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FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT, Welcome to Holt Public Schools It is on our district website www hpsk12 net. with great pride and enthusiasm that I, and by watching a video summary of the Peek at the Week. write the 14th of what I hope will be,called the Soapbox Found of Twitter and Facebook. many Ram Quarterly RQ welcome, letters to you and our extraordinary For the fifth year in a row I plan to lead a community book. community For those who are just study Four years ago we read and analyzed the book Who. joining the Holt Public Family I would Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson Three years ago we. like to sincerely welcome you to our studied the Rules of the Red Rubber Ball by Kevin Carroll. district We are here to serve you and Two years ago we read Simon Sinek s book Together is. hope that you will soon feel our district Better Last year we studied Todd Whittaker s book The. pride and our attitude of gratitude I remain excited to assist Ball This year we are reading The Coffee Bean by Jon. you This is the 10th edition of our nearly exclusively online Gordon and Damon West The book focuses on how to. RQ We are aware that some of you prefer to read a paper transform our environments overcome challenges and create. copy of our publication As a result paper copies can be positive change. found in limited quantities throughout our communities You As many of you know I am driven to reinforce positive. can also find this publication as well as additional information behaviors as together we confront the negative behaviors At. on the following media sites some point this year I urge you to read the book The Coffee. Facebook Holt Public Schools Bean This book reminds us that life is often hard It can be. punitive demanding and feel like a pot of boiling water The. Twitter HoltPublicSch, Coffee Bean reminds us that we need to discover the power.
Instagram Holtpublic inside and transform our settings Once again I am firmly. committed to promoting our district by highlighting the. at www holtnow com, extraordinary inspiring work that takes place daily I am truly. via our weekly email called the Peek at the Week to be honored to serve you and embrace the opportunity to. added to our weekly email updates please send a message celebrate the past and continue to inspire the future of Holt. to SuptOfc hpsk12 net with the word Peek in the Public Schools Keep an eye on us as we transform our. subject line District and live our Mission Innovate Educate and Inspire. by listening to our weekly podcast District Pride Community Wide. www holtpublicsch podbean com Dr David G Hornak, Superintendent s Community Coffee Schedule 2019 20. Dates subject to change, You are invited to join Superintendent Dr David Hornak for an informal conversation regarding Holt. Public Schools Share your thoughts and find out what s happening in our district Dr Hornak will. be in the following locations at 9 a m,January 15 Biggby April 1 MorningLory s Caf. February 5 MorningLory s Caf May 4 Biggby,March 18 Biggby.
ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS WHILE YOU SUPPORT OUR SCHOOLS. Ram Quarterly, A publication of Reach consumers in our community with digital ads on HOLTNow com Proceeds support Holt. Public Schools,Holt Public Schools, 5780 W Holt Road Your business will be featured on HOLTNow com and all of our social media channels. reaching thousands of users For more information please contact Blohm Creative Partners at. Holt MI 48842, 517 333 4900 or by emailing partners blohmcreative com. 517 694 0401, Advertise Your Business While you Support Our Schools. www hpsk12 net 2 A PUBLICATION OF HOLT PUBLIC SCHOOLS. 2019 20 CALENDAR YEAR, This calendar does not include early dismissal late start dates Check the district online calendar www hpsk12 net calendar for updates.
NOTE Dates subject to change,JANUARY JUNE, Jan 16 18 Traditional Calendar Grades 7 12 Half Day June 12 Traditional Calendar Last Day of School. Jan 20 MLK Jr Day No School half day,June 19 Balanced Calendar Last Day of School. FEBRUARY half day, Feb 14 21 Balanced Calendar Mid winter break Balanced Calendar Schools Horizon and Sycamore Elementary Schools. Traditional Calendar Balanced Calendar All Students. Feb 17 21 Traditional Calendar Mid winter break,APRIL LUNCH PRICES 2019 2020. April 3 10 Traditional Calendar Spring Break, April 3 17 Balanced Calendar Spring Break Breakfast 1 60.
Reduced Breakfast 0 30,MAY Free Lunch 0 00,May 25 Traditional Calendar Memorial Day Holiday. Reduced Lunch 0 40, May 25 29 Balanced Calendar Memorial Day Holiday Paid Lunch 2 60 K 4. Salad Meal 5 12 4 00,in this issue, From the Superintendent 2 Leadership Changes at HPS 15. Calendar 3 Guide to Giving and Volunteering 16, Lunch Prices 3 Scheduling 101 The Course to An Empowering. Senior Year Starts in Junior High 17,HPS Board of Education Building Directory 4.
