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Riven gameRiven: The Sequel To MYST
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Riven: The Sequel to Myst

Also known as: Riven, la suite de Myst (FR), Riven: Il seguito di Myst (IT)
Developers: Cyan Productions, Brøderbund Software
Publishers: Red Orb Entertainment, Cyan Worlds (GOG, Steam)
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS Classic
Released internationally: December 30, 2009 (GOG.com), August 4, 2010 (Steam)
Released in US: October 31, 1997
Released in EU: 1997

This game has unused areas.
This game has hidden developer credits.
This game has unused graphics.
This game has debugging material.
This game has hidden bonus content.

  • Riven is a sequel to Myst, and is very similar to its predecessor in gameplay style, controls, and visual presentation. The game world is presented as a series of computer-generated still screens; the player explores it in a point-and-click fashion.
  • Directed by Robyn C. Miller, Richard Vander Wende. With Rand Miller, Sheila Goold, John Keston, Kate Vander Wende. After the event of Myst (1993), the Stranger travels to Riven to help Atrus by rescuing his wife Catherine, trapping his father Gehn and saving the Rivenese before their world collapses.

Riven is a puzzle adventure game in which you're given the task to depose a false god and rescue the spiritual misfit wife of a true god. It's also The Sequel to Myst.

To do:
  • Document the differences between the 5-CD version, the DVD version, and the GOG/Steam versions.
  • Document the differences in the Myst 25th Anniversary Update.
  • Document the Spyder eggs.
  • The nominally-unused ending (opening the Fissure before visiting Tay).
  • 1Unused Cards
  • 2Console

Unused Cards

Removed Book Press

This page or section needs more images.
There's a whole lotta words here, but not enough pictures. Please fix this.
Specifically: The animations of the book press. A video would also suffice.

Prior to the game's release, a book press was located near the boiler on Book Assembly Island. It was removed due to most of the game's testers incorrectly thinking that it was part of a puzzle. The card from which the book press could be interacted with is still in the game (including the animations for the press closing and opening, though without any sounds), although the card cannot be accessed from any other card. If the player is placed there by modifying a save file or by using console commands, the book press can be interacted with normally, although once the player moves to another card, they won't be able to return.

The book press was not removed from all of the images it was in, however, and is still visible in the background of a few of the ones used in-game:

  • (left side of image, below center)

  • (bottom of image, right of center)

  • (bottom-left of image)

Alternate Path to Dome on Temple Island


Riven The Sequel To Myst Walkthrough


Unused cards are present showing that originally in the place of the elevator used to access the dome on Temple Island was a short ladder and a door. These can also be accessed via save file editing or console commands, although only part of the original path can be accessed, as the rest is missing and attempting to access it will cause the game to hang.

Unused Lagoon Cards

There are a few cards near the Wahrk rocks in the lagoon on Jungle Island which cannot be accessed in-game, except through save file editing or console commands.

Butterfly Drawer

This drawer of butterflies in Gehn's lab can't be opened in-game, although a frame showing it open exists in the game's resources (without any associated opening/closing animations). The drawer above this one (the only one which can be opened) is a Spyder hotspot location.

(Source: Torbjørn Mathisen, Myst and Riven Illustrated)


Please elaborate.
Having more detail is always a good thing.
Specifically: The functions of most of these commands need elaboration.
To do:
  • Using the 'hs' command, a load of unused (and broken) zip mode hotspots become visible (throughout the entire game). Either document them all or just mention it somewhere in the article.
  • On a related note, the deactivated zip mode hotspot in the second screenshot here is one of the aforementioned broken hotspots; find a better place to take a demonstrative screenshot and replace the current one.
Screenshot showing the effects of the debug command: the two lines above the console display the current stack & card, the current CyanCardID, the current mouse cursor position, the IDs of any hotspots the cursor is currently over, and any currently-playing movies (in this case the animation of the flames). This screenshot was generated using the dump command.
Screenshot showing the effects of the hs command: green boxes with text in the upper-left corner are spots that can be clicked to travel to another card, and red boxes are currently deactivated hotspots – the red hotspot in the upper-right of this image is a broken zip mode hotspot, and the small red hotspot containing text leads to the card with the removed book press.

