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There is a saying at LinkedIn that “talent knows talent” and it got me thinking about the value of employee referrals and how social media has made it easier than ever to implement an employee referral programme.

What is an Employee referral? An employee referral is a recruitment method employed by companies to identify potential candidates from their existing employees' social networks. Employee referrals are commonly noted to be the highest quality, have shorter time-to-fill periods and result in the lowest cost of hires at any company.

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88% of employers rated employee referrals above all other sources for quality of new hires. (Careerbuilder 2014 report)

The vast networks that have been created through social media provide an excellent system for information sharing. Assuming a typical member on LinkedIn has hundreds of first degree connections and thousands of second/third degree connections, X number of Twitter followers and Facebook friends, when companies leverage their own employees social networks to help with searching for talent, it is a simple and extremely effective way to expand the organic reach of open roles and connect with untapped potential.

It is now easier than ever to ask employees to pass on information about jobs. The trick is to post content that is easy and tempting for others to share, i.e. tweet with link to open positions (#JobFairy) or a LinkedIn company update announcing jobs. By doing this and proactively encouraging sharing, your employees can quickly and easily push information out to their respective networks increasing the visibility of jobs and suddenly a candidate might see 'Your network is talking about this' pop up in their feed.

So get started today! Encourage employees to share relevant job postings and company news with their social networks, it could lead to your next hire / placement and it all starts with a simple ‘share’.

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