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BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE,STUDENT ALUMNI,INSTRUCTOR SPOTLIGHTS. It is hard to believe another,academic year is coming to a close. It has been a busy semester for the,Photo Courtesy Purdue Marketing John Underwood. Nathalie Duval Couetil MBA Ph D Director of the,Certificate in Entrepreneurship and. Certificate in Entrepreneurship Innovation Program Innovation program We celebrated. Associate Director of the Burton D Morgan Center for. Entrepreneurship our spotlight month in February, as part of Purdue s 150th celebration when we hosted an outstanding ENTR.
alumni panel that was attended by over 100 ENTR Capstone students We also. launched a new ENTR video and welcomed several guest speakers to campus. including Co Founder of Angie s List Angie Hicks, This semester the program spotlighted several outstanding current students. and alumni who can be found on our website purdue edu entr Many. students like Dimple Dhawan a senior Computer Science major are making a. name for themselves outside of the classroom Be sure to read her spotlight on. Certificate program alumni choose various routes in their early careers some. become innovative leaders within established companies and some help launch. industry changing start ups There are also some who do both like ENTR and 7. Krannert Alumnus Chris Kossoyan who is helping to launch Rooam a new app. that aims to revolutionize the restaurant industry Learn more on page 6. Share Your Story, The courses in the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. program are taught by successful regionally based entrepreneurs and industry Are you an alumni or current. leaders ENTR Instructor Landon Young is a successful entrepreneur who knows student with a great story of. what it is like to be in his students shoes given that he is a Certificate recipient how you have put your. himself Learn more about him on page 7 entrepreneurship education. to work If so please contact, The Certificate program is committed to providing excellence in. entrepreneurship education and this is evident in ENTR s three project based. Kasie Roberson our, capstone courses that include active engagement with entrepreneurs in the Marketing Communications. community both as experts and mentors Learn more about Specialist We look forward to. the entrepreneurship capstone experiences on page 5 hearing from you. Contact Kasie at 765 494 3386,or roberso7 purdue edu.
NATHALIE DUVAL COUETIL,ENTRnews 2,SPRING IN REVIEW GIANT LEAPS. Photo Courtesy Purdue Marketing Bradley Milstone, Photo Courtesy Purdue Marketing Mark Simons Photo Courtesy Kasie Roberson. Photo Courtesy Kasie Roberson Photo Courtesy Angie Hicks Photo Courtesy Michelle Wagner. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, 1 In February over 100 Purdue Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation capstone students gathered to hear from five. Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation alumni who are making Giant Leaps in their respective fields The alumni included. Lauren Rourk College of Engineering 2017 Industrial Engineer at Northrop Group Adit Chhabra Krannert School of Management. 2010 Founder and CEO of Wobot Intelligence Siddharth Chhabra College of Engineering 2013 Senior Manufacturing Engineer at. Tesla Francisco Portela College of Health and Human Sciences 2014 Director of Clinical Consulting at Predicata and Founder of. Portela Soni Medical and Mayura Davda Shah College of Engineering 2013 Founder and Creative Director of MAYU 2 Inspired by. the ENTR Alumni panel three weeks later the ENTR 48000 Entrepreneurship Capstone class presented innovative ideas on how to. solve challenges in areas such as sustainability of the planet space exploration and health and longevity with some using artificial. intelligence as part of their solutions 3 ENTR Staff Member Michelle Wagner was awarded the prestigious Eudoxia Girard Martin. Memorial Staff Recognition Award by Purdue University 4 ENTR Ambassadors Madi Wallace and Jennifer Booher speak with. prospective Purdue students at a Purdue Informational Fair 5 Angie Hicks Co Founder of Angie s List and Chief Customer Officer and. Director at ANGI Homeservices spoke to ENTR students in March 6 ENTR Staff Member Rita Baker congratulates ENTR and College. of Engineering Senior Matt Saunders at Purdue s Senior Send off. ENTR also welcomed several other guest speakers this semester and hosted a professional development workshop. ENTRnews 3,STUDENT SPOTLIGHT,DIMPLE DHAWAN, entrepreneurial ambitions and interests In the ENTR. program I have been able to learn skills and methodologies. that students do not usually learn in a classroom setting. Dimple also believes that her entrepreneurship,education has shown her firsthand the power of.
networking In her ENTR 48000 Entrepreneurship,Capstone course which regularly brings in guest. speakers who are industry leaders Dimple has taken time. to talk with the guest speakers one on one to learn as. much as she can She also attended one of the several. different networking dinners supported by the Burton D. Morgan Foundation Through the ENTR program I have, realized the importance of networking and being open to. advice I have learned so much from each and every speaker. and will definitely try to apply the same professionalism and. compassion into my professional career,Photo Provided by Dimple Dhawan. Dimple has even been inspired to help other startups and. businesses and does so locally in her role as an, While students in Purdue s Certificate in Entrepreneurship Investment Analyst for Plug and Play Ventures and by. and Innovation program come from over 230 majors across freelancing with local restaurants to help them develop a. campus they all have one thing in common they are digital presence. innovative thinkers looking to challenge themselves As shown from Dimple s list of accomplishments she has. Purdue Senior Computer Science student Dimple Dhawan used her innovative mindset and determination to. is a prime example Her open and curious mind has led her accomplish a great deal in her time at Purdue She has. to many leadership positions and job opportunities on and taken full advantage of her education and experiential. off campus learning opportunities to find innovative challenges that. align with her career goals Dimple is certainly a,Some of Dimple s experiences come from.
