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strengthening and stretching weight training 10 yoga amp pilates
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getting started, Congratulations Your Soloflex WBV Platform comes fully assembled. Simply connect the unit to a power source using the provided rheostat. control unit and power cord and start reaping the benefits of. whole body vibration,To e xe rc i s e o r n o t t o e xe rc i s e. that is the question,v i b r a t i o n, How do you want to employ Whole Body Vibration WBV therapy along. with static exercise triggers physical improvements much like. a moderate weight training workout Just standing on. a WBV platform will make you sweat For those who, do not want to lift heavy weights this is great news. You can help increase circulation balance strength and. flexibility by starting to vibrate ten minutes a day. Short history of vibration and conditioning, Jackhammer operators carving Mt Rushmore had to press the hammers.
into the rock with their stomachs it was the only way to get the leverage. they needed One operator reported after a few weeks of this pounding. that his wife could dance on his stomach with high heels. Clearly the tensing of muscles and the right vibrations have. a powerful conditioning effect, We recommend choosing the vibration level that feels most. comfortable to you, Shake Rattle and Grow The Science and Application of Vibration Training. 2 www pmlfilestore com vibratrain pdfs Stoppani J Shake Rattle pdf. Q u e s t i o n a n s we r,Q Is it safe, The ANSI American National Standards Institute has established time limits for. allowable workplace exposure to whole body vibration WBV The Soloflex WBV. Platform safe exposure time is approximately 30 minutes a day at all acceleration. levels 3g s to 1 1g s, Q So what happens if I vibrate for 31 minutes a day. Overdosing on WBV at these acceleration levels will make you over tired and. inattentive just like too much exercise We recommend starting with ten minutes a. day and no longer than 30 minutes a day,Q What vibration frequency should I use.
The Soloflex frequency amplitude g load controller is adjustable. between 3g s and 1 1g s 28Hz 60Hz All settings in this range have. produced similar results in controlled studies,Q What is the expected motor life. About 1 000 hours Used ten minutes a day six days a week you ll. need a replacement motor in about twenty years,Q What are the specs. The Soloflex WBV Platform is 10 X 40 It weighs 35 pounds The platform is a. standard Soloflex weightlifting bench 15 ply wood laminate molded with urethane. foam There is no weight restriction for users The vibration motor draws about. 5 amps the same as a 60 watt light bulb Everything is American made except the. frequency controller Hong Kong,P re c a u t i o n s. The Soloflex WBV Platform has not been evaluated on the following conditions Individuals with the following. conditions or implants should consult their physician before using the device. recovering from surgery known retinal conditions, congestive heart disease severe diabetic neuropathy. known neurological conditions pacemakers and Implantable Cardioverter. pregnancy Defibrillators ICDs, pre existing deep vein thrombosis poor somatosensory receptor sensitivity.
joint implants on the plantar surfaces of the feet. pulmonary embolism,w h o l e b o d y v i b r a t i o n. strengthening,g stretching, Here s a simple 9 exercise routine to increase strength and flexibility faster than. just standing on the platform Hold each of these positions for about 60 seconds. tensing the muscles being loaded Breathe slowly and deeply. Whole Body Vibration Training Proven Effective WebMD www medscape com viewarticle 481327 src mp 5. 12 quick stretches, 1 Back Extension 2 Neck Forward Stretch 3 Neck Left and Right. and Shoulder Blade Pinch This stretches the back of the neck and the This stretches the sides of the neck and the. This exercise provides great fatigue relief for the area where the neck joins the uppper back area where the neck joins the shoulders. lower mid and upper back Tilt your head forward and lower the chin Tilt head sideways toward shoulder without. Stand with feet apart and gently lean backward toward the chest placing a hand on the twisting neck Move the ear directly toward. to the point of mild tension with the arms back of your head for added stretch shoulder. also reaching back and squeezed toward each Do once hold for 15 seconds Repeat 3 times for each side. other Tighten shoulder blades and low back hold for 5 seconds each time. muscles and hold for five seconds,Repeat 3 times hold for 5 seconds. 4 Elbow Pullover 5 Shoulder Over 6 Shoulder Across. lateral torso stretch lateral shoulder stretch posterior shoulder stretch. This stretches the sides of the neck and the Raise one arm overhead grasp it at the Hold one arm straight across the chest and. area where the neck joins the shoulders elbow with other hand and pull the elbow gently pull its elbow in closer and farther. Raise one arm overhead grasp it at the elbow gently across behind the head stretching the across Gently stretch the back area of that. with other hand and lean sideways from the muscles and soft tissue on the side of the shoulder. waist stretching the side of the trunk shoulder joint and surrounding area Do once for each side hold for 15 seconds. Repeat 3 times each side 5 seconds each Do once for each side hold for 15 seconds. 7 Shoulder Back 8 Bridge Stretch for Arms 9 Forearm and Wrist. anterior shoulder chest stretch and Upper Torso Stretches. Stand with a stable shoulder high object or wall Interlace fingers with palms pointing toward Extend one arm forward without bending. directly to your side Extend the arm on that the sky straightening the elbows and reaching the elbow Bend the wrist upward and use. side to touch the object with arm straight as far upward as possible with both hands the other hand to gently pull fingers back. Gently rotate entire body forward and away Do once hold for 15 seconds toward you stretching the muscles and soft. from object While keeping fingertips in place tissue on the bottom of the forearm and wrist. on the object stretch the front side of that Hold for 15 seconds. shoulder Face the opposite direction to stretch, other shoulder Release and bend same wrist downward.
