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General Guidelines,know the The Application Packet. application,usually includes,the application form itself. undergraduate transcripts,letters of recommendation. understand the role of the statement of the Statement of Purpose. purpose in the application packet, consider your audience members of a se and sometimes includes. lection committee a vitae or resume, follow the directions given in the ap an essay other than the.
plication packet including page lengths statement of purpose. font size etc,pre writing brainstorming researching. outlining listing free writing clustering etc,the I nstitution and P rogram. Sometimes a statement prompt will ask you to say why you are applying to. the particular program For academic MA or PhD programs this information. is particularly important For each program to which you are applying. make a list of things you like about that program Select the most impor. tant ones to put in your statement Here s how to find out what they are. read catalog information about the talk to students in the program. institution the program student advisors to find out. the strengths weaknesses of,read departmental web sites the program. the availability of teaching, review lists of course offerings research and or community out. reach opportunities,read course descriptions course.
syllabi on line talk to faculty at UCSB espe,cially those who did graduate or. read faculty profiles recent undergraduate work or formerly. faculty publications to find out taught at the school to which you. what their research interests are are applying, read web pages of current students talk to department staff or look. to find out about the kind of work online to find previous years. possible at the school that you admissions statistics such as. are considering applied,find out the structure of the pro. demographic information,gram How much coursework will. you do How much independent re,pre writing more brainstorming researching.
outlining listing free writing clustering etc about. little old YOU, You should devote several hours to brainstorming about what to include in. your statement Cast the net wide Think about many experiences that you. might want to talk about in your statement that you will ultimately narrow. down to five or six or even fewer,some ideas, interview people who know you in different contexts family mem. bers peers friends employers professors teaching assis. tants tutors This works better for people applying to profes. sional as opposed to academic programs for which the statement. can focus more on personal qualities and aptitudes than. specific reserach interests, draw on personal resources letters journals emails your blogs pho. tographs to fill in the gaps in your personal history. make a detailed timeline of your life especially your life dur. ing undergraduate study use details from your life to fill in the. timeline below, grades grades 1st yr 1st yr 1st yr 2nd yr 2nd yr 2nd yr 3rd yr 3rd yr 3rd yr 4th yr 4th yr. 1 6 7 12 Fall Winter Spring Summer Fall Winter Spring Summer Fall Winter Spring Summer Fall Winter. use your transcripts and whatever sources you have at your dis. posal the UCSB catalog your textbooks the papers you wrote. the exams you took class notes notes in the margins of books. to help you to remember details about your coursework that your. transcripts don t show This academic,material is most important for people grades.
applying to academic MA and PhD programs units taken. courses taken credit no credit,major s GPA, note what transcripts show do not show term courseload performance. about an applicant s academic performance course names number. upper lower division work,number of years in school. S04 06114 CHEM 109C A U 4 0 4 0 4 0 16 00 HONORS,name of institution s attended. S04 14092 EEMB 3 A U 3 0 3 0 3 0 12 00,S04 14241 EEMB 3L A U 1 0 1 0 1 0 4 00. S04 37192 PHYS 6C A U 3 0 3 0 3 0 12 00 why grades were received. S04 37309 PHYS 6CL A U 1 0 1 0 1 0 4 00 what grades mean. S04 TOTAL Deans Honors U 12 0 12 0 12 0 48 00 24 00 4 00 difficulty of courses taken. course requirements, M04 01768 CHEM 6B A U 2 0 2 0 2 0 8 00 A course format.
M04 TOTAL U 2 0 2 0 2 0 8 00 4 00 4 00 descriptive course titles. specific work performed in courses, F04 52266 EEMB 108 A U 5 0 5 0 5 0 20 00 information about faculty. F04 46342 ESS 131 B U 4 0 4 0 4 0 13 20 applicant s relationship with faculty. F04 46375 ESS 149 A U 4 0 4 0 4 0 14 80,make a cluster of your arts and crafts. personal qualities racket,self employed Hitchcock,athletic interests. work at least financially indepen,politics 20 hrs wk dent. honors project basketball,Self Motivated,Disciplined high GPA honors work.
