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CPE Information and Disclosures, Idi Idiong declares no conflicts of interest real or. apparent and no financial interests in any company. product or service mentioned in this program including. grants employment gifts stock holdings and, The American Pharmacist Association is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy. Education as a provider of continuing pharmacy education. CPE Information, Target Audience Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians. ACPE 0202 0000 18 227 L04 P T,Activity Type Knowledge based. Learning Objectives,Pharmacist Learning Objectives.
1 State the progression of pharmacy practice in the ED setting. 2 Identify the administrative duties and clinical duties of an ED pharmacist. 3 Recall methods for ongoing evaluation of ED pharmacy services. Pharmacy Technician Learning Objectives, 1 State the role of the Pharmacy Technician in the ED setting. 2 Identify areas for optimization of the pharmacy technician in the ED setting. 3 Recall barriers and limitations with integration of pharmacy technicians into. ED pharmacy practice,Self Assessment Questions, 1 Which of the following best describes the primary objective of the ED pharmacy team. A Improve operational efficiency in the ED setting. B Promote safe and effective use of medications, C Utilize collaborative practice to improve access to care. D Perform medication reconciliation,E Manage drug inventory and procurement. 2 Which one of these duties is not considered a clinical function for an ED. pharmacist, A Serve as preceptor for ED pharmacy clinical rotation.
B Participate in therapeutic drug monitoring, C Provide disease state management for patients with chronic illness. D Participate in emergency medical response,E None of the above. Self Assessment Questions, 3 Identify an area for optimization of the ED pharmacy technician. A ED Unit inspection,B Medication dispensing for ED patients. C Participation in medication reconciliation process to improve patient outcomes. E All of the above, Overview of Emergency Department ED practice setting.
Background on ED pharmacy practice,Implementation of ED pharmacy practice. Description of ED pharmacist and technician roles, Overview of limitations to ED pharmacy implementation. Key points on ED pharmacy practice,Overview of Emergency Department. Unique practice setting,Serves as point of entry transition and exit. Intended for treatment and management of emergent or acutely ill patients. May contain urgent care or fast track section,Fast paced.
Primarily health techs nurses physician,Expanding to other services for improved access. Various acuity levels, Highest number of preventable adverse drug events of any hospital setting. Background, ED pharmacy practice originated in 1970s providing operational duties. Medication dispensing,Inventory management,Cost containment efforts. ED pharmacy services has expanded over the last 40 years. Expansion of services led to advances in roles of ED pharmacist and technician. Significant increase in number of hospitals with dedicated ED pharmacy services. from 3 4 in 2006 to 16 4 in 2014, Thomas MC Acquisto NM Shirk MB Patanwala AE A national survey of emergency pharmacy practice in the United States Am J Health Syst Pharm 2016 73 386 94.
Background, Advanced ED pharmacy services supported by professional organizations. Institute of Medicine IOM report To Err is Human,American Pharmacists Association APhA. Interdisciplinary team approach in all settings optimal for medication use continuity of care culture of safety. Pharmacist s role must be recognized and fully utilized within the health care team. American Society of Health System Pharmacists ASHP. Position statement recommending hospital pharmacy provides pharmacy services in ED. Published guidelines on Emergency Medicine Pharmacist Services. American College of Emergency Physicians ACEP, Policy statement recognizing clinical pharmacists as integral members of the ED multidisciplinary team. The Joint Commission TJC emphasizes need for pharmacist involvement in ED. Evolution of ED Pharmacy Practice,1990s and 2000s,Limited operational duties. 1970s and 1980s Operational duties,Increased pharmaceutical.
Operational duties Limited pharmaceutical care and clinical duties. Implementation Facility,Dependent on facility s needs. Nature of medication use system,ED triaging model,Implementation Assessment. Evaluate current ED practice at facility,Total cost of care. Clinical outcomes,Quality of care, Assess and document need for decentralized ED pharmacy services. Medication interventions,Potential cost avoidance,Survey ED physicians.
Patient safety,Operational efficiency,Implementation Literature Review. Patanwala AE Sanders AB Thomas MC et al A prospective multicenter. study of pharmacist activities resulting in medication error interception in the. emergency department Ann Emerg Med 2012a 59 369 73. Medication errors were captured by pharmacists more frequently during provider consultation. interactions 51 4, Supports on site dedicated ED pharmacy coverage as best model for prevention of medication. Fairbanks RJ Rueckmann EA Kolstee KE et al Clinical Pharmacist in. Emergency Medicine Advances in Patient Safety New Directions and Alternative. Approaches Vol 4 Technology and Medication Safety Rockville MD Agency. for Healthcare Research and Quality US 2008 Aug, Discusses evidence showing effectiveness of ED pharmacist program. Provides information and resources that can be used by hospitals considering the. implementation of an ED pharmacy program,Implementation Literature Review. Nana B Lee Such S Allen G Initiation of an emergency department pharmacy. program during economically challenging times Am J Health Syst Pharm 2012. Oct 1 69 19 1682 6, Challenges in implementing program in a cost neutral manner.
Realignment of staff duties and schedules,Arrangement for expanded coverage hours. Improved admission medication reconciliation process. Provision of additional services to improve patient safety and quality of care.

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