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B E Mechanical Engineering 2016 Course Scheme ALL YEARS after Modifications as. suggested in 109th SUGC held on October 18 2016,First Semester. S No Course Number Course Title L T P Cr,1 UMA003 Mathematics I 3 1 0 3 5. 2 UTA007 Computer Programming I 3 0 2 4 0,3 UPH004 Applied Physics 3 1 2 4 5. 4 UEE001 Electrical Engineering 3 1 2 4 5, 5 UHU003 Introduction To Professional Engineering 2 0 2 3 0. 6 UTA008 Engineering Design I 2 4 0 4 0,16 7 8 23 5.
For the students of Thapar University title of this course will be written as Professional. Communication,Second Semester,S No Course Number Course Title L T P Cr. 1 UMA004 Mathematics II 3 1 0 3 5,2 UTA009 Computer Programming II 3 0 2 4 0. 3 UCB008 Applied Chemistry 3 1 2 4 5,4 UEC001 Electronic Engineering 3 1 2 4 5. 5 UES009 Mechanics 2 1 2 2 5, 6 UTA010 Engineering Design II Catapult Project 6 Self. Effort Hours, Each student will attend one lab session of 2 hrs in a semester for a bridge project in this course.
Third Semester,S No Course Number Course Title L T P Cr. 1 UMA031 Optimization Techniques 3 1 0 3 5,2 UES010 Solids And Structures 3 1 2 4 5. 3 UES011 Thermo Fluids 3 1 2 4 5,4 UTA002 Manufacturing Processes 2 0 3 3 5. 5 UTA011 Engineering Design III Buggy Project 6 Self. effort Hours,6 UME306 Mechanics of Machines 3 1 2 4 5. 15 4 13 26 5, 91st Senate approved Courses Scheme Syllabus for B E Mechanical Engg 2016.
Fourth Semester,S No Course Number Course Title L T P Cr. 1 UMA007 Numerical Analysis 3 1 2 4 5,2 UES012 Engineering Materials 3 1 2 4 5. 3 UEN002 Energy Environment 3 0 0 3 0,4 UME802 Mechatronics 3 0 2 4 0. 5 UME504 Machine Design 3 2 0 4 0,6 UME409 Computer Aided Design Analysis. Includes 7 Self Effort Hours, First four semesters for integrated BE MBA Mechanical Program are common.
with BE Mechanical Program,Fifth Semester,S No Course Number Course Title L T P Cr. 1 UME515 Industrial Engineering 2 1 0 2 5,2 UTA012 Innovation Entrepreneurship. 5 Self effort Hours,3 UME501 Applied Thermodynamics 3 1 2 4 5. 4 UME404 Mechanics of Deformable Bodies 3 1 0 3 5,5 UME505 Manufacturing Technology 3 0 3 4 5. 6 UME513 Dynamics Vibrations 3 1 2 4 5,Sixth Semester.
S No Course Number Course Title L T P Cr,1 UME696 Project Semester 20 0. OR Alternate Semester,S No Course Number Course Title L T P Cr. 1 UME697 Group Project 13 0,2 UME833 Inspection and Quality Control 3 1 0 3 5. 3 UME847 Rapid Prototyping 2 1 2 3 5,5 2 2 20 0,UME698 Start up Semester. This module shall be offered as an alternative to Internship for interested students This semester will. comprise of Hands on Workshops on innovation entrepreneurship and a project course Students. will be encouraged to extensively use Design Lab and Venture Lab. 91st Senate approved Courses Scheme Syllabus for B E Mechanical Engg 2016. Seventh Semester,S No Course Number Course Title L T P Cr.
1 UME711 Advanced Machine Design 3 1 0 3 5,2 UME502 Automobile Engineering 3 0 2 4 0. 3 UME712 Heat Transfer 3 1 2 4 5,4 UME713 Fluid Mechanics Machinery 3 1 2 4 5. 5 Elective I 3 1 0 3 5,6 Elective II 3 1 0 3 5,7 UME793 Capstone Project Starts 0 0 2. 4 self effort hours,18 5 8 23 5,Eighth Semester,S No Course Number Course Title L T P Cr. 1 UME803 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 3 1 2 4 5. 2 UME807 Gas Dynamics Turbo machines 3 1 0 3 5,3 UME705 Machining Science 3 1 2 4 5.