independent studies, Hawthorne double major on track to finish in 4 yrs. modern drama,aesthetics Skilled paper on Pope sto,icism argument vs capital punishment. philosophy,literature,analysis of More s,honors coursework sustained Utopia. honors coursework,sustained critical writing,comparison of Albee and Strind. close reading of,Frost poem,After the Fall paper Go Down Moses paper.
defense of Lady Macbeth, make a map of the different parts of your super fabulous life. community work school,service law library page,political science philosophy. double major,honors society,tutor mentor at,local elementary coffee house poetry leisure. school readings,experimental,music group,iv tenants union. home activist, read statements of purpose written by people in your field of interest.
if you have any graduate student friends ask if they will let you read their statements. compare notes with peers who are writing statements of purpose. ask the graduate advisor in your department if sample statements of purpose are available. look online for sample statements,Planning your essay. Intro personal narra,tive illustrating my,Choose the most rel area of interest. evant most vivid honors work,examples from your,brainstorming. statement of my immediate examples of work ex,and long term goals perience showing my. Draft in sections in practical and teaching,the order easiest for skills of community.
you examples of coursework involvement showing my,showing my general commitment to service. skills and knowledge,Practice page visual of subject matter. ization Concl details about,the program that link,research projects to my background and my. what you write, Develop a set of thematics that you want to carry through the whole es. say advanced understanding of a current debate in your field commitment to. public health multicultural understanding, Discuss experiences that illustrate these thematics.
Assess or explain each concrete detail in terms of its meaning for you. These explications of meaning should be consistent with your thematics. Tell the truth,dangers lurking just beneath the surface. little white lies this program is my first choice, empty flattery this program is the finest in the country. overgeneralizations, the philosophical life in the universe is ever changing. the one dimensional my only goal in life is,the juvenile I have always wanted to be a doctor. the painfully obvious I believe that my undergraduate education has. prepared me for, narratives of discovery at that point I knew I wanted to.
autobiographies and when I was twelve my family moved to. Show don t tell,words and phrases that TELLING SHOWING. tell rather than show,My work as a My work as a teacher s aide in a bi. lingual third grade classroom includ, adjectives teacher s aide ed planning and implementing lessons. was challenging in English and Spanish organizing,recess activities and working in. stimulating significant dividually with students who needed. enthusias interesting extra help with reading and writing. tic challenging skills,invaluable rewarding,exciting satisfying.
The program is ap I have chosen Princeton in part for. helpful gratifying the opportunity to work with and. remarkable meaningful pealing to me be learn from Professors Joshua Mc. appealing responsible cause of its ex Cormick and Sharon Reed Professor. important useful McCormick s realignment of contempo. cellent faculty rary understandings of the economics. fascinating of shelter informed all of my data,analysis in my work on homeless. ness in Washington D C Professor,verbs Reed s work on poverty among women. of course aligns closely with my own,concerns about the sex of homeless. I will put my I also plan to use the analytic skills. appreciate developed in my undergraduate studies, help people writing and ana in Philosophy and the critical read. means a lot to me lytical skills to ing and writing skills developed in my. good use at Boalt studies of Literature to contribute to. can contribute,the law school s journal and to teach.
feel good Hall legal writing in the undergraduate,pre law program. And now the real fun begins,REVISION STRATEGIES, For Content check evidence for detail and accuracy. are you expressing a clear set of thematics,are you explaining the importance of the. expereinces that you describe in the statement, For Structure check paragraph order breaks and transitions. For Style Presentation check for clarity conciseness grammar spelling. Look at your word choices are any of your words vague or imprecise. Get Feedback, list 5 people whose opinion and or writing ability you trust to ask for feedback.
ask for feedback from different people, ask for feedback at different stages of the writing process. ask each reader a limited number of questions,ask each reader specific questions. ask each reader to describe their reactions rather than evaluate or assess. For additional information about the writing process see the. following CLAS handouts,Prewriting Strategies,Transitions and Logical Cues. Revising Sentences,Punctuation Pattern Sheet,Passive Voice. For individual assistance at any stage in the writing process drop. in or sign up for an appointment with a CLAS writing tutor open Mon. day Thursday 9 to 5 Monday Wednesday 6 10 and Fridays 10 to 3 in.

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