Break Down Barriers in PeaceQuest Art Challenge 18. Around the Horn 5 7,Bond Refinance Saves Taxpayer Money 20. School Closing Information 7, How to Effectively Communicate with School Officials 8 Holt Dimondale Community Education A O. SAT Workshop Practice Exam 9 Aquatics B D,Valentine Dance 2020 10 Senior Citizens E. Spring Sports Dates 10 Adult Enrichment Recreation F H. Tour Lansing BWL for Careers in Energy Week 11 Youth Enrichment I J. Cybersecurity Students Earn Industry Certification 13 Midway Early Learning Center K L. Students Participate in Manufacturing Day 2019 13 Holt Kids Care Kids Club M. Caberfae Peaks Ski Snowboarding Saturday 14 Registration Cancellation Procedures Policies N. Old Education Center Demolition 14 Delhi Parks Recreation O. www hpsk12 net 3 A PUBLICATION OF HOLT PUBLIC SCHOOLS. HPS BOARD OF EDUCATION 2019 20, Mr Mark Perry President Schedule of Regular Meetings for 2019 20. Ms Laura Colligan Vice President,January 13 March 9 May 11 July 13.
Ms Julie Bureau Secretary February 10 April 20 June 8. Mr Ben Bakken Treasurer,Ms Amy Dalton Trustee 1, Statutory organizational meeting followed immediately by regular meeting. Updated meeting info can be viewed at http www hpsk12 net board of education meeting schedule. Mr Robert Halgren Trustee, Location Administration Building Boardroom 5780 West Holt Road Holt MI 48842. Ms Jennifer Robel Trustee 517 694 5715 www hpsk12 net board of education meeting schedule. Holt Public Schools BUILDING DIRECTORY, Board of Education and Washington Woods Middle School Wilcox Elementary School. Administration Offices 2055 Washington Rd 1650 Laurelwood. 5780 W Holt Road Holt MI 48842 Holt MI 48842,Holt MI 48842 517 699 0250 517 699 0249. 517 694 0401,Dimondale Elementary School Community Education.
Holt High School Main Campus P O Box 159 330 Walnut St 4552 Spahr Ave. 5885 W Holt Rd Dimondale MI 48821 Holt MI 48842,Holt MI 48842 517 694 6411 517 694 3411. 517 694 2162, Elliott Elementary School Midway Early Learning Center. Holt High School North Campus 4200 Bond St 4552 Spahr Ave. 5780 W Holt Rd Holt MI 48842 Holt MI 48842,Holt MI 48842 517 699 2106 517 694 3411. 517 694 4370,Horizon Elementary School1 Alternative Education. Holt Junior High School 5776 W Holt Rd Center E Learning Lab. 1784 Aurelius Rd Holt MI 48842 5780 W Holt Rd,Holt MI 48842 517 694 4224 Holt MI 48842.
517 694 7117 517 694 4370,Sycamore Elementary School1. Hope Middle School 4429 Sycamore St Transportation Department. 2020 Park Lane Holt MI 48842 517 694 0625,Holt MI 48842 517 699 2185. 517 699 2194, Horizon Sycamore operate on a balanced year round calendar. www hpsk12 net 4 A PUBLICATION OF HOLT PUBLIC SCHOOLS. AROUND THE HORN,HORIZON ELEMENTARY SYCAMORE ELEMENTARY. We kicked off our school year with a very special guest Sycamore Scholars are rocketing into their futures Our Star. Gov Gretchen Whitmer Commanders i e staff members have been meeting. regularly with their Galaxy Group A group of 10 15. The new governor of our great state was here in person on students made up from each grades K 4 These Galaxy Groups. our first day of school and she read out loud to Mrs will stay together for students entire careers helping them. Mullen s second grade class But she wasn t just there to grow together and forming cross class mentorships and bonds. read She also came to Horizon Elementary to promote an. important message Investment in public schools is important Every Wednesday morning our Star Commanders have been. helping their Galaxy Groups learn the Habits of Mind What. The education of our kids is absolutely essential to the smart people do when confronted with hard problems There. security of our state the economic future of our state Gov are 16 great tools we re developing within ourselves to help. Whitmer said We hope everyone agrees us approach and resolve a conflict or issue. Each week a different class is responsible for teaching a. Habit of Mind to the rest of the school We ve already covered. Managing Impulsivity Persisting and Listening with. Understanding and Empathy We ve already learned so. much and we still have 13 more Habits of Mind to go. WILCOX ELEMENTARY, This fall the Wildcats of Wilcox Elementary School learned.
and grew with their classmates and teachers in a variety of. DIMONDALE ELEMENTARY Our kindergarten classrooms explored the growing process of. apples and pumpkins at the Country Mill and learned from. Our Fall Fest was a huge success Between costumes dances community helpers who work in Holt Our first graders studied. and activities our parents and kids had a super fun night of animal survival skills at Potter Park Zoo and our second. Halloween delights Dimondale Elementary alums led a grade students ventured out to MSU Children s Garden to. spooky walk through fall leaves and Halloween decorations partner with scientists to learn more about plants and seed. and 17 local individuals and businesses contributed to pull it distribution Third grade Wildcats examined Michigan s past. all off statehood and settlements at the Meridian Historic Village. and our fourth grade students made a visit to the State. Of course none of it would have been possible without the Capitol to enrich their learning of our Michigan government. efforts of our amazing PTO Check out the schedule of. monthly meetings and the Fall Fest pictures at We re making great strides in growing our minds at Wilcox. https www facebook com pg DimondalePTO Elementary and making connections to the world around us. www hpsk12 net 5 A PUBLICATION OF HOLT PUBLIC SCHOOLS. AROUND THE HORN, ELLIOTT ELEMENTARY In November club organizer Kristy Taylor worked with the. new Stock Field store in South Lansing to obtain a grant. This fall our awesome PTO had another great semester of for a bird