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ROTARY DISTRICT 5280 HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT ARTS CONTESTS. GENERAL INFORMATION MARCH 28 2015, DIRECTIONS TO THE LOYOLA MARYMOUNT UNIVERSITY CAMPUS PARKING. WE STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU ARRIVE AT LEAST 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO YOUR. DESIGNATED CHECK IN TIME PLEASE REFER TO THE AGENDA FOR SPECIFIC CHECK IN. Entrance to Loyola Marymount University is at the corner of Lincoln Boulevard and LMU Drive. off of Lincoln Boulevard in the Westchester Playa Vista area of Los Angeles LMU Drive is the. third signal north of Manchester Avenue and the second signal south of Jefferson Boulevard. Parking is available in Parking Lot A Hannon Parking Lot which is identified on the enclosed. campus map lower right side Once you have turned off of Lincoln Boulevard onto LMU Drive. you will stay on LMU Drive until it dead ends When LMU Drive dead ends turn right onto a one. way street Continue straight ahead The street will eventually curve to the left and you will reach. a stop sign at the circular drive A direct right turn at the stop sign will take you to Parking Lot A. just past the grassy park area on the right hand side. Unloading only if necessary For unloading of contestant s materials such as heavy or. cumbersome art pieces musical instruments and or equipment Use the circular drive almost. full circle for the drop off before parking You will see the unloading area where cars can pull. over for a short period of time only The enclosed campus map shows a circle and an asterisk at. the drop off area, Once parked please proceed to Dunning Courtyard inside the Burns Fine Arts Complex which is. located adjacent to the circular drive The enclosed campus map shows an arrow pointing from. the circular drive to the Burns Fine Arts Complex,CHECK IN PLEASE REFER TO AGENDA. Check in is located in the Dunning Courtyard inside the Burns Fine Arts Complex There are. staggered specified check in times for Art Dance Music and Speech PLEASE OBSERVE THOSE. CHECK IN TIMES, Snack Bag Upon checking in each contestant will receive a Snack Bag compliments of Whole. Foods and a bottle of water, Food and beverage may not be consumed inside the various competition facilities However.
there are areas within and outside the Dunning Courtyard where the contestants may eat and or. drink during a break in their competition schedule. Iggy s Diner is located close by opening at 11 30 a m to guests who wish to purchase food. and beverage, Note If the student has any dietary restrictions allergies or specific needs it is advised that. they bring their own food items to the contest,COMPETITIONS PLEASE REFER TO AGENDA. 9 00 A M Opening Assembly for ALL Contestants begins at 9 00 A M in Murphy Hall. Contestants will be greeted by the chair of each of the respective competitions. NOTE Music contestants and guests may stay in Murphy Hall at the conclusion of the Opening. Assembly or take a short break as their competition will take place in Murphy Hall beginning at. 9 45 10 30 A M SPEECH and DANCE CONTESTANTS Go to Check in at Dunning Courtyard in. Burns Fine Arts Complex after the Opening Assembly. 10 00 A M ART CONTESTANTS Judging begins in Thomas P Kelly Student Art Gallery in Burns. Fine Arts Complex, CONTESTANTS Once you have checked in and are in your Judging location the chair of each. respective competition will provide instructions and schedules for the order of contestant. performance competition within your specific area of competition. ATTENDING COMPETITIONS,Guests may attend any of the competitions. Contestants time allowing and observing their own competition schedule may also attend any. other of the competitions with the exception of their own area of competition. WHAT IS NEEDED, Contestants MUST provide whatever is needed for their performance presentation For.
example each art contestant must provide whatever is needed to display the contestant s. MUSIC AND DANCE CONTESTANTS If your music or a CD is burned to a laptop you MUST. bring that laptop to the competition Please bring all cables necessary to connect your laptop to. the PA system provided, MUSIC CONTESTANTS will have access to a Steinway piano tuned a Baldwin piano music. stands 3 stools 3 standing microphones 3 a microphone with a boom for the piano and. a CD player to hook into the sound system, When you enter the competition room pease be ready with all of your materials If you need. assistance you may bring someone in to help you We would like to keep the set up time at a. minimum so as to keep the contest moving along, LMU is providing their Manager of Programming and Facilities to set up the equipment before. the contest He may be available but may also be called elsewhere Your help will be. appreciated whenever possible, QUESTIONS or SPECIAL REQUESTS must be submitted to the Chair of your competition area for. consideration Requests must be received no later than Monday March 23 2015. Questions about your competition area Pleae contact your Area Chair. MUSIC Debbie Wehbe debbie wehbe gmail com or 323 573 1950. ART Bob Smith resmith earthlink net or 310 493 3835. DANCE Cozette Vergari cozette laxlawyers com or 310 410 4014. SPEECH Lance Miller lance lancemillerspeaker com or 818 400 8999. COMPETITION AREAS, Electronic Devices Generally all electronic devices must be turned off during the.