4 Elective III 3 1 0 3 5,5 UHU005 Humanities For Engineers 2 0 2 3 0. 6 UME793 Capstone Project Completion,8 self effort hours. Elective I,S No Course No Course Name L T P Cr,1 UME832 Finite Element Methods 3 1 0 3 5. 2 UME842 Mechanics of Composite Materials 3 1 0 3 5. 3 UME805 Robotics Engineering 3 1 0 3 5,4 UME721 Tribology 3 1 0 3 5. 5 UME722 System Modelling and Simulation 3 1 0 3 5. Elective II,S No Course No Course Name L T P Cr, 1 UPE501 Work Study and Ergonomics Engineering 3 1 0 3 5.
2 UME732 CAM Industrial Automation 3 1 0 3 5,3 UME844 Machine Tool Design 3 1 0 3 5. 4 UPE703 Metal Forming 3 1 0 3 5,5 UME733 Industrial Metallurgy 3 1 0 3 5. Elective III,S No Course No Course Name L T P Cr,1 UME831 Computational Fluid Dynamics 3 1 0 3 5. 2 UME834 Internal Combustion Engines 3 1 0 3 5, 3 UME852 Power Plant and Process Utility Systems 3 1 0 3 5. 4 UME839 Renewable Energy Systems 3 1 0 3 5,5 UME853 Solar Energy Engineering 3 1 0 3 5.
91st Senate approved Courses Scheme Syllabus for B E Mechanical Engg 2016. Semester wise Credits for BE Mechanical,Semester Credits. First 23 5,Second 24 0,Third 26 5,Fourth 28 0,Fifth 24 0. Sixth 20 0,Seventh 23 5,Eighth 27 0,Total Credits 196 5. 91st Senate approved Courses Scheme Syllabus for B E Mechanical Engg 2016. UTA008 ENGINEERING DESIGN I, Course Objectives This module is dedicated to graphics and includes two sections manual. drawing and AutoCAD This course is aimed at to make the student understand dimensioned. projections learn how to create two dimensional images of objects using first and third angle. orthographic projection as well as isometric perspective and auxiliary projection to interpret. the meaning and intent of toleranced dimensions and geometric tolerance symbolism and to. create and edit drawings using drafting software AutoCAD. Engineering Drawing,1 Introduction, 2 Orthographic Projection First angle and third angle projection system.
3 Isometric Projections,4 Auxiliary Projections,5 Perspective Projections. 6 Introduction to Mechanical Drawing,7 Sketching engineering objects. 8 Sections dimensions and tolerances,1 Management of screen menus commands. 2 Introduction to drawing entities, 3 Co ordinate systems Cartesian polar and relative coordinates. 4 Drawing limits units of measurement and scale, 5 Layering organizing and maintaining the integrity of drawings.
6 Design of prototype drawings as templates, 7 Editing modifying drawing entities selection of objects object snap modes editing. 8 Dimensioning use of annotations dimension types properties and placement adding. text to drawing,Micro Projects Assignments, 1 Completing the views Identification and drawing of missing lines in the projection. of objects, 2 Missing views using two views to draw the projection of the object in the third. view primarily restricting to Elevation Plan and Profile views. 3 Projects related to orthographic and isometric projections. a Using wax blocks or soap bars to develop three dimensional object from given. orthographic projections, b Using wax blocks or soap bars to develop three dimensional object section it. and color the section, c Use of AUTOCAD as a complementary tool for drawing the projections of the.
objects created in 1 and 2, 4 Develop the lateral surface of different objects involving individual or a combination. of solids like Prism Cone Pyramid Cylinder Sphere etc. 5 To draw the detailed and assembly drawings of simple engineering objects systems. with due sectioning where ever required along with bill of materials. e g Rivet joints simple bearing wooden joints Two plates connected with nut and. 91st Senate approved Courses Scheme Syllabus for B E Mechanical Engg 2016. Course Learning Outcomes CLO, Upon completion of this module students will be able to. 1 creatively comprehend geometrical details of common engineering objects. 2 draw dimensioned orthographic and isometric projections of simple engineering. 3 interpret the meaning and intent of toleranced dimensions and geometric tolerance. 4 create the engineering drawings for simple engineering objects using AutoCAD. 5 manage screen menus and commands using AutoCAD, 6 operate data entry modes and define drawings geometrically in terms of Cartesian. polar and relative coordinates in AutoCAD, 7 create and edit drawings making selections of objects discriminating by layering and. using entities object snap modes editing commands angles and displacements using. Text Books, 1 Jolhe D A Engineering Drawing Tata McGraw Hill 2008.