feeding station and citizen science center. events fundraisers and planning Our Cravings Popcorn Washington Woods students in the club worked together to. fundraiser wasn t just delicious it helped bring in 1 370 for set up and stock up the birdfeeders. Family Night activities and classroom technology We also. planned our 2019 Snowball Dance which is always big fun What a great way to experience and help take care of the. natural world around us, Our monthly meetings are where it all happens and we d. love for more Elliott families to participate Check out our JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL. Facebook page at, https www facebook com ElliottElementarySchool In November our Awareness Week brought positive attention. for more info upcoming events feedback forms and more to a number of important causes and issues and allowed. Holt Junior High students to learn and participate in a number. HOPE MIDDLE SCHOOL of creative ways, Hope has a new principal Mr Scott Huard moved to Hope We showed support for America s veterans with patriotic. Middle School as building principal on Monday Oct 14 after attire wore green and participated in a campus clean up for. serving the children and families of Horizon Elementary environmental awareness We showed school can be a. Principal for the past three years comforting place for those with mental health issues. highlighting mental health resources and wearing pajamas to. Mr Huard has 24 total years of educational experience school We also had a food drive day awarding the Rams. Twenty one of those years were as a 6th grade teacher principal Cup trophy to the class with the biggest donations We closed. Director of Special Education and Director of Elementary out the week with an Animal Shelters Day allowing students. Education with the Bryan City School District in Bryan OH who brought shelter donations to wear hats. He has a passion to ensure that each child feels safe and. encouraged at school while they work to achieve their full HOLT HIGH SCHOOL. potential academically socially emotionally and physically. There s no feeling quite like taking on our biggest rivals and. Mr Huard resides in Dexter with his wife April and their winning especially in the Penny War when everybody wins. five children Elizabeth 22 Grace 20 Owen 17 Claire. 15 and Anna 8 He enjoys spending time with family and Since 2016 Holt High School has raised money during our. serving in their local church Refuge in Ann Arbor Homeless Awareness Week by donating and collecting coins. With drop off jugs in every Holt Public School the whole. WASHINGTON WOODS MIDDLE SCHOOL district can help raise funds for Cardboard Prophets a. Lansing area street outreach charity Not only can the grades. When the weather turns chilly it s a great time to get compete to see who donates the most the Penny War pits. outdoors and experience all of the natural beauty of our Holt against Grand Ledge to see which district raises the. Mitten State The After School Nature Club is doing just that most funds. continued on next page, www hpsk12 net 6 A PUBLICATION OF HOLT PUBLIC SCHOOLS.
AROUND THE HORN, Homelessness is a critical issue facing too many children in. our nation state and community A stable secure home is to. young people s health and success That s why our students. participate in Homeless Awareness Week and why doing our. best in the Penny War is so important, The impact and response has been amazing One year a. family decided to donate their coin collection for the year to. Homeless Awareness Week rather than buying each other. stocking presents, National Honor Society is sponsoring the event and NHS. officers and members are working hard to manage the drop. off jugs and encourage their classmates to participate Total. donations typically reach around 3 000 and Holt currently. holds a 2 1 series lead over Grand Ledge, Building awareness of this problem and coming together as. a district to help address it are two huge wins for our. community no matter which district donates the most. School Closing Information, In the event of a major snowstorm electricity outage or.
another event that could cause school cancellation Holt. Public Schools will report information to local television. stations for broadcast, Holt Public Schools will also use the Skylert Rapid. Notification System to notify families of school closings. Please do not call your child s school or the transportation. office when you receive such a call listen carefully to the. message Offices are unable to handle a large volume of. phone calls may be closed in the event of a snow day. and the phones do not work in a power outage, Remember it is very important that our school families provide correct contact information please view and. update your phone numbers and e mail addresses by logging into Family Access at www hpsk12 net and. selecting the Skylert link, www hpsk12 net 7 A PUBLICATION OF HOLT PUBLIC SCHOOLS. HOW TO EFFECTIVELY,COMMUNICATE WITH, SCHOOL OFFICIALS Our employees have a strong desire to. collaborate with you Please promptly share,your concerns with us so we can address.