Boilermaker to watch as she takes her education beyond. helping plan events such as Purdue s 3 Day Startup. the classroom and into her chosen industry where she is. TEDxPurdueU and the Ms Tech Purdue Collective She,destined to make an impact. also has been involved in research for the JTRP Joint. Transportation Research Project in the Civil, Engineering Department as a database developer as well. as CAM2 as a Python Developer In addition she recently. served as one of two Women in Data Science, Ambassadors at Stanford University where she helped. organize the Purdue conference on Women in Data,Science that took place in March 2019. Dimple shared that her achievements thus far come from. taking her education beyond the classroom My, experience in the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and.
Innovation program has perfectly balanced the technical. Dimple Dhawan third from right at the Women in Data Science Conference at Purdue. skills I am learning in Computer Science with my Photo Provided by Dimple Dhawan. ENTRnews 4,THE ENTREPRENEURSHIP,CAPSTONE EXPERIENCE. Entrepreneurship students paths after graduation will not be the exact same This is why the Certificate in Entrepreneurship. and Innovation program offers three different capstone experiences students can take They are 1 ENTR 48000. Entrepreneurship Capstone which focuses on entrepreneurial career development 2 ENTR 48100 Consulting for. Emerging Enterprises a course where student teams use a three stage consulting model to guide contracting data gathering. and creating value for local small businesses or non profits and 3 ENTR 48200 Venture Planning a course designed to. challenge students to apply the knowledge and skills learned to the business planning process in order to develop a new. venture of their own, What is common among the three capstones is a heavy emphasis on experiential learning and team work In the courses. students work together to provide innovative solutions to challenges whether they are developing a new product or. helping a consulting client solve a business issue. College of Health and Human Sciences and ENTR junior Jennifer Booher plans to implement the skills learned in the ENTR. 48000 capstone in her future career in the hospitality industry Throughout my time at Purdue my experience in ENTR 480. has by far been one of the most valuable experiences and opportunities I have had It has provided me with the opportunity to. network with Purdue alumni and business professionals and has completely reshaped my outlook on what entrepreneurship means. I have learned how to apply my classroom knowledge to the real world and the experiences and skills I have acquired will. certainly stay with me in years to come as I pursue both personal and professional endeavors. In the entrepreneurship capstone courses students get to learn from guest speakers who are successful business leaders. They hear first hand about their successes and failures as they garner excellent advice they can use as they begin their own. careers ENTR 48000 Co Instructor and Director of Client Services at Onebridge Greg Finch shared this of the importance. of guest speakers When we listen to others willing to share the stories of their successes and failures their heights and despair we. may think we are learning about them But when we take our own journeys into entrepreneurship we realize that their stories taught. us to recognize abilities within ourselves and as a result we learn what we are capable of. The premise behind the three entrepreneurship capstone courses is that they are all designed to meet the needs of Purdue. Entrepreneurship Certificate students who come from over 230 majors and all ten colleges and they do just that Students. walk away from their Entrepreneurship Capstone experience better prepared to bring their innovative ideas to their new job. at a big company or a small business They leave the Consulting Capstone course knowing what they need to do to build. relationships when consulting with clients and other aspects needed to make these relationships successful Students leave. the Venture Planning capstone often with a business ready to start No matter what their future plans students leave their. entrepreneurship capstone experiences ready to take on the world. ENTRnews 5,Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. alumni often tell us how well the program,prepares them for their careers no matter what. field they are in The same can certainly be said of. Chris Kossoyan a 2008 Krannert and ENTR,Chris is a LA based former talent agent at Spin.
Artist Agency where he represented music artists Photo Provided by Chris Kossoyan. such as Bob Sinclar CeeLo Green and Erick,Morillo to name a few As an agent Chris was. responsible for booking client s shows at clubs and. music festivals throughout North South America,CHRIS KOSSOYAN. negotiating performance fees and engagement, my team and I are not dealing in any of these capacities as we. In 2017 Chris moved away from being an agent to build the company The skills and knowledge I ve gained in all. become the Director of Rooam a new app for the areas from the ENTR program served as solid foundation to grow. hospitality and nightlife industry Marketed as a from in addition to my own professional experience. revolutionary new way to pay a bar tab or, restaurant bill Rooam has the potential Chris also commented on the life long friendships he made. to transform the industry with students from different majors as a result of his. participation in the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and. At Rooam Chris oversees all business to Innovation program. Photo Provided by Byron Young,business sales and partnerships in Los.