2 Davies B L Yarwood A Engineering Drawing and Computer Graphics Van. Nostrand Reinhold UK 1986,Reference Books, 1 Gill P S Geometrical Drawings S K Kataria Sons Delhi 2008. 2 Gill P S Machine Drawings S K Kataria Sons Delhi 2013. 3 Mohan K R Engineering Graphics Dhanpat Rai Publishing Company P Ltd Delhi. 4 French T E Vierck C J and Foster R J Fundamental of Engineering Drawing. Graphics Technology McGraw Hill Book Company New Delhi 1986. 5 Rowan J and Sidwell E H Graphics for Engineers Edward Arnold London. Evaluation Scheme,Sr No Evaluation Elements,1 Mid semester test formal written test 25. 2 End semester test formal written test 40,Sessional may include the following. Continuous evaluation of drawing assignments in tutorial regular. practice of AutoCAD tutorial exercises Individual independent. project work drawing and AutoCAD assignment, 91st Senate approved Courses Scheme Syllabus for B E Mechanical Engg 2016. UTA002 MANUFACTURING PROCESSES, Course Objectives This course introduces the basic concepts of manufacturing via.
machining forming joining casting and assembly enabling the students to develop a basic. knowledge of the mechanics operation and limitations of basic machining tools The course. also introduces the concept of metrology and measurement of parts. Machining Processes Principles of metal cutting Cutting tools Cutting tool materials and. applications Geometry of single point cutting tool Introduction to multi point machining. processes milling drilling and grinding Tool Life Introduction to computerized numerical. control CNC machines G and M code programming for simple turning and milling. operations introduction of canned cycles, Metal Casting Principles of metal casting Introduction to sand casting Requisites of a. sound casting Permanent mold casting processes, Metal Forming Forging Rolling Drawing Extrusion Sheet Metal operations. Joining Processes Electric arc Resistance welding Soldering Brazing. Laboratory Work, Relevant shop floor exercises involving practices in Sand casting Machining Welding Sheet. metal fabrication techniques CNC turning and milling exercises Experiments on basic. engineering metrology and measurements to include measurements for circularity ovality. linear dimensions profiles radius angular measurements measurement of threads surface. Basic knowledge and derivations related to above measurements uncertainties statistical. approaches to estimate uncertainties Line fitting static and dynamic characteristics of. instruments will be discussed in laboratory classes. Assignments Assignments for this course will include the topics Manufacturing of micro. chips used in IT and electronics industry and use of touch screens Another assignment will. be given to practice numerical exercises on topics listed in the syllabus. Micro Project Fabrication of multi operational jobs using the above processes as per. requirement by teams consisting of 4 6 members The use of CNC machines must be part of. micro project Quality check should be using the equipment available in metrology lab. Course Learning Outcomes CLO, Upon completion of this module students will be able to. 1 analyze various machining processes and calculate relevant quantities such as. velocities forces powers etc, 2 suggest appropriate process parameters and tool materials for a range of different.
operations and workpiece materials, 3 understand the basic mechanics of the chip formation process and how these are. related to surface finish and process parameters, 4 recognize cutting tool wear and identify possible causes and solutions. 5 develop simple CNC code and use it to produce components while working in. 6 perform calculations of the more common bulk and sheet forming casting and. welding processes and given a particular component. 7 select the most appropriate manufacturing process to achieve product quality through. 91st Senate approved Courses Scheme Syllabus for B E Mechanical Engg 2016. the efficient use of materials energy and process,Text Books. 1 Degarmo E P Kohser R A and Black J T Materials and Processes in. Manufacturing Prentice Hall of India 2002, 2 Kalpakjian S and Schmid S R Manufacturing Processes for Engineering Materials. Pearson Education Asia 2000,Reference Books, 1 Chapman W A J Workshop Technology Vol 1 II Arnold Publishers 2001.
