high power portable devices. Texas Instruments Power Management 2Q 2014,3 Y A Rahim A N Che Pee and M A Othman. Observation on the uses of Mobile Phones to support. Informal Learning International Journal of Interactive. Mobile Technologies 6 4 2012 43 45,4 Abhishek Joshi Low Cost Portable and Extendable.
Fig 7 Discharging profile of commercial power banks Power Bank International Journal of Scientific. Engineering Research 6 4 2015 87 89, From the Fig 7 it is observed that the capacity delivered at. the first cycle and also at 5th cycles are same within the 5 Masaki Yoshio Ralph J Brodd Akiya Kozawa Eds. manufacturers However it was noteworthy to mention that Lithium Ion Batteries Springer 2009. the delivered capacity is slightly varied from manufacturer. 2018 IRJET Impact Factor value 6 171 ISO 9001 2008 Certified Journal Page 1552. International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology IRJET e ISSN 2395 0056. Volume 05 Issue 03 Mar 2018 www irjet net p ISSN 2395 0072. 6 Naoki Nitta Feixiang Wu Jung Tae Leeand Gleb, Yushin Li ion battery materials present and future. Materials Today 18 5 2015 252 264,7 Tsung Hsi Wu Chin Sien Moo and Chih Hao Hou A. Battery Power Bank with Series Connected Buck,Boost Type Battery Power Modules Energies 10. 8 Hemant R Maurya Prof Sagar Ghormade Prof,Sagar Pradhan Design of Power Bank with Buck.
Boost Converter International Research Journal of,Engineering and Technology 3 5 2016 463 466. 9 Tanvir Singh Prashant Bhardwaj Dr Balwinder,Singh Amit Kumar Design and Development of. Portable Power Charger A Green Energy Initiative, International Journal of Electronics Communication. Technology 5 4 2014 12 15,10 Xiaogang Wu Wenwen Shi and Jiuyu Du Multi. Objective Optimal Charging Method for Lithium Ion,Batteries Energies 10 2017 1271.
BIOGRAPHIES,Sr Engineer R D Li ion Batteries,Technology Centre. Amara Raja Batteries Ltd Karakambadi,517 520 A P,Venkateswarlu M. AGM R D Li ion Batteries Technology,Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. Karakambadi 517 520 A P,Jagadish M,VP Head Technology Centre Amara. Raja Batteries Ltd Karakambadi 517, 2018 IRJET Impact Factor value 6 171 ISO 9001 2008 Certified Journal Page 1553.

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