them Please refrain from posting your,concerns on social media and contact the. appropriate person instead,The easiest way to communicate is via email. staff email addresses can be found on the,district website www hpskl2 net and a phone. call is the next preferable way, Here at Holt Public Schools we ask that you address any issues in the order listed below. On matters involving Instruction 4 Curriculum Director. Curriculum 5 Superintendent Get involved by,1 Classroom teacher 6 Board of Education.
2 Principal Volunteering, 3 Curriculum Director On matters involving Food Service Attending PTO PAC meetings. 4 Superintendent 1 Food Service Department Watching our Board of. 5 Board of Education Secretary Education meetings on. 2 Food Service Director,Facebook Live Holt Public, On matters involving Athletics 3 Deputy Superintendent of. 1 Coach Operations and Business Schools, 2 Athletic Director Services Reading the Ram Quarterly. 3 Principal 4 Superintendent Listening to our weekly. 4 Superintendent 5 Board of Education podcast,5 Board of Education. On matters involving Reading the Holt Public, On matters involving Student Transportation Kids World News each.
Discipline 1 Bus driver month, 1 Classroom teacher 2 Transportation Supervisor Following us on Social. 2 Assistant Principal or 3 Deputy Superintendent of. Media Instagram Twitter,Dean of Students Operations and Business Services. 3 Principal 4 Superintendent Facebook, 4 Curriculum Director 5 Board of Education Attending a Community. 5 Superintendent Coffee with Dr Hornak, 6 Board of Education On matters involving Facilities And or visiting our website. Grounds Buildings,at www hpsk12 net,On matters involving Special 1 Principal.
Education 2 Facilities Manager, 1 Classroom teacher 3 Deputy Supervisor of Adapted from Michigan Association of. 2 Principal Operations and Business Services School Boards September 2010. 3 Special Education Director 4 Superintendent,5 Board of Education. www hpsk12 net 8 A PUBLICATION OF HOLT PUBLIC SCHOOLS. The Holt Education Foundation is sponsoring an,SAT Workshop Practice Exam. HHS North Campus 5780 W Holt Road Holt 48842, Two dates available October 5 2019 February 8 2020. Open to high school students in the 9th 10th or 11th grade. 30 per student, These SAT Workshop and Practice Exams will be administered by Sylvan Learning.
8 00 8 30 a m 9 00 a m 1 00 p m,Check in Practice Exam. 8 30 9 00 a m,SAT preview,STUDENTS Bring your OWN,Introduction to the SAT. pencil pen and graphing,English strategies,calculator. Reading strategies,A snack and or water is optional. Math strategies,Students receive a login and will,Science strategies.
be able to review results online,Essay strategies, To register fill out the form below and return it along with your payment of 30 per student to. Holt Education Foundation SAT Workshop 5780 W Holt Road Holt MI 48842. Please make checks payable to the Holt Education Foundation. Please note Cash will be accepted ONLY at 5780 W Holt Road Superintendent s Office. The deadline for registration is 4 00 p m the Wednesday before the test date Registrations end once we are at. capacity Priority for registration is given to current Holt Public School students until the deadline. Fees are NONREFUNDABLE and after the deadline the registration fee increases to 35 per student. Questions Contact 517 694 5715 or SuptOfc hpsk12 net. REGISTRATION FOR SAT WORKSHOP PRACTICE EXAM AT HOLT HIGH SCHOOL North Campus. Please Print Test Date check one,October 5 2019,Student Name. February 8 2020,School Building Grade,Parent Name Primary Phone. Home Address,Street City Zip Code,Parent e mail address. All net proceeds go to the Holt Education Foundation and benefit the students of Holt Public Schools through mini grant awards and the Margaret. Livensparger Scholarship The Holt Education Foundation is a 501 c 3 non profit organization. www hpsk12 net 9 A PUBLICATION OF HOLT PUBLIC SCHOOLS. www hpsk12 net 10 A PUBLICATION OF HOLT PUBLIC SCHOOLS. LOOKING AHEAD,Spring Sports Start Dates, Is your child interested in trying out for a spring sport this year.
Make sure they obtain their participation card at the athletics office before the. start of the spring season and that they bring it with them to their first practice. date More information on how to obtain their participation cards can be found at. holtathletics org under the Forms Links section,All spring sports will start on March 9 2020. COMMUNITY EDUCATION WANTS YOU,6 9 4 3 4 1 1, Do you have a passion special skill or talent you want to share with others Holt Dimondale Community Education. is seeking motivated instructors to teach adult and youth enrichment classes We welcome your desire to share your. knowledge and passion, We are pleased to offer a wide variety of educational affordable entertaining and enriching classes and activities. to our community members As a class instructor you play a powerful role in inspiring and enhancing the lives of the. participants Classes may be offered several times a year fall winter spring and or summer For more information. please contact the Community Education office at comed hpsk12 net or 517 694 3411. www hpsk12 net 11 A PUBLICATION OF HOLT PUBLIC SCHOOLS. HOLT STUDENTS,TOUR LANSING,CAREERS IN,ENERGY WEEK, Imagine being a high school senior and getting a one of They ve taken STEM courses and they ve signed up for. a kind tour of the career you re thinking about devoting this class because they re curious about it explained. This past fall, your life to That is exactly what Holt seniors got when Lucas Schrauben Director of Secondary Education.
