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Quik by GoPro is the easiest way to create beautiful videos. Awesome edits made easy. Awesome edits made easy. Con l'app Quik, puoi creare fantastici video in pochi tocchi. Scegli foto e video preferiti e lascia che Quik faccia la sua magia: in pochi secondi, Quik analizza il filmato e individua i momenti importanti, aggiunge bellissimi effetti e transizioni e sincronizza il tutto a ritmo di musica. Personalizza la tua storia con testi, musica e altro ancora per condividerla facilmente con gli amici.

Hi, I just downloaded the Qick App for my Macbook (latest Version) and everytime I try to log in it says e-mail or password incorrect. Which cant be true, because I can log on online easiliy, already changed the password two times and turned it on and off again as well as deinstalling and redownload. GoPro Quik for Mac is a very useful app for you in video making purposes. You can make videos with some pictures in this app. The app is very easy to use and you can get a wonderful video with a few taps.

Connecting your GoPro camera to a Mac computer might be a bit challenging if you have recently switched from Windows and are new to the platform. Unlike Windows that allows you to access images, videos, and audio files merely by browsing through its windows, macOS has particular programs to handle different file types. This makes the operating system secure by enforcing all the malicious elements to become inactive and sit idle even if they are copied to your Mac erroneously.

Keeping all the possible threats and their prevention measures in mind, Apple makes connecting GoPro to Mac a bit more demanding than merely plugging it to a USB port and browsing through its memory to access photos and videos.

That said, below are the three simple methods that guide you through the process on how to connect GoPro to Mac and access its media file without any hassle.

Part 1. How to Connect GoPro to Mac via Image Capture

Image Capture is a built-in app in macOS that automatically detects a connected scanner or camera when launched. Once the program recognizes your device (GoPro, in this case), you can access all the media files it contains. To use Image Capture for GoPro:

Step 1: Connect GoPro to Mac

Connect one end of the USB cable to GoPro and the other end to your Mac computer.

Step 2: Launch Image Capture

Click Launchpad from the Dock at the bottom, go to the Other folder and click Image Capture.

Step 3: Import Media Files

Quik gopro for mac

Click Import All from the bottom-right corner of the Image Capture window to import all the media files that your GoPro camera has in its memory.

Part 2. How to Connect GoPro to Mac via SD Card

In this method, your GoPro camera isn’t directly connected to your Mac computer. Because the main motive behind connecting a recording device to a computer is to access its file, the process given below explains how you can use GoPro’s SD card populated with images and video recordings on your Mac, and access those files with ease:

Step 1: Get the GoPro Memory Card

Power off your GoPro, depending on the model, open its cover and take out the SD card from the camera.

Step 2: Connect the Memory Card to Your Mac

Insert the SD card in a card reader, connect the reader to the memory card slot on your Mac, and wait while macOS detects the card and mounts it as a drive.

Step 3: Access Files On Your SD Card

Double-click the memory card drive on your Mac’ desktop (NO NAME is the name of the mounted drive in this example), and go to the DICM folder to access pictures and videos you captured through your GoPro.

Part 3. Connect GoPro to Mac via Quik

Proprietary of GoPro and available for free, Quik can also be downloaded on Mac. The program may come in handy when you want to connect your GoPro camera to macOS to import media files for further processing. You can follow the below steps to connect GoPro to Mac using Quik:

Step 1: Download and Install Quik for Mac


Go to https://gopro.com/en/in/shop/softwareandapp/quik-%7C-desktop/Quik-Desktop.html, and download and install the latest version of Quik for your Mac computer.

Step 2: Connect Your GoPro and Launch Quik

Use the USB cable to connect your GoPro to your PC, and wait while Quik automatically launches. If it doesn’t, you can start the program manually by going to the Launchpad window.

Note: You will have to create a new account or sign in to an existing one if you’re a new or existing user.

Step 3: Import Your GoPro Files

Click IMPORT FILES from the Quik’s main window to import all your captured images and footages from GoPro to your Mac computer for further manipulations.

Part 4. How to Edit GoPro Videos with Wondershare UniConverter On Mac

Wondershare UniConverter is a bundle of several tools put together to give an all-in-one program for all your video, audio, and image-related tasks such as conversion, compression, downloading, optical disc burning, and much more. This makes UniConverter unique and stands out among its competitors with a fewer tools and can perform merely a few functions.

Available for both Mac and Windows platforms, Wondershare UniConverter is lightweight and less resource-intensive. This means that all the tasks that it performs are quickly completed without giving your computer any overhead.

