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SP VACUUM PLANTERS RANGE, SP seeding unit the best accuracy on seeding distance for tilled lands. The SP unit has a simple construction is extremely light and incredibly precise on the seed in line. distance Its secret is the ultra low metering unit seed release point only 140 mm. All the technical solutions have been studied to be comfortable and intuitive making easy the daily. work and maintenance routine,MAIZE UNIT SUGARBEET UNIT TELESCOPIC FRAME. MODEL ROWS SPACING MODEL ROWS SPACING MODEL ROWS SPACING. SP SPRINT 2 4 5 6 8 45 75 SP SPRINT 5 6 8 12 45 SARA 6 75. ST300 6 7 8 45 60 75,Milestones 4,Planting unit 6,Millimetric accuracy 8. Options and features 10,Seed covering 12,Fertilizer systems 14. SP SPRINT 16,ST telescopic frame 18,Monitor systems 20.
Technical Features 22,MILESTONES, Since 1834 Gaspardo designs and manufactures implements following just one aim. to satisfy professionals requests from all over the World. Nowadays seeding technology has affected the production leading to machines that can sow. without tillage or reducing it to a minimum the number of handled rows has increased. according to the risen power of tractors The Company is able to product out and out. monuments up to 48 rows to meet the requirements of the biggest cereal farms in the world. Gaspardo innovation goes on,First no till seed,Combinated strip. rotary tiller and,Vacuum precision,Vacuum precision planter. and MINIMAX patented,First no till distributor system. mechanical planter,Mechanical planter,horse driven.
First vacuum,Mechanical planter,foundation,Tines seed drill. Electronic,precision planter,First combined seed,drill on the roller. First European,Vacuum precision,1994 No till precision. Combined seed drill,100 MASCHIO,First double disc,vacuum planter. LEONARD 90,First no till vacuum,PLANTING UNIT,ALL THE FEATURES YOU NEED.
FOR A PERFECT JOB,maintenance,Self lubricating bushings. on parallelogram hinges,Match soil condition,The adjustable spring load. can set unit pressure to,the ground up to 55 kg,Drive shaft. transmission,Accurate and with very,low maintenance. Work on smooth A perfect furrow,The front clod pusher The shoe coulter opens a.
removes all the bigger well defined groove on the,clods from the way of seedbed The replacement. coulter and depth wheel of wearing part is quick,easy to perform always at. Field range,34 litres seed hopper,easy access,Accurate depth. Continuous adjustment,from 1 to 10 cm,Gentle but sharp. The vacuum seed selection,operates with extreme,sensitivity and keeps good.
viability of seed with a,delicate treatment,Prevent doubles with. the fine adjustment of,the seed scraper,Replacing the seeding. plate is quick and easy,Good seed to soil,The furrow closing units. moves back soil over the,seeding line,ACCURACY AND EXPERIENCE. MILLIMETRIC PRECISION, The vacuum system gently pulls and individually holds the seeds into.
flat seed plate holes regardless inconsistency in shape and size. Seed Singulator,The double seed singulator action can. be checked from back inspection door,and it can be very quickly and easily. adjusted Singulation is carried out,on inner side and outer side of holes. avoiding in this way doubles,Shaft drive, The exclusive Gaspardo system with bevel gears and shaft drive makes. very smooth and uniform transmission to the single seeding units. Comparing to chain drive this configuration prevents the speeding up. or speeding down of the seeding plate on wavy soil profiles This. means respect of seeding distance in any conditions The drive shaft. solution reduces dramatically the maintenance times as requires only. periodical greasing of the bevel gears,Low falling point.
The seed dropping point from metering unit is just 140 mm above. the bottom of the furrow This reduces to minimum all likeliness for. the seed to bounce the target distance will be matched with the best. The excellent Gaspardo s precision improves,your yield significantly reducing payoff. Seeding faults are avoided and even spacing,guarantees higher productivity. From SP I appreciated from first time precision in. seeding and simple setup I also liked its very light. weight I m happy of my purchase,Takaaki Kitamura agricoltore Kamifurano Giappone. I m highly satisfied of the machine I bought 3 SP 8. row units The SP is very user friendly with simple. setup reduced maintenance and spare parts need,The seeding accuracy is incredible. Marych Gennadiy general manager di Agrotech Farm,Regione dello Zaporozhzhe Ucraina.