Holt High they toured the Lansing Board of Water and Light for at Holt High School Today it becomes a little more. Careers in Energy week serious for them and they can see what this is like in. School students I m really interested in renewable energy I want to be person. a solar panel technician so getting into a field of energy People are retiring from the energy industry and the. traveled to was definitely a goal of mine said Jared Wyzywany a problem is the students that are graduating from high. Lansing BWL senior in Holt s EIF class school or college don t know that this is a potential. The Electrical Industry Fundamentals course is an career path said Mark Frantz. to learn more elective class Wyzywany and his 11 classmates are Mark teaches the EIF class and students learn how. exploring the energy career field energy is generated. about the energy, Right now I have a lot of options explained I like teaching the course because it gives kids an alternate. field Local news Wyzywany So I m just trying to narrow it down to see path that they didn t know existed before said Frantz. what s easiest and what s best His students say they re grateful to know that alternative. station WILX One way to do that is to tour the Lansing Board of Water career paths exist. and Light and Lansing Community College That way, covered the It definitely is male dominated said Grace Mullbauer. through a partnership with Power 4 America students when asked about the role of a female in the energy. event get to see everyone in action from line workers to field I feel like it kind of has an aspect of some people. electricians and chemists might feel uncomfortable in but then again a lot of. people are looking for more female perspectives in the. industry too So I feel like that s kind of an advantage. The BWL says that advantage is something they, welcome With a lot of energy workers getting ready. to retire they say they welcome new ideas and new,perspectives. Especially from those who may potentially hold those. crucial careers in the energy field, We re always looking to welcome the next generation.
into our workforce and to give them the opportunity to. get in before they graduate I think is immeasurable. said Amy Adamy the Communications Manager with, Read more at https www wilx com content news Holt students explore careers in Energy with BWL 563834721 html. www hpsk12 net 12 A PUBLICATION OF HOLT PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Cybersecurity Students,Earn Industry Certification. Students at Holt High School recently passed their Introduction to Cybersecurity Certification by Cisco Academy This is the first of several. professional certifications that students will have the opportunity to earn in Aaron Smith s Cybersecurity program. Cybersecurity opportunities exist in the professional fields such as finance and insurance technical services information technology and. the health industry Job growth is expected to be 28 percent from 2016 to 2026 according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics Demand. for skilled workers is high and the need to create innovative solutions to prevent hackers from stealing information is driving an estimated. shortage of 1 8 million cybersecurity professionals by 2022. Holt Public Schools is adapting to meet that demand through our new Career Technical Education CTE Cybersecurity program that. provides students with an introduction to the core security concepts and skills needed for the installation troubleshooting and monitoring. of network devices to maintain integrity confidentiality and availability of data and devices Cisco Networking Academy is an IT skill and. career building program and students will have the opportunity to earn a Cisco CCNA Security Certification through their coursework This. certification can lead to a career in high wage high demand occupations like but not limited to network security engineer information. security analyst and security operations center engineer. Offering flexible programming options for our students is a priority for Holt Public Schools said Lucas Schrauben director of secondary. programs Building programs of study that align students with careers that are in high demand for the next generation is intentional. Aaron Smith s Cybersecurity program hits the mark Students are on a fast track to opportunities through this program That is a win for. everyone in our learning community,Holt High Students Participate in. Manufacturing Day 2019, Holt High School students recently participated in Manufacturing Day MFG Day which takes place on the first. Manufacturing Day This fun filled interactive day is Friday of October Over 1 000 students see manufacturing. particularly important for our Project Lead the Way Pre in action meet the people who work in the field and hear. Engineering Pathway and Robotics students It is a priority their passion for their jobs and learn about educational. to Holt Public Schools that we expose our students to pathways that lead to good jobs in manufacturing. real life applications of the curriculum they are learning. Manufacturing Day helps to immerse our students into the When we can scale our Science Technology Engineering. new high tech manufacturing environment and connects and Math STEM curriculum to a career readiness pathway. them with area employers Our region is home to many program like Project Lead the Way and then mix in. high wage high demand jobs in the areas of robotics extracurricular learning opportunities like Robotics and. automation mechatronics and manufacturing Manufacturing Day it creates a multi faceted approach. where our students can see and feel how the curriculum is. Each year CAMC collaborates with member companies relevant and prepares them for their future. and area schools to host multiple tours region wide on. www hpsk12 net 13 A PUBLICATION OF HOLT PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Pre registration is now open for the,2020 Holt Public Caberfae Peaks.
