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Looking for sources of free Kindle books that you can download to your computer, and then to a Kindle or Kindle app? You can do it legally in any of the sites listed below.

Download free Kindle books from these 9 sites 1. Project Gutenberg. Project Gutenberg is the longest-established ebook site in the world and the top place to download free classics. It’s the primary repository of free public domain ebooks. Sorcery!, originally titled Steve Jackson's Sorcery!, is a single-player four-part adventure gamebook series written by Steve Jackson and illustrated by John Blanche.Originally published by Penguin Books between 1983 and 1985, the titles are part of the Fighting Fantasy canon, but were not allocated numbers within the original 59-book series. Was re-published by Wizard Books in 2003.

You can find Kindle compatible books not only on Amazon> Thousands of these books are free of charge, and you can download them to your Kindle completely legally.

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There are a couple of things to keep in mind to make adding own books to Kindle easier and quicker.

First of all, remember to pick up the right file format.

While the rest of ebook platforms is using the epub format, Kindle devices and apps support a different one – mobi (also called prc). If you will be choosing a file from any of the sites below, please make sure to download this format and not any other.

In the Kindle Store, ebooks are offered in a format called kd8. It allows to put a multimedia content into the ebook. Mobi is and will be supported. Don’t be afraid Amazon will discontinue it or make it incompatible with Kindles or Kindle apps.

Obviously, you can also add pdf files, but it makes sense only if the book is not available in mobi. The latter format lets increase font size, making it easy to read on smaller screens, what gets really difficult when using pdf, especially of large-format books.

You can start collecting the library of Kindle books even before buying a Kindle e-reader. There are many free Kindle apps available for computers and smartphones/tablets, including Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and BlackBerry operating systems.

The key to Kindle ecosystem is your Amazon account. All ebooks you add to your Kindle virtual library will be synced across all devices and apps registered with that account. Not only the latest read location, but also bookmarks and notes will be synced, and this is one of the most important benefits ebooks can give.

Obviously, you can also decide to use an unregistered Kindle, but make sure you are aware of all pros and cons of such a solution.

At the end of a post, you will see a short guide on how to add Kindle books to your device.

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Amazon Kindle – what other users are searching for?

Download free Kindle books from these 9 sites

1. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is the longest-established ebook site in the world and the top place to download free classics. It’s the primary repository of free public domain ebooks.

When the title enters public domain, it means the rights to this work have expired and the book is publicly available. On Project Gutenberg the public domain books are free to download.

It’s quite possible that elsewhere you will find the same classic titles in ebook format, for which you’ll have to pay. This is what may happen in the Kindle Store, for instance. You can get Jane Austen’s book for free from Project Gutenberg, and find out that the same title costs one or two dollars in Amazon’s Kindle Store.

A good thing about books from Project Gutenberg is that if the original print edition had illustrations, you will be also able to get them in the ebook version. If you want the illustrations, make sure to download Kindle (with images) file. Please, keep in mind that ebook files with images take much more space.

Currently, there are over 60,000 ebooks in the Project Gutenberg catalog. You can start browsing from Frequently Downloaded Ebooks section or go directly to the Latest Releases.

The site offers a very useful Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive integration. If you connect your cloud service, you will be able to download ebooks with just one click.

It’s worth noting that you can access and download Project Gutenberg ebooks on your tablet or smartphone, in a browser, as the site is mobile friendly.

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2. Smashwords

Smashwords is a top online site with ebooks from independent authors and publishers. There are currently over 500,000 from over 100,000 self-published authors. You’ll be able not only to download books in mobi or pdf format, but also read them online in your browser.

Smashwords is a leading source of newly released independent ebooks. What’s more, if you are looking for free Kindle books in languages other than English, visit Smashwords, and you should find here books in your mother tongue.

To see which books are free to read in your internet browser, go to Smashwords’ catalog of free ebooks. Then, change the way entries are being displayed – from stacks to list. Do it by clicking the bullet list icon in the top right.

This way, next to each title you will see a list of available formats. Keep in mind that the format that’s compatible with Kindle is called “mobi.”

Currently, there are between 50,000 and 100,000 free ebooks on Smashwords. That number depends on how authors promote their books. Sometimes they make a book free for a limited time. It usually happens with first volumes of book series.

3. Kindle Store

Did you know that there are many free ebooks in the Kindle Store? The thing is how to find them.

The best way to get free books is to go to “Bestsellers in Kindle Store” and pick up “Top 100 Free”. You will be able to see the most popular free titles in the Kindle Store.

The list is being updated a couple of times a day, so it collects the hottest free titles that are currently available.

