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Upcoming Webinars,SSF Webinar Schedule,Register at www ssfonline org. More SSF Webinars Coming Up,The Future of the Suburban City April 28th. Enhancing National Security Through Conservation Partnerships May 5th. Join SSF to receive updates and registration info on upcoming programs. Introduction Michelle Wyman,Presentation by Joseph Fiksel. Joseph Fiksel in discussion with Michelle Wyman, Audience Q A Use the box in the go to Webinar window. Panel Summary,Please Take the Brief Exit Survey,Download slides from window.
Resilient by Design,Creating Businesses that Adapt and. Flourish In a Changing World,By Joseph Fiksel,Use discount code 4FIKSEL to save 20. www islandpress org resilient by design,Michelle Wyman. Michelle Wyman is the Executive Director of the National Council on Science and. the Environment She has worked on energy and environmental policy with states. and local governments for over 15 years In close consultation with regional and. local governments and their constituencies she developed strategic and tactical. solutions to their energy planning climate mitigation and adaptation challenges. Michelle has served in a wide variety of leadership capacities including work with. the World Bank United Nations and other multilateral institutions She previously. served as the Director of Intergovernmental Affairs at the U S Department of. Energy DOE In that role Michelle led the Department s engagement activities. with state regional and local governments on issues across the DOE complex. including renewable energy science fossil energy and environmental clean up. Michelle s extensive experience prior to joining the Department of Energy includes. founding Applied Solutions Local Governments Building a Clean Economy and. leading ICLEI USA both of which are nonprofits engaging directly with cities. counties and states on clean energy environmental and sustainability issues. Joseph Fiksel, Joseph Fiksel is the Executive Director of the Sustainable and Resilient Economy. program at The Ohio State University Previously he was co founder and. Executive Director of the Center for Resilience at Ohio State and also served as. Special Assistant for sustainability at U S EPA He is an internationally. recognized authority on supply chain sustainability and resilience with over 25. years of research and consulting experience for multi national companies. government agencies and industry consortia such as the World Business Council. for Sustainable Development, A native of Montreal Dr Fiksel began his career at DuPont of Canada and later.
served as Director of Decision and Risk Management at Arthur D Little Inc and. Vice President for Life Cycle Management at Battelle He holds a bachelor s. degree from M I T a doctorate from Stanford University and an advanced. degree from La Sorbonne His most recent book is Resilient by Design Creating. Businesses That Adapt and Flourish in a Changing World published by Island. Press in 2015,Resilient by Design,Joseph Fiksel Executive Director. Sustainable Resilient Economy,Research Associate Professor Adaptability. Integrated Systems Engineering,The Ohio State University. Diversity Resilient Cohesion,Security and Sustainability Forum. April 7 2016 Efficiency,Forget about equilibrium We are living in a world.
of turbulent change chaotic and unpredictable,Industrial. Technological,Environmental,Resilience is the capacity to survive adapt and. flourish in the face of turbulent change and uncertainty. Warning Turbulence Ahead,Global Annual,Connectivity. Why Exponential Growth,Black Swans are Multiplying. How can companies and communities prepare,for and adapt to unexpected waves of change.
The Resilience Challenge, The capacity of a system to survive adapt and flourish in the. face of turbulent change and uncertainty, Center for Resilience at The Ohio State University 2006. The capacity of a system to experience shocks while retaining. the same function structure feedbacks and identity. Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation 2006. The ability to prepare and plan for absorb recover from and. more successfully adapt to adverse events, NRC Disaster Resilience A National Imperative 2012. The ability of people households communities countries and. systems to mitigate adapt to and recover from shocks and. stresses in a manner that reduces chronic vulnerability and. facilitates inclusive growth, USAID Building Resilience to Recurrent Crisis 2012. ADAPT TRANSFORM SURVIVE FLOURISH,Resilience to Resilience to.
fundamental catastrophic,gradual trends sudden events. STEER ADJUST SENSE RESPOND,Resilience to Resilience to. routine turbulent,fluctuations disruptions,Abruptness. Resilience Strategies,Environmental Natural disasters 59. Extreme weather 30,Geopolitical Conflict political unrest 46.
Export Import restrictions 33,Terrorism 32,Economic Sudden demand shocks 44. Volatility in commodity prices 30,Border delays 26. Currency fluctuations 26,Tech Info and comm disruptions 30. Uncontrollable Influenceable Controllable, Source World Economic Forum Supply Chain and Transport Risk Survey 2011. What Worries Executives,Toyota s Response to the Fukushima Disaster.
The 2011 earthquake and tsunami crippled Japanese,manufacturing which affected businesses worldwide. Toyota s production fell by 63 in Japan and by 30, globally it took 6 months to return to pre tsunami levels. Toyota s recovery was hampered by flooding in Thailand. and the surging yen Quarterly profits slid by 18 5. Toyota set out to ensure that recovery from future large. scale disruptions was no more than 2 weeks,Worked with suppliers to increase visibility. Spread production across multiple locations,Increased inventory buffers lean and agile. Redesigned components to standardize across models. increased volumes justify additional manufacturing locations. Source Industry Week How to Build an Anticipatory Supply Chain June 2014.

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