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Selected Literature I, Adams J Balas E Zawack D The Shifting Bottleneck Procedure for Job . Shop Scheduling Management Science Vol 34 No 3 1988 . Ballou R H Business Logistics Management Planning Organizing and . Controlling the Supply Chain Upper Saddle River New Jersey 1999 . Baker K R Introduction to Sequencing and Scheduling John Wiley Sons . New York et al 1974 ISBN 10 0 4710 4555 1 , Bierwirth C Mattfeld D C Production scheduling and rescheduling with . genetic scheduling Evolutionary Computation 7 1 1 18 1999 . Brucker P Knust S Complex Scheduling Springer Berlin 2006 . Brucker P Scheduling Algorithms Springer Berlin et al 5th edition 2007 . ISBN 10 3 5406 9515 X , Carlier J The one machine sequencing problem European Journal of . Operational Research 11 pp 42 47 1982 , Campbell H G Dudek R A Smith M L A Heuristic Algorithm for the n Job . m Machine Sequencing Problem Management Science Vol 16 No 10 . 1970 , Domschke W Scholl A Vo S Produktionsplanung .
Ablauforganisatorische Aspekte in German 2nd Edition Springer Berlin . 1997 ISBN 10 3 5406 3560 2 , Business Computing and Operations Research 2. Selected Literature II, Fleischmann M Quantitative Models in Reverse Logistics 1st edition . Springer Berlin 2001 ISBN 10 3 5404 1711 7 , Garey M R Johnson D S Computers and Intractability A Guide to the . Theory of NP Completeness 1st edition W H Freeman and Company San . Francisco 1979 ISBN 10 0 7167 1045 5 , Glover F Tabu Search A tutorial Interfaces Vol 20 No 4 74 94 1990 . Glover F Laguna M Tabu Search Kluwer Acad Publishers Springer . 2007 ISBN 10 0 7923 8187 4 , Hansen P Mladenovi N Variable neighborhood search Principles and .
applications European Journal of Operational Research Vol 130 3 449 . 467 2001 , Hansen P and Mladenovi N A Tutorial on Variable Neighborhood . Search Les Cahiers Du GERAD HEC Montreal and GERAD technical report . 2003 , Holland J Adaption in Natural and Artificial Systems University of . Michigan Press Ann Arbor 1975 Reprint 1992 ISBN 10 0 2625 8111 6 . Kirkpatrick S Gelatt C D Vecchi M P Optimization by Simulated. Annealing Science Vol 220 No 4598 671 680 1983 , Business Computing and Operations Research 3. Selected Literature III, Loren o H R Martin O C St tzle T Iterated Local Search In Glover F . and Kochenberger G Handbook of Metaheuristics Springer New York 1st. Edition 2003 ISBN 10 1 4020 7263 5 , Nahmias S Production and Operations Analysis Sixth edition Mc Graw.
Hill 2009 ISBN 10 0 0712 6370 5 Paperback Edition . Nowicki E Smutnicki C A fast Taboo Search Algorithm for the Job Shop . Problem Management Science 42 797 813 1996 , Nowicki E Smutnicki C An advanced Tabu Search Algorithm for the Job . Shop Problem Journal of Scheduling 8 145 159 2005 . Palmer D S Sequencing Jobs Through a Multi Stage Process in the . Minimum Total Time A Quick Method of Obtaining a Near Optimum . Operational Research Quarterly Vol 16 No 1 101 107 1965 . Pinedo M Scheduling Theory Algorithms and Systems Springer Berlin . New York 3rd edition 2008 ISBN 10 0 3877 8934 0 , Tompkins J A et Al Facilities planning 4th Edition Wiley New York et . Al 2009 ISBN 10 0 4704 4404 5 , Business Computing and Operations Research 4. Agenda,1 Scheduling and Operations Management,2 Basic definitions in Scheduling. 3 Simple single stage systems,4 Single stage sequencing problem with heads and .
tails,5 Job Shop Scheduling,6 Flow Shop Scheduling. 7 Real time control of Job Shop Systems, Business Computing and Operations Research 5. 1 Scheduling and Operations Management, In this lecture we consider Scheduling problems that . are relevant for Operations Management, Therefore we give a brief introduction into . Operations Management , Operations Management, Efficient control implementation and execution of .
complex processes in Production and Services, I e efficient management of operations. Operations strategy e g location of facilities sizing of . facilities allocation of processes assignment of . workers service operations see among others , Nahmias 2009 pp 3 18 . Business Computing and Operations Research 6, General problem fields. Location Planning, Layout Planning, Distribution, Transportation. Lot size planning, Forecasting, Inventory Management.
Project Planning, Scheduling, Business Computing and Operations Research 7. 1 1 Basic definitions, In what follows we focus on production processes . Here Operations Management pursues an efficient , execution of Production and Logistics processes. Thus we have to introduce the terms, Production Management. Logistics Management , and Management itself, beforehand .
Business Computing and Operations Research 8, Management. Institutional perspective , Persons as carriers of management activities. Functional perspective , all activities to do with. planning, deciding and , the continuous control , of the activities and processes in a company. Management process, Business Computing and Operations Research 9.
Management process,1 Definition of objectives,2 Analyzing the current situation. 1 Internal, 2 External,3 Forecasting, 1 Estimating possible scenarios. 2 Qualitative Forecasting, 3 Quantitative Forecasting. 4 Problem definition,5 Generation of existing alternatives. 6 Decision making,7 Implementation,8 Continuous control.
Business Computing and Operations Research 10, Production Management. Production can be characterized as a transformation . process, Transformation of the input goods in the throughput in . order to generate the output goods, Production system is interpreted as an input output . system, Input Throughput Output, Business Computing and Operations Research 11. Different levels of production management, Material resource planning .
Management of the supply of the necessary input , goods. not considered in this lecture , Production program planning . Planning of the program of the offered output goods . not considered in this lecture , Managing the production process . Management of the throughput i e planning and , controlling the respective processes in order to attain . the pursued objectives, Business Computing and Operations Research 12.
Transformation processes, Time transformation, Different time assignment of the respective input and . output goods, Location transformation, Different location assignment of the respective input . and output goods, State transformation, Different states of the respective input and output . goods, Business Computing and Operations Research 13. Logistics Management A characterization, it can be stated that as far as humankind can .
recall the goods that people wanted were not , produced where they wanted to consume them or . were not accessible when desired to consume them . Food and other commodities were widely dispersed . and were available in abundance only at certain , times of the year Ballou 1999 p 3 . Business Computing and Operations Research 14, Logistics Management A characterization. That means we have different local and temporal , circumstances that prevent a free and unlimited . consumption of goods and products , These problems need a solution that provides local or .
temporal transformation processes, Therefore the supply chains or networks have to . cover so called logistical functions, Business Computing and Operations Research 15.

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