2 Zimmer E W and Groover M P Computer Aided Designing and Manufacturing. Prentice Hall of India 2008, 3 Pandey P C and Shan H S Modern Machining Processes Tata McGraw Hill. 4 Mishra P K Non Conventional Machining Narosa Publications 2006. 5 Campbell J S Principles of Manufacturing Materials and Processes Tata McGraw. Hill Company 1995, 6 Lindberg A R Process and Materials of Manufacture Prentice Hall of India 1998. Evaluation Scheme,Sr No Evaluation elements Weightage. Sessional may include the following, 3 Assignment Sessional includes Regular Lab assessment and 35. Quizzes Project including report presentation etc, 91st Senate approved Courses Scheme Syllabus for B E Mechanical Engg 2016.
UTA010 ENGINEERING DESIGN II, Course Objectives To develop design skills according to a Conceive Design Implement. Operate CDIO compliant methodology To apply engineering sciences through learning by. doing project work To provide a framework to encourage creativity and innovation To. develop team work and communication skills through group based activity To foster self. directed learning and critical evaluation, To provide a basis for the technical aspects of the project a small number of lectures are. incorporated into the module As the students would have received little in the way of formal. engineering instruction at this early stage in the degree course the level of the lectures is to. be introductory with an emphasis on the physical aspects of the subject matter as applied to. the Mangonel project The lecture series include subject areas such as Materials Structures. Dynamics and Digital Electronics delivered by experts in the field. This module is delivered using a combination of introductory lectures and participation by. the students in 15 activities The activities are executed to support the syllabus of the. course and might take place in specialised laboratories or on the open ground used for firing. the Mangonel Students work in groups throughout the semester to encourage teamwork. cooperation and to avail of the different skills of its members In the end the students work in. sub groups to do the Mangonel throwing arm redesign project They assemble and operate a. Mangonel based on the lectures and tutorials assignments of mechanical engineering they. experiment with the working critically analyse the effect of design changes and implement. the final project in a competition Presentation of the group assembly redesign and individual. reflection of the project is assessed in the end,Breakup of lecture details to be taken up by MED. Lec No Topic Contents, Lec 1 Introduction The Mangonel Project History Spreadsheet. Lec 2 PROJECTILE no DRAG Design spread sheet simulator for it. Lec 3 PROJECTILE with DRAG Design spread sheet simulator for it. Lec 4 STRUCTURES STATIC LOADS,Lec 5 STRUCTURES DYNAMIC LOADS.
Lec 6 REDESIGNING THE Design constraints and limitations of materials for. MANGONEL redesigning the Mangonel for competition as a group. Lec 7 MANUFACTURING Manufacturing and assembling the Mangonel. Lec 8 SIMULATION IN Simulation as an Analysis Tool in Engineering Design. ENGINEERING, Lec 9 ROLE OF The Role of Modelling in Engineering Design. PROTOTYPING, 91st Senate approved Courses Scheme Syllabus for B E Mechanical Engg 2016. Breakup of lecture details to be taken up by ECED,Lec No Topic Contents. Lec 1 5 Digital Prototype Architecture Using the Integrated Development. Electronics Environment IDE to Prepare an Arduino Sketch structuring an. Arduino Program Using Simple Primitive Types Variables. Simple programming examples Definition of a sensor and. Tutorial Assignment Laboratory Work, Associated Laboratory Project Program T Mechanical Tutorial L Electronics Laboratory. W Mechanical Workshop of Mangonel assembly redesign operation and reflection. Title for the weekly work in 15 weeks Code,Using a spread sheet to develop a simulator T1.
Dynamics of projectile launched by a Mangonel No Drag T2. Dynamics of projectile launched by a Mangonel With Drag T3. Design against failure under static actions T4,Design against failure under dynamic actions T5. Electronics hardware and Arduino controller L1,Electronics hardware and Arduino controller L2. Programming the Arduino Controller L3,Programming the Arduino Controller L4. Final project of sensors electronics hardware and programmed Arduino. controller based measurement of angular velocity of the Mangonel throwing L5. Assembly of the Mangonel by group W1,Assembly of the Mangonel by group W2. Innovative redesign of the Mangonel and its testing by group W3. Innovative redesign of the Mangonel and its testing by group W4. Final inter group competition to assess best redesign and understanding of the. Project The Project will facilitate the design construction and analysis of a Mangonel In. addition to some introductory lectures the content of the students work during the semester. will consist of, 1 the assembly of a Mangonel from a Bill Of Materials BOM detailed engineering.
