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Root Cause Analysis Tools,Table of Contents,Tools Description Page. Data Narrative Outline Outline of the data narrative 1. Planning for Root Cause Note catcher to help plan for completing root cause 7. Analysis analysis and finalizing the data narrative. Data Intersection Activity for identifying which types of data are needed to 11. Questions answer different questions, Interpreting Equitable Guidelines for interpreting graphical representations of 13. Distribution of Teachers Equitable Distribution of Teacher data provided on. Data Schoolview org, Accessing EDT Data Directions for accessing Equitable Distribution of Teachers 17. EDT and data, Accessing TELL Colorado Directions for accessing TELL Colorado data 19. SST Rubric Summary Overview of the categories that focus school site team 21. Resources Available List and description of tools available from CDE that schools 23. from CDE to support and districts can use to collect data that would support. Root Cause Analysis their root cause analysis, Inventory of Data other Template to use when inventorying data other than student 25.
than Performance Data learning performance data, Tree Fish Diagram A mental map used to brainstorm explanations within pre 27. example determined categories, Tree Fish Diagram Directions for how to use a Tree Fish Diagram to 29. Directions brainstorm within categories, Circle Map example A thinking map used to brainstorm about a topic 31. Circle Map Directions Directions for how to use a Circle Map to brainstorm and 33. categorize, Research Based Factors Factors that influence student performance as presented 35. that Influence Student by Robert Marzano in various publications. Performance, Criteria for Narrowing A list of criteria to apply to explanations to narrow and 37.
Explanations refine them, The Five Why s Root A form to use while engaging in the Five Why s to deepen 39. Cause Identification thinking to get to root causes. Tools Description Page, Getting to Root Cause Thinking Map that describes the process of getting to root 41. Validate Root Causes A form that structures thinking about what data to use to 43. validate root cause explanations, UIP Data Analysis Excerpt from the UIP Template this worksheet is designed 45. Worksheet to scaffold the data analyses processes used in UIP. Data Narrative Outline,Data Narrative Elements,Description of School and Process for. Data Analysis,A brief description of the school,to set the context.
The general process for,developing the UIP,A description of who. participated in the analysis of,the school s performance data. Review of Current Performance,The school accountability status. plan type assignment,Indicators and sub indicators. where school performance did,not meet state and federal.
expectations,Indicators and sub indicators,where school performance did. not meet local expectations,Data Narrative Elements. Review of Current Performance,The magnitude of school. performance challenges over,Reflection on how current. performance compares to the,targets established in the prior.
year s plan and why also,captured in the Progress,Monitoring of Prior Year s. Performance Targets,Data Narrative Elements,Trend Analysis. Description of the data that was,considered including local data. sources metrics and measures,in identifying performance. Notable performance trends,also captured in the Data.
Analysis Worksheet,How the team determined,which trends were notable e g. To what were each of the,trends in school performance. Data Narrative Elements,Priority Performance Challenges. The process that was used to,prioritize the performance. challenges,The performance challenges,that are the highest priority to.
address immediately,For each priority what makes it. important to address,immediately,Data Narrative Elements. Root Cause Analysis,Root cause s associated with,each priority performance. challenge also captured in the,Data Analysis Worksheet. How the root causes were,identified,The additional data that was.
reviewed to validate the root, Planning for Root Cause Analysis and Finalizing the Data Narrative. Root Causes Analysis,Tasks Current Status Who When Materials Tools. Develop planning team background,regarding Root Cause Analysis. Inventory data other than performance,data to be used as part of root cause. Determine what data will be reviewed,prior to or as part of root cause analysis.
Determine what data are available to use,in validating root causes. Consider external review results if,applicable,Tasks Current Status Who When Materials Tools. Generate explanations brainstorm and,categorize and summarize explanations. Narrow eliminate explanations over,which you have no control and prioritize. Deepen thinking to get to root cause s,Validate with other data.
Capture root causes in the Data Analysis,Worksheet and the Data Narrative. Describe in writing the process used to,identify root causes and how they were. validated in the Data Narrative,Finalizing the Data Narrative. Tasks Current Status Who When How Materials Tools,Clarify critical elements of the data. narrative Data Narrative Outline,Collect notes about the data analysis.
processes identifying notable trends,prioritizing performance challenges. identifying root causes,A small group or individual. generates a draft of data narrative,Reach consensus among all planning. participants that the narrative tells,the data story for the school and. meets state criteria,Revise data narrative as needed.
Data Intersection Questions, What type of data would you need to gather to be able to answer these. Demographics Enrollment Attendance Drop Out Rate Ethnicity Gender Grade Level. Perceptions Perceptions of Learning Environment Values and Beliefs Attitudes Observations. Student Learning Standardized Tests Norm Criterion Referenced Tests Teacher Observations of. Abilities Authentic Assessments, School Processes Discipline Plan District Curriculum Student Services G T Plan Observation. and Monitoring of Classroom Practices, Guiding Questions Data Section Type Intersection of Types. Do students who participate in extra math help,perform better than those who don t get the. extra help,Do newly adopted district strategies to support.
English Learners correlate with improved,instruction Better outcomes for English.

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