Ski Snowboarding Saturday, Pre registration is now open for the 2020 Holt Public Caberfae Peaks. Ski Snowboarding Saturday on March 7 2020 This event and special. pricing has again been offered to members of our learning community. and your friends and family Rates begin at only 15 and include a. lift ticket lesson and rental,Pre registration is required h ttp s g ohps net. h p s s k isnow b oardin gsatu rday 2020, An invoice and waiver will be emailed to the group. contact you provide on the pre registration form,Last year over 200 people from our learning. community enjoyed a day on the slopes of Caberfae,We hope to set a new record this year.
Old Education Center Demolition, In 1967 In 2017 our alternative programming moved into the North. Campus thus vacating the Spahr Avenue building which. Holt Public Schools built an office building to serve as the offered more options for all students at Holt Public schools. Over the years Holt Public has attempted to lease and sell. Education Center for Central Office officials and the Board of. the building The building has had many issues over the years. Education to call home on Spahr Avenue In 2003 the Board of including several floods a leaky roof and numerous electrical. Education and Central Office officials were relocated to what and plumbing issues Finding a tenant or new owners has been. is now called the North Campus in an effort to consolidate challenging As a result since 2017 the building has been vacant. operations During that period Holt Public offered alternative. Due to the fact that this is an office building with low traffic. education programs that were located in a building on Cedar counts that is in dire need of improvement the Board of. Street which was leased by the District at a cost of 100 000 Education has approved the demolition of the property The. annually Consequently when the original Spahr Avenue demolition began in November By doing so the district will. property became vacant our alternative education programs save over 20 000 per year in utility and insurance charges as. moved in well as security elevator and fire monitoring. www hpsk12 net 14 A PUBLICATION OF HOLT PUBLIC SCHOOLS. LEADERSHIP,AT H O LT P U B L I C S C H O O L S, The principal of Hope Middle School Mrs Jennifer Goodman was recently promoted to serve as. the superintendent of Mar Lee School District in Calhoun County Mrs Goodman served as the. Hope principal for the past 10 years In addition to serving as the principal she has been working. on completing her doctorate in educational leadership and she has been preparing for a leadership. opportunity Our learning community would like to wish her well and thank her for her ongoing. leadership and service over the past 10 years, Mrs Goodman is ready for this opportunity said Holt Public Superintendent Dr David G. Hornak She has been studying to become a superintendent for the past four years She is a strong. instructional leader, Dr Hornak continued Each time an administrator leaves Holt Public we take some time to analyze. While moving administrators has not been a common practice in Holt Public doing so from time to. time helps keep everyone developing and growing their abilities In fact some districts make lateral. moves on a regular basis The last time Holt Public made a lateral administrative move to fill a need. was 20 years ago, In the case of Mrs Goodman s departure the district believed we had a current administrator who.
would be a good fit Therefore Scott Huard principal of Horizon has been reassigned to fill the. vacancy left by Goodman Huard is a former middle school teacher and middle school administrator. He is a strong systems thinker and his schools have excelled on standardized assessments both in. Ohio and in Holt To fill the Horizon principal position the district promoted Mrs Kindra Padgett. current Dean of Students at Horizon to interim principal. Mr Huard has done an outstanding job at Horizon and we anticipate his experience at the middle. level will serve everyone well moving forward Dr Hornak said Mrs Goodman s tenure at Hope. changed the culture of the building Today students are more engaged supported challenged and. their social emotional needs are addressed, Mr Huard s experience will continue to build on the long term success of Hope Middle School. said Mark Perry HPS Board of Education president, In the days ahead please take a moment to congratulate Mrs Goodman thank Mr Huard for his. leadership and service to Horizon and welcome Mrs Padgett as she serves our students and staff in a. new capacity for the remainder of the 2019 20 school year. www hpsk12 net 15 A PUBLICATION OF HOLT PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