While in-game, typing 'b3hn', pressing Enter (this may or may not be required, depending on the version of the game being used), and then pressing Ctrl + Tab will allow a player to access the game's debug console. Accepted commands include:

  • g <id> – go to a specific card using a CardID.
  • gc <id> – go to a specific card using a CyanCardID.
  • gs <stack> [<id>] – go to a specific stack; CardID optional.
  • get <state> – gets the value of a variable.
  • set <state> <value> – sets the value of a variable.
  • undo – undoes actions on the current card; autosave must be enabled.
  • enable <hotspotID> – enables a hotspot.
  • disable <hotspotID> – disables a hotspot.
  • p – purges all purgeable blocks.
  • c – compacts entire heap.
  • pc – purges all purgeable blocks, then compacts entire heap.
  • mem – returns total free memory (physical + virtual).
  • free – returns physical free memory.
  • debug – toggles on-screen debug info (disabled by default).
  • hs – toggles showing hotspots (disabled by default).
  • autosave – toggles autosaving at every card (disabled by default).
  • dump – copies the current screen to a BMP file.
  • ipmm – toggles 'impatient PM mode' (disabled by default).
  • zip – dumps zip list to zip.txt.
  • unvisit – some cutscenes only play when viewing a card for the first time; this command will erase the game's memory of which cards have been visited.
  • slideshow – if disc 1 is inserted (or B2_DATA.MHK is otherwise present), activates the developer slideshow (see below). Also see the 40 individual image set commands in the table below.
    • riven1 and riven2 – neither of these do anything when entered (and they don't return 'Unknown command', unlike other non-commands), but within Riven.exe they are located within the individual commands for the slideshow images, which may imply that these would have been the individual commands for 50040.png and 50041.png, if they had been present.
  • pleh – displays the following help text, line by line (this text indicates that the command to view the help text is help, but entering 'help' will just give the response 'Unknown command'):

Note: The console is hard-coded into the engine, and as a result was not reimplemented in the ScummVM version of the game (which is currently the only version available for sale), due to the effort required to recreate it. This has been raised as a bug with the ScummVM developers, though was politely dismissed as an issue. See tickets #10082 and #10380 for more information.

Riven The Sequel To Myst Guide

(Source: Tahgtahv and original TCRF research)

Developer Slideshow

This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: The image of Matt Christmann (#27) doesn't appear correctly for me in-game; can anyone else corroborate?

The developer slideshow (featuring the team at Brøderbund that worked on the game, and occasionally their families) consists of 45 images, stored in B2_DATA.MHK, which are displayed for five seconds each, along with a short caption, when the 'slideshow' command is used. The filenames of these images range from '50000.png' to '50046.png', skipping '50040.png' and '50041.png'; there are no images present with those two filenames, nor are there captions in the game's data corresponding to them (though there are two unused commands which may be related to them – see the command list above).

There are also 40 other related commands which will only display individual 'sets' of images (usually individual images). A different set of captions is used when viewing the images via the individual commands, though there are only minor differences in the captions for images 14 ('Glenn Axworthy (Hey, what else do you want? It works in Living Books!)' rather than 'Glenn Axworthy. Hey, what else do you want? It works in Living Books!!') and 27 (Matt Christmann rather than 'Matt Christmann'), the rest being identical.