The other way to find free Kindle books is to search Amazon. While being in the Kindle Store, in the search box type “free kindle books.” This method gives an idea how many books are free in Amazon’s own ebook platform.

Please, keep in mind that to access free books in the Kindle Store, you have to be signed in with your Amazon account and have a Kindle or Kindle app registered with the same credentials. Otherwise, you would not be able to get free ebooks from the Kindle Store to your device. The process of delivering an ebook is different from downloading a file to your computer’s disc. It’s performed via your personal Kindle library in the cloud.

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4. Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library with a mission of “universal access to all knowledge.” The website is a huge digital library of text, audio and video files.

The catalog includes over 25,000,000 fully accessible books and other text files. From here, you can also start browsing a collection of 1.3 million contemporary ebooks that you will be able to borrow for free once you register an account.

The ebook section is available at Sub-collections include American Libraries, Canadian Libraries, books from Project Gutenberg, titles from the Million Books Project, and books for children.

When you find an interesting book, click on its cover and a read-online panel will open right away. To find downloadable files, scroll down the page a bit. On the right side, you will see all available formats

In most cases, mobi format will be included – here it is called Kindle.

Kindle cheat sheet 2020

Latest Amazon Kindle models

Together with links to tech specs and best case covers.

Basic Kindle, 10th generation

The latest-generation popular Kindle e-reader sports built-in adjustable 4 LED front light system, crispier glare-free display, and all-new design. Available in black and white. Prices start from $89.99.

Kindle Paperwhite, 4th generation

This sleek e-reader sports the all-glass front, is ready to play Audible audiobooks, and withstands immersion in 2 meters of water for 60 minutes. Prices start from $129.99.

Kindle Oasis, 3rd generation

Amazon’s most innovative features now a display with adjustable front light to prevent sleep problems. Plus, it is water resistant (IPX8) and supports Audible audiobooks. Prices start from $249.99.

5. Open Library

Open Library is Internet Archive’s separate project, focused on collecting library records. Its goal is to create one web page for every book ever published. On a page of a single book, you’ll find all its documented editions.

Compared to the Internet Archive, with its vast catalog and advanced search features, the Open Library website is simpler and more user-friendly, and you can find the books you need much quicker.

Steve jackson

When you go to Classic Books section, you will find over 3 million books that are “accessible,” which means they are free to read online or download.

To find a Kindle format of a book you like to read, open the page with its details. Then, in the left-side column, right under the book cover, you will see “Download Options.” Click on “mobi” and the file will start downloading immediately.

Open Library is more than just a catalog of free classic books. It also shows contemporary books that are free to read if you decide to borrow them. To do that, you may need to register at Open Library or find the book in your local library using WorldCat or Library Link. Each library book is marked with a “Borrow” button instead of “Read.”

6. ManyBooks

ManyBooks offers free books in a clean and friendly interface. The site is ad supported but these ads are displayed usually at the bottom of the browser window and are not too disturbing.

Most books are sourced from Project Gutenberg and other sites that offer books with a Creative Commons license.

In total, over 50 thousand books are available, all with nicely designed covers. Plus, each book is available in several file formats, a lot more than what you can find elsewhere.

The major disadvantage on ManyBooks is that if you want to download the file, you will have to register an account. It’s up to you whether you want to do this or use other sites such as Project Gutenberg or Internet Archive.

To see download options, select the book you want, open the book’s product page, and click on a big button saying “Free Download.” Then, choose “mobi” from a list of available formats.

If you don’t want to sign up for ManyBooks, you can read any book for free in your internet browser. After you find the book you want to read, go to this book’s details page and click on a large “Read Online” button.

7. Goodreads

The largest book discovery site, Goodreads, offers also books in mobi/Kindle format – they are uploaded by Goodreads users and displayed in a special catalog.

Books with Free Download catalog on Goodreads is not huge – there are only 2,500 titles listed here, but they are very interesting ones. For instance, you can download Harry Potter: The Prequel by J.K. Rowling, a short story set about three years before the birth of Harry Potter. It recounts an adventure experienced by Sirius Black and James Potter.

Books that you can download in full length from Goodreads are labeled with “Download eBook” button on the list of results.

When you open a book page, you will see a row of buttons. Click on ‘Download eBook” to see a list of available formats. Please note that not all books are offered in a format that’s compatible with Kindle.

8. BookRix

BookRix is a platform that offers books from self-published authors combined with free books from the public domain.

A catalog of free ebooks is an essential part of the website. On the top of a list, you will find the most popular categories, including literary fiction, fantasy, romance, thrillers, and young adult fiction.