performance presentation period Each competition chair shall determine and will announce if. and when photos may be taken, Entering Exiting Competition Areas No one will be allowed to enter or exit the competition. facilities during a performance presentation with the exception of the art gallery For the dance. music and speech competitions entry to and exit from the competition facility may only occur. during the break between contestants PLEASE SHOW YOUR COURTESY AND RESPECT. ANNOUNCEMENT OF WINNERS PLEASE REFER TO AGENDA, Each of the four areas of competition will culminate with the announcement of the 1 st 2nd and. 3rd place winners The first place winner will then repeat the performance presentation This. entire portion will be videotaped The entire competition will have been photographed. throughout the day The videos and photos will be posted to the District Website. www Rotary5280 org and may be displayed at the Rotary District Conference in Coronado. CA May 14 17 2015,BEST OF LUCK TO EVERYONE,LMU CAMPUS MAP A B C D E F G H I J. CAMPUS BUILDINGS,BIR Bird Nest I 1 BIR,BLC Baseball Lion Cage I 10 LOT CAMPUS PARKING. BRC Burns Rec Center H 7 PS A Hannon fac staff student visitor F 9. BUR Burns Fine Art Center G 6 B Gersten fac staff student visitor H 8. BAN Burns Annex, BFC Burns Faculty Center C Burns fac staff student visitor H 8 CLOCK DRN.
D Seaver fac staff SHC,Kelly Student Art Gallery H 6 WHE FO. HGN Hogan Hall E Pereira fac staff student J 4 U,LAG Laband Gallery F Lot F fac staff H 4. LEM Lemons Hall,G Daum fac staff,MUR Murphy Recital Hall. PS H Del Rey fac staff student visitor J 1 PS,Central Plant. CCC Children s Center E 9 PS I Xavier Vistor Parking F 2 IGNATIAN CIRCLE. COM Communication Arts F 6 J Jesuit Parking F 2,DAU Daum Hall J 4 K McKay fac staff E 7.
SUNKEN GARDEN, DHA Daum Hall Annex J 4 PS L Drollinger Parking Plaza D 7 JES 3. DOO Doolan Hall I 6 fac staff student visitor, EST East Hall J 6 M VDA Comm Arts disabled loading F 5 CAS. ROSECRANS LN, EDC Engineering Design Ctr J 6 O O Malley Alley Reserved C 6. FAN Foley Annex H 5 P1 U Hall fac staff A 9,O MALLEY ALLEY REGENTS. Public Safety PS P2 3 U Hall fac staff student visitor STR. FMA Facilities Management J 7 MAL,FMC F M Craft Shops J 7.
FMT F M Transportation J 7 PS Pay Station,Assembly and. FOL Foley Building H 5 DOH,Strub Theatre,FOU Founders Pavilion. I 2 Music Contest DPS Parking,FOLEY FOUNTAIN,C Store FOL. GER Gersten Pavilion H 8,GRE Greenhouse I 5,MCC SUL RAX. HNL Hannon Loft F 8,HIL Hilton Center for Bus E 4 GRE.
LEV Leavey Hall F 6 OMA,Athletics Coaches RAI PS,Ctr for Ignatian Spirit. LAC Lions Athletic Center H 9,MAL Malone Student Center H 4 Dance Contest LEV. The Lair Marketplace LV4,KXLU Radio,North Hall J 5. 2nd Floor PARKING L,O ING PS MUR,Del Rey Theatre LOWER. FACILITIES LN,PBS Page Baseball Stadium I 9 FMA,LEAVEY FIELD UPB.
PER Pereira Hall of Engineer I 6,PAN Pereira Annex J 6 Recycling. RAX Research Annex J 5,Speech Contest POOL FMT,SHC Sacred Heart Chapel F 2 BRC. SEA Seaver Science Hall H 6,SOU South Hall J 5 LV6 Art Contest. STR St Roberts Hall F 4 FIELD,UNH University Hall A 9. Ahmanson Auditorium,Bookstore Smith Field,Lions Den Cafe SOFTBALL.
Roski Dining Room CAMPUS HOUSING PS Higgins,UPB Univ Pool Building I 7 DES Desmond Hall I 3. VDA Charles Von der Ahe Bldg G 5 DOH Doheny Hall J 4. Undergraduate Admission Pay Stations,Bookstore on P2 P3 DRN Del Rey North I 2 CCC. LOYOLA BLVD,Campus Business Services,Financial Aid. DRS Del Rey South I 2 PBS 9,Student Innovation Center PS HAN Hannon Apts F 8. Office of the Registrar HUE Huesman Hall I 4, Student Financial Services UNH Deja View Theatre Sullivan Field.
WHH William H Hannon Library E 4 JES Jesuit Community I 4 SOCCER. Jazzman Cafe Page Stadium,ARR Arrupe House BASEBALL. XAV Xavier Hall F 2 O,P2 CAN Canisus House,INF CAS Casa Rodriguez. IGN Ignation Commons BLC,LV4 Leavey 4 Apts C 6,Jef LV5 Leavey 5 Apts B 7. so LV6 Leavey 6 Apts,LN MCC McCarthy Hall D 5 Parking for Contest. BLV MCK McKay Hall F 7,D Iggy s Diner,OMA O Malley Apts C 5.
Main Entrance Ma,Rains Hall,Rosecrans Hall, er SUL Sullivan Hall I 5 1 400 Los Angeles Ca 90045. TEN Tenderich Hall F 8,WHE Whelan Hall H 2,Revised 08 4 2012 DPT CW.

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