The ENTR program provided a unique opportunity to learn the. Angeles developing relationships with hospitality, foundations of entrepreneurship and business in a diverse. groups and nightlife venues to bring them onto the. environment The format of the program allows students from. Rooam platform Chris is very passionate about his, various backgrounds and professional interests to collaborate. work and the impact it is making on the, learn and ultimately discover a shared passion for. growing sector of mobile payments in the,entrepreneurial pursuits. hospitality and nightlife industries, Chris believes that building relationships in business like.
Chris s journey into Rooam has made him when working in teams in college are the key to success. reflect on his time at Purdue in the Certificate in Above and beyond anything I can say I m most proud of the. Entrepreneurship and Innovation program relationships I ve been able to foster If there s a key to building. and maintaining success in business I think it comes down to. Studying entrepreneurship allows for exposure to, relationships Doing right by others as you pursue your own. every facet of a business i e sales finance marketing. success is important,etc As a startup not a day goes by when. Look for more to come from Chris as he helps revolutionize. our dining experience,ENTRnews 6, Above Landon Young with the CEO of Mercy Alliance the day Mercy. Alliance acquired World Help Solutions, Below Landon Young with another former Purdue student in Malawi. Africa deploying MoyoMed software that collects information on water. wells used in six countries including Haiti Malawi and Congo. Photos Provided by Landon Young,Photo Courtesy Purdue Marketing John Underwood.
INSTRUCTOR SPOTLIGHT,LANDON YOUNG, Landon Young is an entrepreneur and Certificate in Landon describes his work as seeking to understand problems. Entrepreneurship and Innovation instructor who knows what using empathy and data analysis creating value by connecting. it is like to walk in his students shoes Landon is the first people ideas and resources and believing in a higher purpose. ENTR instructor to have earned the Certificate in embedded in the mundane He challenges and inspires his. Entrepreneurship and Innovation himself back in 2008 when students to assess their own interests and passions. he was an undergraduate in Purdue s College of Agriculture. Today Landon is a trans disciplinary entrepreneur There are many different forms of entrepreneurship and. researcher and strategist focused on high impact technology intrapreneurship and ways that an entrepreneurial mindset is. innovation Landon was named one of thirteen Kauffman helpful throughout life I try to help students determine their. Foundation Global Scholars in 2013 awarded the National strengths personality and unique approach to. Science Foundation Fellowship in 2011 is the Founding entrepreneurship. Curator of the World Economic Forum Global Shaper Hub in. For Landon Young teaching in the Certificate in,Kansas City and a 2018 MP1 Fellow. Entrepreneurship and Innovation program has been a full. Landon serves on the board of a number of companies circle moment It was in one of the ENTR classes that he. organizations and runs DonateEquity com helping successful created the business plan for his company World Help. entrepreneurs think creatively about charitable giving He is Solutions that he co founded and was CEO of until 2013. also a strategist for Crema helping startups to Fortune 500 Now he gets to help ENTR students find their passions and. companies adopt innovative technology to drive growth and make a difference. user adoption,ENTRnews 7,OTHER NEWS,HAPPENINGS,ENTR Website Video. Be sure to watch the,new ENTR video,featuring students. alumni and,instructors,Follow us on social media for the.
latest happenings in the ENTR,program Don t miss monthly student. and alumni spotlights and more,weincubatetalent,PURDUE EDU ENTR. On April 24 2019 Purdue celebrated its annual day of giving a. Senior Send Off record breaking day where the Purdue family came together. and raised over 41 million dollars to support programs across. This May the ENTR,Certificate program Purdue s campus. will graduate its, largest class almost We want to thank everyone who donated to the Certificate in. 350 students from Entrepreneurship and Innovation program We raised 3 074. all over campus Congratulations to all, of our graduates We are so excited for dollars which will help us continue to provide outstanding.
you and your new careers Best of luck entrepreneurship educational experiences to our students. and please keep in touch, Thank you again for your generous support Boiler Up. Welcome to a New,ENTR Instructor,Meet a new ENTR,31000 instructor for. Fall 2019 bestselling,author and customer,experience expert. Ali Cudby Ali brings her engaging,approach to business advising training. and speaking to companies around the Share Your Giant Leaps With Us. globe Ali has worked with The New,York Times Company s corporate.
planning group the Golf Digest If you are an alum or student and you would like to share a. Magazine Group and Animal Planet TV Giant Leap you have taken please email our Marketing and. Network Ali is the Founder CEO of,Fab Foundations and the CEO of Your. Communications Specialist Kasie Roberson at, Iconic Brand where she works with roberso7 purdue edu We look forward to hearing from you. clients to incorporate her innovative,customer experience strategies.

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