drawings of parts assembly instructions and few prefabricated parts. 2 the development of a software tool to allow the trajectory of a missile to be studied as a. function of various operating parameters in conditions of no drag and drag due to air. 3 a structural analysis of certain key components of the Mangonel for static and dynamic. stresses using values of material properties which will be experimentally determined. 4 the development of a micro electronic system to allow the angular velocity of the. throwing arm to be determined,5 testing the Mangonel. 6 redesigning the throwing arm of the Mangonel to optimize for distance without. 91st Senate approved Courses Scheme Syllabus for B E Mechanical Engg 2016. compromising its structural integrity, 7 an inter group competition at the end of the semester with evaluation of the group. redesign strategies,Course Learning Outcomes CLO, Upon completion of this module students will be able to. 1 simulate trajectories of a mass with and without aerodynamic drag using a spreadsheet. based software tool to allow trajectories be optimized. 2 perform a test to acquire an engineering material property of strength in bending and. analyze the throwing arm of the Mangonel under conditions of static and dynamic. 3 develop and test software code to process sensor data. 4 design construct and test an electronic hardware solution to process sensor data. 5 construct and operate a Roman catapult Mangonel using tools materials and. assembly instructions in a group for a competition. 6 operate and evaluate the innovative redesign of elements of the Mangonel for. functional and structural performance,Text Books, 1 Michael McRoberts Beginning Arduino Technology in action publications. 2 Alan G Smith Introduction to Arduino A piece of cake CreateSpace Independent. Publishing Platform 2011,Reference Book, 1 John Boxall Arduino Workshop A Hands On Introduction with 65 Projects No.
Starch Press 2013,Evaluation Scheme,Sr No Evaluation Elements Weightage. Sessional may include the following,Mechanical Tutorial Assignments 30. Electronics Hardware and software Practical work in. Laboratory 30,Assessment of Mechanical contents in Lectures and. Tutorials and Electronics contents in Lectures and. Practical 10,Project Assembly of the Mangonel innovative. redesign with reflection prototype competition Final. Presentation and viva voce 30, 91st Senate approved Courses Scheme Syllabus for B E Mechanical Engg 2016.
UME306 MECHANICS OF MACHINES, Course Objectives To introduce different types of mechanisms forming different subsystem. of machines To impart the knowledge of vector and matrix methods for position velocity. and acceleration analysis with software tools To carryout force analysis of engine. mechanism analytically To impart knowledge of force analysis and balancing of rotors To. introduce fundamentals of single degree of freedom vibrating system. Review of Mechanics Fundamentals of rigid body mechanics Newton s laws D Alemberts. principle Free body diagrams, Kinematics of Machines Introduction to linkages gears screws and cam mechanics belts. rope and chain drives as subsystems of machines, Linkage Mechanisms Links kinematic pairs degree of freedom inversions mechanisms. transmission angle and mechanical advantage Vector and matrix methods for position. velocity and acceleration analysis with relevant software tools. Friction Screw friction clutch plate friction and bearings. Balancing Balancing of rotating and reciprocating masses single cylinder and multi. cylinder in line engines Field balancing of rotors. Vibrations Introduction to free and forced single degree of freedom undamped and damped. vibrations Equilibrium and energy methods vibration isolation and transmissibility. Laboratory Work,Students shall perform experiments based on. 1 Centrifugal force,2 Slider Crank mechanism,3 Cam and follower mechanism.
4 Balancing of rotating and reciprocating masses,5 Gyroscopic effect. Micro Project Projects for performing position velocity and acceleration analysis of. mechanisms like 4 bar chain slider crank chain quick return mechanism etc to be. undertaken which could be correlated to real life situations. Experiments to be designed by students, Students shall design and fabricate experimental set ups For example. 1 Studying and evaluating the performance parameters of different mechanisms. 2 Studying and evaluating static and dynamic coefficient of friction for different pairs. of materials,Course Learning Outcomes CLO, Upon completion of this module students will be able to. 1 select and analyze a set of mechanisms to achieve desired motion transformation. 2 use analytical methods and software tools for analysis of mechanisms. 3 evaluate and carry out balancing of rotors, 91st Senate approved Courses Scheme Syllabus for B E Mechanical Engg 2016. 4 determine the unbalance and evaluate the balancing strategies in multi cylinder in line. 5 formulate equations of motion evaluate the responses of different real life vibration. problems and suggest methods for vibration isolation. Text Books, 1 J J Uicker G R Pennock and J E Shigley Theory of Machines and Mechanism.