When you enter any category, you will see books sorted by the popularity. On the top, you will see free books offered by contemporary authors.

Many classic titles from the public domain are also included in the BookRix directory of free ebooks. You will find them in the Fiction category.

When you find the book you want to read, click on its cover or title to enter the book details page. Find the “Download” button placed next to the book cover and click on it.

Steve Jackson

Please note that not all titles are available in mobi format., and there is no way to filter books by format, so you will have to check out Kindle compatibility once you find the book you would like to read.

9. DigiLibraries

The site is an online ebook catalog, where you can find almost 30,000 titles – all of them are free. The site is very clean and easy to explore, and this is what makes it worth exploring.

Most probably, you won’t need a search box at all. Most popular categories are featured on the left sidebar, and you can just pick up the one you are interested in to see books listed by popularity.

Plus, if a category is large enough, you can further narrow down the list of displayed books by selecting one of sub categories. There are several categories to choose from.

The most popular are Poetry, Juvenile Fiction, and Literary Collections.

It’s easy to download a Kindle compatible file. Simply, find “Download options” panel located on the right side of the book’s cover, and click on “Mobi Kindle” icon to start downloading the file.

Steve jackson

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How to add books to Kindle

There are a couple of ways you can add own books to the Kindle e-reader or tablet/smartphone app:

1. The most popular way is to send a file to the email address associated with your device. If you buy a Kindle or download a Kindle app, first thing to do is to sign in with your Amazon account. Since that time this device/app is given a special email address to which you can send the files. You can find it in the Settings section.

2. You can also use a Send to Kindle application. It’s available for Mac and Windows, but you can also get it for Chrome and Firefox browsers. While the desktop version lets you add files stored on a computer disc, the browser extension helps add web content.

3. If you use a cloud storage service like Dropbox, you can upload the file to it from your computer, and use a Dropbox application on your tablet or phone to download the file to Kindle app.

4. If you have a Kindle e-reader, connect Kindle to your computer and drag the files into Documents folder inside the Kindle disc image.

5. If you have a Kindle app installed on your smartphone or tablet, you should be also able to add the file if you tap on it. A list of applications capable of opening it should be displayed, and if the file is in mobi format, you should see a Kindle app.

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(Redirected from Sorcery!)
Steve Jackson's Sorcery!
Cover of The Shamutanti Hills (1983).
Art by John Blanche.
  • The Shamutanti Hills
  • Kharé: Cityport of Traps
  • The Seven Serpents
  • The Crown of Kings
AuthorSteve Jackson
IllustratorJohn Blanche
PublisherPenguin Books
Puffin Books
Wizard Books
Published1983 - 1985

Sorcery!, originally titled Steve Jackson's Sorcery!, is a single-player four-part adventure gamebook series written by Steve Jackson and illustrated by John Blanche. Originally published by Penguin Books between 1983 and 1985, the titles are part of the Fighting Fantasy canon, but were not allocated numbers within the original 59-book series. Sorcery! was re-published by Wizard Books in 2003 and recreated as the Sorcery!video game series by Inkle.

Publication history[edit]

The Sorcery! series was published by Penguin Books (and later by their Puffin Books imprint) as four individual titles, beginning in 1983 with The Shamutanti Hills, followed by Kharé: Cityport of Traps and The Seven Serpents in 1984, and The Crown of Kings in 1985.[1]

Each title could be played as an individual adventure or as part of the overall story arc. The series was supported by the Sorcery! Spellbook, published in 1983, which was eventually incorporated as an appendix into the four titles in later printings. A boxed set titled Sorcery! was released, containing both The Shamutanti Hills and the spellbook. The series was reissued by Wizard Books in 2003.


Sorcery! features several mechanics not present in previous Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. The principal difference is the ability to choose between playing as a warrior or a wizard. As a wizard, the player is weaker in combat, but has access to 48 spells, with each appearing as a three-letter word that has to be memorised by the player. Examples include ZAP (creates a lightning bolt from the finger) and HOT (creates a fireball).[2] When given the option to cast spells the player is presented with a small selection of these three-letter words to choose from; the player is encouraged to choose from these without consulting the spell listing. It is also possible to fail to cast at all, as false spell words are placed alongside correct choices. Many spells also require a certain item (e.g. GOB requires one or more goblin teeth). If the character does not have the necessary equipment then the spell fails. All spell choices, irrespective of the outcome, incur a Stamina penalty.