#ImageFilename'slideshow' captionIndividual commandSubject(s)
150000.png'La Gouyn! (aka Allan Young)'allanAllan Young (Lead Programmer)
350036.png'Kari and Allan'Allan Young (Lead Programmer) et al.
450001.png'Andrew Kay'andrewAndrew Kay (Production Tools Programmer)
550002.png'Ben Ceschi'benBen Ceschi (Lead Programmer)
650003.png'Bob Gulian'bobBob Gulian (Systems Programmer)
750004.png'Brian Walker'brianBrian Walker (Assistant Sound Designer)
850005.png'Carey Clutts'careyCarey Clutts (Systems Programmer)
950006.png'Frankie Ford, John Michael (w/Jazzy) and Cheri (w/Billy).'frankieFrankie Ford (Application Programmer, right) et al.
1050007.png'Dennis Leahy (PB) and the Leahy Support System'dennisDennis Leahy (Senior Production Manager) et al.
1150008.png'Ed Rose (Check out the gamma in these images!)'edEd Rose (Application Programmer) et al.
1250009.png'Esteban Ahn'estebanEsteban Ahn (Production Tools Programmer)
1350010.png'Fred Campbell'fredFred Campbell (Installer Programmer)
1450011.png'Glenn Axworthy. Hey, what else do you want? It works in Living Books!!'glennGlenn Axworthy (Systems Programmer)
1550012.png'Greg Rahn'gregGreg Rahn ('Brøderbund Thanks')
1650013.png'Inga Pedersen'ingaInga Pedersen (QA Core Team)
1750014.png'Jeff Blain'jeffbJeffrey Blain (not directly credited) et al.
1850015.png'Jeff Charvat, with Diane and Jeffrey'jeffcJeffrey Charvat (Programming Director) et al.
1950016.png'Jeff Zemrak'jeffzJeffrey Zemrak (QA Team Leader)
2050017.png'Jennifer Winter'jenniferJennifer Winter (QA Core Team)
2150018.png'Julie Thiel'julieJulie Thiel (QA Core Team)
2250019.png'Kent's girl Cordelia Daniels (Hey, I'm a Dad!)'kentCordelia Daniels, child of Kent Daniels (Installer Programmer)
2350020.png'Laurie Strand'laurieLaurie Strand (Executive Publisher)
2450021.png'Liz Young'lizElizabeth Young (not directly credited) et al.
2550022.png'Mac QA Team! Kirk, Jon, J.P., Juilie, and Jon.'macqaKirk Roulston (QA Management)
Jon [???] (not directly credited)
J.P. [???] (not directly credited)
Julie Thiel (QA Core Team)
Jon [???] (not directly credited)
2650023.png'Mario Magliocco'marioMario Magliocco (not directly credited, but held the job title of 'CD Mastering & Data Archivist')
2750044.png'Matt Christmann'mattcMatt Christmann ('Brøderbund Thanks')
2850024.png'Matt and Sue O'Hara'mattMatt O'Hara (Production Manager) et al.
2950025.png'Mickey Mantle'mickeyMickey W. Mantle ('Brøderbund Thanks')
3050026.png'Mike Foulger and Family. (Are you out of your mind? You can't do that!)'mikeMike Foulger (QuickTime Programmer) et al.
3150027.png'PC QA Team! Gary, Nate, Tim, Tarn, Arizsun, James I., Jason J, Alex, Sean, Elizabeth, and Jon.'pcqaGary [???] (not directly credited)
Nate [???] (not directly credited)
Tim [???] (not directly credited)
Tarn [???] (not directly credited)
Arizsun [???] (not directly credited)
James I. (not directly credited)
Jason J. (not directly credited)
Alex [???] (not directly credited)
Sean Hamilton Alexander (QA Core Team)
Elizabeth Young (not directly credited)
Jon [???] (not directly credited)
3250028.png'Ralph Marsh - Riven Warrior!'ralphRalph Marsh (Riven Warrior; Assistant Production Manager)
3350029.png'Scott Aronian'scottaScott Aronian (Video Processing)
3450030.png'Scott Henderson'scotthScott Henderson (Systems Programmer)
3550031.png'Sean Hamilton Alexander'seanSean Hamilton Alexander (QA Core Team)
3650032.png'Steve Rossi'steveSteve Rossi (not directly credited)
3750033.png'Tim Larkin. (Hey, honey I shrunk the sound designer!)'timTim Larkin (Lead Sound Designer)
3850034.png'Warren Yamashita'warrenWarren Yamashita (QA Team Leader)
3950043.pngDoug, Robin, Dennis and Richard ( Doug - So, where do I put the red marble?)golfDoug [???] (not directly credited)
Robin [???] (not directly credited)
Dennis Leahy (Senior Production Manager)
Richard [???] (not directly credited)
4050042.pngAEIOU -- El burro sabe mas que tu.burroOne (1) donkey
4150045.pngRiven Team .... Working For You!!!!riventeam[???] (unknown)
Allan Young (Lead Programmer)
Frankie Ford (Application Programmer)
[???] (unknown)
Ben Ceschi (Lead Programmer)
4250046.pngHow we really feel ... Riven is tearing us apart!
4350039.pngLa Gouyn, Inventor of GeekBall, returns an insanely un-returnable serve!geekballAllan Young (Inventor of GeekBall; Lead Programmer)
4450037.pngRalphie: mid-air, horizontal, a living outrage...Ralph [???] (not directly credited)
4550038.pngRalphonzo is DOWN! Ralphonzo is DOWN!! Oh, the humanity!!!
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused 25th Anniversary Icon

As with the other games that received updates for Myst‍ '​s 25th anniversary (with the exception of realMyst: Masterpiece Edition), the game's Myst 25th Anniversary Update added an unused '.ico' file in the main directory, named Riven.ico. Like the unused icons in the other games, this icon file is actually just a renamed PNG file, not an ICO file.

Riven The Sequel To Myst Strategy Guide

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