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Pyramid Solitaire is a free online game where the order you make your matches really, truly matters. Play this free solitaire card game today for free!

Before You Install Pyramid¶

Install Python version 3.4 or greater for your operating system, and satisfythe Requirements for Installing Packages, as described inthe following sections.

Pyramid is known to run on all popular Unix-like systems such as Linux,macOS, and FreeBSD, as well as on Windows platforms. It is also known torun on PyPy (1.9+).

Pyramid installation does not require the compilation of any C code.However, some Pyramid dependencies may attempt to build binaryextensions from C code for performance speed ups. If a compiler or Pythonheaders are unavailable, the dependency will fall back to using pure Pythoninstead.


If you see any warnings or errors related to failing to compile the binaryextensions, in most cases you may safely ignore those errors. If you wish touse the binary extensions, please verify that you have a functioningcompiler and the Python header files installed for your operating system.

For macOS Users¶

Python comes pre-installed on macOS, but due to Apple's release cycle, it isoften out of date. Unless you have a need for a specific earlier version, it isrecommended to install the latest 3.x version of Python.

You can install the latest version of Python for macOS from the binaries

Alternatively, you can use the homebrew package manager.

If you use an installer for your Python, then you can skip to the sectionInstalling Pyramid on a Unix System.

If You Don't Yet Have a Python Interpreter (Unix)¶

If your system doesn't have a Python interpreter, and you're on Unix, you caneither install Python using your operating system's package manager or youcan install Python from source fairly easily on any Unix system that hasdevelopment tools.

See also

See the official Python documentation Using Python on Unixplatforms for full details.

If You Don't Yet Have a Python Interpreter (Windows)¶

If your Windows system doesn't have a Python interpreter, you'll need toinstall it by downloading a Python 3.x-series interpreter executable's download section (the fileslabeled 'Windows Installer'). Once you've downloaded it, double click on theexecutable and select appropriate options during the installation process. Tostandardize this documentation, we used the GUI installer and selected thefollowing options:

  • Screen 1: Install Python 3.x.x (32- or 64-bit)
    • Check 'Install launcher for all users (recommended)'.
    • Check 'Add Python 3.x to PATH'.
    • Click 'Install Now'.
  • Screen 2: User Account Control
    • Click 'Yes'.

See also

See the official Python documentation Using Python onWindows for full details.

See also

You might also need to download and install the Python forWindows extensions. Carefully readthe README.txt file at the end of the list of builds, and follow itsdirections. Make sure you get the proper 32- or 64-bit build and Pythonversion.

See also

Pyramida Download

Python launcher for Windows provides a commandpy that allows users to run any installed version of Python.



Pyramidal Kpop Download

After you install Python on Windows, you might need to add thedirectory where Python and other programs—such as pip, Setuptools, andcookiecutter—are installed to your environment's Path. This will make itpossible to invoke them from a command prompt.

To do so, search for 'Environment Variables' on your computer (on Windows10, it is under SystemProperties --> Advanced) and add thatdirectory to the Path environment variable, using the GUI to edit pathsegments.

Pyramid Download

Example segments should look likeC:Users<username>AppDataLocalProgramsPython3x-32, where you haveyour username instead of <username>, and your version of Python andwhether it is 32- or 64-bit. Additionally ensure you have the path segmentending with Scripts, i.e.,C:Users<username>AppDataLocalProgramsPython3x-32Scripts, and foruser-installed Python programs, %APPDATA%PythonPython3xScripts.

You may need to restart your command prompt session to load the environmentvariables.

Pyramida Free Download


See also

See Configuring Python (on Windows) forfull details.