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Periodicals List 2017 - spuvvn.edu

Periodicals List 2017 spuvvn edu

42. Chitralekha (Gujarati) 43. 0010 1826 Colourage: The Magazine for Textile Wet Processing 44. 0974 0473 Commonwealth Review 45. Competition Success Review 46. 0011 1562 Critical Quarterly 47. 0011 3069 Curator: The Museum Journal 48. 1523 4110 Current Analytical Chemistry (Bentham) 49. 2213 2406 Current Chromatography (Bentham) 50. Current ...

Consumer Preferences in the Kitchen & Bathroom Market

Consumer Preferences in the Kitchen amp Bathroom Market

Design & Interior eNews, Completehome.com.au, Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Magazine, Home Design Magazine, Home Renovation Magazine, the digital edition of Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly, a Google Adwords Campaign, and Face Book Sponsored Posts. Consumers were prospected from print and online media to fill in the survey which was

Interested in European research? - European Commission

Interested in European research European Commission

Interested in European research? RTD info is our quarterly magazine keeping you in touch with main developments (results, programmes, events, etc.). It is available in English, French and German. A free sample copy or free subscription can be obtained from: Directorate-General for Research Information and Communication Unit European Commission



2 quarterly financial report q3 2015/2016 3 business development 3 looking back on the third quarter of financial year 2015/2016 7 development of the market and competitive environment in the third quarter of financial year 2015/2016 8 group structure and business operations 9 the shares of borussia dortmund gmbh & co. kgaa 13 position of the ...



with Bruce Dawe AO President's Report 2018 CONFERENCE Annual Report AGM Minutes Financial Report EOI: Storytelling Celebration Presentation Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA) Shortlist 2018 REFERRAL SURVEY UPDATE HOT OFF THE PRESS New Publications by CSPT Inc. Members QLD Premier's Drama Awards Finalists SDANSW Seminar Report 2018 EISTEDDFODAU 2018 EXAMINING BODIES Removable Resource ...