Options and features,THE BEST FLEXIBILITY, The SP unit is produced in 3 variants to adapt to all crops and all fields. The configuration of the unit can be chosen from factory configuration. or fitted later by conversion kits,Standard version for maize. This is the basic version of the SP unit the front. mounted clod pusher eases the action of the shoe, coulter With the right seeding plate is possible to. switch quickly the machine to work on many differ,ent crops maize sorghum soya sunflower cotton. bean tomato,Double disc version for harder soils,The front double disc with 370 mm diameter helps.
the shoe coulter to open a furrow on harder soils, This configuration keeps the front clod pusher and. the standard coulter The two discs are always clean. thanks to mudscrapers,Sugarbeet version, This special unit has been designed for small seed. crops which need a very shallow seeding sugar,beet rapeseed The particular configuration. with 2 wheels on balancer guarantees an absolute,even depth The press rubber wheel makes easier. the seed to soil contact for a uniform and quick,seed germination.
SEED COVERING,AN OPTIMAL SEED COVERING,FOR AN EVEN GERMINATION. Farmflex wheel 2 V rubber 1 V rubber,standard equipment press wheels press wheels. The rear seed press wheel This device applies higher This solution is similar to the. 370 mm reconsolidates the soil pressure on sides of the furrow 2 wheels The smaller surface. over the seeding furrow It s the comparing to Farmflex wheel in contact to soil increases the. universal choice on sandy soils or allows to close easier wet or hard actual pressure This make the. well refined seedbeds the ideal soils solution more effective on most. working condition for the SP unit compact seedbeds. OPTIONALS FOR SEED METERING UNIT, Seeding plates Small seed cover Sugarbeet seed knocker. Seeding plates for all crops with Avoid small seeds escaping from The knocker helps to release the. different hole number and diameter metering unit rapeseed tomato coated seed that can get stick to. cucumber the seeding plate,OPTIONALS FOR VACUUM FAN. Hydraulic drive for vacuum fan 750 or 1000 rpm pulley and belt kit Safe bee kit. Useful when the planter is matched to a To adapt also to tractors which cannot The bee kit conveys to soil the vacuum fan. seedbed till implement work at 540 rpm at PTO discard This protects the bees or other. useful insect from seed coating residues,OPTIONALS FOR TRANSMISSION.
Double transmission Counterflanges 6 50 or 7 50 transmission wheels. Particularly useful when more This optional feature protects the trans Improves the grip on soil and makes. grip is needed mission wheels from impacts with stones smoother the transmission. OPTIONALS FOR THE FRAME,Eradicators Ridge planting Integrated cart. Loosen soil on tractor track This system allows the ridge planting for The transport cart allow an easy transport. irrigation of larger rigid frame machines,NUTRIENTS WHERE THE CROP NEEDS. LOCALIZED FERTILIZER, The distribution of fertilizer close to the seeding row reduce all the wastes and. improves fertilization efficiency The exclusive Minimax dosing system allows a. quick and precise rating of granular fertilizer from 100 to 550 kg ha. Plastic painted metal or stainless steel hoppers are available in a volume range. from 90 to 1000 litres,Double disc openers,The standard fertilizer. openers are suffolk coulters,On demand are available.
special double disc units to,open a good furrow in all. conditions and in most,difficult soils,Microgranulators. The microgranulator hoppers allow to distribute, into the seeding line chemicals microfertilizer or. rooting promoter Each single box can serves 2 rows. and has a volume of 16 litres,This system makes much. quicker and easier the setup,of fertilizer rate The handle.
on side of the fertilizer hopper,operates at the same time on all.

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