Oxford Press 2009, 2 Dam B Marghit Mechanisms and Robotics analysis with MATLAB Springer 2009. 3 T Bevan The Theory of Machines Pearson Edu India CBS Publishers 1944. Reference Books, 1 A K Ghosh and A K Mallik Theory of Mechanisms and Machines Affiliated East West. press Pvt Ltd 1993, 2 C E Wilson and J P Saddler Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines Pearson. Publishers 2003, 3 B Crossland and I Morrison Mechanics of Machines Longman Publishers 1970. 4 J Hannah and R C Stephens Mechanics of Machines Elementary Theory and. Examples International Ed 1970, 5 S S Rattan Theory of Machines Tata Mc Graw Hill 2012.
Evaluation Scheme,Sr No Evaluation Elements, Sessional may include Minor Projects Including carry home 40. assignments Lab Experiments, 91st Senate approved Courses Scheme Syllabus for B E Mechanical Engg 2016. UME802 MECHATRONICS, Course Objectives The course imparts interdisciplinary knowledge to study modern products like. household appliances digital cameras mobiles etc which falls under the mechatronics domain The. aim of this course to make a bridge between mechanical electronics instrumentation computer and. controls field, Introduction Evolution of mechatronics integrated mixed systems integration of mechanical. engineering electronics and control engineering and computer science design process measurement. system control system basic elements of open loop and closed loop control system block diagram. representation of mechatronics system sequential controllers. SISO Control Systems Performance specifications transfer functions block diagram reduction. techniques signal flow graphs sensitivity analysis frequency response stability controller types and. their design using frequency domain and Laplace domain method PID control feedback control. MIMO Control Systems Effect of pole zero cancellations frequency vs time domain control state. space representation linear transformations in state space representation system characteristics from. state space representation implementation in CST toolbox of MATLAB. Dynamic Systems Modeling Equations of motion of mechanical hydraulic thermal electric and. pneumatic systems modeling of motors and generators solving the dynamic model in MATLAB. environment, Sensors Performance terminology static and dynamic characteristics displacement position and.
proximity sensors velocity and motion sensors stress strain and force measurements using strain. gauges force fluid pressure liquid flow and liquid level sensors light sensors temperature sensors. Signal Conditioning and Digital Signals Basic conditioning process operational amplifiers digital. signal AD and DA conversion Shannon s sampling theorem. Electronic Elements in Mechatronic System Introduction to microprocessors and microcontrollers. Laboratory Work Experiments based on Lego kit Tetrix kit microcontroller based kits different. sensors interfacing with PC modeling and control through servo motors data acquisition related. experiments like QuanserQube and SRV 02 workstation in MATLAB Simulink Labview environment. Minor Project Students in a group of 4 5 will carry out minor project on any one of the following. Assemble a robotic device using LEGO or Tetrix kits using appropriate sensors and actuators. interface with a computer and code the robot to perform various tasks. Develop some mechatronics applications using different hardware available like motors sensors. micro controllers pneumatic controls electro pneumatic controls and motion controls. Develop the dynamic model of a realistic system like inverted pendulum based on QuanserQube. in frequency domain and time domain approach Learn interfacing of the system with a PC in. MATLAB Simulink Labview environment and analyze the stability and performance of the system. using a data acquisition card, Derive the transfer function that describes the rotary motion of the rotary servo load shaft based. on Quanser SRV02 Workstation and develop a feedback controller in Matlab Simulink Labview. environment to control the position and speed of the rotary servo load shaft. Course Learning Outcomes CLOs,The students will be able to. 1 calculate the output to input relation of any physical model in the form of a transfer function using. block diagram reduction and signal flow graphs, 2 develop the block diagram of any mechatronic system after analyzing the key inputs outputs. sensors transducers and controllers of any physical device. 3 develop the state space representation of the physical model and analyze the performance and. 91st Senate approved Courses Scheme Syllabus for B E Mechanical Engg 2016.

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