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This handbook is issued free of charge and can be obtained. from offices of the Occupational Safety and Health. Branch Labour Department It can also be download from. http www labour gov hk eng public b69 htm For enquiries. about the addresses and telephone numbers of the offices. please call 2559 2297, This handbook may be freely reproduced except for advertising. endorsement or commercial purposes Please acknowledge. the source as Safety Handbook for Construction Site Workers. published by the Labour Department,Safety Handbook for. Construction Site Workers,Introduction,Most accidents can be prevented by taking simple. measures or adopting proper working procedures This. handbook is intended to outline important issues on safety. and health that should be paid attention to on construction. sites for easy reference by the workers If we work carefully. and take appropriate safety measures there will definitely. be fewer work injury cases and our sites will become a safe. and secure place to work in, The Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance which. came into operation on 23 May 1997 covers most workplaces. in order to protect the safety and health of employees at. work Other legislation applicable to construction sites. includes the Factories and Industrial Undertakings Ordinance. and its subsidiary legislation particularly the Construction. Sites Safety Regulations,Employees Responsibilities.
Employees should cooperate with their employers and. other persons in complying with the safety legislation and. guidelines and should not do anything to endanger,themselves and other persons. Basic Rules for Safety,Tidy up construction sites,Keep passages clear all the time. Sort out materials and pile them up safely The stacks should not be. Beware of floor openings and ensure that they are fenced or covered. Remove refuse as soon as possible,Provide sufficient lighting. Familiarize with the location and the operation of fire fighting equipment. Safety measures, Before you operate a machine ensure that the dangerous part of the. machine has been installed with a guard, Avoid going to any area with insufficient lighting as there may be some.
dangerous places which have not been provided with fencing. Keep vigilant all the time and watch out for moving cranes hooks or. other lifting equipment, Before you use any electrical installation or tool check the condition of. its electric cables, Avoid dragging electric cables on the ground or allowing the cables to. come into contact with water, Use electrical tools installed with an earth leakage circuit breaker. Use and handle chemicals with care,Personal Safety. Wear protective equipment,Do not drink or take drugs while working.
Pay attention to personal hygiene,Do not play in the workplace. Report to your supervisor immediately if you notice any unsafe condition. Emergency Response to Accidents, You should have a good understanding of your working environment. and the instructions given by your supervisor When evacuation. is required in an emergency you should keep calm and find out. What dangerous situation the alarm refers to,The routes for evacuation. The safe place that you should go to as designated by the company. When someone is found seriously injured you should. Seek help immediately,Accompany the injured person. Assist in the immediate rescue work as far as possible. Call the site safety staff, Do not try to move the injured person unless it is really necessary.
Do not tamper with the accident scene while waiting for the arrival. of the investigation team,When a fire breaks out you should remember. Put out the fire with a fire extinguisher if it is a small fire. If the blaze is out of control do not try to extinguish the fire on your. own Call the Fire Services Department right away,Emergency telephone numbers. Always pay attention to the emergency telephone numbers posted. on the notice board in the site office,Tips for Workplace Safety. Falsework scaffold and fencing,d in falsework,If you are engage. operation you sh,Check wh et he r the falsework is.
ance with the,erected in accord,Make sure that,the falsework is. securely erected,Check whethe,r the struts of the,falsework are se d. Ensure that the,props are erecte,vertically and arra. suitable distance,Report to your,supervisor when,tion is found. any unsafe situa,Do not use scaffolds un,less they have.
been erected by traine,d workmen and under,the supervision of a co. mpetent person,not use a scaffold unles,been inspected and ce. rtified safe by,a competent person be,ictly follow the instructi. competent person Do,not alter the,scaffold unless authoriz. ed to do so,Do not work on an unfin,ish ed scaffold.
en it is necessary to wo,rk on a mobile,scaffold lock the whee. ls of the scaffold,before you start worki,not work on a scaffold. unless it has been,provided with a suitable,working platform. ork in a d,unless it angerou,s floor ed s place,openings ges and. secure fe n installe,n cing d with,If you noti,that have angerous.
not been places,fencing installed,or the fe with,damage ncing ha. d reinsta s been,fencing ll or repa,If this is ir the. capabilit beyond,y inform y o ur,supervis your,Ladder constructio. d d e r w h ic h is of good g th,Use a la quate stren. rial and ade,sound mate before usin,the ladder te rv a ls 1M.
t it at regula,and inspec leve l a n d,ladder on a. firm footing ropriate,r at an app,th e la d d e securely. angle r has a,at the ladde,ngth The u,sufficient le e at least. r should b,of the ladde against,tr e a b o ve the lan gd in. dder leans,which the la unless its,se a ladder,wer end ha.
upper or lo d by,ed or se rec u,securely fix,another wo l installation. If there a,re electrica d d e rs,e a rb y d o not use me s o r. n 2 metr e,If work is,carried out a suitable,the flo use. more above,working pla,Equipment and Electricity,Lifting Appliance an ance unless traine. d In the case of a,Do not operate a lift,qu ire d ain sling.
a certificate is re ch as hook shackle or ch,ing ge ar su. Before using lift,re is any wear and,check whether the d to be lifted. Check the weigh,t of the loa,rki ng loa d of,Do not exceed. the safe wo,pliance or lifting gear,a lifting ap,Adopt the corre. ct lifting method,Do not use a lifting,appliance or lifting.