gently pulling it downward and toward you, Do once for each side hold for 15 seconds with other hand. Hold for 15 seconds,Repeat both moves for other arm. 10 Hamstring Stretch 11 Quad and Flexor Stretch 12 Calf Stretch. Tight hamstrings can be a source of soreness Place one hand on a stable object for support This stretch can also help relieve heel. and often cause back soreness as well Bend one knee lifting foot up behind you discomfort. Bend forward and grasp that ankle then Stand with one leg well ahead of the other. Place one foot up on a low object with knee, slowly stand back upright gently pulling the and push rear heel all the way onto the. straight and gently lean forward to stretch back, leg up behind you to stretch the front of platform Lean forward to stretch the calf. the thigh and upper thigh area muscles and tendons on rear leg. Do once for each side hold for 15 seconds, Do once for each side hold for 15 seconds Do once for each side hold for 15 seconds.
Journal of Sports Sciences www getcited orgpub 103366429 7. weight training,w h o l e b o d y v i b r a t i o n. The Journal of Sports Sciences reports that vibrating while training with weights. produces better gains than simply lifting weights alone The Soloflex WBV platform. is the perfect size shape and height to perform most free weight dumbbell and. barbell exercises It s high enough off the floor to allow a full range of motion. on bench presses yet low enough,to step off safely if balance is lost. during standing exercises,Use a spotter for this exercise. Vibration Training Machine Works Muscles Better Than Expected Seattle Times. www azstarnet com dailystar printSN 2424 php 9,w h o l e b o d y v i b r a t i o n. Cow pose Cat pose,Triangle pose Reverse Triangle,extension of Table pose Locust pose.
Abdominal exercises, American College of Sports Medicine June 2003 www ms se com Search Whole Body Vibration 11. Earth Dynamics analyzed vibrations produced by the Soloflex WBV Platform A real time frequency. analysis system was used to measure vibrations The system consists of a PCB Piezotronics Model. 333B50 accelerometer a Sound Technology Model ST219 dynamic signal acquisition interface and a. computer running SpectraPro Ver 3 32 17,Table 1 Summary of measured data. Frequency versus amplitude was measured perpendicular. Frequency RMS Acceleration to the WBV vibration platform for eight dial settings The. Hz g 1g 9 8 m s2, maximum measured RMS acceleration for each setting is. 29 0 3 summarized in Table 1, 35 0 7 The American National Standards Institute ANSI provides. 40 0 7 guidance on acceptable levels of human exposure to vibra. 45 0 8 tion in ANSI S3 18 Guide for the Evaluation of Human Exposure. 50 0 9 to Whole Body Vibration The ANSI standard expands upon. 55 1 1 the information presented by the International Standards. 60 1 1 Organization in ISO 2631 to include specific vibration. exposure time limits for a reduced comfort b fatigue. decreased proficiency and c exposure limit The fatigue decreased proficiency boundary specifies a. limit beyond which exposure to vibration can be regarded as carrying a significant risk of impaired. working efficiency ANSI fatigue decreased proficiency boundaries for various exposure times are. plotted in Figure 1 below The data from Table 1 are narrow band frequency values and the data in the. ANSI standard are one third octave band values Conversion of the narrowband values to one third. octave band values was not possible with the data collected in this study Therefore the plotted data. from the WBV Platform can be regarded as upper limit values. The data in Figure 1 The data in Figure 1 indicate tht the Soloflex WBV Platform can be used for at. least 30 minutes without any decrease in human proficiency This study was. indicate tht the limited to vibration measurements of the Soloflex WBV Platform and comparison. Soloflex WBV Platform of the measurements to established criteria No evaluation or claim is included. can be used for at in this study regarding the efficacy or safety of the WBV Platform. least 30 minutes,without any decrease,in human proficiency.

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