Recommended Practice for Occupational Safety for Oil and ...

Recommended Practice for Occupational Safety for Oil and

as an operative API standard or, where an extension has been granted, upon republication. Status of the publication can be ascertained from the API Upstream Segment [telephone (202) 682-8000]. A catalog of API publications and materials is published annually and updated quarterly by API, 1220 L Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20005.

Quarterly report on NPP events

Quarterly report on NPP events

emergency diesel generating sets for reactors 2 and 3 of the Tricastin NPP. On 6 May 2019, EdF informed ASN that, following characterisation, it also concerned the two emergency diesel generating sets for the reactors of the Civaux, Gravelines and Paluel NPPs as well as one of the two emergency diesel generating sets in other plants.

Implications for small and local charities and community ...

Implications for small and local charities and community

In July 2016 following the EU referendum, the FSI started to capture how small and local charities and community groups were feeling and dealing with the post-Brexit vote. Out Brexit Temperature Check has asked the same questions to a control group of 300 charities through our quarterly Small Charity Index survey. We have also

Bahrain Economic Quarterly

Bahrain Economic Quarterly

2017 as a whole followed by a slight further acceleration to 3.6% in 2018. Global growth prospects (real growth in major economies, %) Source: International Monetary Fund, World Economic Outlook, April 2017 Central banks begin to contemplate normalization The brighter outlook for the global economy is raising the prospect of central banks moving away from their unusually loose monetary policy ...

Optimal Cash Management Control for Processes with two ...

Optimal Cash Management Control for Processes with two

Applied Stochastic Control of Jump Diffusion. Springer: 2004 (first edition) and 2011 (second edition). Baumol (1952). The transactions demand for cash: an inventory theoretic model. Quarterly Journal of Economics. Bar-Ilan, Perry and Stadje (2004). A generalized impulse control model of cash management. Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control.

The Esoteric Quarterly

The Esoteric Quarterly

approach that illuminates differences to give ... from Gifts with No Giver: A Love Affair with Truth, ... represent a sincere search for truth, ...

Quarterly of the European Observatory on Health Systems ...

Quarterly of the European Observatory on Health Systems

The European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies is a partnership between the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe, the Governments of Austria, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the Veneto Region of Italy, the European Commission, the World Bank, UNCAM (French National Union of Health Insurance Funds), London School of Economics ...

Audi Group Quarterly Report

Audi Group Quarterly Report

Fuel consumption and CO 2 emission figures as well as the efficiency classes can be found on page 18. Audi Group Quarterly Report January 1 to September 30, 2018



March, June, September and December Magazine Subscription Caves Australia is included within ASF membership fees. Subscription to the magazine is also available to non-ASF members at $40.00 including postage within Australia for one year (four quarterly issues). Change of address Notify us immediately of any address changes to ensure delivery of your Caves Australia. President John Cugley ...

Quarterly Progress Color-Coded Report Period: 01 July 30 ...

Quarterly Progress Color Coded Report Period 01 July 30

interpersonal communication designed and produced UNICEF Increased equitable access to and utilization of quality social services 1.1.4 Design and produce BCC mass media (5 TV/radio spots, documentary, training video on food demonstration, etc.), interpersonal communication materials (printed materials) and training materials for

S. SUKHTHANKER - Songs from Goa

S SUKHTHANKER Songs from Goa

to read Marathi folk-songs published, though sporadically, by Rajawade and Mundale, historians of fame, m the quarterly published by their Historical Association and the Bengali folk-songs rendered into English in the Calcutta Review which made my interest in Goan folk-poetry purposeful . .. I began to

Directory of Newfoundland and Labrador Magazines

Directory of Newfoundland and Labrador Magazines

AECENL Quarterly. St. John's. Pub.: Association of Early Childhood Educators of Newfoundland and Labrador. Freq.: quarterly. Subjects:education;