examined and ce,unless it has been,t examiner,safe by a competen. Do not use a lifting,ap pliance unless it,repaired and. has been regularly,mpetent person,maintained by a co. pair is allowed,No unauthorized re s,Follow the safe. working instruction,r of a lifting ap pli ance,of the manufacture sp en de d load.
ath any su,Do not work bene,Material Hoist,Do not ride on a material hoist. Do not operate a material hoist with,out prior proper. not exceed the safe working load of,a material hoist. not use a material hoist unless it has,been examined. and certified safe by a competent exam,not use a material hoist unless its gate.
s have been,installed with an effective interlocking. safety system,The hoist is only operable after all the. gates have been,not use a material hoist unless it has. been repaired,and maintained by a competent pers,on No unauthorized. No carriage,of Persons repair is allowed,not put loose materials into receptacles.
unless properly,re good communication with the operator. of a material,hoist All signals should be underst,ood and followed. Loadshifting M,Unless you ar,e a worker co,do not work in ncerned. an area where,an excavator a loader,etc is in oper. Do not operat at ion,e any loadshift,machinery with ing.
out training an,approval d,Operators of,forklift trucks. bulldozers lo,aders excava,trucks or lorrie tors,s should posse. appropriate ce ss,rtificates,Do not ool,such a o rtable p. s saw g ower to,rinder a ol,unless it n d drill,been eff rous pa. ectively rts have,Place th g uarded,hose of ic cable.
a tool a and,position t an app,ed Fixing Tool to avoid ropriate. Cartridge operat hazards,Do not operate a,ol unless you have. operated fixing to,certificate,possessed a valid,Wear suitable. eye and ear,operating a,protectors while,d fixing tool. cartridge operate ol,Use a cartridge,operated fixing to.
with great care,Compressed r specified,ed air only fo. Use compress,purposes ed air,Do not use,any compress. m en t p ip es and re vant,equi p ction and,th ey ar e of good constru. unless rtified safe,amined and ce,have been ex ore use. t examiner bef,by a competen ly,Fix the conn,ectors proper.
Do not twis,t the pipes,t ab us e th e use of compre. a brush or a,urpose Use,for cleaning p ust from,r to remove d. vacuum cleane,clothing and,Electric T,ing an ele,tool and it ctric tool. s plug and c check the,Do not us onnecting,e a dama cable. Do not us ged tool,its connec tric tool u,ting cable nless.
protected is well,its metal c tric tool u,asing is e nless. power su arthed an,pply is pro d its,an earth le vided with. Do not re cuit break,pair or alt er,installation e r any electr. unless co ical,If you mee mpetent to,t any fault do so. it to your or problem,superviso report,Workplace Safety and Fire Prevention.
Excavations,Keep the fenc,e on all sides,an excavation of. Use safe acce,ss for ingress,and egress,Do not pile so. il or any other,materials at th,e edge of an,excavation. Make sure th,at a trench is,securely shor,working in it. Flashback arrestors,ing and ing,Gas Weld u ipment fo.
r gas weld,th e e q atta ed,use you have,u n le s s ificate. or flame c,d h o ld a valid cert,f 18 years nless it. the age o g a s cylinder u,u s e ck arresto,fi tt e d w it h flashba n t. has been me,tive equip,a r p e rs o nal protec,re extingu. within rea rs in an,t p o s ition and,up ri g h rturning.
p e rl y to avoid ove,it pro etected,akage is d,report it to. Fire Risk However,is a lw ays a fire risk,The re reduced. h a n c e s o f fire can be,the c do when,yo u w ill kn ow what to. out if you,a fire breaks place clean,ep the work,and tidy d tools that. achinery an,te sparks o,may genera,carefully naked.
oke or use,ny area wh,flames in a lo si ve,substances ers are. w w h e re fire extinguish,how they a,located and embly for. place of ass,fire evacua,Public Safety,Pay attention to. public safety,Members of the,public are often,unaware of or do. not understand,the work carried,construction sites.
and the risks,ke great care to pr,event the fall,of materials from. not stack materia,ls on floor,edges or on scaf,Waste Dis nwanted. a ll w a s tes and u,Dispos e of at,m u s t b e disposed. a designa of the,fy y o u r s upervisor,nt for the. requireme l or,disposal o,inflammab k s with nails.
leave plan,Safety Superv,Their responsi,bility is to assi. others to wor st,k smoothly,and safely,They have re. ceived specifi,safety training c,important mem,bers of the. construction,They have leg,al responsibili,or liability for ty. the overall sa,of the construc fety,You should g,et to know yo.
safety supervi ur,Personal Safety and Hygiene,Eye Protection. A wise worker will certa,good care of his eyes,A small fragm en t ma y cause. nc es if it,serious conseque,enters one s eyes,When there is a risk. injury such as in conc,ing ab ras ive,breaking or us. wheels you shou,suitable eye protector,Take proper care of.
protectors provided to,Replace dama ge d or de fective. me dia tel y,eye protectors im ar and keep clean,Ensure that eye pro. tec tor s are comfortable to we,not put it on your head. Use eye protectors,for eye protection do,or hang it on your neck but not your eyes. Bear in mind tha t ey e pro tectors are replaceable. Wear ear pro,tectors in area,with high nois s,Properly wea.
r ear protector,according to s,the manufactu,instructions re r s. Do not reuse,disposable ea,Clean ear pro,tectors regular.

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