Warriors and wizards share the ability to call on the character's patron goddess, Libra, once each adventure. The goddess can perform a range of services, such as restoring lost Skill/Stamina/Luck points or curing a curse, or in specific locations, providing an automatic escape from that situation.

The series features strong continuity: it is possible for a reader to use the same character – complete with any upgraded abilities and equipment – through each of the titles, and also use hidden clues found in one title to assist with a situation in another. Each title also features dice images at the bottom of each page, making it possible for the player to randomly 'flick' through the pages for the equivalent of a dice roll.


'Your search for the legendary Crown of Kings takes you to the Shamutanti Hills. Alive with evil creatures, lawless wanderers and bloodthirsty monsters, the land is riddled with tricks and traps waiting for the unwary traveller. Will you be able to cross the hills safely and proceed to the second part of the adventure – or will you perish in the attempt?'

The story is set on the fictional Fighting Fantasy world of Titan, on the continent known as The Old World. A powerful artifact known as the Crown of Kings, which bestows magical powers of leadership upon its owner, has been stolen from the land of Analand by the cruel Archmage of Mampang Fortress. With the Crown, the Archmage will be able to gain leadership of the lawless and brutal region of Kakhabad and begin an invasion of surrounding kingdoms. The player takes on the role of the lone hero, referred to only as the Analander, who has been dispatched to retrieve the Crown, thereby averting the invasion and saving Analand from terrible disgrace. The quest itself is divided between the four titles in the series:

The Shamutanti Hills

Details the player's attempt to navigate the hills and plains surrounding Analand while defeating various monsters and avoiding traps.

Kharé – Cityport of Traps

Steve Jackson's Sorcery - The Complete Collection Download Free Download

Relates the player's attempt to pass through the city of Kharé and find the four lines of a spell required to open the Northern Gate and allow an exit from the city.

The Seven Serpents

The player crosses the Baklands, a vast and dangerous wasteland, attempting to find and defeat seven magical serpents: servants of the Archmage who are travelling to warn their master of the Analander's approach.

The Crown of Kings

The final adventure details the player’s attempt to find and penetrate Mampang Fortress – stronghold of the Archmage – and defeat the enemy before reclaiming the Crown of Kings.
Steve jackson

Steve Jackson's Sorcery - The Complete Collection Download Free Pc Games

In other media[edit]

Myriador pen-and-paper d20 modules[edit]

The first three gamebooks in the series were converted into 40-page d20 System multi-player role-playing adventures by Jamie Wallis. They were published by Myriador in 2003 and 2004 respectively,[3] and reissued in pdf format by Greywood Publishing in 2009.[4] The fourth and final installment was never released.

  • d20 Fighting Fantasy 4 / Steve Jackson's Sorcery!: The Shamutanti Hills ISBN1904629032
  • d20 Fighting Fantasy 6 / Steve Jackson's Sorcery!: Kharé - Cityport of Traps ISBN1904629059
  • d20 Fighting Fantasy 8 / Steve Jackson's Sorcery!: The Seven Serpents ISBN1904629075

Inkle Studios video game[edit]

The gamebook series have been ported to computerized media as Steve Jackson's Sorcery! by Inkle. The first part was released for iOS in 2013, and by 2016 all four parts were available for iOS, Android, and Steam (on Mac and PC).

Steve Jackson's Sorcery - The Complete Collection download free. full

Arion Games pen-and-paper adventure book[edit]

The four gamebooks were converted into a RPG adventure book by Graham Bottley, for the Advanced Fighting Fantasy system. The book was titled Crown of Kings:The Sorcery! Campaign, and was published in 2012 by Arion Games. The book was credited to Jackson and Bottley. The book also reprinted Blanche's illustrations.[5]


Pete Tamlyn reviewed Sorcery for Imagine magazine, and stated that 'Sorcery is actually a fine example of back-to-basics role-playing. I'd like to see more (preferably RPG-orientated) like it.'[6]

Marcus L. Rowland reviewed Sorcery for White Dwarf #50, giving it an overall rating of 7 out of 10, and stated that 'I'm not sure how successful the book will be with the non-gaming public, but anyone wanting something to pass a few hours between games won't go far wrong with Sorcery.'[7]

Marcus L. Rowland reviewed Kharé - Cityport of Traps for White Dwarf #54, giving it an overall rating of 8 out of 10 if used as a continuation of Sorcery (but only 6 of used as an independent adventure), and stated that 'I liked this book, but I think it is only at its best if the magic system is available and the reader is prepared to use it without cheating.'[8]


Steve Jackson's Sorcery - The Complete Collection Download Free Version

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  • Scholastic Homepage – current publisher of the range
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