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CONTACT INFORMATION,Location Building Room,Street Address. Lab Safety Contact Name,Lab Phone Office Phone,Emergency Contact Name Phone. HAZARD SUMMARY, List physical chemical and health hazards associated with the chemical chemical class process or machine. Potential physical and health hazards associated with the use of this chemical include. Inhalation May be harmful if inhaled Material is extremely destructive to the tissue of the mucous membranes and. upper respiratory tract, Skin May be harmful if absorbed through skin Causes skin burns. Eyes Causes eye burns,Ingestion May be harmful if swallowed.
SPECIAL HANDLING AND STORAGE REQUIREMENTS, Include general precautions on how to minimize hazards associated with this activity. Special handling and storage requirements for this chemical include Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Avoid inhalation of vapor or mist,Always use inside a chemical fume hood. Note In case you need to dilute the concentration of HCI always add acid to water Always transfer from container. to the receptacle by using an appropriate funnel,DO NOT mouth pipette HCI. Label the acid base baths with full names of contained chemicals Avoid dripping or splashing of the solution onto. Conditions for safe storage, Do not store in with combustible packing material such as cardboard Styrofoam plastic and paper Keep container. upright tightly closed,Keep container out of the walkway.
Containers must be carefully resealed after open and kept upright to prevent leakage. Always store the acid base baths in a secondary container Note Nalgene polypropylene tray or a tub is the best. suited secondary containment, Store segregated from Organic Acids Bases Amines Alkali metals Metals permanganates e g potassium. permanganate sodium hypochlorite bleach Fluorine metal acetylides hexalithium disilicide. ENGINEERING AND VENTILATION CONTROLS, Specify if the activity must be conducted using a fume hood snorkel or paint booth or in a well ventilated area. Additional engineering ventilation controls for the handling of this chemical include. All operations involving Hydrochloric acid must be carried out in a certified chemical fume hood certified once every. year by EH S, Laboratory rooms must be at negative pressure with respect to the corridors and external environment To achieve. this the laboratory room door must be kept closed at all times. PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT, At minimum safety glasses lab coat and latex gloves are to be worn when handling with acid base baths. Additional PPE Requirements for the handling of this chemical include Respiratory protection. Respirators should be used only under any of the following circumstances. As a last line of defense i e after engineering and administrative controls have been exhausted. When Permissible Exposure Limit PEL has exceeded or when there is a possibility that PEL will be exceeded. Regulations require the use of a respirator,An employer requires the use of a respirator.
There is potential for harmful exposure due to an atmospheric contaminant in the absence of PEL. As PPE in the event of a chemical spill clean up process. Lab personnel intending to use wear a respirator mask must be trained and fit tested by EH S This is a regulatory. requirement If the use of an N95 half mask or full face respirator is requested the individual and or their. supervisor must first contact Environmental Health Safety for consultation to determine if respirator use is. necessary If EH S determines the use of a respirator is necessary the individual must participate in the University s. respirator program This includes a medical evaluation respirator fit test and training. Hand protection, Type of gloves recommended for Acid Base Baths Latex. Note Consult with your preferred glove manufacturer to ensure that the gloves you plan on using are compatible. with Hydrochloric acid,Eye protection, Type of eye protection used to handle the chemical Splash goggles If used in large quantities please use. appropriate face shield,Skin and body protection,Lab coat long pants closed toed shoes. Hygiene measures,Avoid contact with skin eyes and clothing. Wash hands before breaks and immediately after handling Acid Base Baths. EMERGENCY PROCEDURES, In case of fire or large and or extremely hazardous chemical releases pull the fire alarm and evacuate the area.
If someone is seriously injured or unconscious,CALL 911 or CAMPUS POLICE AT 813 974 2628. From a safe place provide as much information as possible to the emergency responders including chemical name. volume hazards injuries and location, Chemical Exposure Remove any contaminated clothing and IMMEDIATELY flush contaminated skin with water for. at least 15 minutes following any skin contact For eye exposures IMMEDIATELY flush eyes with water for at least. 15 minutes Consult SDS for guidance on appropriate first aid Where medical attention is required bring the SDS s. of chemical s to aid medical staff in proper diagnosis and treatment. Evacuation Procedure, Immediately evacuate the building via the nearest exit when the fire alarm is activated. If unable to evacuate due to a disability shelter in the area of rescue refuge typically a stairwell landing. and wait for assistance from drill volunteers or emergency responders. Instruct visitors and students to evacuate and assist them in locating the nearest exit. Do not use elevators to exit the building during an evacuation as they may become inoperable. Carry only those personal belongings that are within the immediate vicinity. Close doors to limit the potential spread of smoke and fire. Terminate all hazardous operations and power off equipment. Close all hazardous materials containers, Remain outside of the building until the building is released for reentry. Do not restrict or impede the evacuation, Convene in the designated grassy gathering area and await instruction from emergency responders or drill.
volunteers Avoid parking lots, Report fire alarm deficiencies e g trouble hearing the alarm to facilities personnel for repair. Notify evacuation drill volunteers or emergency responders of persons sheltering in the areas of rescue. Never assume that an alarm is a false alarm Treat all fire alarm activations as emergencies Get out of. the building, Incident and Near Miss Reporting The Laboratory Studio and Field Incident Report form is to be completed within. 24 hours for any incident that occurs in any University of South Florida affiliated teaching or research. laboratory studio or field research project An incident means any unplanned event within the scope of a procedure. that causes or has the potential to cause an injury or illness and or damage to equipment buildings or the natural. environment Due to medical privacy concerns no personal identifying information of the person involved in the. incident shall be entered or submitted with the form. http www usf edu administrative services environmental health safety laboratory safety incidents aspx. Workers Compensation Procedure Call AmeriSys at 800 455 2079 to report a work related injury or illness. Complete the Supervisor s Accident Investigation Report available from the Human Resources website. WASTE DISPOSAL, Describe how to dispose of the chemical waste produced from this activity. All chemical waste generated within USF System laboratories is considered hazardous waste and must be disposed of. as hazardous waste in accordance with USF Hazardous Waste Management Procedure the EPA and the DEP The. USF Hazardous Waste Management Procedure can be found using the following link. http www usf edu administrative services environmental health safety hazardous waste index aspx. TRAINING REQUIREMENTS, All individuals working with chemicals in USF laboratories must take EH S s Laboratory Research Safety Training. To register for Laboratory Research Training please use the following link http www usf edu administrative. services environmental health safety laboratory safety lab safety training2 aspx However the use of this chemical. may warrant additional safety training per the PI EH S or an authorizing unit such as the Biosafety or Radiation. Safety programs Check training requirements for this activity below. Research Specific Training from the PI Lab Supervisor or their designee. EH S Laboratory Research Safety Training,EH S Safety and Compliance in the Arts.
EH S Respirator Fit Test,EH S Biomedical Waste,EH S Universal Pharmaceutical Waste Testing. EH S Fire Prevention Safety,EH S Slips Trips and Falls. RIC Biosafety Core Course,RIC Shipping Biohazardous Materials. RIC Radiation Safety,RIC Laser Safety,RIC Boating Safety. RIC Scientific Diving,PROCEDURES AND PROTOCOLS, Provide a step by step procedure for how to properly and safely conduct the activity.
PRIOR APPROVALS, This activity requires prior approval from the PI designee. If this box is checked working alone is not allowed.

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