That being said, after you have imported your GoPro videos to your Mac computer using any of the methods explained above if you want to make any adjustments to the footages before they can be shared on social networks or streaming websites, Wondershare UniConverter would be your best bet.

Wondershare UniConverter - Best GoPro Video Editor Mac/Windows (Catalina Included)

  • Edit GoPro videos with cropping, rotating, adding effects, adding watermark, and more others.
  • Convert GoPro videos to 1000+ formats with high-quality output.
  • Customize GoPro 4K videos by changing resolution, bit rate, encoder, frame rate, etc.
  • Optimized presets for almost all devices, like iPhone, iPad, Huawei phone, etc.
  • 30X faster conversion speed than common converters with unique APEXTRANS technology.
  • Burn GoPro videos to DVD or Blu-ray disc with free DVD menu templates.
  • Transfer videos from computer to iPhone, iPad and other devices directly and vice versa.
  • Versatile toolbox: Add video metadata, GIF maker, cast video to TV, video compressor and screen recorder.
  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina), 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6.
Security Verified. 7,975,022 people have downloaded it.

Step 1 Install Wondershare UniConverter and Click Add Files

Go to Wondershare UniConverter’s official website, download and install the latest version of the program for Mac, and click the .

Step 2 Import a GoPro Video to UniConverter

Locate and select the video you want to edit, and click Load from the bottom-right corner to import the GoPro footage to Wondershare UniConverter. Optionally, you can drag and drop the files from your disk to the program’s interface.

Step 3 Trim GoPro Video

Click the Trim icon from below the thumbnail of the imported video, on the box that appears, place the Timeline bar on the frame you want the footage to start from, click Cut from the top, ensure that the unwanted segment of the clip is selected, and click Delete to remove the section. Repeat the process for the right side of the Timeline to adjust the ending point of the video as well, and click Save.

Back on the main window, click the Crop icon, use the handles in the Output Preview section to crop off the unwanted section(s) of the footage, and click Save.

Next, click the Effects icon, move the sliders present at the right of the box to adjust the visuals of the clip, choose your preferred effect from the lower section, and click Save.

Step 4 Choose an Output Format and Convert the Video

Click and open the Output Format: menu once you are back on the main window, select your preferred video format from the left pane (MP4 here), choose an appropriate video quality from the right pane of the menu, select/define an output folder in the Output field at the bottom, and click the Start All to begin the conversion process.


Even though it could be a bit challenging to import GoPro videos to your Mac computer, once they are on the disk, Wondershare UniConverter is efficient enough to handle all the remaining tasks for you, be it conversion to a different format, basic trimming and cropping the videos, or even adding transition effects, watermarks, or subtitles to the footage. Since Wondershare UniConverter can also do bulk conversions, you can import multiple GoPro videos to it, use the tools explained above to edit the clips as needed, and select your preferred output format and video quality, and click Convert All from the bottom-right area of the main window.

Quik Go Pro For MacHow to do it?
Click on your platform to show the instructions for installing Quik for desktop on your computer.Windows

Step 1: Go to the Quik for desktop product page.

Step 2: Select Download Now and the download will begin

Step 4: The download should start for you automatically (The screenshot of the download below is from Chrome, other browsers may look different).

Install Quik | Desktop

Step 5: Open the file that was just downloaded either by clicking on the download icon in your web browser or file in the downloads folder of Windows Explorer.
Step 6: Click Next to confirm that you want to run this file.

Step 7: Go through the Quik | Desktop Installer process, accepting the terms of the license agreement, and confirming install location as needed.
Step 8: The Quik for desktop executable file is located at C:Program FilesGoProGoPro Desktop App. You can run it directly from here if need be

Step 1: Go to the Quik for desktop product page on the GoPro website.
Step 2: Click the “Download Now” button

Step 3: The download should start for you automatically (The screenshot of the download below is from Chrome, other browsers may look slightly different).
Step 5:

Quik Go Pro For Mac

When the download is complete it should open a new Finder window for you with the installer package.
Gopro*If the Finder window did not open for you automatically then click the Quik for desktop download in your browser (shown above) or locate the file in your Downloads folder and double-click on it to extract the download.
Install Quik for desktop
Step 6: Open the Quik for desktop Installer by double clicking on the “Quik-MacInstaller.dmg” file.
Step 7: Go through the Quik Installer process, entering your password and confirming “Agree” to the software license agreement as needed.
Step 8: Once the install is complete, the installer will close, and you can find the new Quik for desktop application under the “Applications” folder.

Quik Gopro For Mac

The above steps should help get you back up and running. If you continue to experience any installation errors, please give our Customer Support Team a shout. They will be happy to answer any questions and help out moving forward.